Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love Galore...

This is Alayna and Project Guadalupe...maybe you have met Alayna she comes in the shop to work after school some days. Her life is full, she is always working on her talents of singing with voice lessons and performances. She never misses a school dance and she is uniquely her "own person". That I love about her.
She is not the selfish type, it's always the concerns of others. In the shop the customers are continually telling me how much they love my daughter...I laugh...my daughter is not quite twice her age.  I love her too, she helps me so much and is very pro-active, doesn't have to be told to do things, she just does them and for 17 years old her maturity has alway amazed me.

She really Got my attention  the other day when she  mentioned not getting much sleep...why? Because she had been working on a school group project which was Project Guadalupe and she had gone Christmas shopping and wrapping packages for this and couldn't sleep because she was so excited to make the delivery. Which I warned her would be "the best part". She too encountered some opposition, you know how teens can be...but her determination and love got her to follow through on this project and I am sure was an example to her peers.

When I asked her how it went...all she said was "this is LOVE GALORE".

I will tell you this about Alayna...SHE GETS IT...she knows what life is all about and I know with all my heart that SHE WILL ALWAYS GET IT...always. She knows what happiness is and how to attain it. Yes, she will have contention and obstacles to stop her good work and will have feelings of despair... but I  know that Alayna will always prevail and overcome.  She IS and always will be an example for good.

I dread the day she has to go off to college and leave the shop. And I thank her parents for raising such a beautiful daughter, not only a cutie on the outside, but inwardly beautiful which is most important.
Alayna has never been unkind to anyone.

Glad you had this wonderful experience Alayna, your just beginning!

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