Monday, October 31, 2011


Witch pin by Bethany Lowe
free with $25.00 purchase or more
today only
open 10-4

Select scarves 1/2 off this week
Halloween is down to two boxes today
1/2 off
then out of shop

Ride your brooms safely today

Friday, October 28, 2011

Witches Tea Party

An event where the legs and feet
were just as clever as the hats.

Besides the home being dressed head to toe!

It was like a haunted leafy forest as we
excited-ly walked down the foggy lane.
Crunch Crunch
(that's the many leaves under our feet)

Kim Holmes of Salt Lake City 
a fun- funnest customer
invited Joni and I to her yearly
 Witches Tea party.
Little did we know...what to expect.

As we sipped from our tea cups
and dined on the most amusing treats
we realized our friend Kim was a sweet
version of Mary Englebreit.
 this is a "big deal" in her life... this
Witches Tea Party...
she paints her entry walls Pumpkin. 

OH so many vignettes to
entertain her many witch friends.
Through out her home there were
sweetly decorated dining areas
where witches could sit
and do what they do best...
you know.
I must say...
We almost wanted to grab a shopping basket
her collections so cute.

Well, now we can say we have partaken
in the Halloween festivities this season
 having been to our first
Witches event.
For real.
Halloween for us is... work work work.
(okay, we do have lots of fun)

Thanks Kim
for giving us a relaxing fun place to
be a little witchy
and playful.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

These EYES...

I dare you to stare back at them

Do you still want to go out after dark?

Inviting you to our sale:

40% off Halloween

25% off anything PINK
25% off scarves
25% off Jewelry

1/2 off Butter Nail Polish
we have the best Halloween colors!

Shop opened today:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chilly and Chili

Chilly & Chili
Mr. Roses excited to make
Homemade Chili today
(his first try)

Great Harvest Bakery
creates pumpkin bowls
$2.95 for 2

While the witches are flying around the world
Shopkeepers are behind the scenes
working on Christmas.

Not that we forget Thanksgiving
oh no!
Thanksgiving cannot be bought.
We can help make your surrounding cozy
and the grocery store a must.

"Normal" to us and our children.
The Grandchildren probably wonder why is there
Christmas all over grandma's house.

Our new theme revealed Nov. 1st

The shop has baubles of silver,gold and all else
shiny and bright popping around.

Utah Mountains and yards
are glorious in color this fall season

Mr. Roses came in carrying probably
"the last rose of summer"
from the yard
to me this morning.
Brrrr...Chilly and Chili

Pumpkin Bowl Chili
(because it's thick)
1 lb lean ground beef (browned)
1 cup onion
(important cooked till browned)
Stir in 1 pkg. McCormick Seasoning mix, kidney beans (15 oz drained), 14 oz. diced tomatoes undrained
and 8 oz. tomato sauce.
Bring to boil.
lower heat then
Simmer for an hour.
Better even the next day.
You can add sour cream, cheese, salsa if you want it more
like a taco soup.
Enjoy it's easy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Find out where HAPPINESS is found...

LOVE all the women and their extraordinary workspaces in this book
new ideas
I found myself relating to Kristin aller of FOUND.
One quote inside:
Happiness is found somewhere inbetween
a little and alot!

New issue

Friday, October 21, 2011

gypsy wagon transformation

It's so fun to hear what your doing as you
wait for Halloween

Many gypsy girl parties are now memories
and your found relaxing in the moonlight.

Our gypsy wagon is in it's next transformation stage
and we are adding to the sales
thru Halloween:

25% off scarves/purses and all jewelry in the shop
this WILL include owls
I can see you smiling! 
4 bread pans filled with 5.00 sale jewelry

1/2 off BUTTER nailpolish
because they are WICKED COLORS for this season
and you need to try it soon!

40% off Halloween
and thank you for your support this whole season.

It's been a fantastic month
while we wait for Halloween

see you soon

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She could no longer deny the HALLOWEEN SALES at Just a bed of roses!

Halloween 40% off now thru Halloween and then it's gone!

PINK, anything PINK 25% off

Maya's handmade jewelry 20% off

More things moving to the sale room!
(making room for Christmas)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Every LITTLE thing she does is MAGIC

Our gypsy witch 2011 
 is FoRtUnaTe to now be living at Kathys.

 MaGiC WoMaN
FoRtUnE telling GyPsY

OcToBeR MooNs
in Utah this season

Reminds me of a
Joni and I will soon be attending
at Kims.
She goes all out for her friends
she's started a tradition
several years ago.

Fun Fun...for us GyPsY WiTcHeS

Gypsy moons are found on
people send in photo's taken in Utah
for all of us to enjoy.
Indeed we do.

This is just scaring me a little bit!
I'm usually sound asleep by now and as
I type there is NO MooN out tonight.
That's creepy too.

We've been watching some
Steven King shows lately...
have you found the stations that are playing
scarey shows for two weeks?

Vintage gypsy mother photo
HAD to share.
Kind of priceless/timeless

Sunday, October 16, 2011

JUST---Hang-out with us

Halloween ball... ya'll
Can you believe this one outsells BOO Ball?

Buzzards watch over as all Halloween breaks loose

Corn drying in the fields
with many turned into
haunting mazes for late night scares.
Aren't we having the most amazing weather
this Halloween season!

Fall gift idea
Our new stuffed pumpkins with scents of the season
Have you tried our puffed candy corns?

Chair affair day 5 features spindled antique
pressed back chair with cane seat
immaculate condition $95.00
( more may be available)

Lighted Haunted glitter mansion
with bats and crows.

30% off now along with ALL Halloween:
Witchy. Batty. Moonlight. Black Cats.
gypsies. wanderlust. fortunes.
HANDMADE finishing touches for your parties.

Come hang-out with us!
See you soon

Friday, October 14, 2011

Just... in time for your Halloween festivities!

1940's 3 tier table
looks like a giant cupcake stand!
(little brass claw feet)

Shabby n' chic
1950's clear grape chandaleir

Exquisite vintage tablecloth
textured feel with a few spots

Headstone & florals photo
1922 date on stone
ahhhh---Love it!

Porcelain W. German
candleholder with roses
perfect condition

Gypsy colored stretch rings
embellish your costumes

Satin raw edge ruffled scarfs
gypsy colors
reg. 24.95
sale: 15.00

Hope this helps you with
your Halloween festivities!

porch chairs ...chair affair day 4

chippy porch chairs
make nice backdrops
for granddaughters visiting
one left.
I think.

2 granddaughters
shopping halloween
(this chair sold.)

Green rustic favorite
grandma's rocking porch chairs
2 available
$50.00 each

hugs & smooches
for granddaughter and daughter-in-law

Just heard General store in Layton
corner of Main/Gentile is using words like:
"Chick of a deal"
"Clutters got to go from the coop"
"pecking down the prices"
I have vintage there...
let's go see what's got to go!
reminds me:
There are TWO antique needlepoint
CHAIRS that need some restoring there.
They are priced beyond reasonable okay!
If they aren't sold in a week
I will be tempted to bring them home
and make them a new style.
So be warned!
Their sale starts today thru next weekend.

Our halloween is 30% off this week-end
with a sale room and sales around the shop.
come save money!

I'll be posting a neat vintage chair and 3 tiered
table from the 40's later on.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just...whooo's got the jewelry

we do!
Supplement your costumes
Just a bed of Roses

30% off Halloween

(Note: our owl jewelry is everyday 
and not on sale)