Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Backyard Farm Porch projects...vintage vignettes completed

 We purchased 2 giant corbels and the green pillar your seeing on the left last week.

They were so big it was very tricky to find a way to make them work (52" x 52") finally decided they needed to lay flat against the brick which seemed the easiest.

The home sits on an acre, so keeping that in mind the perspective seeing them from the road as they may seem too big to you. And right now it's an adjustment for me too cause all we've ever had back there were a few chairs and a grill. We've been here 20 years.

The over 100 yr. old big windmill with 6' patina blades will be back here too, that will help the sizing of them looking too big especially from the road.

 Each area is set up as it's own separate vignette, then ties in with the rest as you'll see.
We sprayed the corbels and then decided we had to do the backsides as they will be showing from inside the home...that called for handpaint.

 Remember in doing projects that every thing you take on takes triple the time and work.
Mr. Roses actually took like a screen door hook, drilled it into the wall and hooked it onto this pillar
so it is standing straight and won't move in a windstorm. We do get hot sun, wind & dirt, bugs too!

Scale was a gift to me last week from my parents...I don't even know why, but when we were leaving their home my dad walked out of his garage with this scale and handed it to me! He said it came from the Allens grocery store where they shopped. Mom could buy a cart of groceries for 13.00  Dad used it to sell his produce. He bought it at a yard sale. Interesting cause he doesn't go to them. Kind of fun since our ground belonged to Carls grandparents who were row crop farmers and sold their produce from wagons driven by a horse. So it all ties in. I love antiques that have a personal story, don't you?

 We have not used our back porch much or backyard because its been secluded. The truth is we have not had time to get it in shape till now.Since we have neighbors on three sides, we finally had to get our act together. We are enjoying eating our meals outside and this weather is perfect. We never use our front porch to eat, maybe just icecream. This wicker chair belongs to the set of a large antique wicker sofa which is on the front porch and perfect for napping or just looking old fashioned. ALL this stuff has been purchased at yard sales. Or on: vintage yard sale Utah  find them on fbook. ( I also sell on there once in awhile).

 ugly rug, I day I will find a pretty one.

 Oh...this is an old two tier welding cart I JUST HAD TO HAVE the minute I laid eyes on it from Farm chicks in Spokane a few years back, along with the pickett fence planters.  You can see why...its very diverse for a farm porch.

 The end vignette is the trellis with the old buffet, and other outdoor accessories I love.
I kept colors neutral.  Using a little bit of greens. He has made these things VERY STURDY (he's been an over achiever in that topic lately). Won't this be fun for fall. I don't put live flowering plants here because of the heat.

Talking of colors...the white corbels are probably to bright for my liking...I'm pretty sure they will end up antiqued and so will the green pillar.(another month please!) I do like things to look old and worn.

Well, there's a project that's well under way and ready to be enjoyed. Glad you can't see all the fly specs on the pillars, we get plenty of those out here too! I hate dirt. I hate flies and even mosquito's...lets just add weeds while I'm complaining!!!

I hope you too are enjoying and completing your summer projects...would love to see them.
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see you there!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Back porch projects

 we acquired two very large corbels...they are B.I.G...

 SO...once we get a fresh coat of paint on them they will go up on the back porch brick wall.

 Along with this 8' pillar

 This is the windmill at Gardner village

we took the grandkids down there one day to look at it...we are preparing our windmill that's similar but not as large to go into it's place.

Summer projects...wish summer could last forever?
I do!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

This summer

Sorting through the workroom drawers. cupboards. closets. holiday stuff and compiling collections and good. best. bestest deals for another big yard sale.
this one will probably be mid September.
However if I get ready and the weather turns a bit cooler in august there will be a temptation to do one then
and one in sept...
right here is where it will be announced.
also...we will not be selling at any summer markets
have the best 4th of july weekend!
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