Monday, November 30, 2009

Bling Bling Bling...Bling Bling Bling...bling bling bling bling bling

Did that sound like Jingle bells? Just in today a large assortment of Christmas bling in the way of
holiday pins neclaces, charms for wearing, gifting or craft making. Plus pearls, rhinestones, vintage earrings, you name it! Most pieces of Christmas 10.00  and we have a sale going on.

Cameos in pins, charms and neclaces. Plus several higher end pieces that are
very full of Holiday bling
This whole week 10% off your entire purchase!

Also one of our very regular and most delightful customers needs our immediate prayers, she found herself suddenly very very sick and will need prayers for her comfort and hope.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Getting out the red and green vintage appliqued handmade Quilt from the 1930's possibly?
Helps me remember "times past"

And some Beatles Mania photo's recently acquired from the 1960's displayed.

To visit MUCH more vintage Christmas go to:
You can always scroll down my always most things vintage at Just a bed of Roses.
Thanks for visiting...see you soon

When we LOSE ourselves...this time of year

It's when we LOSE ourselves SERVING OTHERS that we are at our happiest we are's the GIVING time of year.

Sometimes we think we don't have alot...and yet there is ALWAYS someone struggling much harder.
I want to thank Shellie for her Brighteyes project this year and would like to invite you as customers to participate.
She has found MANY families in dire situations recently that will not be able to provide Christmas for their families.(Shellie doesn't know the meaning of small...ever!) 
Each Sunday I would like to present to you childrens names in hopes that someone feels the need to provide some Christmas for these children. Pick a child and leave a comment/ email  drop off a wrapped or unwrapped package to the shop/our homes this week for this family. You may just pick an item for a child also.

It doesn't have to be expensive and fancy, remember these children in need are use to living on very little and sharing with siblings. We don't need food. You will also receive a receipt for a tax deduction. If you have items that are like new and you have no need for we can get them to a needy family also. If you have any wrapping paper you are tired of...we can use it too!

15 Year old girl
shirt size: small pants: 1-3  shoes: 6  1 /2
needs several girlie gifts that 15 yr. old would enjoy

12 Year old BOY
Shirt size: 14 boys   pants: size 12   shoes: size 5
needs several gifts a 12 year old boy would enjoy.

8 Year old BOY
shirt size 10   pants size 10   shoes: 2
needs several gifts an 8 year old boy would enjoy.

3 Year old girl
shirt size 4   pants size 4  shoe size 7
needs several toys a 3 year old girl would enjoy.

We have received 20 beautiful hand tied blankets in all sizes from Cindy Geileman and cash donation from Becky Stratford, Sherri our tag girl donated many tags to be sold targeted for this Christmas project...many blessings to each of you.
email: or

Saturday, November 28, 2009

12 days of Christmas at Where Women Create

Jo just announced the 12 Days of Christmas for you to participate in and also kicks off the Ogden's Christmas Village... a spectacular  project she has been Chairman  for the past 7 years.
Christmas Village has never been so charming.
Take a moment and visit:  you may also access it from my blog list on the right side anytime.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shabby White Christmas...REMINDER shop closed today

Just a reminder...SHOP CLOSED TODAY FRIDAY in order to create VINTAGE CHRISTMAS to my hearts content and reflect on yesterdays THANKSGIVING DAY 2009.

I'm sure like yours it was a wonderful day with memories to be treasured. We had a wonderful and yummy day with family and grandchildren. We did the bowling thing before dinner...grandgirls could barely carry the balls to the lane, and since they are very "do it myself" determined girls we laughed SO HARD as the bowling ball  VERY SLOWLY ROLLED DOWN THE LANE! Jeff showed everyone up...the big winner...the prize was to do the Thanksgiving dishes (that didn't happen).
Grandchildren also insisted we watched UP with them...we laughed, we cried. That's a MUST HAVE or MUST SEE movie in my opinion.
Shellie showed me the list of 27 children (so far) that need our help with Christmas...very touching situations. We will need your help if you so desire (posting on Sunday about this)

How was your Thanksgiving Day?


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Over the River and thru the Woods...

Don't forget to wear your high heels tomorrow while preparing Thanksgiving Dinner! A 1952 Thanksgiving, don't know who they are...Thanksgivingettes?

Boiling the diapers...needs no explanation! Except I never had the luxury of disposable diapers until the 4th and last did I survive it?
It really is time to give thanks isn't it?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a Bed of Roses joins Christmas Vintage Mondays

Thru Christmas Just a bed of roses will participate with many others on line showing Vintage Christmas every Monday. Click on the red icon on the side of the blog and it will take you into all shops participating! Have fun and come back soon as I list almost  EVERYDAY Christmas with vintage style. If your in Utah, just come see us. We are east of Lagoon in Farmington.

For todays if you are brand new to this blog , if you will scroll down the pages you will find many vintage Christmas decor & gift  items, some already sold.

Just home from work now...and having quite a treat visiting Christmas vintage Monday and find new blogging friends, hope you have too!  

anything goes here: Vintage Christmas Monday Blog Party

anything goes here: Vintage Christmas Monday Blog Party

Sunday, November 22, 2009

How does one post about Jo Packham visiting your shop?

I've pondered this all do I tell you about Jo Packham visiting Just a Bed of Roses yesterday.

This is by no means a small event for a matter of fact just the day before the cutest customer was in and of course all NEW customers get my spill about "WHERE WOMEN CREATE" book (my absolute favorite book) come to find out she was a former employee of  Jo's and was so delightful and as she left she said "I've got to tell Jo about this place!" I said "DON'T as I would have a heart attack. That's exactly what I said when Brooke Walker called and said she was coming in...and guess what I LIVED THROUGH IT!

Jo walks in with her good friend Cindy who works either with Mayor Godfrey or for him, I can see why they are friends they speak the same language and have the same thoughts on creativity. Jo graciously thanks me over and over for blogging about her book and her article in Celebrate about her work on Christmas Village. Of course, that helps ease me into the shock of her standing in front of me!
Anyone who knows her and speaks of her work for years knows the inborn talent she was gifted with and developed. And then to be in a place in her life where she gets to meet some of the most extraordinary women in this creative field we are in is so amazing to me. And now to present it so beautifully to us in pictures and stories of these women is a blessing and inspiration to all of us.
When each issue comes of course I'm at work and can never just sit down, so I scan through the pictures and read my favorite part: From my Kitchen table by Jo:
Here she makes statements like How this book didn't come about by accident, meeting Jenny Doh and Kellene Giloff for the first time and thinking they were bigger than life, how she felt her sweet mother watching over her giving her courage.  How she prioritizes each and every day like you and I have to do. How to take care of our own needs too and that its impossible to do and have it all and why would we even think that we want to? I thank her for being herself and being so real , offering her wise words of wisdom in each issue and how even though she meets some of the most famous creative people around she treats you just as nicely.
That brings me to a few regular visiting customers...Kelly Simms and Elaine Packer who walked in and I had to break the news to them of whom they were standing next to! How lucky for us to meet Jo and Cindy.

There is a CREATIVE CONNECTION taking place next mid September we were told about. Lets put that on our will be in Minnesota. Here is Jo's blog:  where you can follow her and stay current with Creative women activities. She just came back from being a keynote speaker at Silver fun! And thanks a million Jo for adding Maybe life really is Just a bed of roses blog link to your site, that is an honor to me.
See all of you soon!
P.S. IF you are wondering what is in JO's black sack...she has a strong attraction to  pearls and rhinestones!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just a Bed of Roses had a suprise visitor...

Here is a clue as to tomorrows blog!
One surely not to miss

A few of our NEW BEST FRIENDS...

At home we've now added these items plus advil to our list of best friends:

Mr. Bed of Roses was diagnosed with a degenerative disc in the spine neck area this week. He doesn't need an operation yet and he must quit lifting. He's always been a hard physical worker, plus always lifting for me and the shop. You should have seen us try to figure how to bring 40 lbs potatoes in the garage, pretty funny.

Since his pain has been quite bad the past 6 weeks his co-workers have helped him along with these suggestions:
1 tsp raw-apple cider vinegar 3 times a day mixed in orange juice...for inflamation. Suppose to be good for arthritis and should notice results in a few weeks.

A nice lady made him this flannel pack filled with field corn, 2 mins in the microwave and it stays hot for hours...he is ordering me one today since I took it over as MY new best friend! Can't go wrong with a friend who always smells like hot movie popcorn can you?
And if you are looking for Carl at RC Willeys...just follow the popcorn smell, THERE you will find him!

November is MY hard would think December but it comes in 2nd place. Still some big days left of squeezing in Christmas gifts and decor.
Yesterday at the shop it was freezing, apparently the furnace accidently got turned off, we thought it had broken down.  I am grateful and thankful it was restored with a flip of a switch, too bad it took 5 hours of cold and freezing toes to figure that out!!! Sorry to those customers who DID tough it out.

With a call for a deep body massage REAL soon and with Carls new REMEDIES...we should be in working condition for the Thanksgiving week-end.

I usually don't whine and complain about life's struggles & problems! This is a place to come for inspiration and enjoyment. So thanks for lending me your eyes for this  post!

I think a PINK corn pack would be nice, don't you?

Friday, November 20, 2009

He's a Hottie..that big bad wolf!

I'm pretty sure we have some left of  "team Jacob" and "team Edward"  "bite me" and "new moon"charms at the shop...isn't that Jacob hot?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Thanksgiving week hours: open Monday & Tuesday 10:30-5:30
Closed: Wed. Thurs. Friday then Opened Sat. 11-4
Thanksgiving decor/gifts sale: 50% off now!
Happy Thanksgiving

Typewriter key & Zipper jewelry...funky & fun!

Zipper roses bracelets and headbands...funky fun!

Typewriter key neclaces...great friend gift! Order a special initial if we don't have the one you need.

EDWARD or I LOVE EDWARD vintage typewriter key bracelets.
Some say: "gratitude" "roses" "shabby girl" "twilight" etc.
YOU CAN ORDER YOUR SPECIAL WORDS ...just let us know, please know that it takes a few weeks, so don't delay, you can call us if you can't come in. 801-451-2556 and order for your holiday gifting.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Santa's keeps showing up...

Santa keeps popping up in the shop...delivering his goodies

Do you ever feel like this?
Go away Santa!
I'll be bringing in some very shabby lamp trees today!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009's good!

Most of you won't remember Rola  bottled by the Rola beverage co. copyright 1945 marked right on the front of the bottle.
We have 24 bottles in the original Rola wooden crate.

Aren't they cute...well Mr. Bed of Roses said he is ready to sell them. That's pretty good
for him to part with his treasures!
This crate of bottles we are asking 240.00 and that will include the wooden crate. This is not for shipping.
Good heavens we looked on ebay and they wanted 5.00 a bottle, and 15.00 a bottle for shipping! Shipping glass can be pricey. Yes..sir eee!
If this grouping doesnt sell lets say by Thanksgiving, I will take them in the shop and will sell individually for 10.00 each. Keep this in mind for a super fun antique Christmas gift suprise. The quality of the bottles are excellent, either not used or just gently...that's a winner!
You may use your credit card.

All that I am, and hope to be, I owe to my sweet mother neclaces

Jayna created Christmas presents for Wendy M. a long time customer of Just a bed of Roses  for her  sisters and herself...see how on the following blog:

Wendy wanted something really special for Christmas presents this year...

Wendy's mother passed away recently, she brought in this lovely picture of her mother and picked out colors, size, design, silver heart charms and the saying "all that I am or hope to be I owe to my sweet mother."
Can you imagine how suprised and special this will be for her and her sisters to wear?
You too can bring in a photo and have it turned into an heirloom, it takes a few weeks, and this is just a reminder that CHRISTMAS is only 6 weeks away IF you can believe it!
Wendy, sorry about your mothers passing, if i remember correctly she was in her 90's? Wendy is stunningly beautiful like her dear mother, bet her sisters are too.
Thanks Jayna you ARE THE BEST! Jayna also brought in several other special orders one of a daughter who is in the Nutcracker, so this will be a neat suprise.
I will post her cupcake neclaces newly arrived, however Wendy just HAD to take the Marie Antoinette cupcake one home with her! I couldnt blame her one bit!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh WHAT FUN you can have with a Chic and Shabby Antique cast iron Footboard...

What I do with mine...these old cast iron bed frames are WONDERFUL displays in your flower gardens and bushes. This time of year they are even more wonderful ADORNED with a CHRISTMAS or FALL WREATH  hanging on it. In the's just waiting to have your colorful flowers growing all around it. Just dig a hole and plop it in the ground and watch your yard come to life!

Taking something OLD and TURNING IT INTO SOMETHING NEW AGAIN...don't let this one get away from you, pretty white ones are not easy to come by. This is heavy cast iron from the early 1900's. It's at the shop...waiting for one lucky buyer to take it home with them!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Be of GOOD CHEER...thinking about this today

Yesterday I enjoyed combining this antique Santa Claus record onto this aged matting, tying some vintage wrinkly crinkly tea dyed satin lace around it and adding the coolest antique striped ornament. Don't you love it too? Sometimes I do have a hard time selling certain things...this will be one of those hard times!

It says...I WISH that I were SANTA CLAUS and after coming home from church, contemplating on the talk given I'm kind of putting two and two together here.

He talked about being of GOOD CHEER...(I never think of Santa not being happy all of the time, do you?)and how important it is to be that way even though we are having our daily struggles in life. And then he told us WHY it's important to be of GOOD is because it helps us get through those times so much easier.
Next he talked about HOW to do this...ONE was to  COUNT OUR BLESSINGS.

I had run into the sweetest longtime friend in the whole world as I walked into the church, a person loved by everyone she knows, who's concern was on her husband who's  health is serious right now...waiting for Dr's to find the problem and make him well. It was so funny to see diapers (clean of course) in her vehicle...what a good good grandma she must be!
Watched a brand new mother sobbing with her head in her hands listening to this message (remember those days, the baby blues, the hormones, the NO sleep and the other little children who need you, I just wanted to hug her and tell her it would pass.

And don't we encounter our friends, loved ones, even ourselves and those we work with and meet each day just trying to be of GOOD CHEER inspite of loss of jobs, health concerns, sickness, how to get the money they need, how to contribute better to their families.Something always breaking down.  Even Mr. Bed of Roses needs an MRI early this week  as he's been suffering from neck/shoulder pain we do not know the cause of right now. Hoping a pill will cure it not an operation.

 I WISH that I were SANTA CLAUS then I would make this all go away! That life would be heaven on earth... However We did not sign up for that on the other side...I know I didn't!

Now I would love to hear how YOU be of GOOD CHEER even though your times are tough...
What helps me is GOOD MUSIC...then the grass is greener, the sky is more blue.
Have a peaceful Sunday

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let it snow...Let it snow...Let it snow!

45 mins and all this...of blizzard that is still on going...couldn't resist the song "Let it snow" for all the fair weather friends in blogland who visit  from warm states and WISH THEY HAD SNOW...enjoy Utah's greatest snow on Earth right here. Since my husband took the car today, how about me not getting dressed today...Yippee!

Since Alayna is holding the shop down today...I am home creating to my hearts delight, ideas rolling around in my head, trying to make my hands create what my mind is thinking. making tons and tons of vintage Christmas to bring ..."Oh What fun"...that's a fun Christmas song must be the 106.5 radio station doing this to me!
On the not so bright side, today paying the shops monthly and Christmas bills, the downside to Mrs. shopkeepers not so glamorous part of life. Zebra & Giraffe purses SALE...

Today  through next Saturday our Zebra and Giraffe purses will be on sale: 25% handbags for sharpening your outfits for the holidays and crossing off  some on your Christmas lists. We have a good 25 of them, so the selection is wonderful! (There may be a few other styles included)

What is left of Thanksgiving is 50% off through next Saturday also...and then it's out of here!

Plus you may chose an item of your choice for 20% off in the entire shop, except for consignment...Saturday, today only... November 14th.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Handmade with vintage...showing up at the shop Friday

Rustic stars filled with glitzy christmas and a fun music book pedestal with bottle brush tree.

Vintage book pedestals with really old village house and bottle brush tree set made in Japan.

Another rustic pine filled star with Old fashioned Santa magnet tucked inside.

Angelic sisters antique framed with broked jewelry pieces, roses ribbon, precious.

Victoria sent a "Party favorites" magazine...just in time to help you with holiday foods.

And you know... this is just a "peek" of whats coming in Friday!

A great man...

We were saddened this morning as Carl read the obituaries to me that a great man we had known since 1976 had died suddenly from a heart attack. From North Ogden, Tom Murray married to Judy, at the age 61. It said he died riding his bike with his dog.
About 30 years ago Carl and I were escaping to Hawaii for 17 days, thats quite an escape and well needed, having 3 small children at home we had fears if something happened to us both who would our children go to?  I'm sure you can relate to this subject.
We had a will made up with them as guardians as we think they are just super people and parents. Luckily for us both we raised our children and they raised theirs.
Tom also worked for Century 21 Gage Froerer and we were an associate with him for 4 years. He did many other things in the home construction business and had a lovely family and a strong testimony of Jesus christ and lived what he believed. We love and respect this family and want them to know our heart breaks too.

For funerals I had been giving the Mormon Tabernacle Choirs cd Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. We called our friend in the choir and asked if there was one more appropriate. He said the best tape in his opinion is "Consider the lilies of the field"...when I read the songs...its perfect and should be healing for those who lose a loved one. Just passing this information along in case you too can be at a loss as to what to send for a funeral or you need a change.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Initial charms

Big Initial charms are Jayna

Framing NEW into OLD...

Taking our new magnets and by adding them to an old washboard you get an old look!

Framing our Santa magnets...more new changing to old!

These Winter Love birds now framed and adorned with our red rose ribbon then tied with the crinkly tea dyed ribbon turns it into vintage style.
That's what I love about a "day at home" fun!

Beautiful fall get out and enjoy it

Lucious grapes sparkled with vintage pieces add alot of Charm to this vintage mirror, don't you agree?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

25th street on Studio 5

I loved how studio 5 featured 25th Street in Ogden today...the artists, ice cream made with a tractor and so  much more. They will feature the General Store and the new cupcake place in Davis County tomorrow. If you are in Davis county stop by...see what's new in vintage, Christmas and Lots of Christmas pictures & candy arrived today. I'm thinking the boutique called Treasures will be starting at the Davis Fairgrounds, they have been at the Union Station for many years. Must check it out...see you soon!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I know what you are thinking about...

Grab you Mother/daughter MATCHING APRONS at Just a Bed of Roses, let's get ready for the holidays which are SOON approaching. Right? I knew you were wondering about your plans for the Holidays.

Celebrate... special edition magazine is now on the market (no, we do not have this book in shop).
I find every inch of it worth every penny spent.  Here's a few reasons why it will help me with the season:

For Thanksgiving every other year we meet with my family and we follow my sisters husbands tradition of going bowling before Thanksgiving dinner...yes, all 50 of us, and yes, most bowling allys ARE OPEN.
It's the only time that I go bowling, so one game kills my arms, neck...well...the whole body hurts!

What fascinates me in this book is the bowling pin sugar cookies. Inspires me to call someone in the family and see how willing they are to make them...I know it won't be me and others in my family have a passion for cooking and this could come about.

The recipes and pictures in this book looks so delicious and festive...I'm pretty sure I want to make one of these shrimp beauties, wouldn't you?
Go find you a copy before they are gone!
I have just done two more posts on this scrumptious book:

Now onto December...with CELEBRATE magazine

Ogden's Christmas Village...Have you been?

In this Special CELEBEBRATE Hoffman Media magazine, just out,  Ogdens christmas village is celebrated in enchanting pictures and the story of how the "new look" came about when Mayor Godfrey contacted Jo Packham who was active in the revitilization of the Historic district, if she would bring Christmas Village back to life...You'll want to read her response and the unique story of its creation!
Utah is priviledged to have a woman as Jo Packham, one who shares her passions with us and now the world with her inspiring book as editor and chief of Where Women fav! Thanks Jo, this would by no means be a quick  & easy task, but when Jo speaks, people listen.

Christmas village began in 1962. My husband and I have walked through  all bundled up for 30 something years now, we usually wait for a nice fresh snow storm to make everything sparkling white. When the children were growing up we took them of course to "get over excited" about Christmas, to see Santa and what parents like to do...wear them out!
If you haven't been...NOW is the year to visit downtown Ogdens 25th Street day or night.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Jayna's CHARMING us for the HOLIDAYS...

Spectacular unique soldered art charms, neclaces, bracelets and clip ons to add to you own pieces are now arriving at the shop. The ones shown here were on the set of Studio 5 this past week. However, time ran out,or I wasn't quick enough to get these picked up and show that you can bring in your own "Christmas Past" or Family photos and they can be turned into a keepsake and a very special gift. We can help you figure this out, just bring in any sized photo. Give 2 weeks for your order to be done. She has  a few pieces of twilight left and more should arrive the first of next week.
These photos showing front and even fabulous backings.Never before have we had such large pieces of her jewelry.