Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swiss days and the WALL OF SHOPPERS!

The famous Wall Of shoppers...can you see how wide the isles are???Wonder why they don't widen the isles? If you are wondering where the pictures are of all the handmade merchandise filled to the brim in these booths...CAN'T GET CLOSE ENOUGH! We did see all we wanted, bought a few darling hair bows and purse for granddaughters birthday.

Now it wouldn't be the REAL SWISS DAYS if these long tree sticks with Witches Hats, scarey potions, bats and spells books weren't walking all over the place...they are usually sold out first hour and whats funny is that they are super popular year after year after year!

Tradition always takes us over the this place for lunch, can't leave without going here. Since I was with the diet Nazi (shellie) I had to chose this over berry pie and ice cream...only one choice!

New Fall Romantic Homes has arrived this week, love the aqua/brown cover too.
As far as Swiss Days...we have decided this was our last year to just isnt the same to us anymore. We both like merchandise with a vintage unique flair to it and it just isn't filling that need. In years past we could load up a car with fun holiday decor, dried florals, antique pieces. Decorating has changed alot...that's definitly not a bad thing though.
Shop will be getting ceramic Halloween cupcakes probably Tuesday and 2 big purse shipments with some new styles . Until then I will concentrate and focus on getting the store a bit more Haunted...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Swiss Days...Labor Day weekend

The shop will open late Friday...probably noon...1:00 at the latest. Doing my yearly drive up to Midway to Swiss Days. Usually 200,000 people come up to swiss days Friday and saturday...this big boutique is not for the weak!!! Shellie and I try to get there at 8:00 a.m. before the crowds make a big wall through the isles...seriously! We grab us some food, eat under the big trees in the beautiful park surrounded with breath taking mountains and think about what we want to go back and buy! If there were antique booths I would certainly fill up the car!
Hope you too can go, and if not just enjoy your Labor Day week-end, looks like its going to be a bit rainy. Shop will be closed on Monday Labor Day...see you in the Fall!

A Working VACATION...road trip day 2

The BROWSE AROUND is very western consignment antique shop, they play old western music while you shop, there is a shop inside that makes goats milk soap so it smells yummy inside. The character of the building just cant be beat for primitive antiques can it? You will find this if you turn right going to Logan , and the sign will say cache county Utah.

Had to check out the Huge Logan Deseret Industries at the north end of town. What's weird is there was nothing I liked to buy...that's really weird as the store is very big.
Have you eaten at the famous Bluebird (west side of road central part of Logan), homemade rolls, good food and service and very antique, probably original. As a decorator though, I just want to get my hands on that place and brighten it up, maybe keeping all original, but brightening up the tables, chairs and adding some pattern fabrics using some aquas, oranges, limes....I do this all the time, just sit me in a restaurant and I can have it completely re-decorated by the time I eat my lunch!!! Oh, they have handmade chocolates too!

Antique mall as you come into Logan, having many sales right now too, very nice people.

Where else is a charming gift shop on the south end Main in Brigham city. I especially love their purses and jewelry although not selling vintage there is a variety of home decor. The shabby paint on the building my husband was complaining about...i totally love it! What do you think

Then 6:00 p.m. we were off to buy an estate...this was an estate of beautiful crystal, silver , antique dishes, beaded purses, little figurines. Story goes like this...Minnie owned many of these beautiful pieces, she lived in South Dakota, she used them and also took great care of them too. Her daughter Lucy inherited the pieces at Minnies passing and she too used them and too great care of them. At her passing her daughter Pam inherited them and packed them into boxes, only to be seen until now. Pam only has wonderful kitties to leave this inheritance too, and so she wanted to be sure these lovely heirlooms were passed onto to someone who will adore, use, admire and enjoy them.
That's where you and I fit in...right? Each day this next week I will bring in a box of these beautiful pieces. The purses will come in today along with some crystal spooner, shakers, and a pretty fall dish. I will try to remember to write on the tag that it was Minnies or Lucies, then we can be sure where these pieces come from. I thank Pam so much for the phone call to come and purchase her heirlooms and promise they will be loved and treasured by all of us at Just a bed of Roses for years to come.

P.S. I have been tea dying tons of laces in so many new styles, so this week the bundles will be added to. Also new style zebra print purses are coming next week, fall colored purses too. Vintage jewelry and linens are always coming in daily now. Oh, and Halloween cupcakes & figurines hopefully will arrive today!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A working VACATION...road trip day 1

Around our Birthday time, mr. Bed of Roses and I take off for a fews day to Utah & Cache counties for some antique shopping. Our favorite is TREASURES Antique Mall, there are 2 BIG buildings to shop and we spent 4 hours there, we gave ourselves 2 hours! They are having a big yard sale and inside sales on Sept. 6th 8:00 a.m. Its West of Springville, take freeway exit, turn to the right and follow the road south. I bought one man dress form and a unique woman dress form, I will show pictures of them lateras they are turning out so awesome! Love them!
Next off to American Fork on Main where FINDERS KEEPERS SHOP is run by Tammi, plenty of space to show off painted furniture, fun lamps & colors for kids bedrooms. Working that day was Jana, who is Jenni B's (our cupcake girl) mother, who also started the Blue Goose boutique in American Fork and ran it for years She is delightful and darn wish I had taken a picture with her.

Halloween has begun at Dear Lizzies in Alpine...just take Alpine exit there by Thanksgiving Point and you will find it in a shopping center corner on the south side of road. I love how Dear Lizzies is quite girlie girlie and love how its displays are based in with antiques. Now I am more motivated to get the oranges coming in...and they will!

Each place inspired me in different a shop owner you are always curious of how your own shop fits into the picture of others, and helps me evaluate my strengths and weakness' we came home quite exhausted but well worth it!
Hope you can take some time to GET AWAY too and visit these fun shops. Check back this evening I will tell about day 2 in Brigham and Logan.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to School

Here are my grandchildren just leaving for first day of school. conner the oldest is going to have payback to his mother for not having the right pants for him...we think he grew 6 inches over the summer time and his pants were ready for a flood! They were so excited!
Here is Caprice...she is just boo-hooing because she is still a bit to young and needs to be potty trained before she can go to school too, broke our hearts to see those tears!

Remember the days of going back to school, the excitement of deciding which outfit to wear for the first day, meeting your friends again and new teachers, learning how to get from class to class on time and shoving things into your lockers. Checking out boys...and them checking out Us! New school supplies and the parents wondering where the money was coming from. I was the oldest of the 5 children, but no worries as I had my little tantrums to get what I needed too!
When I went to school we could not even wear Levis...and got sent to see the Principal once because I wore them one day in my senior year! Can you even imagine!! That was 1971.

Hope you mothers can take a moment to come in and rejuvinate looking at pretty things. We have Fairy Dust mineral baths in beautiful fragrances you may want to treat yourself to a relaxing bath.
We are having a back to school, celebrate birthdays and any excuse for a family get together this afternoon. I have many ideas, products and new business' to tell you about each day this week, cant wait to share with you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Touch of Fall...

I tell you, fall is in the is Trick or Treatin Kitty & Polka Dot Pumpkin!
This one is a bit's the laptop...dont quite know how to navigate it yet!

Fun little white narrow table and the new fall Paprika colors, with some limey greens.
Oh, and Jayna has been bringing in Halloween altered art funny, you will laugh out loud when you seen and read them.

Newly painted red wooden shelf, its a heavy one, in fact my back is saying "ouch" today, too much lifting and bending painting furniture. your saying "where is the dress form picture?" Well, I took where is it?
Darci will be selling CROWN items and jewelry, excluding altered art neclaces at 10% off on Wednesday,
so come in and visit with Darci, she's a neat gal, I love it when she can come into the shop.
I came home to 8 qts. of freshly bottled Hot sauce...mmmmmmm!

Enjoying Summer Days... so

My computer crashed again...some bug or the USER or something I will use the laptop. I wanted to show you a picture of the Florida Keys, when we were there last Feb. we went to Ernest Hemmingways home and there were 45 lazycats on the property, most had 6 toes on each foot, Hope they are all well with this Hurricane going through there and all the tourists who are on Cruises. That has to be alarming. Will show pictures one day when I find them!
Will take pictures today...of some Halloween Trick or Treatin kitties,pink/chocolate candy corn, metal pumpkins, paprika colored wooden totes & watering can. My nail gal Staci will know fall is in the air when she sees my Paprika colored nails tomorrow! Oh, and I did some Vintage Jewelry shopping...will take pictures of the fun shabby & fall pins.
In fact, Darci will be working Wednesdays for a month so we will have any jewelry(except consignment jewelry) 10% off on Wednesdays through September!
I loved my day off...I sat on the front porch a minute and just soaked in the feeling of summer, oh the lazy susans so bright and pretty, the hay being harvested, dog laying by my feet (we are dog sitting), perfect day to spray paint & do projects. Bacon & tomatoe sandwiches, you know what I mean!
Husbands birthday today and while I am keeping shop he will start his fall marathon of canning hot sauce.(dont tell him about golfing...he may want to do it instead of gardening, okay!) That means the garden is coming on now. Will be taking some tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, jalapenos into the shop to sell each day, a little version of "Farmers Market" right here in Farmington! See you soon!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some Fall teasing...

Pretty brown feather wreaths...only 12.95 So pretty for fall decorating!
Purplish black bag great fall color and design...40.00 Love these!

Orange too, soooooo beautiful and eye catching...these are on order, available last week august.

Pink roses ribbon, very wide and so shabby chic! 9.00 a yard but worth it!
Crystal birds are so gorgeous...I ordered alot of them (well for now) so you can decorate a tree with them...your going to die when I tell you the price...ready? Only 2.25 each and I will discount them to 2.00 each when you buy 6 or more. They are a plastic, but very beautiful and look crystal. Can you see a tree with white mini lights and just these birds??? wow!
Last and you know not least...I acquired a standing dress form over the week-end, it will be out of the sidewalk for sale on Tuesday, the first 125.00 can take it, as you know, these babies are hard as heck to come by. Cant take a picture until Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meet 4 of Grandma's pretties...I know I they really are the cutest (oops, there's that word again!) children ever because they are my precious grandchildren (4 of 7) who gave me a suprise visit at the shop. And talk about major stress inside the I think I'm getting an ulcer!!! Good grief couldnt they just all look at grandma for a pose without wiggling. Their names are Conner, Jurian, Stevi and Caprice and I love them more than anything. Aren't grandchildren the best things in this world, I could squeeze & kiss mine to pieces.
Another fun chunky bracelet...You can agree with me or you can be wrong. Think I will wear one home!
How about you? Work ,School or on a date....hmmmm!

Okay, sparkly green, pink and aqua zebra print purses didn't come today...However, I did see one Live and they will be worth the wait. Check out this lime green purse, we have it in black and I think a new style of orange and purple will be in shipment. Woo hoo! Poor UPS man...he thinks I am in love with him...I just dance and clap and get so excited when he pulls up to the curb, and always state that I love when he shows up with big brown boxes! Now, how can I get him to PAY for what's inside these big brown boxes of goodies?
And back to the psychic thing...why is it when SHE tells me to walk I do...why dont I walk when I tell me to walk or the DR tells me to walk...I think that's a bit psychic dont you? I'm pondering on what to tell next...some of it just has to take its course I suppose, and some of it better not take its course I know for sure. Oh, and Iron, I need iron...she was probably looking at my wrinkles and thought "she sure needs a good ironing! Hope I dont get burned...wink wink!

Here is The Famous (yes, you are famous now Jenni)...Jenni B the faux dessert designer and maker. Jenni came for a visit today since she is vacationing in her home state Utah. This girl is as sweet as her cupcakes and I was just honored to have her come to the shop. ..and isn't she photogenic??? Oh my! Please mark your calendar to come visit her in person and sign your own desserts in December as we will do an open house. Wow... Jenni, I have been in this business for a long time and it's not everyday that someones talent puts them on the Martha Stewart show...and this girl is just a baby! (meant in a very nice way!)
Our FAMOUS Altered Art Neclace designer Jayna came for a visit with Jenni too. Jayna designed a special neclace for Jenni and darn it I forgot to take a picture of just the neclace so I'm hoping Jenni will put one on her blog and we'll direct you over to it...The neclace said" Jenni B. taught Martha (one the front) and on the back it said "and its a good thing". It had Jenni's cupcakes for the pictures. Outstanding always... Jayna and soooo glad you too could meet Jenni.

Here is Julie V...who just happen to be shopping and was thrilled to pieces when Jenni walked in. She had Jenni sign 5 cupcakes and went home to make a beautiful display in her own glass cake saver. Julie is a big fan of Jayna's altered art neclaces too and has had some priceless ones designed by her. Julie brought me in some freezer jam and little tomatoes to snack on...She has such a generous heart, so I'm really glad Jenni came while she was there.

Jenni's mother in law accompanied her to the shop, what a delight to meet such a lovely person and it was even more special to find out she lives by my daughter Shellie and was a Visiting teacher to her. That just tickled me to know this. How fun for her to do some shop visiting with Jenni and she was even there at the Martha Stewart show taping. Lucky Mother in law!
Well, I just saw my three I'm going to agree with the psychic and darn... start walking!
Oh, I understand you want more psychic information...yes...I will disclose more later.

And some more "good things" have arrived

Victoria Bliss fall issue has arrived as you can see by the titles of these articles you'll want to dive right in to this magazine...I'm about to indulge myself right now!
Sample of cool Chunky bracelets...Peace, All this and brains too, even pretty fall bracelets!

Peace signs are IN, can you see all the bling, the gold neclace has a bling P for peace, if your name is Patty or Pam you could get away with it being an initial neclace! Shabby & black colors.

Whoa ...these big silver peace earrings sure do remind me of the 60's...when you wanted (or WERE) to be a peace loving hippy, the bigger the better for hoop earrings. This is just a start on the peace jewelry coming in.
Yesterday at least 25 zebra and giraffe print bags came in...with a few new styles and colored trims. And TODAY, I'm hoping for more styles to arrive in sparkly shabby colored zebras & more.
I beleive its the Davis County Fair going on this week...hope you can go pet a few animals, eat some Fair food and come down to shop in historic farmington.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why not Take a Shabby Pink Bicycle ride to your favorite shop!

Yesterday I had the CUTEST (the barber told me not to use the word CUTE so much...I tell him he is CUTE, his clone son is SO CUTE, his bald head is EVEN get the picture?) anyway...this young gal came into the shop, I just happen to glance out the door and there was this shabby chic pink and white bicycle she had been riding. I just wanted to climb on that beauty and take a spin around the now that I think about it...why didn't I ? Instead... I ran for the camera to share this with you. Oh I must tell you...(not only this, and maybe more) I went to a psyhic party last evening and she told me I must walk...I bet if this Bicycle had flashed into her mind she would of told me to go to Kmart and buy myself a pink and white bicycle! It seems so much easier than walking too! I hope you don't beat me to one for me!!! Oh, and I bet you want to hear more about what the psychic told me ...dont you? Well, that will be for other posts.
BEACH CHIC...Here is a 1950's SeaShell purse...this came in on consignment this week from an estate. The purse is a black wicker that is just immaculate inside and out. The handles and trim are a lucite in black and the shells are arranged and covered with a plastic covering, no shells are broken. I will be so excited for the person who gets this purse...its quite a handbag to be adored. It's 48.00
The new purses on order have not arrived...which means there will be 3 purse shipments this coming week...oh how fun...just in time for school shopping.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Can you see us now...

TThe shop can certainly be seen from the road now with all these white polka dots, doing a little more "shop branding" so we can't be missed! The shops Planters needed a new planting as the only survivors were these bright green potatoe vines. One thing I have learned is not to plant sun loving plants in shady spots, even though shop faces the south, the big trees just keep us shady all day...lesson learned. Aren't they beautiful, love the new plants much better anyway and I could look at them all day long. p.s. DONT tell the Landlord about the polka dots on his building...I told him we were doing some painting...not branding! I will take a picture of the new green paint too.
Hanging on the front door is a wonderful handpainted picture from Miss Sophey, don't you love the big pink flowers with polka dots and the beautiful blue sky. This girl knows how to use colors! Thank you so much Sophey...the customers comment everyday how happy your picture makes them feel.

This rusty metal plant crown I have made into a sweet vintage style bird feeder...the antique plate to place the seeds and an antique paperie tag with birdnest is the coolest adornment. I should put some seeds on it to try it out, shouldn't I? Wouldn't you agree it's a great accent to a garden or planter?

And in my spare time...lots of laughs here...I made a few framed jewelry & pretty paper holders using little roses fabric. I love how they turned out and so glamorous in the gold frames. So fun to put special momentos on them.

A favorite...every once in awhile I come across a vintage picture that is extremely wonderful, and this victorian girl holding her kitty that is just snuggling her neck and face is one of them.
It is framed antique gold with some brown & pink accents, and looks so beautiful in a shabby chic room. Very pretty with the reds and gold decor too.

Jeweled crowns in crystal pink & styles and priced 10-12.00 is all! Next week there are Peace sign neclaces and earring arriving...mid week for sure.

The popular colors for this season are blinging right before your eyes...arent they beautiful. Priced only 8.00 in fact ALL the new blingy rings will be 8.00 for August & September, now that's a great deal. Seriously now, the new purses will be delivered today or I will attack the UPS guy as he drives by without stopping. Another shipment is on the way for next week, new styles and colors a few purples and limey greens. Just to let you know...there will be orange purses coming...only not for a few weeks as it just reminds me of fall and I just can't put orange in the shop right now...a phobia or old fashioned I know! I think it will make summer last much longer I suppose.
I will take more pictures today as there is a seashell 50's purse one of you will not be able to live without I guarantee it! more thing...the Back Porch (behind shop) is being cleaned up today so that we can keep sale items and more to be sold out back, so look forward to that for next week.
My father is having his check-up today...his energy has doubled for sure mom says. So we love the pacemaker. Thanks for your love and concerns dear customers.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

what's new?

6 ladder back, freshly painted chairs in off white ... just arrived, buy the set of 6 or buy in sets of two, each chair 40.00 Plus we have some chippy wicker pieces now available in planters and little benches.
Antique Fireking swirl jadeite mixing bowl and 6 Fireking mugs, all in shiny barely used condition.

MANY Princess neclaces' LOTS of CROWNS in crystals and shabby colors, hello kitty neclaces and rings, cupcake and icecream cones with crystals, fun styles, earrings too, assorted pricing and makes great gifts. I will take more pictures of them.

Okay...just had to get hot pink zebra purses...Well???

Lots of awesome bags to chose from, and another shipment will be in first of week, wallets too in browns and pinks and probably some wild ones.

large bag with faded out cheetah print mixed with pinks and red straps. So neat, my favorite!

This one is in silver, your going to love the metalic zebra ones that are on the way!

Fun new table of new arrivals.......just in time for end of summer (did I say that?) shopping. I will restate that...okay, just in time for your summer, that is never going to end, right?

Newely painted antique dainty style vanity...waiting for big diamond drawer knobs, so chic!

September issue will not dissapoint you...its a beauty. And the new antique paperie are going to think you died and went to heaven when you see these beauties...I will take pictures on Tuesday. Oh, and lets not forget the 20 boxes coming ups of christmas and fall this week! (I'm not setting them out yet, but I may do a little fall/christmas preview on this blog!) Come see us, well I mean ME!