Saturday, December 19, 2009

Even a 4 year old wants to give...

Learning the spirit of giving at age 4...Shellie says when Caprese went inside she tried eating the home owners candy...that's SO her! And always trying to be so big like everyone else. This girl is a helper.

They stopped at a shelter and she saw this pile of shoes and boots awaiting for children to come pick out a pair in the morning...automatically she takes her brand new polka dot boots off ...not realizing she was making a donation! It was one of those kodak moments!

Shellie just posted the success of the day, it was glorious, tearful and heartfelt to say the least and will be remembered for the rest of everyones lives...both the giver and the receivers.
And for those who brought gift of love to Just a bed of rose who so lovingly and willingly donated beyond our expectations thank you so much.
the rest of the story visit:
and the Bright eyes Foundation.
I know ALL OF YOU  are out there filled with the  SPIRIT OF GIVING and know you too are enjoying those same feelings and experiences and working hard at giving until sometimes it hurts. It's a wonderful thing that goes on especially more so this time of year.  We truely are blessed.

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