Thursday, December 31, 2009


Today I started my first New Years Eve Tradition of this nature...I have been reading and following  and posted it on my bloglist...Life with Jason Wright, reading Christmas Jars and Christmas Jars Reunion this holiday. You can stay motivated by following this blog all year. You can't help but be inspired to do one or more of these money jars.

First thing I did was empty out my purse the bottom I found my first contribution of $10.33 then each week I will again empty the bottom of my purse and happily add to the jar.

What's exciting is I will have no idea until the day I give this out to whom this is going to be a BLESSING to...or how much money will end up in this jar. What I love is I will be thinking of this person everyday with love and hoping I make the right decision to whom it goes to.
When this special day arrives I will give my jar filled with money, the vintage postcard that's framed 'to my friend' and the .com so they understand  what this is all about. In case they want to "pay it forward" when they are back on their feet.

I hope you too will read the blog and be inspired to put your spare change in a jar and be a blessing to someone in need for next Christmas. (I think...why wait until Christmas?) Let us know! It's always funner to do things together.
Remember it's all about ONE really can be a blessing to someone.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BAKING with the OLDIES ...

Previous post mentioned being SNOWED IN is proof! Our Vehicles got dug out about noon so I could get to Mini Mart for my Diet Coke fix. My daughter is the best shopper, she gave me these dotted boots along with some dk. brown uggs for Christmas (among other things, I know. she is very generous with me)...besides I have to wear what  matches the shop don't I?

This is how I the OLDIES or with the Oldies?

Some of you can remember these titles: Little Arrows & Cherish to name a few.

So for now this has been the extent of my Holiday baking...for real. Actually I was thinking these record bowls will be fun to theme up the store for the Romantic season coming soon...right after we get done with the New YEARS RESOLUTIONS season...which flies by quite fast, doesn't it?  Hey, would these be a  fun project for New years? I guess my idea of FUN could be much different than some!

SNOWED IN closed

Shop is closed today due to our snow storm...
check back for information if the shop will re-open during the holidays.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Double Diamond Auction service will be doing...BETTY JO'S  "new years" ANTIQUE AUCTION this Sat. Jan. 2 at 10:00 a.m. you may  preview beforehand that morning. (note this is not new years day).

 Where:  OLD CLINTON MEETING HOUSE  (great central location, don't you think)
1272 W. 1800 N.  Clinton, Utah         Betty jo's phone: 801-825-8039

Partial list: Antique furniture, vintage prints/frames, old crystals, beaded bags, antique lamps, fine jewelry, coins, sterling, free standing jewelry/ gun safe, vintage luggage, mirrors, privacy screen, firearms, sports memorabilia and so much more!

Betty Jo is from Bert Cook Auctions...and she is still a dyno-mite woman...she's still hot, fun, hard working, ambitious and  has never been known to act her age...I hear...she's much worse now...meaning worse in a really good way...she's just one that ages gracefully and acts younger while doing so. You'll have to stop in and do some bidding, don't forget your truck and you can ask HER WHY she is so happy! (or you can stop in the shop and ask me, I will tell you!)

Oh... I do remember the days sitting in those Bert Cook auctions raising my #  too many times, the excitement of falling in love with pieces of antiques either to keep or re-sale, getting a big headache stressing when I needed to stop bidding ( now that's tricky ) and how was I going to pay for my truck load... Mr. Bed of Roses would asked me! Truth known he's the one wanting many of the treasures himself.

I'll make a suggestion to you...hurry and get your Christmas decor down before Saturday and then you'll have no excuses not to show up to this exciting NEW YEARS AUCTION.

P.S...Betty Jo, well know she loves everyone and you know what else...everyone loves her!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Inventory & sympathy

I'll betcha when you take down Christmas you don't have to do INVENTORY...ouch the thinking and physical pain of taking down Christmas in a shop...although small, its still very hard! The only thing I like about it is seeing a "new look" taking place or preparing for the "new look" coming. Endurance...something I am getting much better at.

Also our sympathy to Betty & Woody Whitlock (seriously two of Farmingtons Icons) Bettys mother passed away 1 1/2 hours before Christmas day...she was 97. Betty would bring her white haired mother into the shop over the past three years, Betty has more patience than anyone I know of. She treated "Mother" very grown-up although Mother had dimentia and had gone somewhat childish. She was always fascinated with vintage, of course it triggered many memories for her I am sure.
I loved her braided hair and the furs she wore on her coat always with a broach and strands and strands of beads usually in reds. She smiled as if a very young girl having fun shopping , and always expresssed  loud outbursts at the shops pricing...remember she was 97! We laughed so many times at her rantings...she was a Joy and will be missed.
Good luck to Betty and Woody for their new life...go live it hard like you always do!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Craving new ideas? Life can help...

Inspiring...and beyond! Just arrived at Just a Bed of Roses

Here is Joni's pages on showing how to dye paper and fabric with Farmers Market purchases...I had to try! Only we are in the dead of winter here in I went to the refrigerator.

Taking a very old book without the cover...I dyed it and the cream wired ribbon too with bottled raspberry juice, it smells wonderful and I am in LOVE with this look and color, aren't you? Attached an early 1900's vintage post card and a very old skelton door key with a pretty green/pink mix ribbon...HOW will I ever sell this one? It will be in the shop Monday.

When the rasberry juice was gone I then opened up the frozen grape juice and got the prettiest pink! I can't even order a ribbon in these colors let alone ones that have berry smells!

Mary Janes Farm has bathtub scenes that will make you want to take some time to relax these winter will adore their Old Fashioned nature and beautiful colorered tubs...
Oh, and there is much much more tucked inside the pages of this wonderful edition of LIFE...come get yours before they are gone.
We are open Mon-Wed this week... 11-4:30-5:00
Our Christmas is on sale too!
Visit http://www.shelliewarrenart.blogspot/  she posted about the most precious gift she has ever received on Christmas, and I have to agree with her. Get a tissue!

Christmas memory lane and Olive Garden soup recipe...

Holiday Sunday lunch...Mr. Roses couldn't wait to make this recipe for me. You see... he had a meeting one night at the church and the R.Society Christmas social was going on and this Olive Garden soup is what they were serving, of course if you helped with dishes you got some soup...just teasing!

He googled "Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana" and now our home smells like mmmm the Olive Garden.
Would make a nice dish for a New Years Party. Soup is not thick like a clam chowder. It's Very tasty.

Then we went down "memory lane" watching Christmas parties past...from 1975 until now, so our children were just born and now they have their own families, like so with the others in this CD that was made as a gift for all of us. Many thanks to those who put their time into  putting this piece of heritage together for so many of us to enjoy.

Carl, his brother with 3 sisters talked on the cd about their Christmas memories...very humble Christmas' and fondly spoken of. They asked for little as they knew their Santa could not afford alot for a family of 6 children living on a farm. They told of dragging a live tree home and decorating it among other memories.
 I quit my Christmas pity party of when I was growing up the oldest of five, I had it made compared to theirs.

Hope you  too have recorded your Christmas events and traditions as they will become very precious.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Learning to use "new Christmas toys" too?

Mr. Roses made sure I got what was asked for...a high tech camera!

So In between shopping cleaning, reading & sleeeping I practiced using it.

Christmas Eve's mail was an order of over 125 vintage post cards from early 1900's

I will enjoy playing and creating with them...and sharing them for the season ahead.

Hope your playing with your "new toys" too, as for me, I'll be learning, it's easier
than I thought it was going to be, now I need to use better lighting... hope your enjoying your new Christmas gifts too!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CHRISTMAS MAKES YOU FEEL EMOTIONAL...soon it will be Christmas Day

My favorite vintage pictures

Shop hours for Christmas eve...Thursday Dec. 24th are: 11-3:00  so that we can begin our Christmas Eve Celebrations. We have lots of fun sales going on. We will again open the following Mon-Wed. check blog for any changes.

Thanks to the wonderful cheerful happy Christmas customers this week, you brightened the days...the only one having a struggle was Shellie goodness she came in wearing a grinch tee shirt that stated: I hate Christmas!  Do you think there is a little Christmas burn-out going on, will she be okay? I had a great laugh and the Farmington post office worker, well...he loved it!

"Christmas makes you feel emotional" is the line in a song that comes to mind.

Wishing all of you a Peaceful Christmas with comfort and joy...comfort and joy!
Am I singing...when I should be crashed out in bed?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

CHANGE OF HEART... Lessons Learned from a High school Senior about the TRUE SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS and it will never be the same for me

 Just a Bed of Roses blog visitors, customers and friends...this is MY CHRISTMAS SERVICE STORY:

Viewmont High does a fundraiser every year for an underpriviledge school in N. S.Lake called Guadalupe.

 Being a new transfer student I was unaware and probably wouldn't have gotten involved if I didn't have friends who were interested. We went together for the first meeting and I immediatly got SO EXCITED!
It seemed like an amazing opportunity with some specific requirements. I had to attend 3 collecting nights, one which we froze to death going door to door for donations, raise $100.00 on my own and attend all meetings. It was more difficult to raise the money than I thought. I procrastinated and almost gave up, but my parents, wise as they are gave me fifty dollars so I could reach my goal. they knew it would be a worthwhile experience and that I'd work to earn it over the holidays.

When the day came to go shopping, I was astonished to find out we were meeting at K-mart at 5 in the morning! I still endured, knowing the outcome would be worth the 2 hours of sleep I sacrificed. The next morning we were given our assignments, mine was a girl named Brisa, I  had her sizes and she wanted a petshop toy. I did my best to use the money wisely and stayed after school to wrap the presents.

DELIVERY DAY... excused from high school at 8:30  and with my bag of toys I piled on the bus. I was nervous as I was afraid Brisa wouldn't like what I had picked out. . The bus pulled into a small parking lot, the smell wasn't pleasant, halls were small. We met in an activity room which is smaller than the average class room. We met the Principal, whom gave us a big hug and thank you and we were sent on our way.

BRISA is a first grader and so adorable. Her eyes lit up as soon as she realized I was the one with her toys! She was shy at first but really began to open up towards the end. She held my hand and showed me around the school, one classroom per grade. Her English was slightly difficult to understand but we had alot of fun together. She loved her gifts and was was SO HAPPY!
We sang carols afterwards with the other children and the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS was really beginning to shine.
I was disappointed in my friends who had FLAKED OUT early in the process. As I sat in that small room, singing "Away in a manger", I began to accuse them of being selfish and inconsiderate for not thinking more of these young children than themselves. But who am I to judge? They just chose to miss an amazing experience, one that will change how I feel about CHRISTMAS  FOREVER.

It's amazing how humbling it is to have a glimpse into an unfortunate life. I want everyone to remember to jump on opportunities like that. The knowledge it will give and the gratitude it will create in you is worth more than you can even imagine.
Remember the SAVIOR this Christmas and SERVE! And I just want to thank you  Brenda and Shellie for being such powerful examples of wonderful people. You two honestly amaze me. Thank your for sharing your experience with me, I have learned so much just being a small part of your life. I love ya....LOVE GALORE,

Love Galore...

This is Alayna and Project Guadalupe...maybe you have met Alayna she comes in the shop to work after school some days. Her life is full, she is always working on her talents of singing with voice lessons and performances. She never misses a school dance and she is uniquely her "own person". That I love about her.
She is not the selfish type, it's always the concerns of others. In the shop the customers are continually telling me how much they love my daughter...I daughter is not quite twice her age.  I love her too, she helps me so much and is very pro-active, doesn't have to be told to do things, she just does them and for 17 years old her maturity has alway amazed me.

She really Got my attention  the other day when she  mentioned not getting much sleep...why? Because she had been working on a school group project which was Project Guadalupe and she had gone Christmas shopping and wrapping packages for this and couldn't sleep because she was so excited to make the delivery. Which I warned her would be "the best part". She too encountered some opposition, you know how teens can be...but her determination and love got her to follow through on this project and I am sure was an example to her peers.

When I asked her how it went...all she said was "this is LOVE GALORE".

I will tell you this about Alayna...SHE GETS IT...she knows what life is all about and I know with all my heart that SHE WILL ALWAYS GET IT...always. She knows what happiness is and how to attain it. Yes, she will have contention and obstacles to stop her good work and will have feelings of despair... but I  know that Alayna will always prevail and overcome.  She IS and always will be an example for good.

I dread the day she has to go off to college and leave the shop. And I thank her parents for raising such a beautiful daughter, not only a cutie on the outside, but inwardly beautiful which is most important.
Alayna has never been unkind to anyone.

Glad you had this wonderful experience Alayna, your just beginning!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Toys for good girls and boys...cause Santa claus is coming to town

A girlfriend I had in younger years had a passion for collecting horses. Horses Horses every where in her little bedroom. Every Christmas she would get loads more of them as I was getting Barbie and baby dolls. I never thought once about asking for one of these. On Christmas day though I loved to go see what Santa had brought her to add to and she was a pretty happy girl and yes, we played horses!
The book...I received from my grandmother who was a first grade school teacher in the 1940's-50's.

Suprisingly...I still have the 1950's lifesavers we each got from Santa!

Primitive cupboard holds the little paper kitchen spices and accessories every girl dreamed of playing with. These are a little before my time as we got the Barbie kitchen appliances that was for tabletops and my friend Debbie and I played it seemed forever with them.
Every little girl dreamed of a cupboard and kitchen supplies, didnt they!

And every little boy wanted a tractor. I love vintage Christmas toys, they remind me of times when
all you could ask for Christmas was 3 things...and my how we enjoyed what we received.

For lots more vintage Christmas...visit:
Have fun!
Just say NO to what steals your JOY and YES to what FILLS and REPLENISHES you.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Even a 4 year old wants to give...

Learning the spirit of giving at age 4...Shellie says when Caprese went inside she tried eating the home owners candy...that's SO her! And always trying to be so big like everyone else. This girl is a helper.

They stopped at a shelter and she saw this pile of shoes and boots awaiting for children to come pick out a pair in the morning...automatically she takes her brand new polka dot boots off ...not realizing she was making a donation! It was one of those kodak moments!

Shellie just posted the success of the day, it was glorious, tearful and heartfelt to say the least and will be remembered for the rest of everyones lives...both the giver and the receivers.
And for those who brought gift of love to Just a bed of rose who so lovingly and willingly donated beyond our expectations thank you so much.
the rest of the story visit:
and the Bright eyes Foundation.
I know ALL OF YOU  are out there filled with the  SPIRIT OF GIVING and know you too are enjoying those same feelings and experiences and working hard at giving until sometimes it hurts. It's a wonderful thing that goes on especially more so this time of year.  We truely are blessed.

OUR favorite and best BLOGGING stories...

are the ones that should have 2 sides to them! One sided fair and not right.

Friday, December 18, 2009

In hopes that St. Nick would soon be there

Whimsy purses are being used for Christmas stockings, great idea as you can put big in them!

Adore the fabric on the new hats? What friend wouldn't love one of them?

Sparkling crown rhinestone bookmarks for those your gifting who love to read.

Handmade authentic antique typewriter key bracelets and neclaces, can you see some of them have sayings?

The black fleur de leis wall hangings...perfect for hats or Christmas stocking, only 4 blacks left, two mustards.

Hope your holidays are as magic as St. Nick is.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bakerella Cake pops, fun and so easy...

On Studio 5 today Alisa Bangerter showed a segment on making CAKE POPS for the holidays.

The ideas came from a website called  Wouldn't these be a fun activity for a Christmas Party or gifts for children to help with?  Go to  on my bloglist and watch her segment...
Alisa...she's one of my FAVORITE creative friends...she makes presenting her segments SOOOO dang easy, love her!

You can be a FUN GIVER... altered art, cupcakes, christmas sales

Look what a FUN GIVER you can be...Jayna's been creating her the one at the top "I would like to return my baggage!"

Just arrived and flying out the door...Karens antique 1930's quilts made into Hearts and framed  with FUN CUPCAKE SAYINGS...check some out here:

Our favorite holiday pictures are MAILABLE or hangable or frameable, they are 25% off too

Hope this has given you some new gift giving options for filling your list...
More posts of being a FUN GIVER coming each day.
We may be running out of money...but we have GOOD WEATHER on our side...yeah!

P.S...are you reading daily the touching true stories of the CHRISTMAS JARS at : ?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

VISITING THE ELDERLY ..a.FULLFILLING GIFT to both the giver and the receiver

This afternoon we visited an elderly couple we love, the woman has become bedridden in past months.
It was a  reminder to me as to what the elderly could use this time of year and I wanted to pass it on.

The days are very long for them, they could use a short visit that reminds them they are always in our thoughts and prayers and also shows we respect them.

The winter can be gray and dreary...bring them something BRIGHT and CHEERFUL, we did the traditional fruit basket, and we noticed gifts of RED poinsettias, a LIVE amarilis growing an inch a day and what a great conversation piece for them. A history of their community BOOK. The womans bed was in the frontroom and it faced the window where she could look at the two BIRD FEEDERS someone placed in the window...nature is wonderful entertainment. CAROLING would bring such peace to someone bedridden . Maybe a pretty pillowcase, blanket or nighty. Something special for the caregiver. A card of love and encouragement. It does remind me that growing old is not for sissys.

There were several years as a family we would do the 12 days of christmas to our many elderly neighbors, we had so much fun leaving gifts at their doors at a different time each day, knock on their doors and run...I'm not sure we ever did let them know who it was. Priceless memories with our children.

It was a happy moment to find this book at Deseret book for one of my grandsons. He is at the age where he is trying to figure out what life is all about. At the end of each story the parent and child can talk over what was being taught in the story. Impressed with this book, excited to give as a present.

What gifts ideas have worked for you this year? I especially loved HARWARDS blog of making  20 homemade chocolate cakes for must visit her website on my bloglist. I didn't know there were 20 houses in Becknell Utah...OOoPS...just teasing Julie H.!!! Your going to see us all moving to Becknell!


Christmas decor is 25% for the most part, 20% off your largest everyday item and 10% off the rest of what you are buying...hope this helps you fill in your Christmas list!
(some exclusions but not many)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This morning Mr. Roses and I attended the traditional Music and the Spoken Word at Temple Square, afterward we were rewarded with a MINI CHRISTMAS CONCERT featuring the lovely Natalie Cole. There were moments during the mini concert that they were recording for PBS special for next year.(no coughing, talking or clapping).
Her music with the Tabernacle choir, the colorful stained glass style Christmas decor and the spirit there were BEYOND  inspiring and touching to us. When they asked Natalie Cole at the end to turn around and let the choir sing  "God be with you till we meet again"...of course Natalie lost it and so many of us attending did also. To have this choir sing to you would be one of the most powerful experience I can think of.

President Monson said to her the 5 most powerful words in the English Language: "We are Proud of You."
Don't you agree, they are powerful words, they say it all..along with Thank You. Let's chose to use those 5 words alot more often when we speak.

When we walked out of the Conference Center around 11:00 a.m. this refreshing snowy winter scene is what we beheld and the snowflakes were gigantic.

This is the Churches Conference center and the fountains out front. This building holds at least 22,000 and all the seats were filled. It's a reverent place with a magnificent pipe organ and the best acustics. Davids floral was in charge of the decor. Lori Walker who comes into the shop helped this year and she talked to me this week about the enormous job and of making the big glittered ornaments that were laying on the floor and tucked in the masses of flowers.
I hope many of you were able to attend this Christmas concert, it certainly is a Vintage Christmas Tradition in our state...along with seeing the lights on Temple Square. Worthy of visiting this great state in Dec. And now... we have LOTS OF SNOW.
Speaking of snow...we had little granddaughter birthdays (will let Shellie post those pictures if she choses) and STARTED wrapping presents for the 33 children Shellie has found that needs Christmas this year. Our car literally would not make it to her home so at times today the snow was very frustrating.
 Snow is beautiful and we arrived home safe and sound so I will not complain about it ...freezing feet and all.
To visit more vintage Christmas go to: for the list of participants.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa really needs some help...

Santa has checked his list and donations for 33 children for Christmas  is still in need of some help.
Here is what we need if you are inspired to do so and we will make sure your gift or gifts are placed where they are most needed:

Toys for boys 4-12
Toys for boys 8 and 9
Items for boys 16-18

The best thing to do is bring them to Just a Bed of Roses. Or to shellie/my homes. You can comment here or leave an email at  or and let us know if you have a plan.
We will need to have them no later than Friday of this week and preferably sooner.
Thanks so much, this is really important as these children/families are in great need, the children are from the Bountiful area.
Thanks to those who have already so generously helped us get this far, many blessings to you this season.

Will post vintage christmas later this evening...have a big day with concerts, church, grandchildrens birthdays and getting christmas ready for these 33 children...see you soon! And lets not forget all the freshly fallen SNOW!

Just in the NICK OF TIME...for a woman entrepreneur!

Wild, Sassy and with fabric bands for interchanging.
This is a NEW product, seriously JUST NOW on the market. It has been in the making by a woman Entrepreneur the past year...we are so thrilled for her (and I am sure she is happy AND RELIEVED to get them here just in the Nick of time) and we are so happy to be a shop that carries them.

Look at the more shabby and chic fabrics with rhinestone watch;
Just think if you had two packages all the possibilies of the interchanings.

The packaging is what makes them a gift some lucky receiver will ohhh and ahhh over, promise!

Not only watches, but luxurious caps too...I will take pictures of the other fabrics you are sure to fall in love with, they are stunning, not only will you want one for friends, you'll want some for you too!
Again, we are proud to carry these new beauties come in today and see them.

Right now we have some GREAT SALES!