Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a pictures worth a thousand words for fleattitude vintage market saturday

                                                         Pictures worth a thousand words but I dont' have any pictures so you'll have to visualize what we are bringing to fleattitude:     Pink stuff
                                                    rusty stuff
                                                    red wagon
                                                    metal gate
                                                    old wooden food crates
                                                    vintage numbers
                                                    vintage jewelry $5.00 each
                                                    doilies, hankies, linens $1.00
                                                    vintage kitchen items in reds
                                                    large aqua cooler
                                                    fur coats 
                                                    baby dresses and rompers
                                                    metal hangers for displaying
                                                    big metal coat rack
                                                    old milk zinc boxes
                                                    tool boxes
                           so much I can't remember what is boxed up!
                                                   ALL UNDER PRICED
                                                    OH small ladders
                                                   maybe the aqua screen door!
                                                See you at Fleattitude
                                                   65 E. 200 S 
                                                  Pleasant grove, utah
                                                  saturday 8-4
                                          Just a bed of Roses will be open
                                          Thursday. Friday. & Saturday

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

fleattitude vintage market Saturday

fleattitude Saturday 8:00-4:00
Pleasant grove rec. center

we'll be there selling
and we have a big full truck load
of vintage goods
reasonably priced
worth the trip down 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Getting ready for Fleattitude

By now vendors for Fleattitude market
have most of their Junque tagged...
I know we do.
To find some of the vendors a list is
on fleattitude blog on our blogs sidebar.

there should be all types of vintage paper.
empheria. sheet music.

Pretty sure there will be lots of stuff to fill your
Pinterest project needs...and more!
I am bringing over 100 probably over 200
pieces of vintage doilies, gunny bags $1.00 each
and nicer doilies
$5.00 each

neat crates are always abundant at flea markets,
we will have some too along with galvanized milk boxes.

Surely someone will be selling the best tablecloths...
I just purchased some...just gonna tell you I need them
for my tables, but you can buy them .
They're awesome!

I sure would love to find a roll or two of the
really old old wallpaper...
oh pretty please someone bring them!

keys...what will they think of next to make with them!
Pretty sure we have old keys boxed up to bring.

we have lots
also have a double space
When you walk into the main shopping area
go straight to the back and we are in the corner
on your left (east wall) by the side door.

Friday, July 26, 2013

I already want to take a nap tomorrow...

I think ya'll are up in the mountains
trying to stay cool?
Please pass the smore's

The weather man says we're going to cool
down for a few days.
Can you say Hallelujiah!

I'm going to keep the shop closed Saturday,
it's been a bit slow being the 24th fell in midweek this year.

Working on pricing some of our collections that
we'll be selling soon.
also getting more ready for Fleattitude
(friend them on facebook for the flea market sale
details next saturday)

Maybe ya'll are takin' up knittin?
I hear it's the popular thing to do...
guys and all!

see you Monday!


Cabins are places where "eating" is the thing to do
Entertainment eating it's called.
If your longing for renting a cabin try:
get on their mailing list as they keep you updated
as to whats available and throw in details.
Only 19 mi. from Yellowstone.
They say early fall is wonderful there.

Best of show in Clinton by Jayna Rice.
she calls it "a canoe or two"
Jayna and her sense of humor!

Jayna was our altered neclace designer.
She moved on to Photography and goes on week-end
excursions with Jon Williams photography groups.
If you facebook friend Jayna Rice you will see her recent
"50 shades of green"
trip to Ireland 
 and week-end excusions through out Utah.
She has inspired me to bump that trip up on my
bucket list.
How could you not want to go after seeing
how she has captured Ireland.

She, her "sense of design" and her camera's
are the best combination.

The other end of town
It's not open yet...can't wait.
This building make-over is being
re-created in a BIG way by Cory Johnson.
(owner of Old school body shop in west haven)

He is an avid runner and amazing artist of metal and junk.
Inside you will have your breath taken away...
it's unlike anything you have ever laid eyes on.
It's a restaurant...of a different kind, but
more on that later
25th street Ogden
clear to the EAST END (by the mountain, you'll see it on the south side.
expect to be blown away.

This is cory, the one with the mousetail!
He is an AVID and I mean AVID runner.
I admire his get up and go, go go!

eat healthy when you can!

Not saying chinese food is that healthy...but if you are craving some...

We tried this new place out
it's located on the old highway (1900 w.) 
Marriott-Slaterville right before the light.
Food was excellent, cool inside, clean, attractive
priced just right and made fresh.
You can always head up North to the fresh fruit stands
in perry and make it a little outing .
There's always Smith and Edwards close by.

and that's some summer show and tell

Now back to Farmington...
we are open today

Thursday, July 25, 2013

grab a shopping cart we're open today

our new sign

come enjoy some time

sweet books from yesterdays

more vintage bingo cards in

rent or buy these
drawer organizers

rent these

read this

grab a shopping cart

enjoy summer's bounties

see you today

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pin on...

Sometimes it's just alot of fun to
look through your PINterest boards
and revise them.
I'm working on it:
just a bed of roses

Thinking I might just try some of those
neat ideas really soon.

How are yours coming along?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 antique listing

Montgomery ward treadle sewing machine
antique oak
sewing machine could be workable, I just don't know for sure.
One the left of the top there was a break and repair in the wood.
price reflects the damage.

solid oak door..heavy
(more brown than pictured, oh the sun is bright)
I call it the principles door.
heavy glass, the top has metal design running inside it.
This measures: 81 3/4 x 35 3/4"
hardware is on it.

antique solid oak door
(oops its upside down)
hardware and nice condition.
150.00 each
3 available
sizes are close to: 31  3/4 x 81  1/4 and 81  3/4

Just listed on
under antiques
just call:

located in west haven

today we prepared for the event:
(50 vendors)
in pleasant grove next saturday
we dug out, tagged and boxed for our booth.

If you love vintage linens and doilies
there is a huge laundry basket filled
for only $1.00 each
a super duper buy!
Plan to come dig through our vintage.
bring lots of cash and a husband so you can
buy and he can carry it to the truck!
(anyway, that's how I've trained mine!)

I love to dig through our garage this time of  year
it's so nice and warm
a benefit of summer
and I love to discover what has been in storage for awhile.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunshinin' 10:30-3:30 today

enjoy your day!


Sunday, July 21, 2013


aqua screen door with rusty screen
for sale $125.00 or rent

2 vintage garden chairs
hand painted
65.00 each
or rent

just arrived and fitting for the summer season
a glamping travel trailer
a must see!

an entertaining ceiling of gameboards

Industial coming to fleattitude
we'll be selling there
first Saturday in August.

my buddy tool tote
find it at fleattitude
you can find them on facebook:
friend them!