Friday, September 27, 2013

I was going to do that...

We have 30% off most anything in the shop thru Oct. 26.

Not going to say..."hurry in" for the best of the best! 

The shop is still up for the mean time we carry on business as usual. I'll gladly entertain any offers while I wait on a few that are trying to work out their $ and plans. Money has a way of talking, doesn't it? 

The shop will CLOSE Oct. 28th thru Nov. 16.

During this time Joni, I and some others are working away on Vintage Christmas that will the whole week of Nov. 16, the
week before save your $$$.

The shop will have all new vignettes, handmades and vintage Christmas. I also have a buying trip lined up. Fingers crossed it's a great one. Now Mr. Roses is retired I can keep him busy fixing up stuff ( oh darn, he had his back surgery a week ago...guess he will need to recover pretty darn fast, but he can tag stuff?).

Now you know!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beauty BAR...when in New York

When in New never know what you will find next door

 Beauty salon turned into a Martini's and Manicure

 Glittered. glitzy. sparkly. and filled with vintage beauty salon type products in abundance in cases.

 Martini menu...(must turn head sideways)...I'll have the Perm Please!

 Row of hair dryer sip your martini's and be pampered.
 Someone was pretty creative.

 Place filled with nostalgia...gee I'd love to see all that vintage stuff...
I did hair from 1972-till hmmmm, well, it was a long long time.

 Shellie my daughter discovered this place after her bike ride at Central Park.
What's the chances of it being called Jeans...that's my middle name and nick name Jean!

 I'm sure while she sat there she had some de ja vu going on...I had a salon in our home.
The kids loved to play in there and hang out with the customers having their hair dried.

Hope you enjoyed some New York on line today...unless you just happen to be there!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

got monkeys?

                   oh yes...some days are like that so are some weeks!

You'll want to fly in for awhile to shop our
sale...30% off everything this Monday. Thursday.
friday. saturday. This sale will go thru Oct. 25
          I know...yes, we are just too generous!

Although the shop is thinning down, there are still neat things you'll enjoy having in your home or gifting. Each week it will be added to. We want it thinned right kind of start over for a November event. 

Joni and I have put together a "new" plan...for the
shop thru Christmas...,WE AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE... but staying at Just a bed of Roses and having tons of fun for the Holidays with YOU.
       (so no more tears okay, means us too!)

         Stay tuned for more exciting details!

I have a very large vintage buying trip lots of cash for November too!
(just in case you don't want your husband to know)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wake up to good news @ saving money at just a bed of roses

Pancakes anyone?
My husbands way to tease our 9 grandchildren for
breakfast last week...can you believe they asked for more!


a win win situation here:

                                      30% off everything
                          (with a few exceptions but not much)
                           This coming Monday THRU Saturday

There is alot of the shabby, dressy, tons of beautiful doilies, rustic/rusty stuff, vintage kitchen in reds, a bunch of vintage mens ties just in (great for halloween or a pinterest project, jars, old bottles, industrial, galvanized, wooden, windows, mirrors, ice cream table and chairs, iron chairs, furniture pieces one that is a Mormon pine with the painted grain finish which is a secretary/wardrobe. This has been in my personal collection for years. Bottom price 500.00  if I take it to the acorn antique will be 800.00 it's a very old piece in wonderful condition.

The antique display counter may be up for sale...just need to double check with the potential is 500.00  I used it in my first shop, oh dear, that was 20 years ago. It's a beauty.

come dig around...because vintage matters!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Window peeking the past

Virginia City, Montana...90 mins. from island park.
Old old mining fever. Walk the street and window peek into the past.a Dusty place. Patina everywhere. Neat old doors and windows, original. Old wood, a match could take this place down. Few museums of animal fur coats, barber and dentist chairs, cooks wagon, clothing of the time, photo's, ceilings of embossed painted metal. General store. antique tins. trunks. ice cream shop. blacksmith shop. again dusty. wondering what the "laboratory" meant in those days, maybe testing for the metals? 

If you were a would be fascinating to capture. More photo's can be googled. these were mine. 
This place closes down sept 21. for the season. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Faithful and OLD

Vintage photo of Old Faithful hangs in dining area at
the Old Faithful Inn. Do you remember when she blew
every 20 mins...I sure do. Now it's every 90 mins...but I love that she is still Faithful, and it's as if she is older not blowing the strength she once had. It's still a wonder.

Although a rainy day, not cold, this past weekend, she lacks not for an audience. People from all over the world still come to visit Yellowstone National Park. It's so beautiful this time of year, the nights turning crisp and nippy as you sit outside by the campfire. (and keeps you on your toes always watching that a bear doesn't decide to join you for S'mores!)

Her performance...that day, still something to be in awe of.
When your here you realize how good mother nature is to us and to the magnificent wildlife that roam the wilderness...excepting for the grizzly bear warnings and footprints next to the cabin we stayed at. We tried to stay at peace and enjoy natures gifts.(still...we wanted to return home with the same amount of adults and children)

The historical buildings are so well preserved. It's best to do some reading up to realize what a wonderful place you are visiting and the history behind it all. It still feels "the same" yet it changes as nature so naturally does.

 You want to see some bears? So did we, we found them in a natural setting (caged) in West Yellowstone (darn, cant remember the name but it's on the main road) The center had beautiful taxidermy bears and so much knowledge about grizzlies and black bears to learn about. Also the wolves. This is the bears finding their food, they hide it under big rocks and branches.

Not to forget the Great Horned Owl.

West Yellowstone has many places to stay and visit you may want to check it out. Most places up this way start their seasonal shut downs Sept. 21st. Then begins one of the largest places to snowmobile...and that's just not for me!

We stayed in a large rented cabin with my 4 children/partners and their 9 children at Island park. It was my first time there, very enjoyable. stayed away from tv. news. shop. work. phone...a real vacation! (okay there was dishes, cooking and plenty of noise, but not complaining.)

well I did complain once, but it got me into trouble.  

Carl and I took a day trip to Virginia city about an hour from island park...I did take some antique photo's to share. To a visiting  photographer...these places are a paradise of nature and lots of patina.

thanks for letting me share.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oct. 31...the month of CURIOSITIES

It will be here before you know it...Oct. 31

Come shop vintage props for your fall and Halloween decor.

This month the shop has a sale of 25% off everything...come out and enjoy the savings and have a good time digging through our great vintage!

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's time to get out that broom!

Time to take a drive to Just a bed of roses...
we have 25% off this month...come dig around it's as fun as a vintage flea market!

We're also looking for a new shopkeeper.
Only serious inquiries, and experience prefered.
contact brenda 801-628-0890

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let your feet bring you to dig around in our vintage

everything in the shop is 25% off this weekend
thursday. friday. saturday.

let your feet bring you to dig around in our vintage
collections and have lots of fun!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Create with the fall harvest

enjoy the gifts of nature creatively

and enjoy saving $$$ by shopping at Just a bed of roses this Thursday. Friday. Saturday. 11:-5:30

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

25% off everything is like a vintage flea market

we're like a fun vintage flea market with our
25% off everything now thru September!

See you Thursday. Friday. Saturday.

come out and enjoy a beautiful fall day!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Black and white...

Black and white fun from my pinterest boards. When I retire too...I just might try to make everything I have pinned...and then again I just might keep on pinning. I just love that place. You can always check out the boards at just a bed of roses on pinterest.

The shop is 25% off everything until the end of sept.
Remember we are looking for a new shopkeeper for Just a bed of roses. It would be nice to have an experienced one and one who's excited to carry on from where I left off.
The shop can be available mid oct...or even after Christmas if you prefer.
Please bring your inquiries and offers to Brenda 801-628-0890  email:

It's the perfect time to own an established 7 year shop. I wouldn't go but I just hate my husband retired without ME!