Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween & our Inner Child

Isn't it funny how Halloween can bring out the inner child in us?
Are you feeling it too?
I can hardly stand it...my grandchildrens family and I are going to Scarey Poppins at the Desert Star soon, we are going to get scared and do lots of laughing .
Other Halloween plans are in the making this month for us and I cant wait for the time to arrive...it's the Inner child, I'm sure!
Anyway, the computer is not allowing me to add pictures, answer emails etc. etc. So I feel lucky to at least share with you that at the shop this week the new products will be some beautifully packaged mineral baths and lotions graet for a lovely gift or to do some necessary pampering, fall purses , (next week some with crowns!) some big crystal neclaces only 13.00 you won't beleive it! Hopefully Friday the SPIDER WEB round tablecloths, runners, small spider doilies AND some window doilies will have arrived, you can call and reserve yours or just hurry in, they are so striking if you put a bright Halloween color under them... and as always products in the shop are always priced affordable.
Today we are bringing in an antique drop leaf table with old fruit decals I refinished along with a neat primitive counter...busy day and a great day to get rid of some more old piles in storage (husbands helping with those and more!)
See you soon

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh darn

Oh darn, wanted to share with you the vintage skeletons, black cat and punkin baskets, black cat flicker lights, wonderful silver glitter designs in paris & very chic styles, halloween candy, spooky bracelets...and I will price the new estate vintage when I can pull myself back to work.you'll just have to go in and see for yourself and get yourself all decorated for fall. It will lift your spirits and those around you. My son just stopped in and was telling me how fun it was to come home from work to a place all decorated for Halloween (not my house, his). He wondered if it was too early, heavens no!!!

Want to share my sympathy with the Woods family at this time, such a sad ordeal going on in Farmington right now. I don't know any details whatsoever, only what I have seen on the news. If any of you have been affected with this please know that we at Just a bed of roses are saddened and give you a big hug.

Hope to get the computer working properly this weekend...hope hope hope. You dont have problems like this do you???

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mamma Mia ... oh oh!

Have you seen Mamma Mia...
Seems to be quite the chic flic...take as many girlfriends as possible and have a blast singing along with the actresses...and Pierce B. Oh, and don't forget to tell the audience members how many times you have been to the show!!! The most I have heard so far is 5 times...my sister-in-law!

Now lets get real here...I loved the scenery, all the decor, vintage beds, dishes and the beautiful aquas and oranges. I gave a quiz to mr. afterwards and he couldnt tell me one thing about the decor or colors...such a man! The wedding table all vintage plates and depression glasses, neatest antique beds, stained aqua walls and quaint buildings so full of character. I would go see the show again just to enjoy more.
There was a lady in her sixties next to me...she sang EVERY word to the songs...wonder how many times she has been to it?
Men can go to...my husband has the words to the songs memorized also as we took the cd with us on the long ride to St. George, we didn't have a clue what the show was about, so it was fun to put two and two together.
The moral issues of the show...well, 3 dads? Naughty Merrill Streep! I don't endorce them, however it made for a very funny, ecentric, light hearted movie we seem to be craving right now.

Took lots of shop pictures, also have some endorcements, will put them on this evening as I am using the computer that crashed and not sure the pictures will download without tweeking this computer some more. Isnt it aweful to lose all the information and have to re-insert it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Glorious rain bringing in fall

Get your fall boxes out of the closets ladies...it's time to celebrate fall!

Each day at the shop it gets more and more fun as Halloween creatures are pulled out of boxs and put into their rightful places...and then a customer comes along, falls in love with one and we get to redo that spot...but hey, thats the job description here at Just a Bed of Roses.

Sunday...or this evening (hmmm) I'm planning on posting with pictures some new fall decor, some very glittery, whimsical, and some just plain primitive, it's all good.

The first of the week we took a quickie trip to warm , 98 degree sunny St. George. Found a few new places I will show pictures and share with you in case you get a wild hair to run down there too for a few days. Tuachan...Broadway in the desert is so amazing to us...The Big River, story of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn was an entertaining story and you cannot beleive it when the waterfall on the mountain in front of you comes right onto the stage and goes off the edge and the boys are paddling their raft...so thrilling.
Also Les Miserables played the next perfect evening...oh the talent there, and no need for even a jacket. Can you beleive I have never ever seen Le Miz, if any of you also have not seen this story its about time you do, its touching.

Trip was cut short...we have to really feel bad for Darci who was wanting to come see all of you a feew days at the shop...she started passing her 4th kidney stone...oh the poor thing!!! Get well!

Alayna is a new addition in the afternoons at the shop...do you ever think to yourself that you need another right arm...well she is mine. This 16 year old cutie is a natural born organizer and displayer, she is just a perfect fit for the shop. So when the shop gets all organized and you see me less stressed, you will know that she has been working hard. She may learn I am hopeless, but she's going to keep me on task, that girl!!! Oh, I must take a picture of her on her PINK paisley scooter...your going to be asking for one for Christmas, no kidding.

Smaller giraffe purses have arrived and there is always a big selection of purses in many colors and styles...did you know the hottest fall colors are purple and reds... with black and white...such eye catching colors.

See you soon...dont get wet today!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall Smells & Flavors...

Have you noticed fall in the air...light rain cleaning out the air, perking up the fall sun flowers, chilly nights making the mountains look as if buckets of orange yellow and red paints have been splashed over them.
The air that now smells like Hot sauce, peaches, watermelons, grapes, pickles and the favorite garden foods you lovingly place in your empty canning jars are cooking on the stoves. In fact our stove caught fire sunday, so a new one arrives today. So, Let me tell the truth here...I would love to tell you that all those bottles in our pantry were put there by myself...however I have the best husband who loves to fill our bottles with his favorite recipe of Salsa. Notice he does quart bottles. One year he bottled 150 qts and we both said never again! He did buy pint bottles at an estate sale yesterday for his gift giving hot sauce. Our grown up children would never forgive him if he didnt bottle his hot sauce. Last year was the only exception...the major back surgery, no garden.
Hope you too have been enjoying the fruits of the harvest...filling your pantries with yummy recipes. We were watching a certain watermelon grow out in the garden named Jack as it was the biggest...last week we picked jack and he weighed 30 lbs!!!
The timing must of been right as it was sooo delicious. Isnt mother nature interesting? A little black seed turns into something so wonderful...and cherry tomatoes...arent they delightful. I should just park a chair right next to those plants with a great book and eat until my tummy says "stop"!
I hope you too are enjoying your harvest and gathering it in for the winter months. MMMMM gotta love the smells! It's the season for giving thanks and I am thankful for Mr. Bed of Roses filling up our pantries...now I better go wash the kitchen floor, you know what that gets like this time of year!!!
Today is a day off for me...squeezing in a "must have massage"...restocking recreations, and thursday I will bring in another big stack of antique tablecloths, some just worthy of making fun projects and others to be enjoyed, prices will be very reasonable on them. You may want to visit Darci at the shop today, she said the Halloween ceramic cupcakes came in and all purses 20% off today!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

1949 Greeting Card & Psychic...are you scared?

This card came from a recent estate...just had to share with you , don't you think its a bit scarey!
Its made in 1949 and in mint condition.
Suppose its time to share more Phychic stories...it's been a slow process because things have had to play out, you'll see why.
Being told that there was something heavy and weighing over the top of my shop gave me a bit of a scare as I am like A Mother bird just building her nest each and every day. I got that phrase from Donna O Kearney, the artist and co-author of Human Art that I love so much, she has a unique gift & talent of catagorizing people, and it amazingly just fit me with the shop. The psychic had no idea what the shop looked like, only knowing it was in Farmington.
The psychic really acted puzzled, stating that ...well.... maybe to have the wiring, plumbing and keys all checked, which I did and then decided to call the landlord and discuss the reading and now he thinks I am a phsyco! However...he did send over an electrician!!! Scared him too, huh?
Back to the heaviness hanging over the shop...the shop has renters above it (psychic did not know this nor did I ever tell her) and that very morning when I went to work I had strong words (first time EVER) with the renter man, here is why...his wife had been coming down all week hugging on me, drunker than I had ever seen her, and saying she was leaving him secretly and she was trying to work it out to leave, we had become very good friends too. It was the first time I had ever seen her beaten up and I begged her to go through with it or I would report it. That morning I heard him yell at her and I told him if I heard one thing I would call 911. Of course he wasnt too happy about that. I seriously was frightened all month that there was going to be a death or something really bad was going to happen with them.
Making the story short...they moved out (what a blessing), she stayed with him (they sometimes do), and the new renter is susie spotless, loves light and is tougher than a speeding bullet.
Come to find out the renters were living in deep filth, this is what alchoholism sometimes comes down to, there were burn marks everywhere (scarey), people coming and going ,so this must have been the darkness hanging over my shop...the psychic was right! There is no way she knew about renters above the shop or the style of it.
I'm a beleiver...well, there is more, must wait for some of it to play out though....part 3 coming.
One thing she said was I was a writer...would write a childrens book...that I know is off. The only thing I write is this blog.

Old Pop bottles, Big Mac's & estates

, Many customers ask what are my collections...well, I just LOVE everything OLD. Now Mr. Bed of Roses loves General Store items...having a fondness for OLD POP BOTTLES. He remembers riding on his dads old wagon peddling vegetables as a young boy(probably for a dollar a day) in Ogden and then stopping into the small neighborhood, store for a soda in the bottles.
This is a Birthday present he just received (from myself) to hold the Big Ones...Vess Cola was out of Ogden along with Beehive. We have a rule at our home...he gets his little room to collect and display all he wants AND I get the REST OF THE HOUSE!!!
This week we are buying from an estate of a 90 year old woman who truly loved to work with her hands, create and be organized. A few things we thought were just charming...her Christmas was labeled in boxes so nicely and all handmade, all kind of little craft projects, a woman of my own kind for sure~
For those who go to estate sales you will agree when I say...there are some very common life styles of those who are now in their 80's and on up...you can always count on boxes of old baby food jars in the pantry, bottled fruit from the 60's & 70's, handmade afghans, clothespins, hankies, lovely dishes, pink & aqua fabrics, an ice cream maker, tricycle, sleds, old spices, cards,Christmas wrapping paper & bows, received cards, sometimes Old spice and dusting powder along with some old worn out pieces of clothing.
Here you see a pair of Big Macs overalls, I am guessing from the 30's 40's? Safety Pinned up the tear, and hanging on a little nail in the corner of the pantry. Oh these makes me tear up. I wonder "why" are they still hanging there after all these years?
Will be shopping the estate garage this week...geez...just when we finally cleared out a parking space in our garage for ONE CAR! Means I better just get it quickly into the shop so you too can enjoy momentos of the Past.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My sisters yard sale in Syracuse

my sister who lives in Syracuse is having a big yard sale today...I have helped her out with 2 truck loads of miscellaneous craft items, junk, chipped dishes, unfinished projects, abused items too. I'm almost embarassed. anyway she will sell extrememly cheap...1-3.00 most items for sure. She is selling her own items and my daughters too so this will not be a little yard sale. its just north of the bluff elementary, not hard to find. The sale is today Friday and Saturday, she starts early like 7:00 and probably will go till 5 or knowing her till dark. Here is her address:797 W. 2300 S in syracuse. She's very nice, you will love her. Good luck too!
As for the shop...purses purses and more purses...and can you beleive I ordered even more this morning...well, they are just so awesome I know you are going to love them. Lots of animal prints and fall colors, got a bright red and some orangy ones too. Priced from 24.00-65.00
$50.00 & more purchases Friday and Saturday you will receive one of our packaged so sweetly faux desserts made from pretty little towels! Im still waiting for the HALOWEEN CUPCAKES to arrive...where are they? Hope they didnt get in Hurricane Gustov!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wickedly vintage inspired decor and gifts

Our Skeletons are coming out of the closets and into the shop.

This shabby pink and aqua antique frame and picture are from a recent estate...at first I thought it was from the 60's then I realized it must be from the 30's early 40's. Its in fabulous condition!
Here you see silver designed pens that look like an antique knife, wonderful gifts...yes!

Your going to look a bit wicked with these wild new zebra purses...love the colors? Also in bronze timmings. Love these!

Pewter color and so soft you'll just want to pet it!
Aqua too...stunning and so shabby.

Drawers have been filled with lots of new pieces of tea dyed vintage laces...with more styles to come.

And for more gift giving and to treat yourself to some luxury now the kids are back in school, why not some Fairy dust Mineral bath salts in 7 beautiful scents. Only 5.50 a package.
Wednesday all purses and wallets will be 10% off and dont be suprised if a new shipment of purses shows up that day too. I guess that will include our vintage purses too, why not!


The weather here in Utah has put us into the Fall spirit...it certainly has arrived at Just a bed of roses in Farmington...you'll love our vintage fall decor and the vintage accessories: some dainty shabby chic gloves, fun furs, dress up coats, loads of costume jewerly. These hats are real precious oldies! More to come!

Black purses with crosses and rhinestones, plus vintage pearl purses.

Sweet treats, looks like a trick though? These desserts are washrags made to look like cheesecakes, cake rolls, tarts and with all the trimmings, packaged nicely for gift giving. Only 6.95 each with lots of chocolate, pinks & lime greens.

Decorate for vintage Halloween with silver candleabra's...a little bit fancy and alot spooky.

Skulls, pumpkins, candy corns, black & glitter. Aqua seems to be the new fall color to mix with what you have been decorating with in the past.

Come Here Kitty Kitty...dont you love BLACK FUNNY CATS for Halloween?

Gold and glitter...so vintage. Jayna has also brought in some of the funniest Fall/Halloween altered art neclaces like no other, come get yours early! Will try to get some pictures of them for next time.
Indeed there is much more to come. It arrives daily, don't miss out as many are simply One of a Kind.