Friday, March 29, 2013

you own kind of "HUNT"

Well, we're not exactly a craft show...
but you could hold onto your hats!
"hunt" around the shop you'll find many things
to make your own creations and many ready to go.

Wear these
or wear our new lacy hair bands just arrived.

this week-end you'll find last minute Easter basket fillers,
in "very pretty" and  "oh so rustic" style.

The shop is ON SALE MODE:
20% off your entire purchase of regular priced merchandise
(some things excluded)
yellow tag sale is fantastic
some things marked 1/2 off
back room filled with $1-10.00 bargains if you are a "digger"

Friday.Saturday. Monday.
come visit us during your spring break
save money and have a great experience shopping
Just a bed of roses

Friday, March 22, 2013

What can you do?

Back room bargains:
organized into 5 and 10.00 boxes
some a dollar,
will make you think
What can I do with this stuff!

Lots of rusty/rustic pieces
odds and ends
counted cross stitchings
dig. dig. and dig some more.
The more you buy the better the pricing.

Spring break is now officially on!

Come see what is on sale IN THE SHOP too.
5.00 any purse or wallet
1/2 off select items
saying signs 25% off or less
spring jewelry sales 
charm-it charms/bracelets 1/2 off
furniture mark-downs.
great stuff if you are a re-seller and creative.

uh huh
the beach looks great doesn't it?
But if you can't make it right now
come in
and shop
Just a bed of roses
Friday/saturday 11:00-5:30
15 e. state street
farmington, utah

p.s. we have newly arrived stuff too!

from pearls to industrialized

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

shopping on facebook

Do you do Facebook?
friend us: just a bed of roses
if so.
Many times we show
what is new in the shop.

I bought this the other day for my
side entry which is next to our kitchen,
which happens to be a lighter shade of
green than this.
 A 1920's ice box from Ward Co.
The purple bottles and granitware
too are from the same era.

Kara Elmore on facebook was selling it.
It's fun to have facebook friends,
hope you join us, let us know for a
10% discount on an item of your choice
next time you visit.
(unless it's already on sale).

This grouping is just across from the icebox,
the old Hendrix birdcage is from the same era also.
(my husband loves crocks)

Spring cleaning:
Our back room will be open again ( Friday
and through April) 
organized into 5 and 10 dollar boxes,
some one dollar.
Easter is on sale
among other things.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Architecture Styles of Italy - Implementing Decor Into Your Home

If you've ever been to Italy then without a shadow of a doubt you've not only fallen in love with the country, but the architecture too! The architecture in Italy is stunning and eye-catching, to say the least. From iron to brick, and other elements, architectural pieces that are either from Italy or are replicas from the country remind us of the enchanting country. All of these pieces also look beautiful in a home. If you're in need of some inspiration on what pieces to add to your home for the spring time, then look no further than some of these ideas mentioned below and images of Italy.

Once you can envision your home with similar elements, not only will you want to visit Italy to see it for yourself, but you'll want to stay at Tuscany villa rentals in Italy where you'll be able to experience this gorgeous architecture up close. Plus, you will have the desire to redecorate you home and find architectural pieces from Just a Bed of Roses (yes, we have them in our shop too), to decorate your interior conveniently.



Viewing brick and pillars in Italy will make you feel like you're a part of a grand piece of history. When you decorate your home with brick and other architectural pieces, you can bring Italy to your home. Arches and pillars are a great way to bring some Italian flair to your interiors. Place select pieces on your patio or in your garden depending upon the look you are trying to achieve. It will look outstanding! 

Authentic vintage pieces are usually just as affordable as reproduction pieces. Take a Saturday drive and explore the country roads, farmhouse sales, and local shops. There are also antique shows in Italy that you will want to experience as well. 

Remember that even though you may not be able to visit Italy right away, you can create a home that's Italy themed that will look beautiful. Make your garden space inviting and full of architectural pieces that catch your eye. Decorate your interior with vintage pieces that remind you of your travels. When the time is right, head to Italy yourself and enjoy staying at a romantic villa while exploring the countryside! You'll perhaps find some vintage pieces and more that you can bring home with you.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

spring Shopping spree

purses and wallets
$5.00 off this week

many NEW styles to chose from

fun new keychains

spring bracelets
spring garlands 10.00 each
(that's 1/2 of reg.)

Natural alphabet flash cards
buy singles 2.50 each
create your own words

large selection of $10.00 items
current mark downs
and a rolling basket filled with
$5.00 bargains
from inside the shop.

see you

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Save your greens...pickin sale

Have a lucky St. Patricks week-end

Save $ pickin ...
$5.00 Basket of sale items 
$10.00 black and white sale items
all pulled from inside the shop
spring garlands:
reg. 20.

newly arrived:
a dozen new spring purses

SPRING somerset LIFE

and if your planning a wedding we have
some beautiful shabby and chic headbands.

Friday, March 15, 2013

CrEaTe SpRiNg...

There are fresh new ways to create an Egg basket
We can help your Easter
with gifts and fresh new decor.

Create a naturalistic bunny trail

We have 2 wheelbarrows left
What can you create with rustic wheelbarrows at your place?

Create spring
from just a bed of roses
Friday and Saturday

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Days of the week...what do you do with yours?

Alphabet flash cards
capital and lower case/two sided
love the giant clothespin clips too!
don't you?
Lavender florals, antique purple glass
colored pots for easter goodies.

Rusty iron wheelbarrows
cast iron Easter baskets
for spring... arriving.

vintage whites market
Last weekend at the state fairgrounds.
I have been waiting to hear from anyone...
what did you love?
I loved.
the chippy paint ladder in the first photo
(hey, I only had one hour to SPEND)

Photo above is sweet Lorraine and her daughters booth.
Since her husband is a contractor it was so Neat...framed and covered
in chicken wire with a large architectural piece as header and twigs.
Filled with Vintage pieces... I am sure she had a happy ending!
Lorraine is a member of the Beehive Art group.
Displayed Perfectly
Congratulations Lorraine!

among my favorite things this week:
Green smoothie girls PLANT BASED Protein arrived.
I ordered all three flavors since she has a sale
buy 2 get one free.
On a scale of one to ten
it's a 10.
This is ultimate healthy.
I make no money on this...just sharing the joy!

Speaking of JOY...
Over the week-end my dad had an emergency...
meaning emergency room visit & over nighter at the hospital.
He is home and stable...but now we have pacemaker issues.
The day of his emergency (because the emergency was at night)
 he insisted my sister find a slide projecter and screen.
(15  plus chest pains and did't think to tell us about it.)
They found one on instantly...MEANT TO BE, for sure.

among the multitude of 50's and 60's slide show:
This is my mom's oldest sisters girls
Connie. Gayle and Nan on grandma's porch.
( I just did a blog post about grandma's front door last week)

They are with their daddy here.
I have a little granddaughter who has my middle name JEAN and I'm pretty sure
my oldest son will agree we are twins!
p.s. this was in the late 50's and the only pouty photo I saw of myself.
we watched home slides... hour upon hour
and I don't think I have seen any of us laugh and be so happy like that
for a long long time!
If someone is sick or elderly
what a great pull out of the boxes all their memories.

7 days
what do you do with yours?
clips will be in the shop

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Come hang out
at Just a bed of roses
this week-end... Peeps!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 pearls

It's fun to play in my workspace at home,
this is using our new velvety florals,
pearls and vintage.

Travel case, I replaced the mirror with a giant
rose with hydrangea's in velvet, added an antique
rusty lid and vintage papers rolled up.
The little sacks of vintage crochet in
many spring colors are for selling.

Pink and cream vintage collage

Old frame used for clipping photo's.

This is me sitting on my grandmothers porch.
Thinking I was about 8 or 9,
just looking at the door gave me some feelings
that brought tears to my eyes.

I have so many memories inside that door
of cousins, aunts, uncles, holidays, birthdays,
and just something to do on sundays.
 Many of them have passed on.

I can still see all of the furniture
as it was then, the piano, the food smells.

The laughter
my aunt Lynette who always had to do everyone hair.
(and compare who had the biggest boobs)

Do you ever think about your grandmothers front door?
I hadn't for a long long time.

My mother told me today that she feels her sisters
who have passed on around her.
I'm so glad,
she needs that.

Pretty quilted vintage hanger with velvety roses

I also worked on some chalkboard items
they will be in the shop
(sorry the cream frame I am keeping, but
the other items are for selling.)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring GREEN vintage... coming thursday

1902 Fairy tale book
 arriving Thursday

Boy Scout First aid kit TIN
no contents inside

Large burlap egg poked into a rustic graniteware pail of
 big tea dyed roses, floral.


Mini Bee kit
Think Easter Baskets


Green elegance apron and more...

I can never take a great Window photo

It was so nice to have the snow gone out front and rake the leaves.
In Farmington the leaves fall all year long...

One day the GRASS will come popping through!

try growing your own, even just for fun!

see you thursday. friday. saturday.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Get Healthy Before Spring Time!

With spring time just around the corner, it's time to get healthy and think healthy! During the winter it's easy to settle in and get used to a routine, but that routine may or may not include exercising, taking multi-vitamins, or eating healthy, for example. If you've struggled with some or all of these throughout the winter time, it's never too late to get back on track and come up with a regimen that you will stick with. It may seen challenging at first, but it will definitely pay off. Here are some ideas to get you going: 

Be Careful with Your Food Selections: 

It's easier said than done, but when you're at the deli or a fast food joint, don't pick the worst thing on the menu. Eat in moderation and go for healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish/proteins, foods that will feed your body with the nutrition it deserves. Over time picking healthier foods off of the menu will become a habit and your body will thank you for it! 

Take Your Multi-Vitamins: 

Do you take multi-vitamins regularly? Multivitamins are excellent vitamins to take and are also important for your body every day too. Of course taking multi-vitamins does not mean eating less veggies, fruits, whole grains, proteins. You should be eating healthy and also taking daily Nature's Best multivitamin supplements simultaneously so that you will receive the best benefits from both your food and vitamins. 

Try a New Fitness Class: 

If you're getting bored with your fitness routine or don't currently have one, perhaps it's time to implement one. Find out which classes your gym offers and sign up for a few. You may find a Pilates class that you love, a Zumba class that allows you to have fun and dance, or a cycling class that hits the spot. Whatever it may be, get moving! Getting fit before spring time will improve your mood, help you cope with daily stress, and allow you to develop a positive fitness routine! 

Don't overwhelm yourself with must-do activities. Learn to relax and enjoy the spring time while staying healthy. It will be worth it and your spring time will positive bloom both outside and in your life!