Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's hit the road Jack

Vintage Photography: Pretty as a Picture

When I graduated from both high school and college I looked forward to having photos professionally taken of me because it symbolized that I had made it through a segment of my life. This segment of my life was something I was proud of, so naturally it was fun to showcase this via photography. When I graduated from high school for my photos I posed in a beautiful vintage gown with lace and ruffles, that fit in perfectly with the columns surrounding me. My mom has this picture framed and centered in our piano room today. I don't have this picture on my computer to show you, but I do want to show you other beautiful pictures that remind me of the occasion.
I admit sometimes I wish I could get my pictures taken again, because it's fun in a way getting all dressed up and pretty. You get to show off that you've graduated high school or college and you also get to choose where you want your pictures taken, which is also fun. I happen to love vintage settings for taking photos and I know for a fact that there are a few elements that shouldn't be forgotten when it comes to capturing vintage photos that will last a lifetime.
Pastel colors definitely come to mind when taking vintage photos. With their subtle coloring and romantic tones, pastel colors are definitely a key element in vintage photography. Apply this to your photos via a light colored dress or implementing pretty elements such as lightly pink flowers like in the image above. 
Another beautiful element to include in photography? Besides a beautiful vintage dress, of course, is your flowing locks. Hair extensions are perfect for this type of photo shoot if you'd like to add more body to your hair and have the perfect amount of pretty waves.
Another important aspect of vintage photography is the setting that you choose. Do you want your pictures taken in a meadow, bedroom, or on a bridge near the water? Wherever you choose your setting to be, make sure to set up the appropriate props too. I love the props in the above picture because the photographer incorporated vintage suitcases and fun books (with the pages organized in the shape of a heart), for the graduate to be lying near.

Making moments last a lifetime means being creative and finding a photography setting that you will love to look at time and time again. Wearing an outfit that's pretty and styling your hair the way you want to remember the time period by is also important. Have fun and you will enjoy reminiscing about memories and times spent during your times in school and other monumental occasions.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

another day at the beach...naturally!

Huntington Beach California

Lots and Lots of sandy beaches
volleyball. sandcastles. sun soaking.

Pier attraction
walking. fishing. dreaming.

Keeping the old, new.

Ocean view room
relaxing. sea foods. shopping.
room service!

early morning activities
walking. surfing. getting feet wet.

Can you ever get enough?
foilage. succulents. tropical trees.

and sunshine

Found ONE antique shop
oh happy day!

delicious discoveries...
why eat a cupcake when you can have these?
yes I sampled all three,
you would too!
North of Johnny Rockets

Brave grandson in new hat
whom I love
He's growing so tall and getting so healthy
in a Natural way them!

The new issue of
Jeanne D' Arc Living is in!
It's a Must have for summer travel
this book is like a breath of fresh air and sunshine

Hoping your summer, too, is off
to a very good start.

see you
thursday. friday. saturday.
because vintage matters!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Colorful friends roadtrip

If your up to a "road trip" this week-end
phone some of your colorful friends and come see us
friday. saturday.
11:00-5 or 5:30

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eclectic Memorial week-end

steam punk faucet handles

Pretty roses vintage hosiery bag
(I'd use for a purse)

estate barkcloth birds and blossoms curtain set

Hostess bakery connected bread pans for planting
such as mine.
We do have some planted and ready to go for you.

Sharing my very large Hosta with you

Ferns have out shined themselves this spring too!
The shop is so full of such an eclectic mix right now I just love it, you will too.
There's just too much to even begin listing!
See you:

thursday. friday. saturday.
this Memorial week-end
closed Monday

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Industrial vintage COMPOSTING

Our metal 1940's chamber bucket acts as
the composting collector in the kitchen.
Since eating mostly RAW these two buckets fill up fast.

We have built two homes and have never had a
garbage disposal on purpose...don't laugh!
It all goes to the compost pile to enrich the garden soil.

The small galvanized bucket goes under the sink.
Usually lined with newspaper or a bag.

Are you feeling a bit like this right now?

Yard, garden, working, collecting, organizing, cleaning out,
vacations, meeting up with friends, re-doing, taking care of children or parents?
Sit in the sun with a refreshing healthy drink...
you'll feel like this wonderwoman again
remember her?

(recently purchased from an estate)

It will all come together
Stay healthy or get healthy!

Monday, May 21, 2012

It pays to be happy

She is my most favorite find
over the week-end
wouldn't you agree?
We were driving down the street and she
was waving her sign, smiling and waving her other hand so ambitiously
She earned a dollar from me
Just to get her photo!



I also made my daughter happy for her
birthday...with this for her artsy studio
she wanted creepy taxidermy.
Is this creepy enough?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Style Savvy Sofas

I love sofas that become the focal point of a room, capturing the style of the interior in a perfect way. With the interior design trends that are taking place, it's easy to play with a room and incorporate a sofa that you probably wouldn't have used several years ago.

From polka dots to written script, a sofa looks stunning with its design elements. They also come in a variety of colors, from purple to even orange! Just take a look at the sofa pictures below and see what I mean. Once you gain inspiration of how to apply a sleek sofa into your interior - you'll be excited to find the perfect sofa at a shop or site like SofaSofa right away.
With the modern fish photo on the wall, and nature like elements, this interior is perfect for a fisherman with style. The sofa seamlessly incorporates the modern elements within the space and there's a nice touch with a fisherman's net that is perfectly situated right behind the sofa.
A sofa in a royal purple color will add the perfect amount of color to a room, especially if the wall is covered with dark colors. A few shades of red (like the pillow on the chair and a pop of red in the painting) will also tie together the room's elements. However, the real star of the show is the purple sofa and it's regal elegance.
Switching over to scripted chairs, this traditional and formal looking chair is not only elegant, but it offers a stylish look all on its own. From the script to the swirls, this chair has it all. Imagine having it in your living room.
A red geometric sofa is just as fun, especially with a yellowish orange pillow like in the picture above. This sofa most certainly is the focal point in a room that looks nice with white walls. Definitely if you have a bold sofa in a bright rich color it's important to have neutral colors surrounding it.
Saving the best for last, in my opinion, is this candy colored sofa and delicious decor elements. Just check out the patterned pillows and beautiful colors in all of the elements. I am in sofa and interior design heaven.

Don't be afraid to use a sofa to make all of your creative dreams come true. A sofa as a focal point will not only look enchanting, it also will bring a pop of color to the space. Enjoy decorating your interior and don't be afraid to play with color - there's so much you can do with a stylish sofa within a space!

Enjoying Pond and Garden Landscaping During the Summer

There's nothing I love more than to take a break and relax during the summer. The summer is a fun time to take vacations, spend time in the yard, and plant new flowers. If you don't watch it though, you can get so caught up in travel and doing so many things in your garden that you forget to relax. Relaxing is important during the summer time - after all, you should enjoy all of the hard work you've done in the yard!

If you have a pond in a yard that you've worked hard on, what is better than enjoying it? You can pull out a few comfortable lawn chairs, sit back and relax. Don't forget to bring along a magazine while listening to the trickling water because it is certainly important to enjoy the pond and all of the hard work you put into it. Later after you've thoroughly enjoyed your pond - revamp it and switch out the pond liners and plant more water lilies!

There are several different ways to incorporate a pond into your yard, so if you're thinking of adding to your current pond or are curious about how other ponds look, take a look at these pictures to gain inspiration.
I love this pond because it's well manicured and filled with beautiful pond plants. Plus - look at all of the greenery surrounding the pond, just beautiful!
Other beautiful ponds have beautiful landscaping such as rocks and even koi fish! I love the way the landscaper used rocks to frame the pond to create a peaceful place to seek solace.
A small pond in a yard is just as beautiful, especially if you put a statue of an angel or another prevalent character that you would love to see in your garden area. Surround the pond with flowers and lighting and you will love how your pond looks every time you walk into your garden area.
If you have enough room to incorporate a canopy that will surround your garden, then by all means make it happen! A canopy and a pond side by side will not only look lovely, but will add to the peacefulness of the garden. Now it's time to truly sit back and relax in a beautiful garden and pond while having a fabulous summer.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Words out...

Truck on over...load up on WORDS:

Did I say that out loud?
Blah Blah Blah
scatter peace
life gets better

Here's the favorite 3 word pillow:

Word pillows
Love you more
Our nest
God bless the whole world, no exceptions
Be nice or leave
Life is good

Realize how good you really are
Life is too short to be serious all the time
be a go-giver as well as a go-getter
To be or not to be, this is your decision
What will be your wake up call?

Exercise daily, walk with the lord
God give me guts
Pray big
Jesus loves you deal with it


Lots of wordy signs in
Which words will work for you?

Words make great gifts for any occasion
we can wrap them up for you

Collected for the shops Halloween 2012  today, SO  EXCITED!

Just sayin'