Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CHRISTMAS MAKES YOU FEEL EMOTIONAL...soon it will be Christmas Day

My favorite vintage pictures

Shop hours for Christmas eve...Thursday Dec. 24th are: 11-3:00  so that we can begin our Christmas Eve Celebrations. We have lots of fun sales going on. We will again open the following Mon-Wed. check blog for any changes.

Thanks to the wonderful cheerful happy Christmas customers this week, you brightened the days...the only one having a struggle was Shellie goodness she came in wearing a grinch tee shirt that stated: I hate Christmas!  Do you think there is a little Christmas burn-out going on, will she be okay? I had a great laugh and the Farmington post office worker, well...he loved it!

"Christmas makes you feel emotional" is the line in a song that comes to mind.

Wishing all of you a Peaceful Christmas with comfort and joy...comfort and joy!
Am I singing...when I should be crashed out in bed?

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