Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa really needs some help...

Santa has checked his list and donations for 33 children for Christmas  is still in need of some help.
Here is what we need if you are inspired to do so and we will make sure your gift or gifts are placed where they are most needed:

Toys for boys 4-12
Toys for boys 8 and 9
Items for boys 16-18

The best thing to do is bring them to Just a Bed of Roses. Or to shellie/my homes. You can comment here or leave an email at  or and let us know if you have a plan.
We will need to have them no later than Friday of this week and preferably sooner.
Thanks so much, this is really important as these children/families are in great need, the children are from the Bountiful area.
Thanks to those who have already so generously helped us get this far, many blessings to you this season.

Will post vintage christmas later this evening...have a big day with concerts, church, grandchildrens birthdays and getting christmas ready for these 33 children...see you soon! And lets not forget all the freshly fallen SNOW!

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