Saturday, November 29, 2008


Our THANKSGIVING DINNER...was was yours? We went to our sons girlfriends sisters home, they are Spanish...and can they ever make authentic salsa, JUST 5 different styles!!!Lets just forget having the Traditional sweet potatoes & fruit salad and I could not pull myself away from the salsa,mostly the green one.
My son loves to deep fry ta daaaa here it is, soo tasty good too. Then we ate homemade Carnitas...which is deep fried pork cooked outside for 4 looks yummy and it WAS yummy...there is no way I could of eaten my mashed potatoes. And pie from Sandy's...slid right down, no problem, pie is my favorite!

If this just got you in the "CRAVING SPANISH FOOD MOOD"...come on down to Francisco's next to the shop...he cooks authentic and they would love to see you today and so would I.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Our BLACK FRIDAY SALES...and Christmas drawing!

Black Friday & Thanksgiving week-end...our Santas, Snowmen & Christmas trees are 20@ off...these two days ONLY. We just received a bunch of new vintage style trees in Urns. Enter our Christmas drawing will begin Friday which the prizes are listed a few posts down...lots of pink & black fun gifts!
Open 10:00-till 6:00 or until the customers quit coming in!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Results on being Grateful...

I just received my newsletter from the tabernacle choir...they showed a study on three groups and the results we receive by being grateful each day, even writing our gratitude check out the results.Well, you may have to suscribe to this one. However go to this: www.musicand

Do you have a "bucket list"...I do, it's certainly not full but the first thing I put on it was to travel with the Mormon Tabernacle choir on one of their every two year tours, did you know you can do that? I made sure to be at the top of the list so i called many months ago. And today they have publicly announced the 2009 U.S Central States tour. We have already put a down payment, and are so looking forward to this spiritual experience of traveling with over 400 members of the most beautiful people in the world. (now I need to lose some weight...good incentive?)
I can't sing at I always marvel at them and the peace i receive when I listen to the spoken word each Sunday morning or travel down to watch them live in Salt Lake city. Now that's a great thing to put on your "bucket list."
Did you know that Lloyd Newell who is the narrator writes the messages each week, I marvel at this too and always find comfort and inspiration from his messsages that help me during the week.
In this world we need to seek out what gives our soul peace and strength to help us live each day more fully. We truely are blessed when we take time to think about it.

HaVe a BeauTiFuL THaNKsGiViNg DaY with those you LoVe!

The DRAWING we are having right before Christmas will include this set of Pink Polka dot make-up/train case/totes set!
Also included will be a black or white RHINESTONE CAP and we will add a piece of jewelry! Retail price will be 75.00 all you have to do is come in and put your name and phone # down as many times as you would purchase necessary! You can start entering on BLACK FRIDAY at 10:00 a.m. we will be open this week-end until the customers quit coming!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Surprise...OPENING WEDNESDAY 10:30-3:00

Customers requesting we open for Wednesday as they are wanting to christmas decorate all Thanksgiving week-end and Christmas shop...I will be there probably until 3:00
Want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving...Oh, check out the ebay and click on auctions at the top of the website, it will take you right into the ebay auctions...some great items!!!

There should be PLENTY of PARKING with the beauty shop gone and the Barber shop is taking an early start to Thanksgiving, plusthe school district started theirs too!

P.S. we saw Twilight today...Edward and Bliss had this instant chemistry...I had no idea about Vampires, must have a sheltered life...Now I want to read the 2nd book! No wonder the girls are piling in for the twilight neclaces...

SOMETHING FUN...Just in time for Christmas

EACH TIME you come into the may add your name and of course phone # for a BIG PRIZE to be given away Dec. 22 you don't even need to purchase each time you enter. When you bring in a new friend you may enter two times!
I will add the right picture as soon as I decide what it will be...several ideas are running through my head right now!
Now don't let me scare you...that is only like 4 weeks away!!! this will begin right after Thanksgiving Day. A new shipment of vintage style trees just arrived along with some adorable little glittered will be charmed! Also a bubble gum pink lighted 4' tree with glittery gum drops is new!

Open again FRIDAY & SATURDAY after Thanksgiving...10-5:30

Monday, November 24, 2008


This is such a fun time of year especially preparing for the holidays...some like to do it early and others just don't. It's all okay!
Thanksgiving week is one just to hang out with loved ones, eat & play, take in some movies. Before I had the shop I always used Thanksgiving week to buy and sell on ebay.
If you will go to and at the top you will see AUCTIONS, click on it and it will take you right over to my ebay auction. Many things will need to be picked up either at the shop or in Weber County which ever you prefer when you win.
There are still so many things to be auctioned off that you can check back in the evenings for the new listings. Dont think I will put any on in the daytime...too much
Christmas decorating, unboxing, tagging, floral making going on this week!

Hope you enjoy the auctions and don't be suprised if it keeps going for 2-3 weeks...I use to be addicted to selling on ebay...this addiction may try to surface again!
Did any of you see Twilight over the week-end? I was still coughing, so pretty much stayed inside. oh...but wasnt it awesome to see JACK BAUER back on 24!!! I was just boo hooing...and every commercial i got up and paced the floor, so intense.
Our Jayna neclace gal went to Twilight...she quite enjoyed it, got home at 3:00 a.m. thats pretty late for an old lady...well she said that, not me, and said there were alot of young gals in the audience.
Have fun with the auctions...and we are closed this week on Thursday, and early on Wed. like 3:00 p.m. Bring your out of town friends by the shop for a little fun!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ebay auction starts tomorrow!

I'm trying to get back into the swing of selling on ebay TOMORROW is the big day. Beginning in the afternoon... I may run this auction 2-3 weeks and keep adding to it as Shellie says she has some wonderful auction items and I would love to auction off some of our new merchandise to customers out of driving distance to the shop.
This will be fun...especially when I get back to getting really fast at listing...for now... a little bit stressful!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Safe Harbor Women's and Childrens Charity Boutique

You remember Julie Moran who worked Saturdays at Just a Bed of Roses...and you know her heart of gold and generosity...well she is involved in this event which is THIS COMING THURSDAY November 20th at the Wheelwright Center (systemic formulas building) 1877 W. 2800 S. Ogden, well, really West Haven on the East side of the road not to far from Big Jims. I know this part of town well!
Fabulous Vendors as you will see on the flier...hopefully I will be there, I am fighting a deep cough...resting up today and hoping to be selling there as I have some NEW great holiday gifts and decor!
They will have gift wrap, cookies, hot chocolate and a raffle.
They are accepting donations for the womens shelter, which is listed also on the flier. What a great way to get an early start for your Giving during the holidays .
Please bring a friend and do some shopping...hope to see you there dear friends & customers.
This event will begin at 5:00-8:30 p.m.
What a lovely thing to do Julie and girls...may God bless you!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cake rolls, tarts, cheesecakes...can be yours

Antique mechanical Santa is in the shop now to be can buy him right now or wait until auction(the week of Thanksgiving) ...he is 79.00 and he works and is in wonderful condition.
Have you seen our SWEET collection of Cake roll, cheesecakes, tarts etc...which are beautiful little washrags packaged exquisitly and topped with cherries, strawberries etc.

Well...they will be a NOVEMBER SPECIAL...while they can buy them 5.00 each (reg. 6.95) OR you will receive one FREE with a purchase of 50.00 or more. We still have some purses 1/2 price that are wonderful, making fun christmas gifts.
Isnt this perfect shopping weather???
Tonight I will post an evening boutique that will be held in West Haven on Thursday evening.
Its purpose is the help the Womens Shelter with Christmas plus great Christmas gifts to help you with your Christmas list! Please check back for details.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Holiday Hustle & Bustling to help you make yours Special this year...

For some reason my format changed on it something I clicked accidently? probably! Here is an estate royal Copley deer/faun that will be up for auction, it is a vase, lovely condition and I am looking up its age.

Yesterday I did quite a bit of ordering on the vintage style Christmas trees, the tallest silvers trees are out of stock...there will be pink & shabby colored bellsnickles, pale green antique trees, more sizes in golds all in urns. speaking of silver antique one just came into the shop, from the late 50's early 60's we put it on display, comes with original box and each stem stores away in its own wrapper.
It's 100.00 4 ft. and a color wheel for 40.00 If it has not sold by auction will go up for auction...could pull in more you know what I am saying here!!! Dont snooze!
Another style of tree will be arriving...vine trees in sizes 2,3 & 4 ft. with glitter! More Santa Baby pillows are on their way along with a few angel cats that would make awesome presents for your cat lover friends. Who doesn't love cats?
Today I will finish up MANY Christmas florals I started yesterday...they will come in shop on Saturday along with a few antique sleds.This gingerbread boy is standing in an old old bread pan!
Jayna created her art pendants with the theme of Twilight series books, ya know Edward, Bella, bite me, vampire love story stuff, they are flying out the door...we have asked her now not to sleep, only make charms from now until Christmas, even her Hello Kitties are adorable.
Something we are so excited about is that next week we have sparkly glittered rhinestone ball caps coming in...great for anyone, any age and best teen gift and for those who golf or play tennis these are a Must have. We can get your whole teams glamorous matching caps...just give us a week! Oh, some caps are pink camaflauge and zebra print... PLUS heart purses like you have never seen before.
I am very inspired by Where Women Create...I showed it to Mr Bed of Roses and he mused over it for quite some time...then he stated something like is it that I can see their floors???

Kaari Meng from the French general's favorite quote: Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. Here is her blog:
We are feel lucky to carry these wonderful books...come own one too!
If you are out and about visiting boutiques going on in your neighborhoods, I can think of two in Syracuse right now, stop in and visit us too, its going to be a beautiful shopping day!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keeping Beauty and letting beauty go...

I love to visit Kellys blog and I am always inspired by her real thoughts and her whit AND her wisdom...check her thoughts out and some paragraphs from a book she loves:
Read it slow and really ponder on what is being said and visit her site often.
These angels candleholders are from an estate and will be in the November ebay auction coming up. They are Howard Holt 1964 with labels on the bottom, excellent condition! The quilt is a very old pieced and hand quilted from the south, it is one of maybe 6 or so quilts that will be auctioned off. I will give good details and many more pictures of the same item when they go up for auction, I beleive in full disclosure on items that I sell. Stay tuned for more peeks!

In appreciation to Candi Higley who spotlighted Just a bed of roses so beautifully with a huge page with pictures in their monthly antique Deseret Antique Times newspaper, we are handing them out to everyone, its just so exciting to have some extra exposure, we love new customers alot!

As we speak the Christmas florals are being made and coming in daily now, usually done with antique containers, gingerbread, holly, old ornaments, pine, holly, some rusty and some very shabby chic crystally...I love to make them when I have a few moments to just dig in and create.

We carry the montly publications of Romantic Homes, this is Nov. issue and we already have been selling Dec. pretty shabby & chic issue. Here is a cute story of one of our favorite customers named Julie V...well she brought this picture into the shop (which is pictured below) and said she was sending it in to the editor and hoping to be featured on this page...well, her husand and I just kind of chuckled and thought...well, nice Julie, but you have a long wait for that to come. So the next month she walks into the shop and there is the new nov. issue just unboxed, she grabbed it and low and behold...there it was, her article on the pie chickens that she collects AND I was so thrilled that she mentioned her favorite shop was Just a bed of roses and thats where she buys her Romantic homes issues. So I thank her from the bottom of my heart, it was thrilling to say the least, your a sweetheart Julie V

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas gifts...always on your mind?

Now is the time to pick up JAYNA'S SILVER SOLDERED ART PENDANTS they are miniature works of art: tiny photos, collages & emphemera, often with captions that will make you laugh out loud...she really has a sens of humor. You'll find these fun whimsical one of a kind creations for ANYONE on your shopping list...even one for you! Hurry in and she will create a unique pendent from her vast collection of vintage images and personalized with your own photos. They make a great tree ornament, gift tag, drape one over a picture frame & so unique to celebrate special occasions in life.
She has a NEW LOOK, which I am in love with...she is using a black dainty choker and antiquing the soldering...right now we have this new look in Christmas designs. She is also using stained glass art pieces with charms attached. These are the answer for the hard to buy for person on your Christmas list.
She brought in samples of her new grandbabies hands and feet, the babies siblings holding baby and art work from 1984 which her very own children created and these are all made into will tear up they are SO PRECIOUS! So dig out your pictures and bring them in and let JAYNA create you and heirloom.

We received new zebra wallets and polka dotted make up totes, and lots of shabby chic to die for ornaments which can be used for decorating more than the Christmas tree. A new order of paperie tags with glass glitter have been ordered and expected to arrive next'll go shabby crazy over these french and christmas style handmade tags.

Dont forget...we are still doing a big EBAY AUCTION the week of Thanksgiving...Shellie will be adding to it...she is doing tole chandeleirs, furniture, christmas decorations and much more. This will be BIG... the tole chandeleirs in the shop will be auctioned off also...Lisa may have give her a big computer hug! Looks like I will be working today.
Todays a beautiful day to remember our Veterans...our service men and women who are keeping our country safe and our freedoms treasured. Lets not take that for granted, we are very blessed to live here in America and enjoy what we live.

Friday, November 7, 2008

ANTIQUE EBAY AUCTION...coming this month

Wow, how lucky, the computer just co-operated and I was able to add some Halloween pictures. This is the two year old arriving home and immediatly dumped out her goodies...isnt this so familiar for kids to do? Some do a little trading...dont they?
Shellie made these pumpkin pies for us...recipe of hamburger mixture covered with delicious!

And here is Jurians Pumpkin turtle he carved and won a prize for at the school pumpkin decorating contest...pretty creative wouldnt you say?

Here is appropriate for an 11 year old, a nerdy pumpkin, braces is wire with staple gun staples holding it on...way to go Conner. I love to go to their home, its always full of creativity.

Okay...This is something I have not done since opening the shop and that is to sell on ebay which I had previously done for 6 I wanted to get you excited about it as the past two years I have collected some antiques that are wonderful and the shop just cannot hold these pieces as they are just too big.

This is what I am planning...the week of Thanksgiving (Sunday before to the Sunday after) the auction will begin on ebay. It will be simple for you to find as you just go to the shops website: (which I never update, sorry no time) and at the top you click the auction button and you go right to my ebay auctions.
When my computer comes back home I will start giving sneek peeks right here on this blog of many old antique quilts, neat sled, gold cherub on fish with pot very shabby, antique dish sets, general store collectables, neat old books, jewelry and many things I am unable to recall at the moment. Most of these would make impressionable Christmas gift giving.

Spread the word and lets just have a fun time with this. Because these items are large, many will not be able to be shipped. The quilts will be fine to ship in the United States.
Stay posted...and the deseret times antique magazine did the nicest and I mean nicest article on the shop, I just cried when i read it, stop in, get you a copy as they did a page on Teas n you tea shop also. I will take a picture this weekend and share. Thanks Candi Higley!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where Women Create...Beyond spectacular, its in!!

Okay, the book we have been waiting for all year is here today...its a must have for the collector of this new quarterly book. I was so busy at work yesterday I could only peek, so my goal today is to check it out thoroughly!!! They are 14.99 and I may have not bought enough.

Here is a sneak peek at a few: and and www.jennydoh.typepad.comI have only had 10 minutes of peeking and I'm shaking will wear this book out before the next issue comes out. Oh these are women of my own heart, and such stories to tell!
You will be inspired beyond your wildest imagination for sure. Boy am I glad its raining outside and there is no guilt from not being out there painting pieces, yard work etc. on my day off. I do have to buy a nice dress today for a humanitarian dinner this week-end though..MUST!

The shop will be open now on MONDAYS thru Christmas...I have been going down there for the past 6 weeks and working to get caught up ( possible?) and its always busy, so that's a sign to Mrs. Bed of Roses to open shop on Mondays. Probably not in the cold winter months though, I am not fond of driving in snow storms.
Halloween is gone...well almost...and Christmas is popping up all over, with more coming. Today I will be undigging estate dishes I have held onto for the Christmas season ...of course to bring into the shop. Also I should become a bit cranky...I'm starting a weight loss program...Oh No!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unique about this Halloween Season

Whats unique about this Halloween season is that not only HALLOWEEN being Friday night, many parties and dances were still being held Saturday evening. My adult children were having a Halloween party at a friends...I have pictures of them all...they were ALL a bit naughty...Shellie a naughty nun, Bryce quite a flashy pimp... his wife a sexy youngest son Wendy from wendys hamburgers... there was more!!! don't know if I will or can show them...hmmmm!

I CAN SHOW you some bone bread stix that Shellie made for appetizers and a Halloween dinner that was unique and fun on Friday night she made for us before trick or treating. And the creative pumpkins her boys carved and took to school for a contest. I love to be inspired by others creativity...hope you do too. Plus will share my newest grandbaby Kennedi in her Tootsie roll costume, you wont beleive her hair.
There was something I thought was really special and touching on Halloween...if you know of Mary Ellen Smoot, a former general relief society President, my grandchildren went to her home and invited all children inside for icecream...she is not a young gal anymore...and I thought how memorable for them And when these children are daydreaming about Halloween night they will fondly remember going in for icecream, attention and love. Thats why they call her grandma Smoot...they know her love to them. How could I be jealous when there is always room for one more grandma to love the children.
Isnt it cute to see the children come home with their candy and spread it granddaughters did that and then just rolled in it, very funny. They didnt care about alot of candy, just having the fun of knocking on the door a few times was good enough.
I know you have your special memories too of now its time to wrap them up in our memories and keep them close to your hearts.
Pictures coming soon. It just will not let me post them tonight,weird.