Thursday, September 30, 2010


Bottles that once were filled with POTIONS,LOTIONS, POISONS too
from many years ago


Will be A LITTLE CREEPY...EEEK... for the holidays

To fill or embellish with YOUR LOTIONS, POTIONS, CANDIES,

Antique bottles...SO TEMPTING!
All bottles shown are now in the shop
come have fun
picking the ones out that match your holiday & vintage home decor


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty... here Kitty

Just arrived late this afternoon

There are TWO ITEMS in this photo THAT WILL NOT BE IN THE SHOP COME FRIDAY MORNING...or Thursday afternoon
A CLUE: handmade and the cutest Halloween items ever!
They are One of a kind
I SHOULD buy them...but I REALLY want to see who gets them FIRST!
the shop opens at 10:30 a.m.

And she will have to be the Queen of Halloween, right?

P.S...arriving sometime thursday...Coolest  Chandaleir t shirts and next week
Spider and spray paint can t-shirts


Old bottles. Old bottles. Who's got the Old bottles?

Antique bottles can be NOSTALGIC and a bit CURIOUS.

This week over 400 of them were acquired for you.

As all 400 have been going through the dishwasher (uh huh!) and are placed into the right piles of likeness
we MARVEL at their aging process and are INSPIRED by their uniqueness yet CURIOUS about their names and where they have been. (it doesn't take much to enterain us!)

Some of THE FAVORITES are the biggest and surely appear to have Layed in a Flamming GRAVE for who knows how long. Their colors/patena will  DELIGHT YOUR VISION especially as it is the HALLOWEEN SEASON  a time for STRANGE and UNUSUAL things NOT ordinary.

Because of the quantity at the moment they will not be immediatly may do your own and we may do so as time allows. You may find jewelry or some paper items in the shop that you'll want to embelish with.  They will be affordable and because of limited space brought in a few boxes at a time.

During the HALLOWEEN OPEN HOUSE all NEXT WEEK we will have a gathering of the smallest bottles ,you may chose one with each purchase you make during the week for free.

But don't wait till next week for shopping...vintage and Halloween decor still FLYING like monkeys out the door! But then we are hauling it in pretty darn fast too.

DID YOU KNOW:  Have your dishes been coming out of the dishwasher filmy? Ours has and I have been begging for months to Mr. Roses who happens to SELL DISHWASHERS at RCWillys Syracuse (a shameless advertisement for him) to bring a NEW ONE!  Come to find out hearing on the news that PHOSPHATE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED from our dishwasher soap and THAT IS WHAT CLEANS your dishes. Apparently a pollutant. Grease from our dishes and hot water mixed with Phosphate is what clean our dishes...just a little cleaning lesson here.
They suggest pouring a cup of vinegar in your dishwasher to correct this white film...KIND OF works.

 Good luck and does anyone know where to load up on some of that "old stuff" that has phosphate?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Affaire you'll want to participate in...

Just arrived...beautiful variety of handmade jewelry and tutorials

Pearl & Rhinestone collars...stunning
wrist cuffs with jewerly pieces

even wool pretties
This issue is exquisite and inspiring for sure
LIFE MAGAZINE arrived...took a peek
and so many projects with vintage and buttons etc etc etc.
In love!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a Bed of WITCHES...

Betty Button came in sporting this one around her neck like a neclace!
That's SO Betty 

Always on PLAN B or more on down the alphabet list?

Foolish things can be done with ENTHUSIASM
definitly YOUR case?

All those BLUE PEOPLE...scarey Halloween

Big popcorn maker just in time for the Holidays!

WHAT do these pictures all have in common?

Starting Wednesday Sept 22 thru Oct. 9th  when you come into the shop...EVEN FOR A BROWSE'll enter your name in a drawing for THESE GIFTS to win!

Maybe life really is...JUST A BED OF WITCHES
Bring your bestest WITCH FRIEND AND DROP on IN...

Our FALL OPEN HOUSE is Oct 4  - 9th
THE WHOLE WEEK... of Halloween shopping

Costume Party IF YOU CHOSE...the store itself is a COSTUME PARTY
for Halloween

Refreshments and a gift for your support

Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Cinnamon Muffins...

Fall is in the air at the on Julies blog on my bloglist and see for yourself the beautiful muffins she has baked up and has the recipe for you may want to change the air around your home since at the moment we have lots and lots of smoke. Oh so sorry for those thousands that  had to evacuate their beautiful homes last evening...lets hope for excellent conditions today to get this fire contained and no more homes will be lost.

Happy baking and come on in for some Halloween/Fall decor.

New issue of Where Women Create...should be arriving on our doorstep sometime today or tomorrow...that's always a special treat! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Step into OUR BOUDOUIR... this season

Vintage & handmade accessories

Aunt Sally Past... in Pink lace & music
Guess you could sing maybe she was in a choir!

Vintage Princess Bride
wedding party

Tea Party Alice

Ugliest Halloween Sweater Contest party to go to...

we have a few of those...just  two!

Our paper products that arrived today
are way beyond spooktacular.

I overdosed on creativity today
when they all arrived
with more coming
each day.

Many more COSTUME PARTY OUTFITS are ready
for your party needs this season.

We're planning something soon for Halloween ...Just for YOU
details coming this weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Or how my husband's Garden hobby turns into Salsa.
This is the pretty part.
You can't hear him groaning in the background about "I don't think I can do this again!"
This is the 3rd or 4th batch
sure he is not finished.

snore snore snore
zzzzz zzzz zzzz

This is how WE do the SALSA!
And thankful our "Stew Pan"  has not gone off to make an airplane for war.

Halloween decor
Vanishing like Magic


   When the government asked for the women of the nation to contribute all of their aluminum kitchen utinsels that they could spare to the war effort, for the making of airplanes I grew sentimental as I parted with an OLD STEW PAN:

OLD STEW PAN we must part today
   It sorta makes me sad,
I know a PAN more useful
   No woman ever had.

I cannot tell how many hundred
   Times I've needed YOU
For boiling puddings, beans or corn
   Or appetizing STEW;
I've often dreamed as I have worked
   And visioned some glad day
When in an airplane I'd go
   To distant lands away;

But never in my wildest dreams
   OLD STEW PAN did I see,
That in those flights to distant lands
   YOU'D go instead of me;

But now OLD PAN, that day has come
   Our country's in a stew,
It is calling for aluminum
   And I am sending YOU.

Instead of holding wholesome food
   The hungry ones to fill,
Your task will be conveying bombs;
   To wreck and maime and kill;

And oh! the devastation
   And suffering you'll see,
Before this war is over
   And nations will be free;

So fare thee well, old STEW-PAN;
   Until this war is through,
If one of us must  be there,

Poems by Fanny Gudmundsen Brunt poems
Moods and Memories published 1945

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did YOU have a FANNY?

For many generations
Back on my pedigree,
There was a special honored name
Like an heirloom seemed to be.
One girl at least of every generation
Had the name, and she bore it proudly,
Sorta felt it was a mark of fame.
But time brings many changes,
Today when it is spoke...
People start to titter,
And take it as a joke. Instead of an honored title
It's become a designation,
That I'm sure would shock and mortify
My dear old dead relation.
The name that I refer to
Is the good old name of "Fanny"
'Twas the name of my dear mother,
Her niece, good aunt, and granny,
And I guess a hundred others
Back on that family tree,
A part of a prided heritage
They passed along to me.
The name was sometimes given
To a heifer, or a mare,
But the women folks who had it
Never seemed to care,
For the animal that got it
Was a gentle, trusted critter,
So faithful and dependable,
No other name would fit her.
So time marched on, and Fannys came
And Fannys went, till now
The name's a "hiss and byword"
To modern youth somehow.
And instead of meaning "mother"
That word henceforth will be
A synonym for just a part
Of her anatomy.

Moods and Memories... by Fanny Gudmundsen Brunt.
Born in Lehi, spent most of her childhood in the Snake River Valley in Idaho.
At 15 she entered Ricks Academy, there she acquired the name of class
poet. After the birth of her sixth child she began to write in verse the precious
memories of the sage brush days.

The charm of her writing awakens NOSTALGIC MEMORIES, reflects the joys and sorrows of
daily life to which all mankind is akin, and emphasizes the happiness found along life's
Will share more this month, book written in 1945.
This is not her picture, it's one that just arrived for selling in the shop.

My Mother had an aunt Fanny, I never thought a thing about it, ever!
Did you?

Have you ever seen an old funeral card?


Friday, September 10, 2010

Rusty Antique blue... Boo Yah

Antique rusty blue cobalt bottles
$3 and $5.00 each
Fall Boo Yah decor

2 wives?

I swear this gentleman on the bottom row is married to twin sisters
one on each side of him?
All girls/women wearing their big hair bows
I'm trying to get them to smile
See if you can!
May he rest in peace


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Antique bottles and baby born Christmas 1940

Today 2 cute ladies were in shopping Halloween...
they came up to the counter with a package that Joni had compiled so Randomly was a black
haired doll head, a bingo card, antique bottle with the name Dr. FV Conador  Price Utah in black. The bottle
was super clean and I had thought it was a decal or something, but Joni has been an antique collector since
way back before I knew her 20 years duh...why didnt I think it would be an old bottle?

Back to the baby born on Christmas day 1940...the lady said "this dr. came to my home in Price and delivered me
on Christmas Day, he was not happy at all about coming as my Dr. had the flu. In fact he didnt tie off the umbilical cord tightly and my father had to get a clothes pin and pinch it...and my belly button is normal.

We got the biggest kick that they even noticed the bottle, and the sister who lives in price (not the one who was delivered by this Dr.) bought the bottle and baby doll head.

That's one of the priceless stories of antique collecting that makes me want to collect all the more and share with You the customer...Your stories are priceless, love them all!

Bought 4 boxes of old bottles today...the halloween tags wont be available for them until next week, but we can sell them" as is "for cheaper if you want to decorate them yourselves...come on in!

I'll take pictures of some of the OLD PHOTOS...kind of HAUNTED ONES... tomorrow.

The shop is getting funner every day...come get first pick of many one of a kind handmades.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Cabin has a WITCH FAIRY...and Potatoe salad

Every morning the grandchildren would wake up to presents from the WITCH FAIRY
at the wizard of oz Barbie and Halloween books for the boys.

Potatoe salad to last a week was made before hand, with lots
of helping hands, a job for EVERYONE.

Fresh garden tomatoes and cucumbers had to be picked.

Have you ever TAILGATED LUNCH  at Burger bar in Roy?

Out looking for the black bear...not really, we didn't know then that one
was really on the loose until AFTER we were locking gate to go home. 

A happy face!

Grandpa hides present under his shirt

This present held a pig that shoots a ball out its mouth when its tummy is squeezed.
we all love the Cabin Fairy!

Pink Milkshakes at Dicks in Kamas as promised as a reward for exercising a month.

Are you getting YOUR LAUNDRY caught up from your Labor Day Holiday?

The shop is LOADED with the funnest things right now.

Tis the season!

Vintage style Costumes are coming together
the tangerine/grape candy corns arrived today
Jewelry of vintage style has arrived with more on its way
along with Seasonal'll adore!
Oh...the wide ribbon rose ribbon has arrived in new and original colors
and old bottles/photo's coming today.

Oldies song:
ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch, the witch is dead.
(we just like witch fairies, right kids!)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Though we've got to say GOOD-BYE for the SUMMER...

LABOR DAY...the end of what we call summer... isn't it?
60s song of the day...loved this one sung by THE LETTERMEN, did you? Okay, some of you?

Marshmellow treats on a stick came from the shop.
Learned some fun new kitchen table games

My father insisted we all come to the cabin over Labor day...I protested all week, cause I KNEW BETTER and HAD JUST  taken 4 little ones up a week before... then at the LAST MINUTE
called a couple of grandsons who brought along a friend and we drove up the canyon the very same time all the rest of the Utah residents were going...all true.

MISSED Swiss Days this year...would love a report, anyone?

Picture 25 relatives crammed into a 900 sq. ft. cabin ages 1-84  and we got along great, really...for REAL...
with one tiny bathroom, bodies sleeping everywhere,a  few tents although a black bear has been spotted up there all summer (crazy), a trailer (smart), tons of food prepared for every meal, stinky boys and their stinky feet and hair after 4 wheelin' and pogo stick contests...tiny shower, women not wanting to get dressed and boys who wanted to keep wearing the same clothes for the duration. (no way, not allowed!) games around the kitchen table, magazines to savor, Learning and loving  what each other had been up to lately...even the teens and their love prying either.

Pogo stick was brought up by MY youngest grandson and friend...they would have a contest with each other and get up to 1,000 jumps...then it was the other ones turn to out do 1,000 jumps. During the food prayer we could hear:
bounce. bounce. bounce. bounce...and soon going up the gravel hill near by... it was the funniest thing I have seen in a long long time...bouncing right up that hill...bounce. bounce. bounce!

They were warned: grandma was not going to any emergency rooms...we would use a stick and duct tape if necessary. Must of scared them. Not even a scrape. That evening the pogo stick magically was missing.
It re-appeared the next morning in the back of my truck...HEY... who ever did that!  (not me)

Sunday morning early we received news that my uncle Jerry had passed away suddenly. By far not good news as he is the caregiver to his very ill wife, my mothers sister and her daughter. But it was comforting
that we as a family were all together and we could share our grief and support with each other, that was a blessing. My parents /sister and husband went down to visit my aunt and learned that the sister and cousins that were so close to them were in the mountains and no one could reach them. Leaving that tough job to my parents and sister.

So it's time to say GOOD BYE TO THE SUMMER...knowing the LOVE WE'LL MISS and memories we'll keep and that means to my dear uncle Jerry...see you in the eternity and sealed with a kiss.