Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vignette # 4 for Roses and rust vintage market in boise Sept. 26 anad 27th

 Working on a black and white vignette...will be back with it completed...we got side tracked and ran off to an estate to shop. Got some great stuff.

 adding sheet music to the vignettes as they apply to the themes

 I'll be creating a fall vignette soon

 I came across this sign today...what does it mean...kind of like it's all about the right timing?

This reminded me of my daughter and her two little I had to purchase it at the estate also and because I'm not good at holding things until Christmas...she will get it soon.  Isnt it sweet. It's very delicate.

Vignette # 3 Movie star themed

Lights. camera. action!  This vignette has not been named...but its movie star style with camera's . crystal jewelry. costume jewelry. glamour furs, chandaliers etc.

I will complete these may take until I get them put up at the show...but they will be named and fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vignette #2...What ever happened to BABY JANE

 For the boise roses and rust show...a baby and woman themed vignette...being named as I type.
I would have named it What ever happened to baby jane...but we'll see what the fbook friends chose.
Baby doll, photos, jewlery, white pop beads, chalkboards.

 This mirrored wall hanging is neat in antique gold, filled with all kinds of fun creams, silver, gold, off white, touches of pinks and blues.

 Wasn't it betty davis who played in that movie?

 I purchased some new vintage jewelry over the weekend...excited to get it out for halloween season.

Vintage is so fun to use for your don't even have to buy commercial products to create
scary. haunted. creepy. just collect some of your things and start creating!

Vignette the HONEYMOONERS...I'll send you to the MOON Alice!

 For the Roses and Rust show in Boise I am putting together vignettes on fbook and having the followers
give them a name, preferably Halloween related.

 This one is the HONEYMOONERS...with Ralph (Jackie Gleason) and Alice his wife.
He was always going to "SEND ALICE TO THE MOON"  a famous saying of his.

 Jackie was short and round...figured he could use some medication..probably smelled like Old spice.
Alice was the housewife...she did all the work. cooking. cleaning etc...Ralph got to go to work and play.

 This vignette is mostly black, white, creams with touches of reds and blues. This vignette has been
tweaked since it got its name...I will display it at the event and post the final display after the show.
Will show a photo of people on the MOON digging in the dirt...looking for ALICE!

 Tea dying crochet tablecloths and spreads and doilies for the "aged" look.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kathys in Creams and touch of patina

 Created for Kathy S. she came in today and we picked out and created some vintage fun for her new living room...she loves shades of cream with a little patina golds. this is one side of the jar filled with milk glass cups, vintage gloves, buttons.
 This is the backside with the old shakers with patina lids... she called and said they worked perfectly!

 Apothacary jar with scrabble and a birdnest tied on top, off to the side a heavy glass frog.

Took a 40's birdcage and filled with 9 big spools of crochet threads in off whites, stacked some more
in various sizes and shades, added two milk glass teacups filled them with old bobbin with thread and cream buttons. tied the top with a thread bundle and old sissors!
our favorite!

 This is an old glass pedestal with etching, A vintage tatted lace collar tied on it sideways.
she added a glass frog to put alongside some of her home decor.

 This old black stack of books bundled with a lovely piece of crochet tea dyed.
On top for some height is a clear glass jar filled with wooden words dice.

 Kathy has a twin sister...kristi. She bought his piece for her door for the fall season...they are
produce farmers in centerville.   Love these girls!

Working on the next show...Roses and Rust in Boise
and christmas for fleattitude nov. 15th grand ballroom utah state fair...don't miss!

PLEASE let me THANK YOU for your support this's been so much fun to see you "oldies" and meet so many's alot of hard work and you make it so worth it all.
see you soon...enjoy your finds, until we meet again! (where you can always find more).

Friday, September 12, 2014

chilly winds this morning...yard sale open at NOON -6 TODAY friday!

because we live in the path of ogden canyon winds...and it's just a bit chilly this morning for shopping the yard sale in the driveway...we will wait and open today at NOON. The inside is cozy and you could spend hours shopping if you happen to come earlier. 

so...noon-6 today!
we may do the same on saturday...undecided...will post this evening on our saturday plans.

thanks to all who have's been so fun to see you, we appreciate you!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

TODAY big YARDSALE and vintage market...

 Come see what you can't live without!  The driveway is filled, restocked, rearranged...we had some great buying going on Thursday...and I promised we wouldn't run out, No, we won't run out!

 It's so much fun to see everyone and hear what's going on with you...I'll try and get some snap shots today.

 There is a big round table filled with about 20 pieces of and tomorrow YOU can take off 3.00 price marked!!! come get your pyrex!

Lots and lots of metal items inside and out...tons of old jars in blues and clear glass.

2037 s. 2700 w
west haven

thanks for bringing your friends and relatives....we appreciate you!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weber county is FUN shopping and eating...come shop vintage

Things to do when you come Weber county...we have WOOD CREATIONS on 1900 w. (just a few miles from here)...they are ready for fall and halloween.  Rainbow gardens straight East, mouth of ogden canyon big gift shop and eatery. 25th street is fun shopping right now and downtown ogden with new eateries. new Ogden temple, get in line and tour this beautiful building takes less than an hour.Pioneer museum has been restored close to the temple. Movie theaters. Newgate mall. Fruit highway, start in willard, pettingills makes shakes with farrs ice cream and fresh peaches. amish store a few miles north of there makes great sandwiches and sells bulk and bottle foods. There's always maddox for fried chicken and nice homemade foods.

That being said...come on up MAKE YOUR PILES  THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 9-6
2037 s. 2700 w.
west  haven, utah


Monday, September 8, 2014

It's raining. It's pouring. the old man is snoring...come Wednesday we'll be OPEN

 It's a refreshing fall rain...we can stay inside, clean, read, bottle the harvest, sleep a little. Here we are super busy getting ready to see you!

 Come Wednesday morning we'll be OPEN inside and out...we have TONS to chose from in vintage.

 Beautifully wood trimmed beveled mirror just in, chalkboards, frames, vintage pictures.

 Purple sun kissed bottles from the early 1900's...priced to enjoy. all kinds of bottles in fact.
Tomorrow I will price the pyrex...and take some photo's!

 Large antique gold blue boy and pinkie girl, these are large and BEAUTIFUL!

 Antique underwood black typewriter really nice condition...

 Counted cross stitch sampler in brown matting and wood frame

 Some enchanted evening...small jewelry box in emerald green

 Roller skates. ice skates too.

 Tons of odds and ends outside...lots of wood boxes, metal things etc.

 ammo green
 fun vintage bundles created for gift giving and decor

 tiny collections for your projects
 locks, some with keys
 vintage cookie many to chose
red corona typewriter with black case.

SEE YOU Wed-Friday  9-6
2037 s. 2700 w
west haven
just west of ogden 21st street freeway exit

Come make your piles!!!
(after the rain)