Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pleasant Suprises mom's can have...

What a pleasant suprise it was when walking into Salon Tantrum in Layton yesterday and there was my daughters art work on their walls... aren't they amazing? Not being an abstract lover, so of course the first picture is one of my all time favorites, love the colors and design of the abstracts and suppose that's where more education is needed. They are for sale ,although its hard for her to sell her paintings as she gets kind of "attached". How an artist paints is beyond my knowledge, how does it come out of them? One day I tried ONE art lesson...and discovered really fast that this was not for me, so hard... much harder than ever dreamed.
Will tell you a story about her families "Mission Impossible" event this week, so check back soon.
Since talking about Salon Tantrum they cut and color your hair like artwork too... Danni is mine, she's wonderful and very interesting and knows the Human Art philosophy. You would love any stylist there my daughter and granddaughters use Tommy...they LOVE Tommy in fact, and he is the owner.
So, beautiful daughter of mine, thanks for the nicest suprise!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

WOODEN SHOES in our flower garden...

I'm a pretty lucky gal at home, the minute I say something like: "this rusty stand here needs some little WOODEN SHOES hanging from them" I no sooner blink and it's done! Aren't they cute just hanging out with all the pretty GRANDMA'S GARDEN FLOWERS just starting to bloom.
It won't be too long and the BEES will find them a cozy shoe home...oh that's two wooden shoe homes! We HAVE to do WOODEN SHOES around here, as Mr. Bed of Roses happens to be DUTCH and our last name means WOODEN SHOES.

With antique bed frames all around the flower gardens here at it any wonder why the shop is named: Just a bed of Roses?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summertime fun around the shop...

What's new? First we have an AQUA grouping of an old wooden stool, 60's metal milk crate, birdcage stand, plant stand and peace travel luggage.(great graduation gift?)
Next hang this upside down as shown, its an antique wash stand towel bar of oak I have painted cream and stained, now you have a QUILT holder.
Oops, the big pansie tubs are not for display. How did that happen?
Our planter totes are selling as suprising and unique gifts...the little yellow sewing machine drawer planted with ivy and pink went out with a pair of our gloveables in lime green and pink polka dots to present for a special friends birthday.The giver couldn't be more tickled...PINK! lol!
There is ALOT more...never get it all photographed.
Check out www.myeverydaysparkles.blogspot and see what she did with our little cloth bags, turning them into invitations to a cupcake party, so clever.She also shows the wicker bench and grouping she purchased this evening at Just a bed of roses. There are alot of tea dyed cloth bags available, have some fun and use your imagination like Jeni did.
I will put together pictures of some gift ideas for this week-end.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Which "little house" is your style?

Jayna had a creative week-end too...altered art "little house" neclaces will arrive Wednesday. Each necklace adorned with a "little key". Seriously, I don't know how she does these little houses, when you see them you'll know what I mean.

We've been FRAMED...

Memorial week-end was a productive one for me. Saturday/Sunday I visited my parents at their cabin. Had lots of laughs and good food with sister and her teen boys, wish I had their energy! My father is just so tired and weak it is just so painful to watch. He enjoys us all so much and loves us around though.
Sunday was pouring rain in the what else is there to do but eat!

Monday...I was on a creative roll...painted, sanded & stained, then glued. Here are alot of the frames, now in the shop,aren't they wonderful! Got creative with my antique silverware hiding out in my workroom drawers too, love how they turned out framed.
Most of the frames are YOU can create what goes inside! Aren't the Punk rose handmade tags delightful on them! We have a new collection of them and a new bowl of $1.00 tags for your own projects. outdoor plants were planted in neat colored totes & sewing machine drawers. Will take pictures of them Wednesday to show you...OR just come on in!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

OPEN TODAY...SATURDAY, closed Monday

We are going to be open for shopping today noon until 4-4:30
Since its so fun to visit boutique/antique shops during little out of town "get aways" and we are so close to the cemetary, we voted to OPEN, we invite you to stop in! Closed Monday.
P.S. the new Romantic Homes came in late yesterday, I'll be paying it a visit soon!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Maybe some Antique Nursery Rhymes to Frame?

Old nursery rhyme pictures to recreate into something fabulous, we have several vintage purses in,and add sparkle to your traveling needs with our flashy hot bags! There is a big bowl of paper tags on sale: $1.00 each, be creative! Have fun planning what to do for your Memorial Day week-end!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A half day with my daughter...

We attended the little girls program, this picture performing their first number, they are dressed in the yellow shirts. Stevi with the brown hair sat down right after that FOR THE REST OF THE PROGRAM, she looked bewildered, very unusual as she is outgoing, maybe a little stage fright? We laughed alot during this program,as each child so unique.
Then onto Mini's cupcakes, on the south side of Sears 8th South...oh my goodness, the Pink Diva was scrumptuous chocolate with pink frosting and a chocolate on the top, way to pretty to eat and worth it, then lunch.
The U-Haul...well thats a whole story on its own for another day (I did make her take off her HIGH HEELS for loading!) but for now, I am going to bed!
Took nice vintage pieces into Re-Creations in Roy, lots of pale hand painted aqua frames,mirrors,coat rack, high chair and some great... I mean great antique wooden slatted chairs, reminiscent to the front of a beach a nice stained glass Pirates ship, antique. They may be closed Saturday and Monday.
Stop by there and the shop Friday, sales going on, more vintage coming in and somemore great traveling bags for the shabby & chic travelers.
We are still deciding on sat. if we are to be opened.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh my heck...

100 million votes and Adam didnt win...I am in shock. Wasn't Kris in shock too?

Adam was SO fantastic singing with Kiss and everything else, loved the Santana number the best. My favorite song "Black Magic Woman"... pondering back to college days dating a drummer in a band, they always played that song...shhh don't tell Mr. Roses I mentioned this, bad girl!

Adam has been such a unique contestant. He really doesn't need winning Idol to be HUGE. Last year David Archuletta was my pick. Can't wait to see where Adam is in a year, well, okay... two years.

Fantastic finale program, didnt you love it? If I had fingernails to bite, they would have been bitten off.

Guess right now I am a sad/bad loser who didn't vote... WILL BE happy for Kris tomorrow, promise. What did YOU think?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pick YOUR initial...or one for a friend

Initials are HOT items...and Jayna's handmade soldered art charms are no exception. She is building her supply since this is such a huge gift giving month and everyone loves their initials.

Heads up for Memorial Day hours: Closed this Saturday & Monday so we can all be with our families. May close shop a little early on Friday...say 3-4:00 call ahead if coming from out of town, we'll stay open to accomodate you.

Oldies & goodies from the past coming in...

Victorian chic antiques arriving with MUCH MORE beautiful things on Monday. My olde time friend from the 1980's is slowly parting with her treasures and invites me up to see what Just a Bed of Roses customers would LOVE...she can't part with her treasures unless she knows that they will stay adored! I won't disclose her name, she loves her privacy.
She taught me many things about antiques when I had my first shop.Plus we would try to beat each other to a great yard sale...she could always get to and afford the "good stuff" more than I.
All the books which are 100 years old or more she has read, bringing in to the shops about a dozen.
Monday I hope to take pictures of the new set of antique dishes and collectables.

Recreations in Roy is getting the items pictured starting with the black porch chair. And by the way...the Rooster table IS sold (I told ya it would go fast!)I will get in there when the chairs are finished up this week for a final picture.

Let me not forget the ANTIQUE BREAD PAN FLORALS...three more will be planted on Monday...aren't they neat! Smaller ones sold immediatly... so don't hesitate on these. (we have put draining holes in the bottom, thanks to Mr. Roses thinking that it's a must do).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

PORCHES...It's that giggle time of year!

Need I say more?
Every porch needs an old bath tub, outdated television, Biggest blue garbage can and lets not be without the black couch!
(I mean this to be all in fun, not to be rude, Mr. Bed of Roses and I sure do get the giggles!)
As we are out yard sale hopping we come across some VERY UNIQUE porches,I scream stop the truck...He turns around, I dig for camera, Mr. rolls down the window... hope you don't mind me sharing once in awhile this summer.

Friday, May 15, 2009

FRENCH soaps & Flower Garden aroma's...

We smell SOOOO BEAUTIFUL ...lemongrass,verbena,lavendar,tea rose, french tulip, & apricot with our new editions of French soaps & lovely milk oat,plus more speckled soap eggs stamped "made in France". Aren't the round soaps packaged romantically for gift giving..."Paris eiffel tower". Now available by popular demand are small bottle of scented oils in Freescia & Gardenia, now that spring...almost summer is here, freshen up your home with scents from the flower garden.

Re-Creations in Roy

So...I took my beautiful fabric choices up to Re-Creations and she was a bit puzzled at my paisley how is that going to hold up outside? So she sent me to JoAnns fabric and I bought some SALE fabric in floral aqua ,golds and pale pink/red
and a co-ordinating strip for the bottom, only 60.00 Now I can afford my "day off" adventures! Will show pictures when done.

While there I asked if I could take a picture of a few things around Re-creations: the Red/Black Rooster grouping (Krista always makes groupings, good marketer that she is, then you buy the whole thing. It is coming together amazingly, how about I slip in next week when its finished so you can see the co-ordinating chair fabrics and the table with its stained finish, but If I don't get in there REAL SOON, it will be sold and someone enjoying it in their home.

This green/brown grouping is fabulous, do you just love the big bold hydrangea fabric behind those cupboard doors! Well, too late, it's been paid for. But do take some time this summer to stop in frequently and see what's going on, buy yourself something fun to freshen up your home, porch or patio. You won't be dissappointed. She also buys or consigns your unwanted pieces, nice way to pick up some vacation money!
I have to be honest, don't know how they pull all this off, but they do.

My husband has decided that I keep my rent space there during the summer, so we will work at getting it filled up with some fun vintage long as I get to have my daughter in law clean the house once a week! yeah! that wasnt a big enough YEAH!

Re-Creations in Roy just North of Walgreens off 5600 S. and 1900 W. you can park behind the store too. 11:00- till they are so tired they drop! (7:00-9:00 p.m)