Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ironing things out...

 Once upon a time in a city called Ogden Utah, this iron was shipped to a place on Harrison Blvd. from the z.c.m.i dept. store Salt lake city, utah. The place was the Dee Hospital. My husband said he was born there. The hospital has since been torn down and turned into a park.

 Here is proof on the box...isn't it wonderful the box and label come with this beautiful blue kerosene iron. This iron has never been used and all original parts are here. Would make a unique gift for an Iron, zcmi or dee hospital collector. It will be available at the acorn antique show at the weber county fair grounds this coming saturday/sunday.

 along with the iron a beautiful blue vintage globe...because Santa travels the whole world on Christmas eve...

 Because he has super fast reinedeer. Available wool, script and houndstooth fabric reindeers and a wreath or two with a reindeer.

Belsnickles ...before jolly st. Nick

Belsnickles...and an old ornie in chocolate brown flocked wreath.
4 available at the acorn show...and some at the shop. These belsnickles are beautiful reproductions. Oh, how I would love a real antique one, wouldn't you?

Old buttons in creams...bottled in apothacary jar for the holidays.
Can't wait to show you what you can do with the magnetic 
flower pin...but that's another day.

Santa head from the 50's...oh the memories! Santa took over in the 1930's from the a jolly olde soul!

Belsnickle originated in Germany, he was more of a stern giver and would go to the children once a year, he would ask if they were good and they always said YES. Then he would leave. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Putting the Pedal to the metal...Once upon a time

 Wide rim tire womans bike will be at the Acorn holiday show this weekend, all original, could be used if it had new tires. Ouch, maybe a padded seat? Christmas was usually the time you asked Santa for a new bike. I'm guessing this is a late 40's maybe early 50's.

On the topic of about a rustic pair of roller skates.
These skates were used "once upon a time"
say in the 1950-60's

Metal garden flower pitcher and butterfly tea light holder or I would fill with chocolate. The Pitcher is filled with a mercury glass colored tinsel branch...are you getting excited for Christmas? These will also be at the shop Nov. 15th. The red tree in the wooden spool will be at the Acorn show this weekend. These are new with nice old patina style.

Metal keys...brass. silver. Once upon a time Keys were used
as Keys for starting up a car. truck. tractor. Now they are objects for art. Not complaining! (at the acorn and shop).

Just purchased...84 zinc lids with glass is your chance to get your jars a topper. Glass jars with zinc lids have been very popular again this year and we have been completly out of them. They come...and then they go.

Union Pacific Railroad bucket...I'm going to have to research what they did specifically with the buckets. Maybe you know.

Once upon a time... someone had more patients than Jobe.
Each circle on this metal tree has been handmade and each end has been cut in tiny slices...THEIR FINGERS HAD TO BE BLEEDING didn't they? This was an estate find in the Ogden area. 

Price yet to be's one of those rare pieces of
Christmas art that's not duplicated. The base is wooden sticks covered in a foil and lights are inserted in each center. The lights do not work...and I would rather keep original.

Once upon a time...someone was really really awesome to make this...has anyone else ever seen anything like it?
It too will be at the acorn show this weekend. sat. sunday.

(one of those things we SHOULD keep...but we are at the stage in life an airline ticket sounds kind of fun!)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas...means games, Once upon a time

 Once upon a 1955 children had Santa bring them the Merry Milkman game. And they loved it and you will too.

This game is complete (I will search for the missing milk bottle I know its here) pieces in wonderful condition.
The box has a little tearing and wear with aging and use.

This exciting game and toy will be sold in our booth at the acorn antique/vintage holiday show this coming Saturday and sunday at the weber fair grounds at 9:00 a.m.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


 ONCE UPON A before and around the 1960's  girls and women wore gloves for many occasions, it was a part of their everyday outfits. Not just for warmth. 

Here you can see 9 pair hanging as a garland, you can see the different sizes and shapes, but it is hard to see their textures of satin, knit, leather, polyesters. 

 Here is a pretty design tea dyed color adorned with a vintage brass pin and pearl...for sale at the Acorn holiday show this coming Saturday/Sunday. (all gloves shown here will be for sale there). 

 Knubby design with an elegant broach pin drapes a grouping of antique books.

 Gloves boxes were common in a home. Usually placed upon a dresser/vanity. This is a romantic wooden box, others are made of satins or leathers and long. 

When was the last time you thought about a memory wearing a pair of vintage gloves or someone you knew who wore gloves?
I have a prom photo wearing gloves that went to my elbows.

Gloves were worn throughout the day in different styles, depending on what your were doing. 

and that was "Once upon a time."

Note that on Nov. 15th when we reopen for Christmas, we will  have a nice selection in style, color and textures  of vintage gloves for you to purchase. If you can't wait...there is the acorn holiday show at the weber county fair grounds this weekend.  

Once upon a time @ a vintage inspired Christmas

save this date for our Christmas show

is our Christmas theme

We are NOW CLOSED and will re-open Nov. 15 (a friday)

During this time the shop will magically change into her Christmas vignettes of vintage inspired Gifts and decor.

The shop will then remain open thru Christmas eve every day excepting Sunday and Thanksgiving eve/Thanksgiving day.

check back...we'll be building upon the theme these three weeks.

Also we have been working hard so we can offer wonderful antique vintage goods at the Acorn antique show this coming Saturday/Sunday at the weber county fair grounds.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chandalier takes it place

We brought the chandalier that hung in the shop 7 years to our home before Carls surgery. We are sure enjoying it's light and beauty. We have a large entry way, and it's just perfect there.
It even lights up, at the shop we never could find the electricity to it...old buildings!

I was going to post more Christmas today but now my camera has gone missing. I am SO OVER Halloween this year, packed it all away at home. Since we did Halloween things in Sept. with the grandchildren, I guess it's okay.

  This will be our last Christmas at the shop and I'm so excited to make it happen. Christmas stockings, ribbon, reindeer,wreaths, rusty jingle bells, mercury glass have arrived, so fun to unbox.

Christmas seems so magical...but we all know we are the ones who make it magic for everyone else, right! (and that's okay).

What's left at the shop is 1/2 off...and the pumpkins and assorted items are reduced to $5.00 instead of 10.00  they have to GO! 

still no camera....WHERE is it now???

Monday, October 21, 2013

10 more reasons to shop Acorns Holiday show

Ice skate florals stuff with mercury glass colored pines and an old 
santa head pick.
West germany Santa head tree topper in box, excellent condition.

One of a kind...antique framed chalkboards...write your own words.

Red green fresh white vintage table cloths, roses roses and more.
Glowing flame electric cardboard fireplace excellent condition from the 1950's.  (unused and has a box).

newly acquired ruffly pieces of vintage milkglass for your holiday
decorating, fill with homemade goods, vintage ornies etc.

Themed vintage hankies. hanky. handkerchiefs...between the show and the shop we will have at least 400 newly starched and pressed hankies hanging around to buy.

Colander floral...silver and bright.
snow flake themed ice skate floral

coming...Nov. 2-3rd weber county fair grounds 9:00 a.m.
My space will be to the left as you walk in the doors.
This is an antique AND vintage will find all types of
quality home decor and gifts in a wide range of prices.
More on the other dealers later...they amaze me at what they find and bring to offer us as customers. FALL is the BEST time to buy vintage...collectors have had the whole summer to do their best hunting.

Note: there will be a home show in the building next door on Saturday. I'll take 10 more photo's check in!

My favorite far

My favorite lampshade so far...had to find it out of state, so it's a keeper, it makes me smile. 

This week Halloween and fall on sale:
Joni's art packettes:  buy one get one free
they can make you smile and giggle!

Pumpkins and purple dried florals  $10.00 each
(below cost for sure)

any fall halloween 1/2 off

we'll be open today, Monday  11-5:30
and again Thurs. fri. sat. same hours.
Then we close until nov. 15 which will be open again
for our vintage Christmas!

see you soon!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 vintage treasures you can find...

 Christmas...dear St. Nicholas, our stockings are hung waiting you
to fill them this year. (especially with antiques, pretty please).

 Primitive, handmade horse and wagon...will need help pricing this piece we came across at an estate.

 Oh blessed Christmas are so vintage to me, wrapped in a vintage hand embroidered table runner. So far, there is only one available. More vintage florals are being created.

 Reindeer paws...vintage table cloths...many creams for your
dreamy white Christmas.

 Crinkly, wrinkly tea stained bundles of ribbon adorned with a
vintage style Christmas tag...for gifting or using. (many other colors will be available).

 Saved this one out especially for the Acorn antique show...tea towel...many tea towels will be available, make gifts bundled with other vintage goods.

 On the vanity side of things...remember grandma, she always wore the metal curlers for those tight to the head curls.  

 Pretty sure you have been looking for one of aqua heater. I should keep it...I'll hope one day I can find me one too.

 Hand painted ornies...and boxes of shiny brites will await your presence. You will love digging through them.

Last but not least...tiny hangers filled with vintage slips, dresses and doilies, isn't it wonderful these things were never thrown away.

I've had the funnest year collecting...and I can't wait for you to come shopping this season.

You'll find theses at Acorn antique show at the Weber county Fairgrounds Nov. 2 and 3rd. 9-6 Saturday. This is a BIG SHOW...and you will want to spend some time and bring money.

More on this later...I'll be back this week with 10 more vintage treasures, can hardly wait to show you.