Friday, December 11, 2009


It's never too early to dream about the romantic time of year coming up is it? Okay, I DID sit down and discover this book today that just arrived inbetween customers...couldn't resist when it said women Entrepreneurs!

Note the yellow band...its a special issue and I can bet it to be sold out by the end of the month if not by Christmas...filled with women and what they have created. My favorite subject!

Whats fun is that the two deliveries  arriving  today were from women entrepreneurs(that's the hardest word in the english language for me) Giant rolls of wrapping paper from ALL WRAPPED UP designed and made by Utah women. Wish my camera had of captured the olive green better as its fabulous.
Spectacular designs for Christmas and everyday wrappings dont you agree?
If you want to see ideas for wrapping your Christmas gifts go to studio 5 and type in wrapping paper to see the segment Bonnie S. created. Then come and see us!

I will post the other delivery in the morning as I'm falling asleep here at the computer...feeling like the photo I posted on Monday!!!

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