Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eve of LUCKY 2013...healthy rich treats

sharing OUR CHOICE of "goodies" we've had thru the Christmas holidays

sharing labels
high grams of fat are usually healthy fats.
dark chocolate/nuts... a little goes a long way.

a warning should come with this bag...
you think it's possible to control how much you eat,
but you CAN'T!
(bag is empty, not buying another for a long time).

Need your healthy nuts CHOCOLATE coated?
equally as dangerous
but not if you control yourself.
(this bag has 4 pieces left!)

I reached the 30 lbs. off goal for the year.
(and kept it off, that's amazing for me).

Join me for losing 25 lbs. this year...
that's only 1/2 lb. a week


Weigh in: MORNING Jan. 1st
(keep a journal or go to for journaling)

I have a great customer story, I'll see if he will share it here in Jan.

One of our favorites for eating healthy
you CAN AFFORD if your eating  healthy
because you do not buy so many other things.
Perfect for New Years eve/day food.

I talked about Taco soup recently...don't forget the main ingredient
HIDDEN VALLY RANCH dry dressing mix.
(3 beans, black,kidney and great northern white,
 corn, hamburger, homemade tomato soup base bottled, onion.)
You can add the stuff on top, but we don't bother.

little packet for snacking

enough of healthy rich treats!

Our theme for 2013 has been published
in the new century collectors Jan. edition

 New Years Day
The 13 R's theme for the year
will be announced!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas inventory sale

what goes UP
must come DOWN!
Christmas has gone to the corner
and will be on sale
for the next few weeks!

Watch for the yellow sticker tags
meaning reduced prices throughout the shop
as Inventory is in progress
now thru January!

Thank you for your patience as the shop
makes it's 2013 transformations.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Baby...closed today

Ice fishing sleds for Grandpa and grandson
they aren't afraid of the cold and snow!

Antique mother had 5 bags for her 5 children to pick from.
Luckily I got first pick.
I can smell antique even when it's bagged up!

This one is from my mothers grandmother who was the mother of
George Reynolds, Brigham Youngs Secretary and Secretary to
two other prophets.
Now called my history quilt and the ONLY thing I own from
any of my ancestors.

can any of you quilters date this?

This one from my fathers side of the family.
My grandmother Shepherd always quilted.
My siblings recieved quilts which my dad has quilted,
even the cabin quilt my parents had on their bed.

Snow days... nice to snuggle with a book.

The psalms were written to provide comfort,
perspective and spiritual solace when we are going through our
own trials.

A present
from my husbands sister.
first boy is my husband 60 years ago
and his younger brother on the end.

Present of Health I gave to my parents.
I will be getting back into healthy stuff really soon here,
be warned!

It's so fun to have my end of the year bookwork
 interruped with a cute baby and his new toys from Santa,
we stop and play ball often,
Laugh and giggle.

Thursday...the shop is closed
if the roads clear up we may go down.

We will be opened Friday. Saturday.
(inventory is necessary)
look forward to Yellow sticker sales
for January
along with some new events for the year.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen:

Becky and Kevin Stratford have always run a family dairy farm...

This is their precious grandchildren in the nativity.
Becky said she was prompted to do this,
she followed her promptings
she said there was such a sweet spirit there.

The card reads:
We thought about it months ago, a Nativity picture we would take.
Grammy got real busy, lots of costumes she would make!
This was going to be so great, a grandchild for each part.
But we were not prepared that day
 for how it would touch our heart!

Little bodies getting dressed,
 making sure they looked just right.
Then Grampy read the story about that Holy Night.

One by one they found their place to the stable where he'd lay.
Helping us to remember why we celebrate Christmas Day.
Kevin and Becky Stratford
(Zella waas born dec. 6th to complete their nativity)

this quote from my family!

interrupting the reverence

enjoy the old folk
this holiday season!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wise men still seek him

wise men still seek him...

A vintage Christmas picture purchased this
year from my favorite collector
Mr. Tedder who passed away in Feb.
at 87 years old.
I miss him.
The one thing I have not done this
year is to have written a tribute of him
to give to his family.

I put it off everyday.

I think it's emotionally hard
because I can certainly talk and type!

Christmas eve day

I'm going to do it.
What's a few tears anyway?

Wish I could just talk to him again.
Not that he would want to come back.

Peace to each of us as this
Christmas Day gets closer.

Saturday, December 22, 2012



especially this time of year

Just maybe your 
Christmas list
good enough...

Friday, December 21, 2012

indecisive and RANDOM acts of kindness

Come in Saturday 10:30-5:30

and make your final choices

we can help you.

Closed Christmas eve day...snowy
also closed Dec. 26th.

don't you?
To chose 26 ways to show kindness
but... RANDOM
the key word is Random,
to me it means someone who would LEAST expect it,
to bless a complete stranger
where you have nothing to gain during the year,
I'm sure many of you are doing it,
how can we not?
(I have plenty of opportunities walking past
the shops door I am
going to get in as many as possible).

If your down to your last dollar
this always works
What a great opportunity!

Friends don't let friends...

Isn't it great to support small business!

Run... don't walk for this premiere issue
Where women create Business

Beautiful gift for a friend...
Just arrived
so pretty
and inspiring

3 more gold tree's coming in today
35.00 and 45.00
don't be late

marking down Christmas decor

Friday and Saturday 10:30-6
Closed Christmas eve day
unless it decides not to snow
(so sorry)

open again
thurs. fri. sat.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Runs in the family...

Time out for some HOLIDAY FUN!

How would you like to come home to this giant snow fish?
My sister did...
Because of my youngest brother Danny and his son.
Danny has 3 girls, one boy...girls are in the Nutcracker.
Do you think this is how they escaped

Creativity runs in the family?

Merry FISHmas Sandra!

Elf on the shelf Ellie is living at my oldest sons home
he has 2 little girls.
They couldn't figure out how Ellie came into their room without
them hearing and carried her barbies to the sink!

Out of the mouth of babes...LOVE granchildren, don't you?

Here they are waiting to see Santa at the family party...
I could blackmail them in their teens with this photo
couldn't I?

not expected results!

First visit with Santa...
can I just say...TERRIFIED!

Caprese didn't have any trouble telling Santa what she wanted...
Whoa...does she take after her grandmother or what!

Chloe dressed warm in PINK her favorite color

What is Christmas without the children?
Innocent and believing.
Tonight my granddaughter saw the temple all lit up
she exclaimed
"is that where the princess lives!"

Better watch out...Santa is packing his sleigh.

The time of year we carry out traditions.

The pinata is my husbands family party entertainment.
Parley held the pinata by the rope adjusting it up and down
teasing the little ones for maybe 30 something years.

This Christmas cancer took his life and a week ago
he was laid to rest. 
He will be remembered every Christmas
as the Pinata teaser.

we know that some of you too have lost loved ones this season
so here is a big hug, may you find peace.

Enjoy the good moments!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Because Santa claus is coming...

Burlap. satin. sparkles.
12  new stockings to fill with goodies
3 styles



Joni prepared Just the right things
to fill your stockings with care
for Dec. 25th

Why buy Elf on the shelf when you can buy the
real deals from the 1960's
not many left, don't wait too long.

everyone would love rosette ear warmers in soft colors
matching gloves you can even text with.
Fuzzy tie and topped knit hats for keeping heads and ears cozy warm.

gift a beautiful altered art package
to finish up your list
many new ones in...
Come in and ADORE THEM!

Be creative with our scent packages...
they are only 2.00 each and you can purchase many
fragrances for any room in the house.

Many many many handmades
of the best quality and creativy

Because Santa Claus is coming...

last but not the least...
just in
How many of your friends could you gift this sign to?