Wednesday, February 27, 2013


A shopkeepers goods:

Exquisite laces and paper
turned into banners & aprons,
such Pink and green sweetness!

Lacy clutches, purses.
antiquey creams. beige's. pinks.
(You should be over the moon by now)

Neclaces and sashes in roses,
rhinestones, pearls, nettings,
lovely for very special occasions.

Rosey eyeglass cases
make a classy gift.
Put one in an easter basket.

Just think what you could put inside:
money. jewlery. notes. candy.
oh...and reading glasses!

least I forget...

At least 15 antique style roses,
hydrangea's, forget me knots,
in the most prettiest
of colors,textures and sizes.


Pictures to come.

Joni will bring in vintage Easter handmades
Friday. saturday.

the NAKED BEE...all the good stuff

Lotions and foot balm:
 Organic aloe vera, sunflower oil helps resore, heal and promote healthy skin.
White tea extract protects skin from oxidative stress & IMMUNE cell damage.
Honey is antibacterial, moisurizing and nutritive for all skin types.
Hyaluronic acid, a powerful hydrator.
Spirulina, concentrated nutrients for sking conditioning and detoxification.

Oatmeal and honey triple milled soap:
Pure and simple
little bar...lots of lather
palm and coconut oils produce a rich gentle lather.
Beeswax helps produce a harder and longer lasting bar.
Honey is antibacterial,
rolled oats for gentle exfoliation.
Guar gum, a natural plant subtance that produces a creamy lather.

None of the bad stuff in these products!

Naturalistic for Easter gifting!

Available NOW at Just a bed of roses
come try a sample
the sun will be shining!

Mind your BEES WAX...

Heard this one?


Busy as a bee

Utah the Beehive state

Of course it's sweet, healthy too!

Our new "naked bee"
lotions, foot balm, soaps are in.
Smelling clean/fresh and orange blossom-eee.
There are bee bags to fill up with your own creativity.

What about making a healthy Easter basket
using Bee products...
our bee pillows are naturalistic style.

Love it!
See you this weekend

Monday, February 25, 2013

Where everything old becomes new again

Blue skies today with sun,
catch it before it's gone.

we are now open MONDAYS
closed tuesday. wednesdays.

Where everything old becomes new again
Come see what's new

Pretty sure you'll find chocolate to enjoy
while shopping!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do not reward yourself with food...your not a dog

Have you ever baked a beet?

My daughter mentioned they had been adding more vegetables
to their diet, they baked beets just like a potato.

We did it...
Wrapped it in foil, and when done added coconut butter
and blood orange balsamic vinegar (must try it).

Beets help clean the fats from your liver and cleanse your blood.

Contain Betaine and Betacyanin: has anti-inflammatory and
anti-cancer properties.
Vitamin B & C and lots of minerals:
Potassium, iron, thyroxin: main hormone for thyroid,
Magnesium, and controls blood sugar.
Low in fat and good for the cardiovascular system.

They are sweet, don't overdo if your diabetic,
and if your prone to kidney stones.

Our goal for now is at least ONE BEET a week.

On a PBS show Dr. Furhman's "the immunity solution"
he said there are three foods to eat everyday.
                2.dark leafy greens

we are trying

now adding mushrooms to our diet this year.
goal: One big package a week.
I am going to do a whole post on Mushrooms soon.
Mushrooms are cute, but I've never gone out of my way to eat many.

Eat healthy.

Build your immune system every meal.

To have a healthy immune system you must get rid of
INFLAMMATION in your body which causes disease
and chronic disease.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

oh CHOCOLATE...where art thou?

8" snow and still coming down.
8 hours of snow just today,
have we not been punished enough?

What I wouldn't give for THIS right now...
my two favorite things!

my veggie crisp garden snacks
just aren't doing it.
I'm trying to be good.
I'll even go make a green smoothie
and see if this chocolate craving will leave.

even healthy chocolate
would do.

I'm pretty sure my husband will be snowed in at his job.
Good thing there are lazy boys, mattresses, couches,
and I'll bet they could find a HOT DOG somewhere!

oh wait, he made it home!

I refrained...
only because I didn't want to bake,
needed to stay focused in my workroom.
darn pinterest and their chocolate photo's!

SNOW DAY... CLOSED...clean out your refrigerator

Isn't this about day 64 in a row with
Utah snow this year?
We felt it wasn't safe to drive to the shop today
so we will be CLOSED.

MONDAY we will be open

Pretty sure I'll be back to blog more
this weekend.
keep warm and dry,
stay off the roads and be safe.

Joni will be Spring Creating while at home
I will be diving into alot of our "JUNK"
which isn't really junk.
To bring in soon.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Have a BALL being creative today

Many many many old jars are in place
at Just a bed of roses
qts. pints. and 2 qts.
with glass and zinc lids.

since we can't really create outside right now,
with mother nature sharing us her 60 days in a row
of snow, and breaking records here in Utah...
(with more snow to come as 60 isn't enough)

come in. grab some things to create with
and have a CREATIVE DAY.

new purses. wallets. all colorful and springy.
arriving today!
if the weather co-operates the shop will be
opened on time today...
fingers crossed.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SERVING...Scented gifts of HOPE

Hope sachets
make lovely
"just for fun"
easy gifts

Serving our favorite scents

Many vintage/antique collectables
arriving for
Thursday. Friday. Saturday.

(pocket snacks available at Green Earth)

As Just a bed of roses changes into spring
we anxiously await certain products
ordered, handmade and worth the wait,
that we know our customers will

Next week the shop will be filled-up
with spring that isn't YOUR TYPICAL
Bunnies and easter eggs.

Pinky promise

Just warning you!

(because YOU KNOW we like to be
original and out of the box)
and because WE KNOW you'll
be in... loving and adoring.

Just wait!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thorn bushes have roses

Using voice command on the smart phone
for no more wiggly shaky photo's.
will I ever learn?

Wooden spools of twine with sissors
Useful for YOUR creative workspace
classy too!

Out of the mouth of Abe's

We'll be sorting through some of our
shop for them

We will now be open on Mondays
unless there is a major storm.
The other 3 days will be themed for the week
pretty excited to start that again!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pickin's...on Presidents day

come see us
Monday Presidents day

We can help fill your spaces
with pretty patina

and rustic patina

I have been Pickin' through my husbands
bringing in 2 big boxes
lots of blues and finally some 2 qts.
Come in
do your pickin' too!