Monday, December 28, 2009

Inventory & sympathy

I'll betcha when you take down Christmas you don't have to do INVENTORY...ouch the thinking and physical pain of taking down Christmas in a shop...although small, its still very hard! The only thing I like about it is seeing a "new look" taking place or preparing for the "new look" coming. Endurance...something I am getting much better at.

Also our sympathy to Betty & Woody Whitlock (seriously two of Farmingtons Icons) Bettys mother passed away 1 1/2 hours before Christmas day...she was 97. Betty would bring her white haired mother into the shop over the past three years, Betty has more patience than anyone I know of. She treated "Mother" very grown-up although Mother had dimentia and had gone somewhat childish. She was always fascinated with vintage, of course it triggered many memories for her I am sure.
I loved her braided hair and the furs she wore on her coat always with a broach and strands and strands of beads usually in reds. She smiled as if a very young girl having fun shopping , and always expresssed  loud outbursts at the shops pricing...remember she was 97! We laughed so many times at her rantings...she was a Joy and will be missed.
Good luck to Betty and Woody for their new life...go live it hard like you always do!

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