Thursday, December 17, 2009

You can be a FUN GIVER... altered art, cupcakes, christmas sales

Look what a FUN GIVER you can be...Jayna's been creating her the one at the top "I would like to return my baggage!"

Just arrived and flying out the door...Karens antique 1930's quilts made into Hearts and framed  with FUN CUPCAKE SAYINGS...check some out here:

Our favorite holiday pictures are MAILABLE or hangable or frameable, they are 25% off too

Hope this has given you some new gift giving options for filling your list...
More posts of being a FUN GIVER coming each day.
We may be running out of money...but we have GOOD WEATHER on our side...yeah!

P.S...are you reading daily the touching true stories of the CHRISTMAS JARS at : ?

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