Thursday, July 29, 2010

Primitive garden benches

In "times past"  many benches were constructed of heavy wood (things back then were made to last a lifetime and maybe eternity?) such as these for in the garden for resting and porches for sipping cold lemonade.
The color scheme of these three estate benches are in white/yellows/blue's with underlining reds.
I have always loved benches such as these and will bet that you do to, there's always a fun use for a little bench around the home and garden.

They are offered at the General Store co-op chicks in Layton  on gentile and main corner and were in the truck load of antiques that we dropped
off this week. Although the street is underconstruction it is not that hard to get into this shop. Main street just puts you right to the back of the shop...easy peasy!

Our cupcake promotion end this week, 2 complimentary cupcakes with a $50.00 or more purchase is all.

Unique one of a kind handmade/vintage and fall decor added to the shops decor each day as always.(yes I said fall).  Well..."back to school", now does that sound better? I know that does to many mommies!

Monday, July 26, 2010

MMMMMMM Summertime Cupcakes!

complimentary 2 cupcakes offer on us with your purchase of $50.00 or more through this week.

        Redeem at Vintage Cupcake Co. in    Ogden newgate mall or 24th street shop.
           Sugar Daisies bakery in Kaysville

     Lots of new/vintage  gifts/decor just for you!

Can be used through August 31st.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Antique Pink in the Workspace

Torturing myself in the workroom this week-end
So hard!
NOT an organizer, but love to collect, display and refinish.
Would someone come fill up all the new
drawers and cupboards
for me?
Speaking of being yourself...check out my daughters blog:
She's always in some kind of creative mess!

Small antique cupboard base in antique display cabinet
holds antique books without covers
Charming & rustic

Picture is for you Annie!
Saw these on your blog and had to show you my version which
saw it on another blog in blogland.
somewhere... months ago!

We have these antique books bundled
for sale in the shop

Making new colors for the workroom.
Tried my own special recipe for a pretty Antique pale pink.
A re-make on this antique
Filing cabinet
Don't fret...there is a filing cabinet in its original
antique oak color that's so pretty
 this one just needed to be painted.
(hate to paint a pretty piece of antique wood, so we don't).

Dress form now the NEW antique pink
Wall paper may have to be removed NEXT YEAR...
thinking of this new gray/tannish color Paint
Sitting on those old pink couches
is relaxing.
Thanks Shellie for mentioning to do that.
Who thought to relax in a workspace?
It's great for inspiration
to sit once in awhile
and dream away.

HOT the Summertime

60's song of the day...Hot fun in the summertime
Remember Sly and the Family stone?

Enjoy your Pioneer Holiday week-end
Has everyone gone to the Mountains?

Thanks to ALL who Pioneered in anyway settling this Beautiful State
through the years.

Reminder:  Shop is closed today Friday/Sat.
Open again Monday

We are going to try and keep later hours 6-7 p.m. on most days until Labor Day
(call just in case you are traveling from out of town to be sure)
801-451-2556   or 801-628-0890

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jumping up and down... Good reason!

Look at this line up of artists for the new issue of Where Women Create!
Inspiring work spaces of Extraordinary women
Famous words of mine "How is it possible to get better when its already  beyond spectacular Jo?"

Utah's famous Jo Packham shows  pages of HER WORK die for!
Julie came in the shop last night and we started Jumping up and down as each page
was turned and we couldn't believe our eyes.
I'm only showing little peeks...k?
Debbie Dusenbury of Curious Sofa has outdone her talent of good taste and display with
pages of her very unique Curious shop.
You'll LOVE IT!
In fact, just jump in your car and drive to Kansas...RIGHT NOW!

I have had the honor/priviledge to be in a private business blog with 100 retailers around the U.S.
the past two years with Deb being the head of it.
Great when retailers can network...especially with our "new economy" way of doing business.
(and your fabulous EMPLOYEES)

Ring Party...are you fun is that!
Laurie Lenfesty owner of Bittersweet designs has parties for her daughter and friends
I see cupcakes in the background!
She too an amazing artist and pages to ohh and ahh about.

LOOK HERE...WHERE WOMEN COOK...I will order copies  for YOU if you will
bring me samples of what you cook...k?
Can't wait to see what they do with this book.

Really, who wants a flimsy little magazine full of advertisements when you
can have pieces of art books such as these.
You get more than your moneys worth...always!

I took pictures of my workroom last week...I would post, but honestly it
would scare the ba-jeebers out of you!!

One day maybe Jo will have a magazine " inspiring work spaces
of  the NOT so extraordinary women" ...sign me up for that one!

I have GREAT ADMIRATIONS for those in these pages who have pulled
their work spaces together
for our enjoyment.
SO enjoyable!
Thanks to ALL those who put these books together

Now off to read this book with my MAGNIFYING GLASS

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vintage jewelry... playing with French dress forms

Today was a JOY to play in some piles of newly acquired VINTAGE jewelry.
Dressed up some Paris forms
and wanted to show you the Shabby off white MIRROR with Hot pink distressing.
The mirror is indented so it could also be used as a display piece
for showing off your smaller vintage collectables.

They will arrive Wednesday afternoon along with broken pieces
For your creative projects.

Don't you just love!

The big 2 qt.vintage jars hold shreds of paper with rusty lids
adorned with paper tags and tea dyed wired
and crinkly ribbons
lets hear some
ohh la la's!

Where women create arrived...big news!!!
Will show you tomorrow
on this blog.
AFTER I do my walking... as today
starts a " back to" getting more
physically fit.
don't let me quit!

We are going to be open until 7:00 p.m.
and especially in August.
You may call to double check.
And I will post on blog.
Will be closed this Saturday July 24th
for the holiday.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

1947 Susie Q's My REFLECTIONS...

Pick yourself up an old book sometime if you want to see IF times have changed
and IF so how they may HAVE or HAVE NOT.
THIS Reflections booklet is from 1947
Love the Name SuzieQ
(even call one of my granddaughters Suzie Q)
Susie Q gets to test her skills on her personal life from 1-4 then scores at the end.

Were you ever taught to hang your head over the bed and brush your hair 50 - 100 times
before going to bed?

Stepping stones to measuring up...
Like being broadminded, listening to others points of views, tolerant of your family,
Life is a give and take process.
Be tolerant of others, it's a free country.

Have I the character I'll need
to face this life in word and deed?
Mirror Mirror on the wall.
Do I keep myself in check when the crowd begins to neck? lol!
Do I resist the request to pet? Boys like the girls they never get.
Do I know how to get a date or must I just sit home and wait?
If I am friendly and attractive the boys will all be retroactive!
Yeah right.

Whether you spend your life in the sun or the shade depends upon you.
Keep your head in the clouds, your feet on the ground, your heart in whatever you may do,
and a smile on your face.
Good luck to You

See... its not so different today than 60 years ago?

Friday, July 16, 2010

HOTTER than the DEVIL...and one HOT MAMMA are here

Good "hotter than hell" afternoon that FRENCH?  Well, it happens to be
103 degrees our hottest day of the year here in Northern I can speak French, right?
                                                    Are you speaking FRENCH too?
                                                          Cause its okay... today

While YOU are basking in  air conditioned homes/offices or swimming at the pool, your vintage shopkeepers around YOUR town are getting ready BEHIND the scenes for the Other HOT season soon to be on its way...soon enough
                                                                        It's coming..

                      HAUNTING shabby dolls and doll parts collected all year long are tucked
                                          in the" Do not open till Halloween season" boxes...
                                            GOOD cause they give me the Heebie Jeebies!

                                                               keeping that boxed closes tight!

                  Pretty vintage pink pom poms/ tassels in fall colors, tea dyed laces arriving daily.
                                     So YOU can create a shabby or haunting home & fabulous costumes.
                             Speaking of HALLOWEEN COSTUMES...TAKE A PEEK AT THIS:
                                                                 CLOSE YOUR EYES FIRST!

Now open
Fooled ya...
This is a fantastic  pale gold vintage party dress with rhinestones...
but its NOT this one I want you  to ohhh and ahhh about.
It's THIS one...ready?

I call it the HOT MAMMA vintage NAUGHTY!
check out the little crochet nipples
if you don't beleive me!

This is the back frills, can you see the pink dangling garters...
The past owner from Brigham city
YES, you read that right ... BRIGHAM CITY UTAH...
evidence of some parties goin on there in Brigham.
Granddaughter said Grandma was one Hot Mamma
unique in her own way.
she grinned and giggled and so did I!
( I must show a better picture when it gets all fastened up cause its such a cutie)
and a whoa for a vintage costume.)

And SPARKLY BLISS is her name
she's coming "OUT OF THE CLOSET" soon enough.

I could go's so much fun
but I need to relax on the porch and enjoy a hot summer day before they end.

Joni came home from Hawaii bearing gifts
from cinnamon girl Maui.
Can empty, bag opened. so good and thoughtful.
Thanks Joni!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shabby French Bathroom chic...

Poodle bathroom accessories from the 50's/60's  with rhinestones!

Iron based ornate small table, pink topped childs rocker,
marble lamp, little pink table,
adorable plant/tea cup stand
to make home a touch of french chic

Just a bed of roses, a great place to get your back to school purses

Remember when you purchase $50.00
you will receive certificates for 2  complimentary cupcakes at
vintage cupcake Co. or Sugar daisies.

60's song for the day...
Downtown...Petula Clark
When your alone and life is making you lonely you can always go
when you got worries all the noise and the hurries seem to help I know

Cant help it, in love with my satellite radio station
thinking of getting one for the shop
then we can listen all day
to the 60's
Hmm...great idea!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SUGAR DAISY BAKERY come get your coupon

Sugar Daisy Bakery is located in Kaysville
Owner Marni Costley
Had I not left the card home I could give you the exact address.
It is located to the south of Taco Time/Bell in a white strip mall area.
will insert address soon here...
help me out Mimi. k?

#1. It's dang cute eye candy and oh so yummy
#2. they do special occasion baking and weddings
Same thing as with VINTAGE CUPCAKE on 24th Ogden
You may also redeem your coupons there.

What the promotion is:
When you spend $50.00 or more at Just a Bed of Roses
we give you 2 complimentary cupcakes!
How nice are we!!!
It's's all about the cupcake and vintage shops, right?

I thought it would be nice to offer TWO cupcake shops because some of you come
in so many times and I thought you may need a closer place to try too. 
It's all about accommodating you!
Sweet again.
Now you have TWO CUPCAKE shops to visit this summer

Coupons will be given out the month
of July
and must redeem by August 31, 2010

We'll see you soon...
and you must come check out EVERYTHING in the shop

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Special evening in Paris...Salt lake city

Shellie planned a special occasion at The Paris Bistro on 15th s. 15th e.
in Salt lake city, quaint romantic setting...
eat inside or out.

Escargo was ordered as a "first" try for many, lets see how it goes for Shellie...
Hard to place in the mouth, but turned out very delish-i-o-so
everyone agreed.
Some had cold beet soup, french onion soup and 
pardon, none of the french name I remember at all. 
Have to laugh, husband thought he needed to see a dr. today
and I reminded him he ate too many red beets.
(Not to be gross)
But hey, even Oprah thought she was dying when she had eaten beets.

I tried a nice salad with candied walnuts and goats cheese,oh so good.

Miss Manners here...using the snail crackers to eat  apple slices she
sweetly BEGGED the waiter for in her cute little spanish accented voice...
then can I have strawberries and blueberries too?
Okay darling, your really pushing it!

again...being the creative princess (at times) child that she is

And please lets just TURN OUR HEADS and ignore when she eats her spaghetti...Oh dear child!
And sorry about the 3 photos...tried to edit/eliminate the first two and obviously it
isnt working.
The choices of meals were so amazing.
This was something like sweet squash noodle thing, probably one of the
tastiest foods I have eaten in a very long time. first bite...sweet and memorable.
This is a lovely place to take friends.

French desserts...this is just one of the many so we could sample them all...
a lemon cheesecake, not like you've had before.
And grandpa RESCUES daddy...HE WILL WATCH the sweet angel grandchildren in the car
while the rest finish up with a fantastic french party
for two boys who graduated from Stanford and Berkely college
Proud of you two grandsons!
Crowns arrived on stakes and charms...stakes will be here today and gone
tomorrow...hurry in soon.
We are still running the cupcake coupon through July.
Hope your weekend was wonderful too.