Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Get out there and discover what antiques have YOUR name on it

we found...
Walnut piece for above our double doors in house
discovered at Roses & Rust Market

 Walnut piece for hanging... from Roses and Rust Market in Boise.

Shepherds picture with magnificent coloring (bad photo) 
My maiden name is Shepherd so I love this art.
Discovered in antique shop Coeur d'alene Id. 
(Anniversary present)
Still NEED to blog about Coeur d'alene, it's so charming and beautiful.

 2 Old handmade Porch planters...discovered 2nd day shopping at Farm Chicks in Spokane.

 First big purchase at Farm chicks.Olde porch chairs just call out to me...can't seem to resist.
I can sell this extremely large antique basket: $135.00  801-628-0890 make a great rental or a unique garden porch piece.

 Farm chicks find...wonderful patina yard chair, haven't I told you Farm chicks has unique!

 Industrial green metal garbage can, step on lever and it opens, my husband's find at farm chicks.

 Missoula, Montana 4 floors antique mall (you must go, it's just as you enter town.) We love old school desks, a must for this oldie pencil sharpener and garbage can. We found another school grouping, will post and also about butte mont. findings.

 Boise mall we got started on this design of Pyrex. Spent 4 hours there.

 Carl buys stuff like this...
and this...
He loves general store items.
 I go for things like vintage milinary...picked up some neat pieces will show soon.

 and a leather Dr.'s bag that's the perfect size to USE as a purse (found in boise at Enchanting objects).

 How about this sweet bed jacket in pale aqua, from Montana antique mall, Missoula.

 Very old childs trunk for displaying found treasures (montana mall).

 For my Oldest Grandson who is soon to be in Paris...hope this helps! (boise mall)

 Here's my favorite...4 piece kitchenette, metal, Wolverine 1940's. Owner Jane was selling it in boise mall.
Another anniversary present (I play that card well!)

 Jane got it when she was 8 years old and that was 1948, she took such good care of it the sink stopper, so small is still there. She apologized for the rust inside, because she played with it, it really pours water from the faucet.
 Little stove, with over door that pulls down. The food packages I already had Rare to find a one owner set.

 Polar refrigerator...take a peek inside the door...
Painted on groceries!
Jane asked if I had little ones who would be discovering my new pieces...I said NO!
Not sure my grandchildren would even be interested?
I played with the Barbie kitchen sets, they had tons of accessories.

So, the moral of the story is...antique treasures are out there with YOUR name on them, get going!
(we'll have some fun pieces to sell in the near future).

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Roses & Boise

In Boise, Idaho last weekend, their first event in this area.

 The famous Lipstick gypsy sold her wares...this was also a vintage trailer show all inside.

 We adore the stuff we Hunted for...and quickly purchased. All my photo taking was done 2 1/2 hours after the show started...I'm not about to stop and photo while shopping!

 The vendors tried hard to make an inviting summer presentation

 This guy was creative with metal objects.

my oh my...the vintage clothes this proprietor has!

 Trailer glamping...seems to be the rage.
 Miss gracies trailer, she had a large space.
 Would really and should of purchased this piece, but left it for someone else.
Dont feel sorry for me...I get my share!

 Here's the one you can cry for me over...I would have purchased this had I not been to late.
Carl could have built us a nice shed right under this beauty!

 Here's the middle of miss gracies, cute girl.

 Cant remember some of the names, one was farmhouse who does farm chicks show and also sells at antique world antique mall. By the way we spent 4 hours in that mall. On the 3rd friday night each month between 6 and 9 p.m. vendors put their booths on sale..

 This is Good goods & co...located across the street from the fairpark of this event. She brands her shop very well with her logo. It's around the size of the former retail just a bed of roses. Cheri displays clean cut and very  nice.
 This is Cheri the shopkeeper in aqua, I have been on a private shopkeeper internet site with her for maybe 7 years. shopkeepers need to network and vent at times.
It was really special to meet her LIVE! (ok, caught me, yes...I have...gained that 30 lbs back that took me a year to DUMB, ugh.).

I hope you can go there if you come to boise.
If you stop by any antique shop they have a guide to all the shops in town and in surrounding ones.
There is a SHOP HOP loop of 10 shops THIS WEEKEND june 27th and 28th. state. glenwood. chinden. 
start at good goods for your map. 5865 glenwood street. 

 Enchanting objects fill this place and she consigns out her little outbuildings. They sold at the event.
I found me a vintage dr. bag just the right size for a purse...going to use it.

On state street.

 This swing set beauty was outback...with a layaway sign on it. Oh what pain as I truely would
have come back for it, it has my name written all over it, why didn't they wait? so anyone out there, please
watch for me one...just like it!

Popular westside drive in on state.
had some different items on their menu.
Maybe I'll see you there digging in the same booth...There will also be a quilt show going.

Sweet gatherings opens every 3 months in roosevelt...their next show: aug. 1 & 2  fbook friend them for updates and photos of their previous events.

It was our 41st Anniversary so it was nice to get out of town, in between weddings and funerals.
Hope your summers going well and I'll be back with "purchase" photo's.

working on a re-do of the just a bed of roses will be after mid july for sure.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chick spokane

 lipstick gypsy, more shabby and pinks with a touch of nature, animal friends.

 Olive and rose filled with unique patina style vintage

 Lots of furniture pieces around, many on the "stuff you don't see everyday" type thing.

 Creative lighting...this piece was clear punch bowl cups covering for the chandalier john bobs.

 Pits of a pear brought their sweet could walk through and purchase items from inside.
I took many photo's, dont know where they are hiding. they were awesome and selling tons. Yeah for Tonya and Brandon who took the big plunge.

 shops piled high and stacked deep, made it to where you would need to go around and around.
We shopped 15 hours in the 2 days...400 spaces filled to capacity, 300 vendors.

 Mixing industrial. farmhouse. whimsey. shabby. chippy. weathered. worn. patina...all together.

 I love they keep it antique vintage. Did find one booth with new but totally vintage style...will share that on another post of what we purchased.  Aqua, creams, reds and pinks still the main colors.

 truely my photo's are nothing compared to what was there.

 Ladders. doors. scaffolding created high displays for lighting and vignettes.

 I spotted this within the 2nd can see it came home with us! love love love.

I was suprised at all the scaffolding used this year for displays. they created an airy open space, the
more grungy covered with paint and cement the better they looked.

 There was alot of creativity...
 I'm not showing you the crowded big isles...until 3:00 p.m. it's hard to move the first day.
Love the second day, although 1/2 to see, still wonderful items to pick from and you can easily shop inside the booths and talk to an owner. a very tired owner and their many helpers.

 My favorite is watching the stuff go out the door...proud new owners of some great vintage pieces.
Sorry I didn't have photo's of vine street antiques from salt lake city. Maybe I can get some from these guys. They had a fabulous space. Proud of Utah vendors for sure! hard hard work...hugs to them!