Sunday, August 30, 2009

The colors of HALLOWEEN...fill the shop now

Lots of Halloween and home decor in black and whites have arrived and will keep coming this next week at the shop. Jayna has some Halloween funnies and much always.
We are using lots of lime greens too this year. Saturday lots of vintage pretties arrived. And I hope Jeni blogs about her mothers dress form we dolled up on Saturday...its shabby & chic you'll enjoy seeing her.

Check shelliewarren.blogspot here is her new comfy chair, think she has two, now I have zebra chair envy, don't you too? And the book...awesome, so much original creativity, very inspiring.

Did you see the red sun tonight, wasn't that a little eeerie? Kind of sets the mood for the season doesnt it?

Shop will be open Friday 1:00 till 5:30 and Saturday 11-4:30 closed monday labor day.

SWISS DAYS...this Friday & Sat.

I don't know how many years Swiss days in Midway Utah has been going on, I do know that they do not have to advertise and at least 200 thousand attend this event in the beautiful rocky mountains.
Shellie and I love to ride up early just right before the walls of people and view all the hundreds of booths, mainly handmade artists selling their wares. Sometimes we buy and sometimes we just get inspired, and we always eat! We know some of the sellers and love to see what they have made for this big event, which they work at for a long time to get ready.
Here is Janae Matue's items, she is a tole painter and I have known her by doing the Kottage Kupboard boutique with her for (too) many years. She has painted childs chairs for halloween, shakers, peppermills coffee pots, cake savers, really you name it she paints something cool on it. This year cottages, spiders, bats, frogs snowmen, gingerbread and more. She said they have her facing main street, so you cant miss her!
Also I am waiting for pictures from Lyn Donovam who sells handmade santa's witches, dracula's etc. dresses them up in vintage jewelry and furs, she was in yesterday buying up some last minute accessories. She hand sculptures and bakes the faces on these also. She will be right in the front section and you just cant miss her, be sure to say Just a bed of roses sent you.

Then Rabbit cottage in Kaysville decided to give it another try this year...i don't know their location, but sure you will find them, they always do wonderful creative home decor.
Me...I am just not crazy enough to sell up there, thought I was, but really I know I cannot do swiss days! Besides my husband always has to work on that holiday so it's impossible because you need tons and tons of help to pull that off.
Good luck girls, will be keeping my fingers crossed that rain does not happen on Saturday...for any of us!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

VOGUE shabby vintage roses 4 place settings dishes

For your shabby chic dining...newly acquired VINTAGE YELLOW & PINK ROSES dishes 4 place setting dish set with sugar creamer, serving bowl & platter in very gently used condition, I would say maybe used a few times is all.25 pieces in all.
Back of plate maker: Vogue dinnerware written in gold. Washington Colonial made in u.s.a. written in green

No cracks or chips. Only 1 tea cup comes with this set, there are 4 I can sell that match excepting the pink rose looks darker than the whole set, more into a rustyish color. They will sell for 3.50 each. I also have a few extra's of this pattern that will be sold individually if needed. Click on picture for a closer view.

This set is 60.00 and if you will comment or email me at you may claim this set. Let me know if you want me to bring it into the shop for viewing. Our space is getting crowded now with halloween coming in. We've had to turn to doing some blog selling!

Help me name this altered art picture...

I am altering this vintage far I cannot decide what she is thinking or what kind of crazy name to give it...if you have a great idea, and I chose it, you will receive a 10.00 credit to the shop.

What is she thinking? I have a few ideas in mind, one was on a neclace jayna brought in..."she waited and waited for just the right man"
Have something you think she is pondering...please comment.

Jayna's neclace chosen for National magazine!

We are SO happy for her...and what a suprise when she opened up this Sept/Oct issue magazine and her designed charm was one of the 64 chosen out of 2,000 entries! It was a charm exchange featured in the magazine.

newly arrived ...neclaces that will make you scream...there is Halloween to die for, dancer, grave digger gardener, candy corn lover,witches, black cats, new designs, BLACK chains...and get this...facebook funnies... that's why you'll scream.

Remember on the backs of these designs are the funny sayings...we dont like to disclose on the blog what they are, however there is one about fishing & facebook that makes you crack up. And a skeleton girl on a bench...waiting for the right guy!

We have wendy addison silver german glass glitter birds to die for, come get yours before they are gone. I will photo tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Be...a lovely gift

With's all about the packaging of a is proof. Isn't it beautiful, lace/roses and a pink plate with oh my goodness talk about rich cupcakes!
She has the recipe on her blog: they are over the top beautiful and yummy.

Inside the box for ME for my birthday...a Just Be purse. Perfect for fall, well I wore it to the shop today and loved it and got many compliments.
You can contact Jeni, she sometimes does trunk shows etc. right in her boutique style shabby home if your in need of one or two or more (like some people I know!)

The inside has a zipper and beautiful fabric lining. I feel lucky. Thanks a million Jeni, that was very special of you it made my day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jeepers Creepers...I was only looking for Skeletons in her closet

I wanted to announce Shellie, my daughters new artwebsite & blog now posted on this blogs sidebar. She is extremely artistic and creative and is the funnest mom raising her small family of 4, you will be inspired to visit her site often. We have her humanitarian blog: brighteyes foundation listed also.

Okay, when I go to visit her, I keep my camera close by in the pocket...even in the black guest bathroom where she's got her skeleton & polka dot towels out now.

Jack Grin...belongs to her now...I will order more today if there are any left to order, he has that "tom cat up to something grin" ohhh I love black cats at Halloween.

Standing Old fashioned halloween boards in large/small with matching is a sampling of a scarey witch. Her little girls love witches, we ALWAYS see witches in the trees at the cabin! lol! And our favorite saying "I'm going to get you my little pretty...AND your little dog too! skeletons in her closet THIS time.

Our Halloween trick or treaters figurines are coming in now...these are standing in a black bird cage.
Shellie, YOU can take over from here on YOUR halloween house...scarey!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It can't be, can it?

Back to school already? Our family celebrated our "Back to school"'s a good thing they all LOVE to cook. Carl made his famous potatoe salad and cucumbers/tomatoes/green pepper salad, Bryce showed us how to fry up egg plant,just dip in a beaten egg and cover with dixie fry mix, fry them up.

Then out to swim & hot we could burn off some big calories for indulging with the sinfully delicious cake Shellie made for us. Recipe and pictures below.

Good luck moms & dads in the morning...Come in and shop for fall this week...I will be posting some temptations!

Sinfully delicious Birthday Cake...

The recipe says sinfully delicious cake...shellie called it something else, what was it Shellie?
She got up early and made this for our birthdays...doesnt it look like one fabulous cake for fall? It can be made in a rectangular cake pan also.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hanging around home...

Another set of shutters up, this time on the side porch...yeah! Little by little. Arent they beautiful?

Searching for my 4 set bread pan floral...had to cut down a few ferns to find it! Well worth the hunt wouldnt you say?

Shabby & chic tiles gifted to ME yesterday by a precious friend and customer who has got great taste in gift giving, I know I must be hard to buy for! I want Julie V. to know that these will go into my workroom that I am re-creating.I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, well I adore them, thank you.

In with the new and out with the old...Mr. Bed of Roses also likes to hang onto old things...thats one reason he keeps me around I'm sure of it. This was HIS families first tv/radio/record player of course black and white tv, and they were one of the first in the area to get tv.
It has ages of dust, probably since he took ownership 20 years ago? (been in the garage). He is co-operating about getting rid of things. Its one of those if I have to then so does he.

Congratulations to his nephew Casey N. who is now the new owner, he either hauled it home or dumped it off a cliff somewhere, his choice.

Working on Halloween today...kind of fun.

ROSES RIBBON chocolate and birds egg blue/brown

The most wonderful ribbon arrived is a aqua or light blue base with brown antiqueing, the brown ribbon has a bronze cast to it, it's the most stunning rose ribbon yet to come in.

We still have some green, pink, and cream left, in one yard pieces. I've ordered some cream to tea dye, plus order so we are all prepared for the most wonderful time of the year coming upon us!

No time for pictures of the Halloween standing pictures...come see though, some are shabby and some are halloween cutsie and our favorites are bewitching! Fun Halloween pillows too.
Little trick or treaters with big heads -skinny legs...make you laugh.

Do you think it will really reach 102 degrees today? Be glad we have low humidity.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My sister who loves to cook...Apron says:

The greatest gift I have ever received is my I feed them!

I have a sister who's talent, yes cooking is a talent, loves to cook for her family and anyone and everyone else...I call her "meals on wheels" because her food is gifted to all she knows. I always draw a big blank when it comes to cooking.

When I saw this apron, I knew they had to come to the shop and she is receiving one from me. Our birthdays are 4 days apart. This apron has a ruffle and the buttons in white are so dang cute, dont you agree? I'm also thinking we got a few that are for Thanksgiving, you know that saying "gobble till you wobble."

Need a good recipe...I'll get you her phone #!

a very pleasant suprise in the mail...

Most of you know that Dixie from lavendar house and I are friends... for maybe 6 years now? We email and discuss shop and family and at the end of her last email I saw in the tiniest letters something about a birthday present in the mail. I dont know how she knew it was my birthday, so it suprised me.

What I did receive was beautiful pieces of her handiwork...look closely at the strawberry pin cushion, the most creative bookmark, with the cream matching book Tuesdays with Morrie and then It reminds me of a little ghost...a doilie that has a thimble turned like a head and the holes in doily look like eyes. Am I right Dixie?

I still ache for her in the process of closing her fabulous gift shoppe, you don't see shops like hers much anymore, just fabulous decor with an old fashioned quaint feel and handmade goodies just tucked lovingly around. Good hometown friendliness.

Lets be sure to support her the next few months, she is on 92nd south and redwood road in a charming home they redid, there are sure to be some fabulous pricing now.

Sometimes our bodies just don't co-operate with what our brain is telling it to do, maybe we have just worked hard raising our families too. I do know shop keeping is super hard work. Another thing I do know that she is a friend to treasure and I love being her friend. Thanks for the beautiful presents Dixie, you know I will treasure them.

And good luck with your next ventures...whatever they may will be keeping her Dave always busy with cool projects.

I need your help & advice...

Here is the entrance door and window to my workroom, so much prettier! One can never have enough of those old metal porch chairs... I have 4 more around the yard and find them at consignment shops. Saw a cute rusty red one at General store, in layton but its gone now.

The front of the workroom on the front of the house is the first picture. I love them, exactly what I wanted.

Seriously here...the light fixtures have to go...I need something fantastic in a rusty dark brown, big and french country style possibly. Anywhere or any internet place to shop please comment I have to know. I just dont want to waste my time shopping in places I don't need to be. my garage is very long,almost as big as a home, its a triple car with this workroom on the front of it. Very convenient for a workroom for loading/unloading, customers and painting in the driveway.

And we can never park in it...hey, we have never had to rent a storage shed either!!!

Here is the next area for shutters...our side porch by the work room. They are made. Mr. Bed of roses keeps going to his real job.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heres the beginning...

Oh our aching backs, necks and arms! But so worth it...okay here is a sneak peek of the knotty alder shudders we have worked on for weeks now. This is in front of my workroom. It seems like hanging a piece of furniture on the brick wall.So beautiful and it changes the look so much. Will show more when the sun doesnt interfere with picture taking.

This is a solid antique oak door that goes into my workroom...dont you love too needed a sanding and new coat of stain. About 20 years ago I bought this door when I owned another antique shop in Ogden, it was for my dream home. So the work room was built around this door and a few other things.

On this antique door we had door ringers put on them instead of the electric ding dongs. In our home, we have no real door bells, just these. Like in the days of old.

The small piece is for the customer to twist and it rings the large bell on the inside of the shop. Adds to the atmosphere of quaintness.
My goal is to be in "Where women create" my shop will get a whole new make-over and in a few years I will call up Jo Packam and say I'm readyyyyy!!!

How else do you get things up off the floor and finished may I ask?