Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Valentines sweet friend!

This morning as I looked out my front door I was viewing a cream french door on the porch that is awaiting us to bring into the shop this week and my thoughts were about all the fun we would have with it in the shop for display.
There was a stray barn cat peeking its head out from the one broken window and I smiled at it. It's cold here.
I noticed on the bench behind one of the window panes a pretty aqua wrapped packed tied with red ribbon.

Hmmm, what's that?

   Tied on was a paper heart sewn around the edges in red thread with the words "Brenda, Happy Valentines sweet friend, love ya Dix"
Opening the box I KNEW would not be ordinary inside, not from Dix (former owner of Lavendar house).

The sweetest handmade altered art paper heart with edges sewn in red with a button cut from an old button card lay on the top of many packages wrapped in vintage pattern papers and pink dried flower petals mixed in.

Like made "just for me" kind of thing.

   Can I just say...I started to cry, for over an hour there was no way I was able to open those sweet little packages waiting for me to enjoy. It was like this box of Valentine presents released a flood of tears that were bottled up inside of me.

   And can I just say Motherhood and a cold contributed to emotions...January has not been an easy month for me. I don't like to use the word stressful, seems negative to me, but as I look back... now that it is over, it was stressful (imagine a shop keeper thinking January stressful after going  sept. thru dec!) and with these tears seemed to just wash that January stress right away.

 Thank you to a thoughtful friend who realized that Valentines does not need to come on Feb. 14th is not enough.

   It can come when someone feels inspired to send a friend  something to cheer them up. When that friend is in tune with their thoughts and takes action. When that friend who has enough physical pain to deal of her own to practically cripple her  but has so much creativity inside her that her hands cannot stop creating for those she loves. I know that I am not the "only" receiver from Dixies hands of love.
 Just one of the lucky ones.

   Something kind of weird. I took a picture of the pretty package, the handmade hearts of all styles all wrapped up and then I carefully displayed them to share with you. I tried to blog them and they would not download, so I took them again, still...would not download on the blog. NEVER has this happened.

   Maybe, just maybe I was suppose to share this story with you today and this loving experience with no pictures. (You know some bloggers have talent to pull off stories with no pictures!)

   So for me, my Valentines are going to be thought & given out starting Feb. 1st, to heck with Feb. 14th when your "suppose to" and then maybe you don't even get around to it kind of thing.

So let's "get around to it" this year early. The weather is super cold & gray, cheer your loved ones up.

Lessons learned and friends like Dixie we need to get us through some days (with us it's years.) ha!
Thanks a million Dixie!
Love you always and forever friend!

WELCOME looking forward to you!

Friday, January 28, 2011

We're in our ROMANTIC to RUSTIC season

Rustica Flora Bella metal garden shoes
My very favorite things in shop right now!
So many possibilities
Can you see the pink and cream paper garland comes in 9'
makes for a fun Valentine draping.

The matching 5 shoe must come see!
Decorating a porch or garden room?
These shoes look fabulous on our new rustica metal trays

Antique photo of women standing in front of the homestead flower garden
Glass is antiqued

Very old sheet of music of "Old Black Joe"
I remember singing in school.
Framed in Round antiqued rustic scrolly frame

Antiquated style crown box for Valentine gift giving
find some things precious to fill inside for someone you love
at Just a Bed of roses

Rustic to romantic
Like our window says

Anything Aqua, blue, purple/lavendar 25% off tomorrow
plus we have marked down many items
in order to bring our spring line
arriving daily.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter BLUES? Kissing Valentine entertainment

Be charmed and amused by this moving kissing BIG VALENTINE
can you see the turning wheel on the side which makes the picture spin around
Who wouldn't LOVE one
A valentine to last years to come
there are only 6
12.00 each

Just to cheer you
and us.
will be 25% off
thru this SATURDAY

to add a bonus...
Joni and I are picking small furniture pieces to mark down a good 25%
in order to accommodate room for our spring displays
arriving soon.

These pieces will be on sale FRIDAY AND SATURDAY
of this week.

See you Soon

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Exquisite & TIMELESS LOVE...

Timeless words
"You hold the KEY TO MY HEART"

"Isn't it TIME to say how much I love YOU
always and forever
through out TIME
and all  ETERNITY"

At Just a bed of roses
you can OPEN THE DOORS to your Creativity

Bound Love stories
written words of love 

Count your blessings
they matter most

Friday, January 21, 2011

Parenting: Touching the Hearts of Our Youth

Classic and Timeless

Oh wow, I have a date with this book tonight!
In it is the 2010 Creative Connection event of photo's along with a
line up of this coming falls event
I had found the luggage pictures this year on the where women create website and copied
for my screen saver so everytime the computer comes on
LOVE LOVE AND IN LOVE with that wall!

New, Light weight delicate & drippy lacy scarves for year round
Our best yet!

Timeless & classic



See you soon!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creme Brulee...have a Romantic January

Creme Brulee... pronounced Krehm-broo LAY

Sensuous Custard dessert
The English, Spanish and French all stalking claims for it's origin

Elegantly easy to make for special people
why wait for Valentines day.
Have a romantic January!

4 heart dishes stunningly gift packaged by Karen
Limited supplies

It's A ROMANTIC January

Here at Just a bed of roses
See you soon!
15 E. State street
Farmington, Utah

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Victorian children at play
An antique early 1900's die-cut placed in antique frame
with new altered art paper designs behind it...
can I say Beyond Spectacular!
by Joni

A rose is a rose

Is a gray rose

and a pink rose

our signature black dots pink rose

cheerful cabbage roses, yummy lime 
These are handmade pin/clips and wonderfully big!
Smaller versions in shop also.
Your invited to come shop!

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's ALL as sweet as it can be...this time of year

Ahhhh....there's no place like being home
when it is Home Sweet Home

Chocolate jewelry
JUST LOOKS yummy enough for eating

ADORING more Big pearl  & crystal rings neclaces & bracelets

Little girlie purse designs for our mini shoppers

P.S. hoping to show more and because I was using my "not so great" camera
will need to retake.

Come see all the "adorables" Joni has put together for this
romantic season, isn't she amazing,
I jump with suprise everytime I spot something she has brought,tucked in
places here and there!

New DELICATE scarves and the beginning of our jewelry lined up for this season
being priced and displayed.

It's all sweet as it can be

Monday, January 10, 2011


HOUNDSTOOTH...little black uneven check design
usually in cloth

Purse, wallet, business card holders &
classic scarves

LAPEL FLOWER pin/clip  in Houndstooth 'n black lace

Houndstooth bow wrapped in pearls Headbands

classy key chains

Houndstooth headbandband in red check & black lacy

Chunky Bracelets in Houndstooth

funky fun adjustable rings

Black & white WILD romantic

Counting Tea towels

Find them freshly displayed at Just a bed of roses

Our sale...of 20% off goes through this week even on our new arrivals
of  Black and whites

We'll play you some 50's songs
We've reverted to this since my fancy smancy satellite radio Santa brought for the shop
will not pick up signals in this area...could it be the ancient trees and
gigantic courthouse blocking the signals?

Judy Garland's somewhere over the rainbow

Everybody loves somebody...DeanO!
Or thumb through the pile...and you chose an album.