Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July Activities

Clover club potato chips...always a part of summer activities
this tin 30.00

Lots of vintage sheet music such as this one
$2-4.00 each

Barbershop quartet song book $14.00
In the good old summertime

1950's Pin the tail on the Donkey

Antique solid Oak table
comes with 3 leaves
Maybe your antique shopping this week-end?
You can call on this one

This pair of Quaint fold-up loungers:
reduced: 175.00 set

Shop is opened Thursday 11-4
closed Friday-Tuesday unless I go down to paint some walls a new color.
Crazy woman...YES
Now Hand me the chips!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

milk glass

I forgot to mention...we have a shelf of milk glass that is at least half off along with other sale items.
I'll take a photo of my chocolate brown bathroom wall with milk glass and cherub back later.

Monday, June 27, 2011

antique Polka dotted display case

Today will be the last day the antique polka dotted display case will be at the shop before we haul it home to sell.

Act today if you would like to buy it.
Price is $350.00 can use visa, check or cash.
These cases are very useful in workspaces, for collections you may have, useful for a shop of any kind. 7' long 4' tall

Cases such as this can go as high as 5-600.00
This is a super price. We just need the space at the shop and have brought in a smaller one.

Other furniture pieces on sale right now.

we are open 11-4 this week thru thursday and closed Friday through the following Tuesday.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

BEAUTIFUL antique sheet music

1922 Beautiful Rose Vocal duet:

Beautiful rose, beautiful rose,
Blooming so sweet, so sweet and fair.

Beautiful rose, beautiful rose,
Your fragrance fills, yes, fills the air.
Queen of the garden come to my heart
There I will keep thee never to part.

Beautiful rose, beautiful rose,
Wonderful charm your color shows

Beautiful rose, beautiful rose, beautiful rose,
stronger your charm in memory grows.
All the world over you reign serene
Every one loves you oh perfect queen.

Beautiful rose beautiful rose,
Token of love you'd ever be.

Beautiful rose, beautiful rose,
my own true love
gave you to me.





Life is a search for happiness
and some of us
look all in vain.
You went to find your happiness
and filled my heart with pain.
Who kows but maybe you were right?
But I'm still wond'ring tonight.

If you have found your Paradise
With someone else
then I'm content
Glad that I made the sacrifice,
you know how much it meant!
I only hope for your own sake
You haven't made a mistake.

Are you happy without me near?
Are you smiling to hide a tear?
Oh, how often I've wondered whether
You have forgotten me all together.
Are there moments when you regret
That you broke your vow?
Tell me truly, old pal of mine,
Are you really happy now?

New Black rose purse.

I wanted to share vintage sheet music with you.
Today I purchased an orange box full, with hardly a peek.
What a joy to find such lovely pieces in color,
lettering and words.
Wish I had a piano
because I'd play them tonight
and possibly sing.
As I sort them into seasons they will be showing up
in the shop and certainly will share their
beauty on this blog.
and enjoy a beautiful weekend.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Come hang out in Mayberry (state street)...We put the chippy black old Theater seating
outside to enjoy sitting under our 100 yr old shady trees.
 Maybe your waiting for a friend to show up,
or to use them to plop your Hubby on while you shop.
I suspect when I pull up to the shop today the Barber will have discovered
THESE are just right for him.
He's the Mayberry personality  type
Lives life casually
In fact he had a sign on door Monday...Gone fishin'
whatever that means.
He said it could mean anything.

Hours until after July 6th:

We'll be closed the following Friday/saturday before July 4th and the day after.
Check blog for any kind of day changes is the best in July.
Cause I may want to find out for myself what
Gone fishing means!
Sounds fun.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

display pieces on sale:

Our Antique oak display case 7' with the polka dots sale price: $350.00 neat in home, work room and gift shop. Fun fun fun!

Antique Cast Iron Bed bench (storage box for seat): 500.00  One of the best I have ever seen.
Had this especially made for the shop. Would be the double bed size.

Really nice condition round antique oak table with 3 leaves...lowest price now at 350.00 

The gold 60's end table and coffee table sold as a set is now 75.00 it's not in the shop but can be brought down if necessary.

You can call with credit card to purchase. We need them out of the shop soon!

There's more...come on in and see, Celebrating SUMMER!
Doesn't this warm feel so good!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Love...key chain gift certificates

Give a key chain gift certificate from Just a bed of Roses.
Don't you prefer plastic over paper anyway?
Over the top coolness!

Anniversary present I picked out of course, love?
I do, said that 38 years ago!

Carl's anniversary present he picked out.
It's a nut warmer, of course you sell the nuts.
I have no information at all on this...must contact my
research person Susan, dutch rose.

This is a week of all weeks to enjoy the beautiful weather isn't it


While traveling in Utah this summer...put Just a bed of roses as a "must do destination"  we'd love your visit!
Today, our 38th wedding anniversary (of course I got married when I was 10) we took a quick get away to Idaho (yes- Idaho potato) last week. Visited quite a few antique shops, yes, quite a few, also did shopping for the store from the sweetest lifetime collector...called a buying trip.

Blue moon  antiques has been there 30 years, I found it over 20 years ago and I loved she had covered
every inch of space available. It's still that way.
although as we age we get fussy and put little signs all over the place.
Think this one is about doggies.

Forget me not antiques is a new fun displayed antique shop, basement filled too.
These two shops found in Hyde Park Boise Idaho there are outdoor
eating places, charming historic area. AND there is a cute BARBER SHOP next door!

In Boise this large chippy white painted house with lots of tents and little shops out back.

By the road eccentric wild, can't remember the name of the shop.

This place I'll call "Oh My Heck MARY'S...a picture worth a thousand words?

Inside looked about the same, only nicer stuff, priced HIGH and I
was frightened to death something with fur would come along and bite me.

Mary quite contrary lives across the path.
I never did see her. Just quiet son.

We did find a fun black display piece at Marys...I looked at Carl with those
hopeful eyes that our already full to the brim truck could fit
this large piece in.
Sure he said!
He's awesome MAGIC at loading my WANTS.
Yeah, off to Utah they come for our Fall displays
And in this shed I found Carl his anniversary present and He found me mine.
I will show you tomorrow.
Hope you can wait.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

LAST DAY for Rise and Shine Sale!

WE'RE happy
EVERYONE is Happy happy happy!

Last day of tag sale:

If you love "projects" with small wood pieces and vintage linens/dishes
there are still many to chose
from and little odds and ends.

Our antique display case "for sale" has caused a little mis-understanding that
we could be closing...
I'll be happy to report
We are preparing for the new season ahead and will re-arrange the shop and a smaller counter is
needed for the new design
and merchandise!
Joni and I are die-hards
and have too many ideas that we want to create and sell you
fantastic products the market has to offer.
Your support has been
and much appreciated.

(big smiley face right now!)

come by, bring a friend and help us blow out the rest of this stuff today
we will open 9:00 a.m. till 3 when packing up
will begin.
July will begin the cleaning out of our garage and my workroom.
That means we will have a sale table out as days allow
and a possibility of another
big yard sale.
See you soon and it has been

Thursday, June 16, 2011

BARGAIN TIME 2 more days!

It's just a bargain right now to shop at Just a bed of Roses!

Tomorrow at 10:00 come search for all the things you LOVE...for a Bargain!

We have loaded up the truck AGAIN with lots of wood projects I will never get around to, end tables and chairs that would be fun to paint, and we have compiled and pulled much more from the shop.

Don't forget Neumans bakery opens at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, closes around 3...we have the drinks to go with your scrumptuous pastries.
Could someone bring Joni and I a treat?

Come enjoy the sun (fingers crossed).

Neumans is the house located just north of the Farmington cemetary on the corner.

Inside our shop Friday and Saturday all merchandise is 10% off.
Don't let your friends beat you to the BARGAINS...or a shopper grab something before you grab it! Saw that happen too much today.

Speaking of today...can I just thank those who came, and those from far away too, we love and appreciate you, your all so much fun!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rise and Shine Tag sale

Thurs-Sat is our first tag sale
of the season. Tons of fun shop merchandise at low low prices.
Inside and out.
Oh...10% off anything in shop
included in this sale!

When you leave your email address or a friends you will qualify in a drawing of this new book out by Jenny Doh. She was Somersets editor and chief and now has her own business.
You will get MY COPY signed by Jenny personally at the recent Farm chicks.

This is Joni's copy, when I mentioned Joni's name to Jenny she went on about Joni being one of the sweetest people she knows and of course creative.
Joni and I are waiting for the new somerset LIFE to walk through the doors, she designed a ballet shoe featured on page 48!
More on this later.
I'll keep you posted!

we'll have some cold drinks ... to keep you cool as you shop. We'll keep adding more to the sales piles each day, so come as often as you'd like!
Thursday and Friday 10-6  Sat. 9-3
See you soon!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garden WEDDING whites...

Wedding whites handmade jewelry new arrivals by maya
Always a matching neclace, bracelet and earrings

Gypsy style antiqued pieces by Maya
each unique, handmade with tons of love and
nothing but the best jewels.

vintage ruffleded slips so fun to wear under a skirt

Pretty as a princess in pale pink scarf

striking coral roses/pearls scarf

Starting your new Life together

Vintage rose garden wedding... wear vintage style pearls
set in antiqued brass and coppers
One of a kinds

Enjoy summer days and weddings

10-6 thurs &  fri.
9-4 saturday

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bliss Victoria antique issue

now in
Bliss Victoria antiques issue:
Treasured shops
historic homes
and Heirloom roses

I'll be stopping into Neumans Bakery this morning to see if they are open and their
summer schedule.
Call me if you would like to know:

You receive a 10% off one item at Just a bed of Roses when shopping in Farmington at Neumans
pastries only Fridays!

We for sure are having the shop yard sale next Thurs-saturday
the weather forcast if perfect and we have tons of items gathered and
gathering more.
hours: 9-6 for yard sale

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Now's the time to finish up your flower gardens
My cutest Vincas didn't survive the drenching 2 day storm and then the
drought from us traveling.
I'll try again next year.

Newly acquired Funeral baskets from Farm chicks
Love collecting unusual funeral baskets
Love them in my sunroom with the paper bee tags?
Must have bee's
and the rain is beating on the windows...again!

80 Wonder Bread baking pans connected in 3's and 4's are
awesome for plantings and organizations.
These are upside down as they are awaiting their cleanings which is
now done and we put half at General Store in Layton and
some will come into the shop today.
The one with little holes all over were once used for french bread.

at Farm chicks they were $40.00
just sayin'

It may be possible to have a shop yard sale next Thursday-saturday
still weather watching.
Marking things down still and adding to the piles of clearance in the back room

come see what's old and new

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FIRST AID in the summer

First Aid for your ailing House book 1938
SUMMERTIME house projects always nice to work on!

2 Vintage slatted lounge chairs
Can you say COOL!
buy one or two
$125.00 each
OH SUMMER lounging

HALES one in town we were guided to...
by nearly EVERYONE in town
hard to find, look how little the name is
and it's right on Main.


We had  the California burger(recommended by locals) at Hales
HEART ATTACK on a plate
is what we called it
mmmm....FIRST AID in the summer

Antique addicts FIRST AID therapy

Mr. Roses must be a Farm Chick too, as
ONE day was not enough for either of us.

addicts never know when to quit!

7:30 a.m. Farm chicks gather
note show starts at 10:00

Oh leg pains on a beautiful sunny day


Lucky me...I was within the first 12 in the long line...
EXCEPT there were two other lines that went in first, one
line with 300 who paid a 20.00 entrance fee to shop early.

The early bird catches the work, right.

I believed it after I saw some SOLDS on NEAT things I WOULD HAVE TAKEN HOME!
(Must pay more entrance $$$ next SUMMER for sure!)

Mr. Roses JOB...take photo's, geez...of course he would find the appliances!
(cute aqua vintage ones though)
Just one artists space you'll see here today
when I get over exhaustion from 5 days vintage overload, riding 1,600 miles, besides
reading Steven Tylers book (rock star life, boy I'm sheltered)
I will do more on Farm chicks.

Recession...WHAT recession?
Economy, what's that?

ANTHONYS at Spokane Falls...


Invited to a private yard sale on the way back home
don't worry I will share.

digging in boxes, sheds and garages.

p.s. the shop will have a big one sometime before the end of June
stay close by for the dates, we're watching the weather.

Really had fun. Hated to go. Don't be deceived or feel sorry for me.
This is not all that was purchased
Mr. Roses filled the truck beyond full on this trip.
He makes a good Farm Rooster?
ALL BECAUSE we are addicts
and addicts of vintage never know when to stop.
so...count YOUR blessings
you'll be seeing some of it at the shop


Here is a vendor that took BEFORE THE MASSES st  farm chicks tore into their displays: