Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fleattitude vintage market is just a week away

 These are listed on fbooks vintage yard sale utah right now. When you get on that site you can type in: brenda justabedofroses  there is a little magnifying glass symbol to click on and a box will pull up to type the name in. It will pull up my listings. You may pick up at the shopette at home or Fleattitude Aug. 9th in Pleasant grove. We are loading up tons of vintage goods for this fun event! If your wondering when the shopette will be opened...I am too! We just may do a big 3-4 day sale in sept...a week or two after labor day.

Carl and I started a 26 day DETOX...Greensmoothie girl has a manual you can purchase on her website and have shipped or download. We are day 3's nice to be taking our health back. It's great to be doing it together, so much easier.

look forward to seeing you next weekend...hope your having an enjoyable summer!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Right smack in the middle of summer

 Being right smack in the middle of is our first little juliettes waiting for tomorrow's 100 degrees to ripen up...can't wait!
How is your garden growing by now?

 We ended up at the 25th street ogdens first of the season Farmers market saturday. I had wanted to go to Utah county to shop, but could not get out of bed early for anything. They had a nice western shoot out. tons of vendors, lots of customers. A tractor show too, this little beauty was just like carls dads row crop farming tractor.

 The produce was glorious...and we wondered why we were growing a garden??? They have everything you need each week fresh and home grown, priced affordable too. I mean, it's hard work if you have ever tried.

 Husband won't long as there are projects, he tackles them, doesnt matter the temps. This is a very large primitive dresser that will be making its make-over debut Nov. 15th fleattitude at the salt lake fair grounds. It will be pickle green with a nice brownish glaze.

 Because it's going to reach 100 degrees monday...(and I don't want to be outside repurposing anything) I will be selling a bunch of small collectables in groups for reasonable pricing...this is on fbook site: vintage yard sale utah. You can join. I will be selling hopefully starting at 11:00 a.m monday. You can pick up in west haven, or I can ship, or...we can take to fleattitude in pleasant grove August 9th which is our next event we sell at.

Hope your enjoying your summer days...hope to see some of you soon, I really do miss everyone. really and truely. Love to hear what you have been doing. 

Note: nov. 15 we will be selling vintage christmas at the fleattitude at the state fair grounds, joni will be doing this event also. This may be our ONLY CHRISTMAS thats why i am giving you a heads up to attend. It will be fabulous!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of july 2014 cabin make-over and accident

 4th of July found us up above Oakley ,Utah. We went up the mountain right after the parade. We sold our cabin a few years ago and my parents friends across the street from their cabin invited them to stop by on our way to Smith and Morehouse. Here is my dad (with the cane, thank goodness he is using it!).

 Here is my mother...she is happy we don't have the cabin anymore, she is kind of a homebody and got bored up there, and really to old to be driving that far. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees.

 The new owners of our cabin invited us to see what they had done SO is my dad standing on a big cement patio just coming off the cabin stairway.  Off to the right (which I didnt get a photo, dang) was a wooden addition. Isn't it interesting to see what someone does to a place you have owned, we all have different needs and visions. I think many times we shouldn't worry so much about the next person coming into our places will want. When we did real estate this was quite obvious that new owners are simply going to do it their way. My parents had left all the contents with the cabin included in the sale. The only thing I saw left was the 4 wheeler.Could have gone to the dump...hopefully the deseret industries.

 They also reclaimed the firepit...poured a nice big brown cement circle around it for a sitting area, they can add a grill for briquettes, the large can off to the side can be placed on fire after, so its not a fire danger. fires are not allowed most summers anymore in cabin areas.they had brought in alot of rock for the driveways. My dad was more of a naturalist, he loved the grasses, the trees and he had protected them for so long, it must have been hard to see so much of that gone. Now to me...I loved the updated more modern living.

 Here is dad inspecting the additional master bath. They had also put in electric heat and air conditioning.
The master bath had a tiled walk in shower and double sinks. Oh I had envy...we had only one tiny bathroom, the shower you could hardly turn around in. Yet...we all got showered even though it took all day long!
 This was the winner...the laundry! Oh how i had begged my parents to do this. They would haul all the laundry home each week and at their ages, it was so hard on them. These were in the master bath. The cabinets served as the master bath furniture as that bedroom held a bed only.
 double sinks, granite, luxury!

master bedroom...what once was my parents closet and our storage is now walled over and the head of the bed is up against it. All rooms had beautiful fan lights and textured walls.
(we did miss all the pine walls and higher ceilings though).

 The cabinets which were a plain pine were gutted and this was the new results. I loved, it was light and beautiful with the granite, all new appliances and stainless sink.

 The wall that looks blue, is really a medium gray, that is the stairway to the upstairs. The carpet was a beautiful chocolate brown and nice leather furniture set it off. Upstairs bedrooms had been sheet rocked a bit different, they also added the bunkbeds where the bottom is a queen and the top is a twin (I think). anyway it was an interesting concept...they took out a closet to make more space.

 This is the kitchen living room...where the beautiful overstuffed chair is was a corner pine cabinet and then a tv. the tv's are all wall units. the floors beautiful woods, where before it was a peeling linoleum. You've heard me mention many times how generic my mother is...she never wanted any changes to the cabin. so when we would suggest and beg and say we'd do all the didnt matter, she didnt want it.

 The stairway was also done in the wood.

 Here is my dad with his friend sam...16-17 yr. old buddies their 80's. Sam will probably sell his 30 year old cabin in a year or so. He has a nice big lot.
 2 upstairs bedrooms, that are small are now more useful.

The new owners brother lives right next door.they have fenced off for horse property. These lots and side of the mountain is all in quakies and the other side is in pines. They plan on taking down the whole wrap around deck next week and adding 16' onto it and making it maintanance free, putting on a metal roof which will cover the deck too. I think its wonderful the family can be so close to each other in the mountains.

 Just as we were pulling out of the gated community...we saw lifeflight circling, looking for a landing spot. little did we know there was a horrible accident about 10 cars in front of us. And little did we know at the time we would be stopped on the road 2 hours. Thank goodness we had food for my parents as we were heading up to ledgefork to be with my sister who was camping up there. There was no way to contact her and she had been getting worried for us not showing up.My other brother was also in the car lineup, they were staying up there also.

 Here is the miles of line up...we learned that a razor bike carrying 3 children and one adult driver had been going west down the road(their legal on roads i guess), a truck carrying a horsetrailer went right over the top of it as the razor bike was making a left turn...lifeflight and a few ambulances/police/firedept. were there. we did not go look. We have not seen any news coverage on this accident at all.It's a sick feeling for sure.

Then my camera got low on the ledgefork camping area gathering we have no photos.

I hope your 4th of july is safe and accident free.
thanks for going down memory lane with me...and if your remodling, hope some of this was useful to you.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Side tracked by vintage in the good old summer time

 Many of you are wondering when the Just a bed of roses Shopette will re-open.
The truth is I keep getting side tracked...with home projects, antique shopping, one day trips etc.
I did get this window section completed...taking the footboard to a curved bed and placing it for a window treatment. The wonderful fluffy slips are from a purchase at the Farm chicks show recently...I knew immediatly where they would be going. That meant messing up the shop.

 I also bought this sweet antique cupboard in coerdelane to use for collectables.
Probably not for selling quite yet. The shop has alot of new pieces that need pricing and it all takes time.
hang in there, be patient.

 I am looking for 2 more curved footboards for the other if you come across any...give me a hollar. 801-628-0890

 Pretty pretty things.
Display case under window has been redesigned with antiques, they too are not for selling.

 By being sidetracked...This piano front piece, (do you love the wood grain?) the piece where the sheet music is placed was hiding behind a piece of furniture, pulled it out and we placed the dang heavy thing above our front door. (we  hurt and ache from it too).
I thought for each season of placing some old sheet music and records on it.
we should be downsizing
but that's not happening.
We are doing some rotating though and some of those items
we will be selling.

 I bought this neat Black cat sheet music at the roses and rust in Boise recently.
Do you love?

 This is a small childs headboard that was in rough shape, I plaster of paris'd it...and it was not fun.
It goes hard really fast, I thought it would be more pliable. So after 3 hours of work on this we are ready to hang it up above the kitchen sink.

I will show you the finished results soon, I guess when its hung!

 When the shopette opens, there will be immaculate pieces of Pyrex for purchasing.

alot of colors and designs.
priced reasonably.
 I also have about a dozen cake domes, vintage, some on pedestals...may sell next week on vintage yard sale utah fbook. I'll announce it here.

Until then...have a very happy july 4th and enjoy all the celebrations Utah has to offer.

Antique shopping Utah

SHOP Utah antiques...Here is my prize from shopping last weekend. Rusty table on wheels.
We purchased the rusty top that has stainless steel insides that came from a JB's restaurant.
(probably kept the food in it for serving with ice, there's a drain in the middle). Measures almost 9' x 4'.
Is your mind taking you to all kinds of uses for this piece?

 Right now...I'm going to use it for displaying things for selling outside the shopette. When it turns winter it may be a porch table. I had bought this piece, paid for it and when i came back they had sold it to someone for more money.(claiming that the owner didnt know I had bought it, but 3 other people knew, fishy) I stood my grounds as to fairness, they thought I would just brush it off and say ok. But I really wanted THIS table. I was promised another one. Next I was told I could have it for the price the other person paid. (i was kind of fuming inside, really???) THEY were the ones who had set the price to begin with and I had paid that. Carl said yes lets do it (cause he wasn't going to take a crying wife all the way home to live with,was he?). He's a smart man!

 well, he got his treasures, by now you know he loves display cases and we don't have one "like this"...its rounded and trimmed in brass. I do believe it's for pastries,what do you think?

We have also purchased a very large unique Bakers antique display requires a trip for pick it may be in the fall.
 Here is the display case that broke transporting it home (we never break stuff). The sellers insisted it stand upright, carl wanted to lay it down. It crumbled, we are lucky to have this one door that made it. I hate it when something lives so long and then we're responsible for breaking it.

 Another great find...not sure what its original use was for. We are also looking for the great big ones with rolling wheels. We fill them up and roll our event stuff in and out of the trailer. If you come across any let us know.
We also came across this precious tambourine it had been used by the Salvation army (parades?)
I grouped it in an old farm basket with a beautiful red and gold Colliers atlas, a cast iron antique bank and the tambourine on  top of an old cashier case...the meaning: Travel the world like a gypsy!

 Purchased some beautiful old frames...we are keeping this one, carl won't part with the photo, he says it belongs. Makes me think to put it by some antique books, she's a thinker. These pieces all came out of Montana, but were sold in utah.

 3 vintage manniquins for my daughter...their naked, can't post. She is thrilled! She is an artist and loves to paint/sculpture the human body so they will go in her studio and probably come out for halloween knowing her!

This is for sale right now: Antique cast iron bed turned into a bench with a custom made storage box. My friend mary jane is selling this from her home. It's super well made, had to be cut and welded,  It's a double bed size.I can get the measurements.
She would like 695.00 for this piece and you can contact me about it. She would probably sell the displays on top. 801-628-0890 (my cell).
with the lid opened. Fun for renting if your a wedding planner.

Fun antique shopping right here in Utah...there are some events coming up soon...i'll blog about them later.
(not giving my sources right now on where I got my treasures, sorry, oh so sorry, not until I am done shopping there!).