Sunday, June 22, 2008

You are going to LOVE THESE JEWELS!

I told you there is going to be lots of new sparkly jewerly coming into the shop this week...wait until you see the BEAUTIFUL PEARLS. Most of this is new items, I have added a few vintage
pieces to these pictures also. it's an OOOH LA LA!
P.S. remember we are closed Mondays...and will close Sat. by 4:00 p.m.
July 4th week we will be closed on Thursday 3rd-Saturday 5th

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Glitter Bling Sparkle Roses Crowns ...

Thats what's dancing through my head right now, wish I could settle it down (no I don't)but it won't stop. Now the shop needs its make-over to make room for the exciting inventory that will start arriving each week until Christmas (was that a bad word in the heat of June???)
Just arrived home from Market and the Xocai the dark healthy chocolate convention in Reno Nevada. Year 3 for Xocai and the new omega chocolates are scrumptuous. It's growing by leaps and bounds as it is an awesome network marketing company. People from all over the world.
We had the best evening being entertained by my friends step son Jason Huellett. He is the best there is in impersonations entertainment. I could take a whole page describing how talented he is, and its the best talent in the world when you can make people laugh outloud for an hour. He ended his show with a Jim Carrey impersonation that was to bust a rib laughing about. You must find a way to see him, I will see if he has some kind of website and post it. He will be very famous, he is almost there for sure!
New Vicoria bliss magazine just arrived as always... stunning. Somerset Life & somerset summer blog books are on their way, I am like you...cant wait until they come and remember they will hit the shop before they hit your homes and markets. Come Tuesday there will be LOTS OF JEWELRY OLD AND NEW PIECES, along with piles of vintage linens and vintage plates, come see. Reminder...Tuesday is 20% off vintage dishes, Wednesday 20% off linens, Thursday Suprise Friday 20% off anything Pink and Saturday 20% off any jewelry, old and new!!! whoa, thats just to cool!
I hope having the shop closed this week was not too inconvenient for anyone, have a nice warm week-end.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 2 at market...Now I am broke and loving it, lol!

Day two of market was so fascinating...our feet are killing us and we are in bed early as we walked the 14 floors and more, plus went to a mall to find Shellie a formal dress, which we didnt find, thats because shes too skinny! Good grief this girl doesnt eat junk food!
Its nice to see colors are still in nice reds, blacks, chocolate browns, pink and aqua still going strong and crackly finishes are strong. Tons and tons of bling, on everything you can think of.
I will be bringing lots of bling back, tons of fun jewelry. one think I am dissapointed in is there isnt a big wow for the holidays...maybe because the market is soft...dont know really why.
But we have ordered like crazy, we may have to get us part time jobs to pay for it (of course just kidding!)
Must get some rest for round 3...coming up soon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


MARKET...all I can say is that both feet have blisters, totally mentally overstimulated, running out of money and dropping into bed at 6:00 p.m. (arent' we fun!?)

Monday, June 16, 2008

To Market To will be closed this week

Good news and bad news...
Good news: I am off to Market to buy all things wonderful for the upcoming holiday seasons this week, plus meeting some of my Make Mine Pink friends for the first time ever, Lori and Karen.
Bad news: I must close the shop this week...I will be there Tuesday 11:00-2:00 p.m. is all SO I suggest if you need something come down early.
More good news: because of being closed this week I am pretty sure I will be EXTENDING the 20% off sales this month into ALL OF JULY! It really has been a great sale and I have bought LOTS AND LOTS MORE JEWELRY AND LINENS from estates in order for the shop to have room for the HOLIDAYS it must keep moving out the door.
Thanks for your support with this sale, I know you have found some wonderful pieces of jewelry to wear and to do neat altered art with.
I will report about the show by the end of the week, IF NOT SOONER!
Hope your enjoying the 90 degree weather, isnt it nice?

camera batteries not show & tell

It sometimes happens that when you have a week-end for some great kodak moments I pull out my camera (it goes everywhere I go) and the batteries have silently died. Too bad these cameras aren't set up with the noises our cell phones had.
We had the neatest time up to the cabin, where its beautifully green, quiet (well, until we got there) and cool for Fathers Day. We picked up our 4 most cutest grandchildren and spent the night and day. You know how young kids love to eat eat & eat some more, so WE did! At bedtime we lay in the dark looking out at the tall quakies blowing in the wind and someone always sees WITCHES out there! Oh No! Then the story telling begins and each gets a turn, then we giggle ALOT. Pretty soon we are OUT.
Our son Tim came up with his 2 children and so we ate great food and just hung out with dad as it was Fathers day. It seemed more like Mothers day as Dad had to wait on me alot as I am not feeling my best right now. Ouch! Tim saved the day...he brought a camera so I went nuts putting each child by the wooden moose snapping pictures, it was kind of teary for me to get out the scrapbook from 10 years ago there at the cabin and to see the changes in these children.
Hope all of you had a lovely Fathers day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

STAY-CATION...stay around home vacation?

Have you heard of the new way to combat the rising gas prices this summer? It's called a Stay- cation where you vacation places in your own state or travel places around home. Yesterday I had the cutest and happiest couple come in who had visited the Teas 'n You a tiny tea house just around the corner from Just a bed of Roses shop. They were just thrilled by their experience and chose to stay in Utah instead of traveling to another state to do the same thing only with a 2,000.00 or more price tag. In fact they loved it so much they are coming back in just two days! I say that's quite impressive! check it out. They also loved Us too, you never want to miss an antique shop on your vacation!
If your staying right at home could you decorate your porch like this one! Oh its to die for...could'nt you just sit there and enjoy a nice meal , soak in the warm air and talk forever. Or until the mosquitos bite! I want to give credit to the owner of this porch (and I still need to ask permission to show it here). This is the Woods Home in Syracuse who own the Victorian Wedding place. They say their porch is always a piece of art each season...I look forward to enjoying each season as a drive by.
If anyone has a wonderful porch and would like me to put it on the blog just come in and let me know, I will be right there with my camera.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I think we can make it now the rain is gone...

Thats what I am singing right now, the sky is blue and beautiful but it wasnt this morning for the big yard sale, it was chilly! It was still wonderful to get it all out and dug through and some great selling went on for a few hours. By 11:00 we had loaded up and delivered all the left overs to the Deseret Industries in Ogden, so you can go buy our leftovers there next week.Thank you for your support hope it was sure to meet alot of you and see those I hadnt seen this year, hope you enjoy your new treasures, I know they were small ones, but still treasures.
So now on to ... ROUND TWO!!! This round is my workroom at home...I need to be working in it by the end of summer, so each day I will gather a box full of collectables and they will either go to the shop or to Re-Creations and by then I will have a BEAUTIFUL WORKROOM. I will put this on my vision board least I forget to follow through!!! Do you have a vision board too?
I am thinking in the early fall there is another county yard sale...I think this will be a must do until then see you at the shop and have a great summer!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dont forget the big county yard sale SATURDAY

This COUNTY YARD SALE is out at the weber county fairgrounds just north of 12th street and the IRS in Ogden.
We will get there early 7:00 a.m. rain or shine, they let us go INSIDE THE BUILDING if its too rainy.
I have literally TONS OF THINGS under a dollar the car and truck are stuffed with mostly small items. I will load you up for coming...I have to get rid of it in just the time we are there until at least noon, opens at 8:00 a.m. for sure.
If you cant make it to the big big bargain yard sale...then the shop is open and the vintage jewelry will be on sale at 20% off all day,well until 4:30 or so. Lots of wonderful new vintage home decor and gifts stocked up. Bring a friend and get 10% off your purchases!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

SUPRISE...Altered art neclaces ON SALE this month!

Jaynas altered art neclaces ARE ON SALE this month now...YIPPEE!

She said if you buy 3 or more you will receive 10% off on them, so buy ahead for those special gift giving times that are coming up!

Best selection and funny as funny can be, you will see someone you know in each piece.

20% off VINTAGE METALS today!

This is a neat one...there are plant stands, birdcages, rustic pans, will include vintage kitchen tins, and then I must include lamps and chandaliers dont you think! Oh my heck these are some good discounts! If an item was already on sale I can still make some type of great adjustments for you.
Friday will be ANYTHING PINK. Our altered art neclaces are the only thing not on sale during this month. I always wrap your neclaces darling for gift giving or just for yourself.
Stay dry and safe on the roads.......isnt this rain nice, everything is so clean, green and beautiful?
Unless you live in Tooele and are having flooding, oh dear.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WEDNESDAY...20% OFF Vintage Linens & Quilts!

Yesterday I brought in 10 Vintage Quilts, each unique in style and design, they will make you ohhh and ahhhh! Also a few exquisite handmade vintage tablecloths, I dont know how the women did these things so beautifully.
Thursday will be 20% off anything made of METAL...lots of interesting vintage metal pieces.
Okay...I am still boxing up like crazy for the big yard sale this week-end at the weber county yard sale at the weber county fair grounds and seriously most things are one dollar and under The more you buy the cheaper it gets.Lots of small items for your projects.
The bigger items will be going to re-creations in Roy at big big savings, below wholesale. Go there and save yourself some big money!
Re-creations and just a bed of roses is closed on Mondays through the summer.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Show and TELL MONDAY: I will buy your gas SALES IN JUNE!

This is some of the VINTAGE JEWELRY that is coming into the shop this week and more!

JUNE will be a MONTH OF SAVINGS for you...this is how it will work:
TUESDAYS in June: 20% off all VINTAGE GLASSWARE & dishes.


THURSDAYS in June: 20% off we will choose something different each Thursday! (could be furniture, kitchen antiques, rusty or metal items, etc.)

FRIDAYS in JUNE: 20% off Anything PINK!


CAN you see how I can buy your gas for coming in!!! Our prices are affordable to begin with, so this will add up into savings for you (sure your husband will agree???).

If you bring a NEW FRIEND IN ANY OF THESE DAYS you can take 10% off anything of your choice, hows that!

SHOW and tell...For all you CITY GALS!

We were having a relaxing Sunday sitting on the chippy white wicker couch eating our root beer floats when Carl spotted a Mother Robin in the fuscia that climbs the porch post. Being the curious person (little boy inside) he is and married to me...we had to find out if there are eggs or baby birds inside this nest...

Nice mud and twig bird nest, you gotta give these mother birds alot of credit

These are growing profusly around the yard now...they are GRANDMOTHERS FLOWER BUSHES and are my favorite, they bloom about 3-4 times during the summer and make a neat bush. They spread, so if you would love a start, let me know I will dig one up for you. This is a must have for the old fashioned grandmothers garden.

I found this in a junk yard...well a salvage it on my front porch!

Can you beleive these ferns...its June 1st and they are huge and spreading like crazy, I havent even gotten the perennials planted yet. Ferns love shade too.

Modern lilac bushes growing around an old farm wagon in the backyard.
Old Barn ladder hanging on wall of back porch, I usually take an old watering can and an old box to plant flowers in and hand them off this ladder in the spring/summer.
Wondering what to do with your excess farm plows etc...I just hang them from the brick walls outside...I just hate a BARE WALL ANYWHERE!

I did this 13 years ago...took 2 old old windows and hung on the back porch, where the glass is broken I hung an old old birdhouse.

Last year the birds built their nest in this was so cute to watch every day, I just dont have the heart to get rid of it, and they dont come back and nest twice. city girls, this IS the country, just throw in some fresh dairy air a few flies and wasps and taaaa dah...COUNTRY LIVING!
This post was for YOU ELAINE PACKER!