Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making your pretty Valentines... vintage style

Make your vintage style
Valentines with components
from Just a bed of roses
buy them already to be adored
this... thursday. friday. saturday.
see you

Monday, January 28, 2013

Resiliance... recover quickly from set backs, elasticity to spring back into shape after being
stretched. To recover quickly from illness, change, misfortune, ability to cope with stress.

Do you like this R word?

Being that we are in another big Utah storm I dusted off my Leslie Sansone's "Walk away the pounds" 4 mile aerobic walk workout video, I've now walked 8 miles in the bedroom... hoping to recover quickly, spring back into shape, what else is there to do in weather like we're having?

If we were as talented as the miss Lisa Bingham from Blue and shoe...then we could write about things that "really matter", to make you laugh and probably cry... it reminded me of Resilience in young love...and then in eternal LOVE. And why it's so much easier to say "I do" at 20 than 60.
a must read.

Please be careful in this weather.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lucky 13

Having a lucky 13%  off sale today...anything that is not already on sale is 13% off. We have decor, scarves and jewerly just in from market, come enjoy.

Our sidewalks are cleared off from the ice, if we are lucky the sun will shine for awhile and it will be a beautiful day in Farmington and in the state of Utah.

Our past issues of the Jeanne d arc living magazines are all 10.00 today!

This year the new books coming in will be 14.95
they are so worth the money...beautiful, calming, naturalistic, whites, antiques, fresh florals, recipes, comes from Denmark.

Thanks to those who got out of their homes and came shopping was way to much fun!
I'll spend today filling in the empty holes!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keep going you are getting there

closed today...thursday

I started out in this ICE STORM...
didn't leave home until 10:00 a.m.
to be cautious,
good grief...what happened?
RARE ice rain in Utah is right,
icy windshield
tried to be brave
only got 5 miles on the freeway
couldn't see the road lines
because of muddy sand
hardly any cars, that really
freaked me out...
called my husband...
"I can't do this"
it's not worth it,
turned around,
came home.

I can always work from home
I will do ordering of new products,
make a few things,
organize a little more.
 isn't there always dishes/laundry?

I visited my aging parents yesterday
took them lunch
showed off a few grandchildren
my dad just turned 85, he's pretty happy about it.

Some of their "old ways" can be so funny.

I will enjoy thoughts of

sorry if you stopped by...

I'll run a lucky 13% off everything sale
to make up for it!

What are you doing during the ice storm?

classy scarves

Do you love a beautiful scarf, if so we have some pretty ones just in from market.
Pretty grays with pink tassles, textured scarves in shabby classic colors, lacy browns and spring colors, some warm ones too.

Brighten up your day with a pretty new scarf from Just a bed of roses this weekend.

You'll love our new jewelry

see you...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Delima...solved, I hope

I've had a delima...

This magazine we carry of
Jeanne d' Arc Living
comes every month.
They require I buy 20 copies in order
to receive them from Denmark.

However we do not sell 20 copies,
causing a delima for me:

Should I quit buying them or
reduce the price so that we can still enjoy
the beautiful enjoyment this magazine
gives us?
I almost wish they would do this magazine
quarterly...but that's their business.

So...let's try this first,
I would like to offer them at a lower price
instead of the 18.95

Would that help you as a customer?

Beginning now!

I need to thin down last years inventory so
they will be offered at 9.95

A great chance to fill in on those issues
you are missing.
Gee I hate to see such wonderful
books not being used.

Hoping this works
as I know you as well as I
would love to keep them coming.

We have a new line of
vintage RECYCLED denim jeans handbags and wallets
coming in this week
some embellished.

See you
thursday. friday. saturday.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Organizing 2013 winter months

Winter days
give us time to create wonderful things,
to organize and get rid of that which
clutters our life.
I'm now finding "a little time" to organize
my big workspace we rebuilt in August.
I'll be bringing in little treasures
that have been hiding away for some time.

Still doing inventory at the shop
(I know you feel bad for me).

As packages arrive each day from market
it's refreshing to mix them into the shop
so you can discover something unique
that speaks to you.
Some come fast and others you want to come
fast do not...patience is the key
and lots of money.

So excited for this year 2013

Romance this season of love,
surround yourself with beautiful
things and thoughts.

Do not wish for time to fly by...
it is too precious.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Just back from market

Just back from 6 days of market
photo items will arrive at the shop Saturday.
Rustic, naturalistic lifestyle decor.

Christmas will be GONE, yeah!

We have handmades in valentines,
pretty muslin and rose bud pillows,
jewelry to mix and match,
french fabric totes.

3 window displays like the one featured in photo.

The new Where women create...
I just love each page, almost everyone has
a favorite quote, inspiring.
My favorite is Jo's Kitchen talk,
loved this one,
so real.

Our vignettes will be changing alot
with this new season.
see you Saturday 11-5:30

Friday, January 11, 2013

Why Shopping for Pretty Vintage Finds Online is Magical

We know you love vintage findings...why else are you addicted to dropping by Just a Bed of Roses in Farmington, UT? ;) We have a variety of vintage delights that we know you will love. If you have enough courage to step out after this massage snow storm - you'll find pretty vintage accessories and more at our shop! 

Just like our shop in Utah, lately online shops have been selling magical vintage finds online and even at their stores in the malls. If you're like me you love to browse all of the new vintage finds because they are one of a kind and usually not found anywhere else. Plus, they are always very pretty! Well, most of the time. ;) In fact, by the time you see something you really want, it's usually gone! {Hint, hint, head to Farmington!}

A few sites that have taken the vintage plunge are Free People and Modcloth. A part from their new brand clothing, they now have a vintage section, inviting customers to purchase unique vintage items on their website. Now most of them are expensive, so if it might be a good idea to try and use these coupons before you checkout. Wherever you go to shop and look for real vintage items or replicas, it's always a good idea to find coupons beforehand! 

Here are a few vintage items 

that have caught my eye. 

What about you?

This vibrant vintage frock
 is just stunning. 
Wear it during the wintertime 
to add an instant pop of color
to your ensemble!
It also would look perfect with boots! 
After all, we need color in 
this drab winter wonderland!

Feeling hungry?
This vintage cookie jar 
will certainly get you 
in the baking mood.
Cozy up next to the fire while 
the cookies are baking in the 
oven and afterwards
put them into an adorable 
vintage cookie jar like this one!


Costume pearls are simply 
stunning and Free People
enjoys tempting us so with their 
Vintage Costume 
Tiered Pearl Necklace on their site.
Wouldn't it have been divine to wear 
this during Christmas time?
Now I'm thinking spring time is 
perfect for pearls and pretty things!

Last but not least, isn't 
this tulle dress magical? 
Find it on Free People's 
website and drool.
It's perfect for a tea party 
or romantic 
get together with your hubby
 or boyfriend.

Now that vintage items are available 
on all of our favorite 
sites we'll be shopping 
there too! It's all so magical,
isn't it?

Hope to see you soon at 
Just a Bed or Roses! 
You'll no doubt want to show off
your latest vintage purchase! ;)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore...Yogi Berra


The business of selling old in a new world
is addressed by my friend, a professor
of English in New Jersey,
and savvy antique shop proprietress.

Check out how your favorite Anthropology,
Urban Outfitters, Terrain come across their
"vintage" clothes/goods...and compare OUR
prices, heck those plate shown I garage sale.

Susan ties this into how we run our business as
antique shops.

I found it informative and entertaining.
Hope you do too.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013's... 13 R words to play on

Ridiculously low priced.
EACH DAY an item will be outside priced ridiculously LOW
Honey...stop the car kind of low!








french nordic lifestyle
we have many books to enjoy monthly



Radically free.
reducing inflammation
may I suggest this new paperback
on inflammation and anti-oxidants


@ just a bed of roses 2013
reclaimed. naturalistic. lifestyle market.

Most photo's from our Pins on pinterest