Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day 7 STILL under the covers...ache ache!

Oh, please dont get this flu bug...its a beast! I went to work Monday and Tuesday and it was so glorious to be back and visiting new & old customers. Then today... Wednesday...its back with a vengance I have a big headache, nausia and ache everywhere,can hardly open my eyes. If I am lucky to feel the least bit better I will do some website product listings and I wanted to re-open the website this may be delayed...take a peek though, it may have some suprises soon!
I'll tell about the cruise still later...I cant get too excited when I feel run like this.
If you have come a long ways to visit the shop I apologize for it not being open today...please check back tomorrow.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

SNUGGLED under the covers...cough cough!

4 days now of Mr. flu bug...soon I will come out from under my toasty warm electric blanket and piles of covers and tell you about our wonderful Caribbean Cruise. I have appeared out from them to do the piles of laundry from the trip though. If your thinking of taking an airplane in the next few weeks you may want to reconsider as everyone on them seems to be coughing and sick...see you a bit later...cough cough... sneeze sneeze...ache ache... ohhhh the aching! I'm not alone am I?

Friday, February 15, 2008


Now that Valentines is over...lets think Spring! NO outfit is complete without a mini purse to put your lipstick, jewelries, medications etc. Aren't these about the cutest thing you have ever seen? They are a big hit here at Just a Bed of Roses, doesnt matter your age, all girls love purses in any size. We have at least a dozen designs and colors to pick from...they are even cheaper that way too as they are 2 for 10.00 or 6.00 each.

Oh so fun to tuck into a girls Easter Basket...did you realize Easter is 5 weeks away. Oh no, I cant find last years easter boxes of merchandise...Oh will be seeing all new. We are doing a chocolate easter this year...HOPE YOU DONT MIND!
Please visit previous posts and archives for more shopping.


Jayna's been at it have to love it!
She has been creating like crazy and comes in 2-3 times a week with uniquely designed jewelry. You have got to see her new Easter bracelets. Please visit our Website March 1st and own some of Jayna's work and other handmade heirlooms.
P.S. she can put any age on this neclace and even the persons photo, how fun is that for a gift!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Party time...come in this whole week and help us celebrate our first year in Farmington. Just for coming add your name for a drawing of our beautiful 100.00 PRETTY PINK gift basket, cookies served and you will be surrounded with the finest vintage style home decor and handmade gifts around.
The new Francisos Mexican Grill will be opening next door be first to sample their authentic fresh menus. Opening Presidents Day.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Vintage birdcage with chippy rusty finish, very old, so hard to find, it can be placed over the top of many fun collections, like a dome. Tied to it a tea dyed handmade vintage doily, patena spoon, the rose is a very old package of needles! This is selling for 36.00
Tulips planted in silver plated vintage coffee pot, tied with vintage tea dyed sewing trims. Selling for 45.00 scented with our new Pear oil. One of a kind "attic floral" to enjoy! Check out the round vintage tole tray just acquired, sells for 45.00

Apples and berries floral in vintage sifter, smells like apple & spices selling for: 28.99 its a one of a kind "attic floral" our shops specialty!

Oops I need to quit working now! Berries in Antique apple designed sifter, scented with our new apple spice oil. Tied with vintage trims, one of a kind "attic floral" Selling for 28.99

GLITTER STATION...Roses silver plate tray holding 3 glass shakers and 2 glass containers which need a stopper , makes the most wonderful glitter station, just fill up each container with your favorite glitters. oops,Sorry sold, will find more!

PINK ROSES vintage 1978 (signed on back) handmade decorative ceramic platter. Its quite big and in excellent condition, no chips. Ahhh how fun in a shabby room. Selling for 28.00

sparkly PINK TEA POT planted with tea dyed mini cream roses and tied with vintage handmade doily and ribbon. 32.99 Pearly vintage basket selling 16.00 and a 2 yd. roll of vintage aqua fabric selling for 10.00

Antique pink planter with pretty floral plate, ivy, eucalyptus and pink Susies, tulips & twigs. Tied accent is a piece of hand made vintage crochet pillow case edging. So cute! Selling for 48.00
All of these items will be in shop Friday feb 8th, please come in!

WE are SHAPED and FASHIONED by WHAT we LOVE...Goethe

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love...Goethe
That saying was on Oprahs site this morning and it just rung a bell with me ...most appropriate for this post... wouldn't you say!
Karen again has out done herself...she has been making the most delicious fresh Chocolate caramel covered Granny Smith Apples and Pretzels...Each one is a piece of art and surely will please the receiver. I gave some to my son as a GET WELL and his wife who is "EXPECTING", they make a great "GUY" gift. You'll also find them tucked in the store BIRTHDAY BASKET , come put your name in the drawing.
I will post apple pictures as soon as I locate them!
SPECIAL NOTE: Storm and wind today, expecting 4-8" of snow so I will not be traveling to open up shop today, HOWEVER...I have a load of new florals, felt cookies & donuts, antique gifts that will be coming in on Thursday. Lets hope this is the last big storm for awhile!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Our Karen is at is can say it perfectly to YOUR SPECIAL VALENTINE with these framed ANTIQUE 30'S 40'S QUILTED HEARTS framed sayings. Karens work is meticulous and her sayings can TOUCH YOUR HEART. Look closely as she sews these old quilted hearts right onto the paper, they are not glued on. They are a piece of YESTERDAY that will become a TREASURED HEIRLOOM tomorrow.
If you find one OR more you cant live without come in and get first choice as each one is ONE OF A KIND. If you are viewing from another area, I will gladly package one up beautifully for you, we will need to add 7.95 shipping. Need more than one, the shipping will be adjusted.
Karen dropped off a new batch of Chocolate Caramel Granny Smith apples and pretzels, they too are a piece of art...MMMM a YUMMY VALENTINE GIFT! I will show them tomorrow, okay!
P.S. IT'S OUR FIRST YEAR BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK...come celebrate with us, I will give details Sunday!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Meet "JUST BE" One of a kind Purses & more

One of my VERY favorite friends & customers is Jeni Carlson , I am so excited to introduce her to you, she is the marketer for JUST BE TAKE A PEEK!
Jeni found Just a Bed of Roses I think either the day it opened or the day before as she has a special radar for vintage gift shops. On her website she is the cute girl with the brown hair and the cutest smile. When she walks into a room she just lights it up as she is ALWAYS HAPPY, positive, up on ALL the latest things that are popular and loves Shabby Chic anything! I am giong to beg her to let us show her Shabby Christmas at her home on our website next year, so Jeni you are being warned right now! She is the best mother of the two most adorable smart young men who have high aspirations, one is to be a pilot like his father. He has renamed his self "Jet" cute! Plus We LOVE HER MOTHER Elaine!

Jeni has MANY TALENTS and one being the marketer for a wonderful line of fabric handmade purses, wallets, skirts, belts and more. I am only showing a touch of what her company sells as each piece is one of a kind and truely unique pieces of fabrics and vintage adornments. Be sure to visit their website for much more plus they also accomodate shops with wholesale.

Jeni says "our company is unique because of our committment to not mass produce anything. Every design is a limited edition. We want our customers to have unique pieces at affordable prices. We also employ hard working women right here in Utah. Our Motto is "there is beauty in individuality" and we truly stand behind that"
Our customers love Just Be products. They sell products all over the United States, shop owners you may want to try some of these beauties! March 1st we will have Just be purses for sale on our website, be first to pick out one that is "just you" as you will LOVE THEM!
Jeni just added a Stop in and send Congratulations!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Swarvoski Crystal JEWELRY for the PRINCESS' in your life!

Princess's in your life? Daughter, mother, grandmother, granddaughters, sister, & friends all love to be recognized as someone special in your life. Your a princess...why not gift yourself! shabby swarvoski crystal crowns in neclaces & earrings and also some red stoned pins. I forgot to re-order the rings, so plan on them for Easter basket giving. These will also be available on the website come march 1.
Oops...I just realized Feb. 5th is Just a bed of roses 1st year anniversary...dont tell anyone and I will do some celebrating the following week...see what happens when your the owner, you forget to celebrate important occasions! Dear me!


We don't even watch ball games in our home... HOWEVER we do turn the SUPER BOWL on each year and peek at the commercials...yes, we are hard up for needing a laugh or two!
As we are TRYING to lose weight... thoughts of yummy food are something we try not to entertain too often. So yesterday I mentioned something about Clam Chowder would sure be nice and low and behold I awake this morning and there is this most wonderful recipe on the counter among the ingredients to be cooked by my DH (darling husband), Isnt that amazing I can still say darling after 34 years? All he has has to say is "yes dear"... Just kidding of course.
So after church I am going to curl up with the computer and go into BLOGLAND for however long I chose...and forget about the NEW BIG SNOW STORM that is howling its way in today. I will even look cute as I had my hair designed yesterday. Did I mention there is Farr's Burnt Almond Fudge ice cream in the freezer...this day is going to be good!

Here is the recipe, its from the FAMOUS MARKET STREET GRILL here in Utah. I have Sheri from antique paperie to thank for the subliminal mind message about clam chowder, she was pondering her grandmothers clam chowder last week on her blog. She also talked about having a signature smell, well ...I go right out and get me a new perfume and Oh do I love my new smell...See the influence blog land has on us! I think it has a profound affect on our economy, dont you?

1 c. potatoes, diced 1/2"
1 c celery, diced 1/2"
1. cup onion, diced 1/2"
1 cup leeks, diced 1/2"
1 c. green pepper, diced 1/2"
3/4 cup chopped clams (chopped or fresh)
3/4 Tablespoon course ground pepper
1 1/2 Tablespoon salt
3/4 Tablespoon whole thyme
6 bay leaves
1 teaspoon Tabasco
3/4 c. sherry wine optional
2 cups water
3/4 c. clam juice
3/4 cup real butter melted
1 c. flour
2 quarts half and half
Combine melted butter and flour in oven proof container and bake at 325 for 30 minutes. In large saucepan combine remaiining ingredients except half and half. simmer until potatoes are thoroughl cooked. Stir butter flour mixture into chowder and stir until thick. Mixture wil be slightly less thick than cokie dough. Remove chowder from heat. stir in cream until blended. Heat to serving temp. serve immediatly

Saturday, February 2, 2008


You'll want to come in and get your issue of the beautiful pink valentines issue of Romantic homes magazine...surely to inspire your creativity for the ones you love!


Jayna showers us with her altered art and vintage jewelry addictions and guess WE are ALL ADDICTED TO HER ART, she picks up a new fan everyday, it's no wonder, not only is she nice but we just wonder what is going on inside her brain to produce the works of art she creates. there are NO COBWEBS inside her brain...too much commotion going on in there for spiders! Instead of overloading her work here, I will just tease you with bits and pieces every now and then. Just to remind you, she brings new creations in at least 3 times a week and she takes special orders on your family photos which the customers have been most pleased and pleasantly suprised. Plus she has agreed to have Just a Bed of Roses website sell her work so you can look forward to buying her goodies around the first of March...start saving you money and pray I can take decent pictures!

P.S...dont you love the neclace about goodness the gal has a gun! When I was raising my 4 children somedays I felt like her! I dont know how I got the bed side manner neclace in there, and dont know how to get it off...i'm embarassed, now my computer illiteracy is showing!

ARTFUL BLOGGING Visually inspiring online journals

I'm off to meet new blogging artists this week-end, I can see there will be some sleep lost over this book...the cover of this book is a pretty piece of art, makes you want to eat it...well, I may be just needing something to munch on!

This book will be sold quarterly in our shop, be first to get a copy, I will even hold one back for you & call when this edition comes in and the summer issue in May.

My mind cannot comprehend what is inside this book and where it will take me, the internet is a big big place...will I come back home? For sure I'm not watcing the super bowl, why would I when there is a magnificent blogworld just waiting to discover...see you much much later!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Words are hard to find as I need to describe our NEW FELTED CUPCAKES and POCKET VALENTINE HEARTS.
KELLY HENDERSON is a meticulous DESIGNER and we are fortunate to sell her work here at Just a Bed of Roses. It's such a treat when she comes through the door with her handmade and uniquely designed holiday gifts of love.
Kelly has been working with felted wool, as you can see she adds touches of Beautiful vintage pieces to her work. She says her softer side comes out of her when creating pretty little things. She is just the sweetest cutest little blonde lady and her daughter Sophey is the one I just featured that is also a budding artist...Kelly will be the BEST teacher for her.
So I have named her latest work POCKET HEARTS" as each one has a POCKET TO TUCK a love note, treat , jewelry, DIAMOND RING (oh,now thats getting carried away!)...whatever YOUR HEART DESIRES. Ohhh, that could be another name for them, what do you think Kelly? She should name her own work I suppose. A Helen Keller quote is placed inside, however right now I dont recall what the saying is.
Now onto the FELTED WOOL CUPCAKES, it looks like they are piled with tons of yummy frosting swirling into a big pile ontop. Are they like the best handmade cupcake you have ever seen in your WHOLE life? How could a cupcake get any better? They are made in yummy shabby colors which she colors with kool-aid seriously and fun little trinkets poked into the top. Lets not forget that adorable cherry on top. Kelly thinks of everything when it comes to her work, we are just grateful to sell for her.
Note: I should have her work up for sale on the website by March 1, it is flying out the door so I need to save some for the customers who are braving these snow storms to come by their Valentines a special gift. Hopefully she can keep up with the demand, let us know if you have some interest. Her hearts sell for 18.95 and her cupcakes 24.95 plus shipping. We can load up a box for you with one shipping cost if needed!

Meet SOPHEY HENDERSON a darling young ARTIST

I couldnt wait for Feb. 1st to come as I wanted to feature a darling young ARTIST who visits our shop, so meet Sophey Henderson. Saturday she suprised me by dropping by this handmade Valentine especially made for me, her mom's boss (as you can read on the right hand corner). She is a pretty blonde and probably 5-6 years old, I will double check that age. She has alot of creativity that just needs to come out, so she sits at the art table with her mother Kelly who is also a designer and they create away well into the night. Isnt it amazing how this is just something we are born with! And its more wonderful to have a mother that provides the opportunity to grow.
So Sophey, thank you so much for the special valentine you made me, I will treasure it and place it in the shop for everyone to enjoy your work. You are welcome to display your artwork anytime, how about something for Easter?