Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elder Crosby welcome home...

Welcome Home Elder nephew who's been serving a mission in New Hampshire for 2 years.
He's wearing the tie with the thumbs up. He got tons of loves today and he gave an awesome talk at church.

The meeting was centered around always giving love and service to others.

And the last speaker which I loved also and need to do some real repenting as of  RIGHT NOW was about how he has thought so often that "wouldn't it be neat if we could drive around our neighborhoods and know that there would be a sign in their  homes that said "your name spoken nicely here" or was it "your name is safe in our home"...either way...can you imagine the whole world living this way?

I loved that thought.
I need to work on that more.

Right now we see  a softer side of Jordan, I'm sure his emotions of being home and also leaving his mission are mixed. So many family and friends to shower him with their love and support to help through..
Your an awesome young man Jordan and I am proud of you.

Here is his baby brother's just like him to poke his face in my first picture...Adam move!

Here is other brother
                                       Ben...just using his personality of teasing us...the  elderly!
Didn't find other brother Brad was he hanging with the teen girls?

I did find this gigantic dessert table, it was AS EXPECTED of the Crosbys...always the BEST in food and entertaining guests...the desserts never ever let us lets see, which ONES do I pick?

Carl's POTATOE SALAD came along too... with only a spoonful leftover.

This is Virginia we picked her up for my sister so she could spend the day with all of us. My sister is her "second mother" she claims...she is family to us and a "special needs" gal. 

Hannah her baby came along with us too...although she is not real to us, she IS to Virginia. She brought her to church and treated her just like a real baby. Hannah was  very good, unlike some other cry babies.

When we left she told my sister Janine that she was leaving Hannah with her until DECEMBER as she was busy working...good luck Janine, don't forget you have her!

Last time Janine babysat Hannah she put her in the basement on a shelf in the pantry. (mainly so she wouldn't get lost) When Janine brought her out for Virginia she was quite cold. And Virginia was disturbed at how cold she was as last year Hannah had cancer.
I wouldnt recommend that again sister.
Now here my husband HAD to comment...wouldnt it be nice to just put your kids on the closet shelf sometimes!
 Plastic babies are much easier... we ALL agreed.

 Thanks for letting me share our special day...Brenda
Have we done any good in the world today?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hanna Hare...thinks its spring

Sweet Mother Hanna Hare has her little baby bunnie in her basket...tucked in so sweetly.
Easter silver glitter blocks are back again with MUCH MORE.
If you are wondering what the pink/green polka dotted plastic thing with pink bows is...
its wonderful...a frame. I visualize An old easter post card in it, Easter's Past photos would
be ideal, wedding invitations for display doesn't get better than that idea!
Today our sale on CUPCAKES ENDS AT 10% OFF.
Monday our sale will be on our new line hand molded Plastic decor such as this frame & baskets 10% off!

I'm sorry to be talking of Easter decor etc when there is tragic news this morning...
Pray for those who have been dangered and hurt by this horrific earthquake in Chili this morning and for those running for their lives with the Sunami warnings. I can't imagine, can you? Help anyway you can.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PARTY ON...and a SUPRISE at the end of post

Pretty Pink Roses Faux can reuse this every year or just
never let your birthday end...I like the second suggestion personally.

Who doesn't love to COUNT DOWN to their BIRTHDAY?
Dont answer this Please.
 CANDLE MAGNET...the candle comes out and it's a little magic marker to write on cupcake. 

A mini cupcake with ONE CANDLE with the little green fluffy on top...just in case your getting to that age
YOUR candles won't fit on the cake. Sometimes... just ONE will do, right?

Whimsy swirled cupcake candles, fun gift or forget making the cake just blow out the cupcake!

Woo's a Birthday Party
and isn't someone always having a Birthday?
Geez...mine just keeps coming every single's a love/hate thing. 

In Celebration I think as of today THRU this week...LETS HAVE A SALE on Birthday items
JUST LISTED, plus any CUPCAKE in the shop 10% off. This is all new Merchandise.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Blog design FAIRY...

I lOVE my blog design FAIRY so much...what a pleasant suprise to wake up to as she must have visited during the night!

So excited for the shop today as I just know there are some more great packages coming!

There are also SEVERAL areas where the jewelry is marked 20% off.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Sharing time...well a shopkeeper needs to make things right with the customer complaints, agree?
Seems I had ONE complaint /comment about our SO SO FABULOUS & pretty FAUX CUPCAKES not being real, and how dare I, it's just not right. Not mentioning names here...cough cough Lisa...oops!

And since I ALWAYS aim to please I will share a new shop in Kaysville with you:
Bake Shop
Because everyone deserves a little something special
237 W. 200 N.
Kaysville, Ut.
Hours: Tues.thru Sat. 11:00-7

owner Allison Regan
Visit the website, register for coupons and updates.

This is a Gluten free baking and they also sell Gluten free flour.

The teen girls working were adorable and friends with my teen helper, You'll love them. 
I like to introduce myself when I go into someone elses shop and usually will ask if I can advertise them
and I take some of their cards  (and do a blog)...good ethics I believe and a new  "SWEET"  business...well... we can all help each other out.
So the words out...BUT when you want to LOOK at a cupcake for alot longer than 2 minutes Please come get some of our pretty faux cupckakes!
Mimi I bet you have already found Sweet Cake?
I know I will be back.

Friday, February 19, 2010

JUST stinkin' CUTE...

The best words for these new baskets are JUST stinkin' CUTE!

Handmade and shaped each one their own work of art, pretty designs, colors and styles
and may I add...all of them a unique Easter Basket...With Easter being only 6 weeks away you may want to come in pick your styles and colors and we can order any quantity you chose...but please give us time
to order and have them shipped...k?
Nice quality you'll love is they are non breakable! Re-usable for anything you can dream up.

Would show you more but my excuse is was snowing...see snow out this window?
Pictures didnt turn out....KERAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
These baskets come in aqua dots, blue/brown dots, cream swirls, pink/green/ black dots, You are
going to LOVE them. I want one of each they make my creativity go out of control.

Sampling of the new ANTIQUATED (love that word?) handmade  RIBBON ROSE PINS,  antiqued
brass neclaces, bracelets, tussy mussy. Can you see the jewelry is a little antique brass mail box, inside is a little brass letter "I love you".  SWEET!
Everyday this week something SPECTACULAR arrived, must see. 

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hop onto the Bunny faux desserts...

Pretty petite cupcakes and little chocolate bunnies (that could break your teeth)
Are they SWEET standing in their bowl of pure SUGAR!

Zoom in for a closer look at the ceramic cupcake candles or the QUEEN MAGNETS
oh heck, why don't I just take better pictures?
It was so dreary gray and rainy today.
Nice to have Presidents day shoppers come in rain and all, thanks!




It's Bliss Victoria...welcoming SPRING (in Utah its kind of a spring light rainy day)

Look what was on the inside..."And I will make thee bed of roses And a thousand fragrant posies"
plus if you want some more or didnt get to meet Miss Peacock you can find her fabulousness french acres
in this book...just lay back in a chair and dream on.

A few TRUTHS magnets have arrived...meaning isn't it the truth?
This is more Mr. Roses and a few of his children.(they know whom they are!)

Shoes are not my thing...but I know PLENTY OF YOU who this fits perfectly!

Well who can't relate to this one...even when I am on hands and knees floor scrubbing the shop...
usually glitter covers my whole does that make me GLAM?
Never thought of it that way.

Have a fun day...and WE WILL BE OPEN TODAY...there are just too many fun
boxes that need to be unloaded...and the FAUX DESSERTS arrived Saturday...what a
treat to play with them...promise to take pictures.
Todays hours: 10:00-4:30-5

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bless this family...

I don't even know what to say...I just read  the heartwrenching story of a Utah mother who left her two little ones in the tub and the two weeks afterwards...grab your kleenex, it's honest, touching beyond belief...again right now I am speechless and a bit teary eyed
Start when Bronson Staker was born, I think its the first 2009 post, then a year later she posts the day that he drowns in the bathtub and this families experience and life changing lessons, not only for them, but for us too... and you will read up until Valentines day which is the last post.

Not NORMAL LOVE here...

Very precious and sweet...Just so NOT NORMAL getting Little Billy Goat Gruff"  art work Valentines from my daughter!
But then it's an animal from a shelter that she loves and wanted to I love it too.
Thanks and Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Fell in LOVE TODAY at the shop..,,

There is NO FAVORITE...I love it all!

Mr. UPS man got a complimentary bag of chocolate carmel dipped pretzels...I was so embarassed when I handed it him because the tag on it said "You are the Queen!" oops I said, your really the King! (now he will keep me in packages). wink wink!

Can You see why I fell in Love today...?

                                  Many more to unbox and display...some of these should
                                              make some fabulous Valentines gifts.

If someone forgets to Gift YOU for Valentines we are OPEN ON MONDAY
PRESIDENTS DAY there is so much to do...come on in
and GIFT YOURSELF...can you feel the LOVE?

Hours Sat. 13th: 10-5
Monday Feb. 15  10-5

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweeter than SWEET...

More sweets for the loved ones...don't you think these work great for boys/men too?
Pretzels and purses, even mini's!
So much more for Valentines Day

Did you see the SURVIVOR tonight: VILLAINS vs HEROES
pretty darn good I must say!
Whoo Hoo... these guys know how to survive.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gifts for the Season of Love...we have them!

Valentines Bowls loaded with candy wrapped in happy bow and tied with Valentines card are awaiting their destinations to your loved one...pretty pink selections too, priced 6.50-6.95  (just right!) we have many ready to go...
Also Fresh Carmel chocolate coated Pretzels wrapped for the special day.

As fas as anyone knows--we are a normal family.
Have we ever mentioned this to OUR children? !!

Have you ever seen a more scrumptious pillow...we have fur bolster pillows to match.
You must come and feel this fabulous fake fur.

Remember there is 10% off the whole store this week! yahoo!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stinky fish...Super Bowl Sunday

Ready set's .Super Bowl Sunday...the Potatoe Salad is ready (as Carl cannot walk in the door of the grandchildrens WITHOUT his Potatoe Salad). Surely they would whine.
Seems he hid his homemade chocolate cookies in MY PINK CROCKPOT before leaving for work yesterday...I pretended I didn't find them...are some missing?
Sandwich snacks are in place...and what's kind of funny, we don't watch the Super Bowl...its usually on and we do love to catch the commercials...and check to see who's playing...who's winning.
It's a matter of Not being left out from the world on this day.

eeeewwwwww...where did these come from...has the camera "gift giver" been using my
new fabulous camera on HIS stinky fish?
Maybe I will have to hide the camera in a better place...kind of like the cookies. I ask you...Where won't a man look for a camera?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sales...AND in with the new !

Okay...we have been having clearance sales for a month in order to get ready for all the new cool stuff that's been ordered , being made or found (in my garage of course). New ideas so Re-arranging a bit, getting ready for spring...yeah, sorry East coast, feel guilty saying that with your big snow overload. But we do have more than our fair share of the cold white stuff.

To celebrate Valentines and we are NOW 3 YEARS OLD...where did the time go...there is a SALE of 10% off your entire purchase, everything!

Now to clear up something up so there is NO DOUBT or wonderings...NO we are not closing, a Sale sign does not mean store closing, it mean SAVINGS to you our good customers.  And because I am a confessed spend- a -holic...the money must flow continuously in order for the shipments to arrive on a daily basis.
I have done ordering clear up until Christmas 2010...doesn't mean I am done, but I did get first pick this year, so that will be nice for YOU and ME.
So OLD and NEW merchandise 10% off thru next Saturday...have fun, come visit.

Happy Valentines week to you!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You sound REASONABLE...

Eat your FRUIT...never mind that  it's sugar coated PSYCHO-delic!
Mmmmm....It's Sassy fruit...because it's SASS
12 new bolts of classy sassy ribbon... playing around with them in the shop today. Here's a gift for someone... could almost pass for a boyfriend or husband for part of their Valentine. You sound reasonable. Time to up my medication. They'll hit someomes funny bone.

Those who are organized are just too lazy to look for things...hey, that was MY motto.

To Blueandshoeblog...Mrs. Potatoe head...have you come out of your death sleep and put your face back on yet? If so...put on those fabulous Stewart Plaid heels and get your House work done!(OR come and do mine, I have a layer of plaster dust over EVERYTHING"!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birdnest n Antique egg baskets

Playing at the shop today (rare occasion)...put a real birdnest in an antique wire egg basket
then filled with antique sheet music
Covered treat dome bottom with appropriate old sheet music.
Still having some good sales
New stuff starting to arrive (new ribbon today) and hopefully
Trash talk.
See you soon and don't forget to read the post below about the BLOGGERS GET-TOGETHER.

Casual blogger conference 2010 right here in Sandy Utah

I just found this...LETS ALL GO! ( I will give credit where credit is due, it was from one of Lisa's(blueandshoeblog) best friend Krista's blog. You'll find her commenting over there on Lisas blog.

I love Matt husband ALREADY knows it...and its OKAY. Matt is the Keynote speaker...
He makes you laugh at life, men and women ARE DIFFERENT (I think MEN ARE)  and has ALOT of communications skills we all NEED to know or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN (especially when raising children and husbands)  and shows how you can put them to use. (okay okay---your proding...I've seen him privately as well... he does offers a fantastic  6 class course). His Book soon to be out if not already. I'm forever grateful to him.

The other speakers are women bloggers...they all look informative and we could learn alot about something we should know more about? Being better bloggers in whatever way we chose to blog. check that info out.

Lets get a group of us  Utahns together and have a fun day...well that's in 114 days, May 28th. in Sandy. Maybe someone could make something fabulous and we could wear something SUTLE to set us apart as a group? hmmm. (thinking cap is on). No red or purple hats!
It looks like there are sponsorships...I may have to join that part...some of you with business' too?

Check it  put it on your bloglist so all of us can know about it okay! There is a button you can get from there for your sidebar.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Does this just look like a "girls dream come true" to be transformed with a magic fairy spell. They will walk into Robin Johnsons studio as a child and go home as a fairy!
Robin's studio is on Main just around the corner from us.
You will want to call really soon as this event is coming soon: 801-618-741
Please stop by and show us at Just a bed of roses your Fairy daughters photo's.
I love Robin...for 3 years I have seen her with clients as she is posing them on the streets of Farmington, she loves children and she is so happy working her passion.