Friday, July 29, 2011

Plant these in your yard

Large cast iron headboard

Ornate footboard

Ornate gold headboard with wreath etching

 footboard with wreath etching

Antique headboard with footboard
no railings for any of these.

2 childrens chippy rusty paint chairs

Swirled wicker patio table
narrow with glas top
excellent condition

Chippy rustic small trunk
shabby style

Who said summer time and the livin was easy...if your a farmer in
those days imagine carting these from the dairy off to market!
4 large and one cute small.
all with lids, a few with dairy names.

All unique pieces for yard art
these are not in the shop but you may call and inquire
pricing will be available first of the week.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Linger Longer...Friday night

Friday our hours are 10:30-7:30
so many times our working friends miss us during the week, here's a chance to catch us a bit later after hours.
Come try out our super fantastic colorful fingernail polish, I have one of each color on each nail...well, it's hard to decide which one, I'll just wear one of each! Only there are 20 colors, I need two more hands.
That's profound...two more hands...couldn't we all use two more hands!

Monday, July 25, 2011

COLLECTIONS...what are yours?

Aqua 1950's suitcases, vintage kitchen utinsels
always adding to our collections at the shop.

Vintage tablecloths and linens

Antique handmade Quilts
Various ages and prices


Coke products
 board games
 in vintage
 Clue, Chinese Checkers, Concentration and Finance.
Little vintage coke bottles $1.00 each

Wooden boxes and crates
30.00 each


1986 Garbage pail kids stickers
50 cents each

Deseret Milk bottles
 $15.00 each

Pretty pearls-- tiny vintage perfume bottles and tins

Early 1900's purple glass bottles
we have 100 of them right now to chose from
$3.00 on up
some of our new finds
will find their way into
your own personal

Means if a product is mostly RED it is 20% off!

We have some spectacular fingernail polish arriving mid-week
glam up your nails
You'll love
Maybe even COLLECT
alot of

Friday, July 22, 2011

How does your garden grow...

Our first tomato

PROUDLY Mr. Roses presents me with our first tomato of the season.
Although very small I say "you eat it, you grew it"
he says "no let's cut it in half"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Early Bird gets the Worm clearance

Early bird gets the worm CLEARANCE going on now at Just a bed of roses!
Friday 9-1

Boxes of stuff outside, special sales inside one including anything red 20% off.


We will close Friday at 1:00 thru Monday the 24th of July holiday to be with our families.
Too be honest...I'll be sorting thru more stuff in garage! Don't you get tired of husbands complaining about stuff in their garages???

Before I forget...come see our new vintage pieces and vintage/antique quilts as the shop is "on its way" to getting ready for the next BIG season. Shopping like a maniac gypsy!

 Where women create and another special issue called Home has arrived.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flea-o.logy the art of finding second hand treasures

We'll be participating in Flea.o.logy an eclectic  antique and crafts  market held at a charming sandstone Victorian mansion on Main St. in Payson, where you will find vintage treasures, romantic handmades.

It's a gathering of folks bound together by the love of all things aged, used, precious, priceless. funky, rusty, junky, quirky and quaint.

Sale is this coming Saturday July 16th 8-3
218 N. Main Payson, Utah  (Payson south of Provo and Spanish Fork).

This is central check-out, meaning the 20 vendors will not be in their booths collecting the money. and facebook.
Spend a day in Utah county, just for fun. You can shop the two building Treasures Antique Mall in springville west of freeway.

I would START in Payson bright and early...just sayin'!

Romantic homes magazine has a special issue out on Flea markets...too bad they missed Flea.o.logy! But you and I won't! Hoping Weber and Davis county support Utah County this week-end.

If this weekend is out try fleaology again Sept.   2nd and 3rd  same time same location, and Paysons onion days.
Just a bed of roses has been holding out some unique things (7 vintage quilts for one) just for this sale and also pulling some clearance items from the shop.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SWAN LAKE art kit by Joni

"Ballet represents the purest form of artistry because it encompasses a diverse range of art forms--dance, choreography, costuming, orchestrated music, artistic backdrops, stage sets, and a captive audience, " says Joni Greenman.

These were the thoughts that spun through her head as she stumbled upon a pair of pointe shoes.
She calls it the Swan Lake kit as its filled with rolled up patterned appers and fabrics, embellishments and other supplies any artist would enjoy rummaging through.

Joni feels such inspiration and honor when turning the pages of Somerset Life magazine.
Joni explains "By taking a leap of faith and believing in your artistic self, a person can achieve aspirations beyond measure."

You'll find her pages delightul to the eye and her words are chosen carefully like in real life.

Here is Joni's etsy shop:
Joni works her creations into vignettes in the shop.
They don't last long
do they!
Joni is published frequently in Somerset magazines with various titles not just LIFE.

We have only 3 copies left
Must order more!
Congratulations Joni

Just a bed of roses is fortunate to have Joni's unique work in the shop
and her EXPERTISE in shop displays as well.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Farmington Days

Today the shop will open around 1:00 till 5  or so.

My goal is to set outside sale items, much will be 1/2 off and less. There won't be like a ton of things, but enough. Cause I am wearing down while Joni vacations in Hawaii...aloha!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Utah this week-end Bella's vintage Market

Have you been to Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake?
Saturday Bella's Vintage market will have vendors selling eclectic treasures, vintage inspired home decor and more.
like them on facebook and receive $1.00 off the 3.00 admission

Also it's Farmington days, with parade and park on Saturday.
The shop will OPEN LATER this 1:00 p.m.-5 or so.

Next Friday/Saturday is Mamapalooza at General store in Layton. I will be sending yard sale items from the shop.

Flea-ology antique market in Payson Saturday
8-4   http://www.flea-ology.blogspot/.

As always we have new arrivals each day. New Life magazine has arrived, loved every page and words. Joni has some beautiful pages in this one I will blog about this week-end!
Congratulations's wonderful

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The antique box springs are off the wall, we've displayed with them for 5 years
now and it's time for a change.
They are now at the General Store in Layton  $98.00  (not bad)
General store is having a celebration coming up
so Just a bed of roses will be participating by re-stocking and they
will have an outdoor yard sale
not this week-end but the next.
For sure we will have a table full for the yard sale.

Dear Ol Dad waving at us as his ADULT children venture off to the mudslide just
around the bend and below our cabin.
Results of this springs relentless RAIN.
Our cabin survived.

This new cabin had two roads leading to it
now none and it's condemned.

This mudslide came down a good 3 miles, it followed a creek
It made new streams and little waterfalls.
And...took out another cabin and trees.

This is in Weber canyon above Oakley.
The water high and dangerous.
More so than we have ever seen in 15 years.
We made it back safely.


We're open today and through the week 11-4:30

Please pardon the Painting going on (and the moving of furniture...I take help when I can get it! (husbands off today)

Hope you had or are having a nice 4th of July Vacation.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sweet land of Liberty

Have a safe 4th of July

Obey the laws of the land
Go the speed limit
(that means watch for signs that say what the speed limit is)
Just sayin'
It gets expensive
More than putting gas in the tank!

Friday, July 1, 2011


July 1, 2011

Ocean shell rings
only 6.00

Beaded clutches and coin purses

Any DREAM vacations going on this summer?

Garden you ever put your laundry out on the clothesline?

The shop WILL be opened today