Sunday, December 27, 2009

Craving new ideas? Life can help...

Inspiring...and beyond! Just arrived at Just a Bed of Roses

Here is Joni's pages on showing how to dye paper and fabric with Farmers Market purchases...I had to try! Only we are in the dead of winter here in I went to the refrigerator.

Taking a very old book without the cover...I dyed it and the cream wired ribbon too with bottled raspberry juice, it smells wonderful and I am in LOVE with this look and color, aren't you? Attached an early 1900's vintage post card and a very old skelton door key with a pretty green/pink mix ribbon...HOW will I ever sell this one? It will be in the shop Monday.

When the rasberry juice was gone I then opened up the frozen grape juice and got the prettiest pink! I can't even order a ribbon in these colors let alone ones that have berry smells!

Mary Janes Farm has bathtub scenes that will make you want to take some time to relax these winter will adore their Old Fashioned nature and beautiful colorered tubs...
Oh, and there is much much more tucked inside the pages of this wonderful edition of LIFE...come get yours before they are gone.
We are open Mon-Wed this week... 11-4:30-5:00
Our Christmas is on sale too!
Visit http://www.shelliewarrenart.blogspot/  she posted about the most precious gift she has ever received on Christmas, and I have to agree with her. Get a tissue!

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