Saturday, January 30, 2010

FUNNIEST BLOG EVER...permission granted...let the laugh out loud begin!

Meet Lisa Bingham of Syracuse...although she is a very talented and hilarious customer of the shop I had NO idea HOW MUCH this sense of humor of everyday life with her and her family was SO BIG.( I should have known...) 
That is until yesterday when a dear friend of hers was in getting her LIFT before going home reading & buying Jaynas neclaces and told me Lisa had a blog. My eyes lit up...hoped she would share it with me. I told her she would remain nameless unless she wants to starts with a J and NO Lisa it was not my sister.(close enough though)

I had no idea what I would find, I came home from a real busy day of work and sat down to search out Lisa's blog...and this is what I and shoe...she really needs some explainin'.
Then I saw her favorite colors aqua and red...what baffles me...there are no pictures. How did she pull off the most awesome blog ...and NO PICTURES...UNHEARD OF. (not to mention she is born/raised with a family of photographers.)  more explainin Lisa.

What truely amazes me is how she titles her blog Post with ONE WORD.
Then what FLABERGASTS me (I haven't used that word forever until now) is how that one word turns into a post of MANY MANY hilarious topics...YOU'LL SEE! (so never let the title throw you off!)

I will let HER tell you who her parents are...and her sisters who comment and you will want to visit their blogs as the apples DID NOT fall far from this WOODS tree at all.

At Christmas time Lisa's mother and her girls (married women) came in the shop to buy each other gifts and they were practicing how they were going to act suprised when they opened their packages. It was beyond funny to me. But they got what they wanted for women too!

Okay friends...put pillows around your computer chair (in case you fall off) and put on a depends, you will laugh until you ___(starts with a P and ends in e)  and you won't want to quit reading. Please comment and let Lisa know what you think of her hilarious life. 

I haven't dared venture into her 2009...maybe tomorrow.
Today I must show up to work.
Thanks Lisa for sharing your TALENT...yes it is American Idol worthy... top 2!

Carl, Mr. Bed of Roses just asked "are we family now Lisa?"

Let the LAUGH OUT LOUD begin...and Happy One Hundred posts Lisa!
  You will always find her on the blog list too.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Antique DAYS OF THE WEEK POST it the Big Bad Wolf?

Days of the week...some very antique Post Cards...I have not done any research on them...they came from an estate. I think they would be wonderful to frame them as they need to be loved & preserved.
Not even sure the age. If anyone has an idea feel free to leave a comment.
They are for sell in the shop as a set of 6.
Is it the Big Bad Wolf?
I'm in shock...Easter is outselling Valentines right now, of course we did get a fun shipment of bunnies and eggs and they cannot be re-ordered...always the good stuff, why didn't I just order more?

One of our sassy funky lines of jewelry showed up...this is fun quality (lifetime guarantee even) stuff...I want all of it. So why didn't I order myself one of each?

Lots of sales going on like some purses are 1/2 off, others 25% off.
All jewerly except handmade and new arrivals 30% off
Sock monkeys 20% off
Vintage glass 20% off too.
If you find anything Christmas...1/2 off.
Sales Sales & Sales

If you need a gigantic Birdcage to lock your children in...check out my daughters blog:  its on my bloglist. You'll want to stay forever just to listen to the sweet wonderland music...I know I could.
She will be selling some fabulous birdcages soon.

Monday, January 25, 2010

WHERE WOMEN CREATE...beyond spectacular

How can this be? Every issue is always beyond spectacular and I have not even sat down to look at it. It arrived at 2:00 today at shop and as the customers came in we browsed through, went crazy over each marvelous page and then sold many copies.
Gina Galvin...okay, my new idol, at market Shellie and I adored her, she is so off the wall fabulous and
to see what I believe is her home is even more off the wall, but of course I am showing you before I even sit down to read and ponder every single inch of this book. So who knows! Miss Peacock is getting first priority though.
I haven't told you...I did an order from her...when it arrives...who knows... but I am preparing the shop for it in the mean time.
And then onto Pat Best...oh the creativity that gal has!
Jo Packham puts out THE BEST BOOK EVER!
Must man, Jack Baur of 24 will be on tv before I get through a few pages of this book.
Because it's snowing tomorrow...I may arrive a bit late at the shop plan on noon for sure okay...and we have got sales going this week.
If you need where women create mailed to can call with your visa 20.00 with shipping and it will be at your home probably in one-two days!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Antique POPSICLE MOLD for Silver sunday & CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies

This sweet treasure I bought many years ago from an antique dealer out of Montana, she had 10 of them I bought one of her last two and I didnt hesistate to find the $200.00 she wanted for it. It's just one of those things you rarely see. I will wait for my friend Susan of antiques to maybe comment some information on it as I have no knowledge about the Popsicle company and how it was started. I would adore some old pictures of the making of these to go with this old piece of history. If anyone in blogland has anything please let me know.

It would have been such a slow process to make the famous popsicle wouldn't it?  And it heavy.

This morning Mr. Bed of Roses made THE BEST and I mean THE BEST soft oatmeal chocolate chip cookies can find the recipe on my blog list at Delicious Dales...this family of girls know how to cook. Thanks ERICA ...and Gwendolyns talk in church this morning made me cry...she is the most amazing 12 year old, I love her to pieces. Your an amazing mother. We sat in church SO overdosed on these cookies, they will be the only ones Carl ever cooks, I'm pretty sure of it.
Follow the directions EXACTLY LIKE IT SAYS...we had to cook just 2 mins. longer.
Happy Silver on gypsyfish.blogspot to enjoy others!
Susan, we will be awaiting your knowledge on popsicles!
P.S. I just made the paper roses in clay pots tucked in with vintage book pages...they will be arriving at the shop Monday morning...among other handmade goodies. I love a day off from the fun to create new things to bring in!
See you soon.

Silver for the queens fancy

Until I get daylight for some vintage silver pictures you will have fun seeing SILVER VALENTINES  decor and crowned birds in SILVER that just arrived ...scroll down to Mondays post.

Check back later in the day... I have my favorite antique Popsicle mold I want to share with you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey...Some TRASH TALK...going on here at Roses...

If you don't talk to your cat about catnip...who will?

Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator!

My mother is a travel agent for guilt trips!

I use to be snow white...and then I drifted!

We have a great line of "talkin trash" notepads, cards and magnets in black and whites are being shipped real'll want to make time to come in and have a great laugh...sure you'll find some you can't resist for yourself and a funny gift.

Shop opened Friday and Saturday (hours may vary with the snowy weather). Call if your concerned: 801-451-2556

Queen of...

Does this ever happened to you?  I cleaned under the beds it turns out I'm the QUEEN of a whole freakin' lot!  (just a saying, not mine, made me laugh out loud though).
One thing I must be thankful for is... NOTHING FITS UNDER the bed...but I make up for it in other places!
How about you?
The shop is opened today!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Girls just wanna have FUNDS!

Finally meeting some of my 6 year long internet artists!
What a special  time that was.

Monday, January 18, 2010


New Bling silver jewelry....for the Queen!
Our other jewelry is still on sale this week 30% off

Not accepting an audience...that naughty Queen, how dare she?

Beyond stunning crowned birds and silver crowns to take you into Romancing your home for this season.

Silver LOVE letters (the colors are reflecting off my Little girls are preparing gifts of Love

Romance  someone with vintage cards and shiney mini crowns

Day by's coming together for the beautiful season of Love.

Just a note: "Going to Market" is completed... I'm overstimulated and SHOULD be exhausted  ...actually  I'm excited
that this year has been planned through Christmas. (a relief too!)

It's going to be exciting to make changes each week with new merchandise and "new" looks to pull off, I love everything that was ordered for you and I snuck a few things in for myself ( proprietress must take care of her decorating needs too!). Will share!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Take and Make German Glass Glitter is awesome!


Authentic German glass glitter is in...9 beautiful colors, small one ounce packages  $5.00 each along with packages of tiny bottled samplings that are darling by the way in varieties of colors $18.00 this stuff has a coating of sterling it tarnishes beautifully...
you'll want to play with them!
And you'll want to take advantage of our sales going on this week...awesome!
If you love a certain color/texture we can order you in larger quantities...for those who are the "queens" of glitter!

Monday, January 11, 2010


It's BIG SALES WEEK at Just a Bed of Roses...Don't forget!Starting with,...Our VINTAGE DISHES & fun SOCK MONKEYS and  ACCESSORIES...20%  off

30% off  ALL OUR JEWELRY including VINTAGE, excluding the altered art charms and neclaces.

We are hitting it out of the park with Christmas at 50% ...that is what's left!

PURSES & WALLETS...ALL are 25% off!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

BECAUSE I LOVE YOU...Silver Sunday #2...

To my SILVER HAIRED PARENTS of mine! Happy 82nd Birthday Dad, last evening we as brothers and sisters pulled off a spur of the moment Birthday party at Typhoons at the Gateway. Grateful as ever that my father has the strong endurance and excitement for life to keep going as he does.( we do try to stop him at some things though!) One thing I thought about my dad...he is consistant in the things he has done through out his life. Same loves, same convictions. Same strengths. There was also SILVER haired husband of mine and a few brother in laws too.
I'd show the picture but my triple chin keeps showing up!

                 Newly acquired book of poems...BECAUSE I LOVE YOU copyright 1894 inside inscripted: For You, MY DEAREST FRIEND,
These poems, expressing what is truest and noblest and best in human affection, and leading to the dearer love of God, are selected and arranged because I love you. Anna E. Mack. Because I can't seem to put a price tag on this book right now..yes, I too have fallen in love with it, I will occasionally share poems from it until Valentines Day arrives. (may sell  it Valentines week!)

Very old Valentine Post card with red ribbon yes!
Many Oldies Valentine post cards arriving at shop Monday.
We have a FABULOUS JEWELRY SALE...THIS WEEK ONLY...30%  OFF ALL OF IT except Jayna's soldered art charms and neclaces. We have never ever done this before...this includes VINTAGE PIECES ALSO...YEAH for all of us!!!

Visit the for much more VINTAGE SILVER SUNDAY blogs. Looking forward to showing next weeks silver too so come on back. Of course we do vintage here nearly every day at Just a Bed of Roses.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


HEAVENSONG...a perfect name for this NEW CD by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. Music of Contemplation and Light.
It's helping me!

CONTEMPLATING...colors & styles

 Was Informed my 12' antique Saloon counter -Scrapbook /Journal center had to be emptied out in order to be moved away from wall so it could be textured and painted...not on MY LIST of important things to do!

A Sampling of the organization of my scrapbooking / journaling centers INSIDES! Yikes!
Really YIKES!
I contemplate times past with each drawer and box I peek know this feeling.

Isn't this how we start out the NEW a bit of DISORDER?

P.S. I literally fell out the door of the shop yesterday to the ground on hands and knees...wonder who saw me??? Pride yesterday...Today I feel a bit like a bicycle hit me!.
Don't laugh...I should show you my skinned knees!
I can hear you!!!

Thank goodness HEAVENSONG came out just in time to fill up my needs.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I hate it when EXERCISE is the answer...

True story today...when you walk into Barnes and Noble right smack in front of you now is the table of all the diets etc. in the world...I thought...NO, not another  "one of those books" for me, my mission was to get grandkids Valentines present books, my dad a diabetic topic book and a CD for myself.
Then out of the corner of my eye THIS BOOK was saying "pick me up, pick me up"...SO I DID!

I had just come from a mini physical at RCWillys, kind of a mandatory thing from our insurance program. I had come out of there and sat in the parking lot and cried. My blood pressure was 20 numbers up from what I wanted, cholestrol just a little more than necessary, my one eye really bad, my body fat...well...that's obvious and the answer to resolving most of this...EXERCISE!
Now that sounds easy, and really when I do it I'm fine, lots of benefits, you know all that stuff too.

But it meant that it's EXERCISE NOW...not when I want to, but NOW.
I would much rather WATCH the contestants on Biggest Loser show exercise than do it myself though...much less painful and sweaty.
If there is something that sounds fun to share with you I certainly will.
Thank goodness Mr. Bed of Roses had some of the  same symptoms and he's on board too!

He also let me walk out of the store with carpet samples and I had my eye on several bar stools...I went to the paint store for matching there WAS A RAINBOW at the end of this storm!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Keep both feet in today

It has been wisely noted that having one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow is a rather unstable position. The best way to face the future, it seems, is to keep both feet in today.
We can't spend too much time looking back, because too much still lies ahead. and we can't live only in the future, or we'll miss out on today's happiness. We need to live fully in the present and savor every moment, knowing that in the coming year we'll be longing for the days we have right now. Indeed, the "good ole days" are not in the past; they are RIGHT NOW.
Our ancestors each had their hard days and heartache, we have ours, and our descendants will all have theirs. The process of life is to go forward in the present, with the past behind us and the future ahead of us.
We do not know when we will be required to leave this mortal existence" said Thomas S. Monson. " And so we ask, "What are we doing with today?" Have we been guilty of declaring, "I've been thinking about making some course corrections in my life. I plan to take the first step---tomorrow"? With such thinking, tomorrow is forever. Such tomorrows rarely come unless we do something about them today."
With that in mind, now might be a good time to re-evaluate our goals and aspirations, rethink our direction and purpose inlife, and refocus our efforts and energy on worthwhile endeavors. The present becomes the past in a moment, so before it does, make the most of it. the future, which is really just the unfolding present, is bright for those who take the time, as the proverb counsels, to "ponder the path of your feet."

Given Jan. 3, 2010 Lloyd d. Newell  Music and the spoken word

This message really touched me Sunday and I had been pondering ALOT about the "new year" ahead and wanted to share the recent words of Mr. Newell. I need to go buy his books for this months reading for this years inspirations. And besides we watched the "biggest loser" new series last night...we have decided it's now TIME to dig in and do our "lose the weight"  thing for a healthier life. Ice cream went in the garbage and I will spend less time in Blogland in order to do some much needed exercising!

I know because of this little one year old cutie of a granddaughter my oldest son has re-arranged his life in a big way so that she and his wife has become a major priority in his life...and we have our son back and it is a blessing in all of our lives.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Working hard...

Just really trying to get the shop back together and thing I am excited about is a new shipment of the real german glass glitter is on its way...will let you know whe it arrives as it will be in various colors.

We are open all week!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ready... set... GO... to SILVER SUNDAY # 1

We're starting off the New Year 2010 with a New Years greeting from the early 1900's post card.
Alot of my silver will be a bit more PRIMITIVE SILVERS & metals like this frog, they make nice collections and great stands for photo's & cards. Speaking of antique post cards...I have so many, I think for this next year you will be seein 365 ways to use a vintage postcard!!!

I've always had an attraction to kitchen primitives...they're fun to collect and really enjoy.
Looking forward to sharing more each Sunday with you.
Visit: http://www.thegypsyfish.blogspot/ for the list of those participating in this blog party of silver.
This week will be business as opened all week unless we get a big storm that's possible for
Wednesday. IS OPENED TODAY...

Shop is OPEN TODAY...Saturday  11:30-3:30-4:00 SHORT HOURS...  I know.
Come in and load up on Christmas leftovers at 40-50% off!
Alayna is working

Don't FORGET...the Antique Auction in Clinton today

This will be an all day auction beginning at 10:00 a.m. here is just a small
preview. Lunch is available and it should be cozy warm. Enjoy and treat yourself
to a lovely piece of furniture or unique antique!
Clinton Meeting House
1272 W. 1800 North
Clinton, Utah

Friday, January 1, 2010

Photo of the year...

In our family this is the cutest photo of the season. This is our 3 year old granddaughter Chloe.
I bet we need this made into a charm neclace!