Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pretty summer days

Have a beautiful summer Labor day week-end
from Just a bed of roses.
Sorry we are closed this week.
Will return Sept. 5th  11:00-5:30

Thank you for your SUPER support for the
cleansing yard sale we had at our home.

We have started collecting and going through
more collections for another event...hmmm,
just don't know when it will be.

The shop has 25% off everything thru Sept.

We are looking for a shopkeeper, what a
fantastic time to own a shop right before
Christmas. Make an Brenda Klomp
801-628-0890  email:

Enjoy a pretty summer...

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Vintage flea market in west haven

Come enjoy a vintage flea market in the country today: 2037 s. 2700 w. west  haven, 8:00  the driveway is filled with tables of 1-5.00 of vintage collectables, and reorganized a bit cheaper than from Thursdays sale...making for better bargains!

The iron bed is reduced to 125.00  steal of a deal...double in size.
Oops..we forgot to pull out the 52" mitsubishi tv, it's 125.00 and in workable condition.

2 cedar chests that are in need of painting 50.00, the other 90.00

and the polka dotted antique display case needs a make-over...come get it for 100.00

Our yellow signs got taken down...but the address is not that hard to find.
call if you need: 801-628-0890

Come see my fun workroom...of course its all antique/vintage style too.

will stay open until people stop coming

p.s....the husbands lazy boy is available...the farm cat decided it was ideal to take a summers nap other than that we have not had any animals on our furniture ever.  When the husband leaves today for physical therapy, I will sell the chair for 75.00 and ta will be gone!

see you today, and thanks one hundred million times for your support thursday, we were so very pleased that you would come support our sale. What a joy it was to see you.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


west haven...vintage flea market at my house:
2037 s. 2700 w.  take the 21st street exit off freeway and go west to 1900 w. You can follow the yellow vintage flea market signs.

99% vintage, some antique...the 1% not vintage is my husbands lazy boy...he will be retiring and we don't want a chair to invite him to be a lazy boy!
(just kidding, he can do anything he wants, right!)

Tables of 1-5.00  items, one table of halloween for 3.00 each, more tubs of vintage linens $1.00 each.
some antique furniture, vintage pieces, rusty, galvanized, wooden, glass. Wide variety.

sale starts 8:00-5 on THURSDAY
Friday: 8-1

My workroom has been organized so that you may come in and walk's really fun, I love it, hope you enjoy it too.

This area is west of Ogden a few miles. 25 mins from Farmington area. You'll enjoy traveling up to the fruit markets afterwards. Enjoy a fun summer day, flea-ing and fresh fruit.

I think I'll take a late nap now!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Santa in the garden on Pinterest

Taking a Pinterest break...this is what I found.  Today I filled up 10 tables plus many boxes of VINTAGE FLEA MARKET  items which will be priced $1-$5.00

Sale is this coming THURSDAY 8:00 in West Haven,  utah. all day. Will spend the next 2 days getting more and more ready.  Thank goodness for little naps!

will put the address up tuesday.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A VINTAGE FLEA MARKET at our home in West Haven

a vintage flea market this coming THURSDAY 8:00 a.m. in West Haven.
*just west a few miles from the 21st street freeway exit, west of Ogden.

Tons of vintage collectables, projects to finish, stuff for projects you can think of, holiday odds and ends from the shop, small pieces of furniture, linens, junk jewelry, glassware.

again...most is vintage and most will be priced 1-5.00

I will post address on blog on Tuesday.
check back for more details.

oh, the shop is closed until September 5th. Also we are doing the sale on you can enjoy your 4 day labor day weekend.

There is always Flea-ology in Payson on Saturday to shop...35 dealers.

Mine will be fun too.
You may want to continue up North to the fruit stands in willard, have lunch and a milk shake, buy some peaches and corn.

The harvest season is so awesome, enjoy it while you can!

This flea market is at our home...there is a large driveway, bring your friends!

I will try to have my workroom's always fun to see a room where creating takes place. My home will not be opened for viewing...just too much pressure, too much to do getting ready for this sale, hope you understand.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Loving chalkboard art

What's Old in yardsale/fleamarket news

Fall items...making their way into the shop. The shop will be
open today, Saturday...and then closed until Sept. 5th when there will be more vintage added with Halloween collections.

Yard sale...YES...THERE WILL BE A YARD SALE IN WEST HAVEN next week...on THURSDAY. Check back for the address and details of times.

It will be big
way to big for me...but then, it has to be!

I will  have my workroom case you want to see it, I just love it!

the yard sale will be 99% vintage, mostly garage sale pricing, some fleamarket pricing, but not shop pricing. Prefer cash.

Thinking that Thursday is best where it's the labor day weekend ahead cause there is swiss days and end of the summer vacations. The sale could continue into Friday, you
would need to check the blog for that news.

west haven...west of 21st street the country.
yes, there is corn, tomatoes, onions growing and even farm
animals...maybe the new Maverick on 2550 S. will be's a dandy if I ever saw one...I just may go there for a corn dog, you can too.

I posted recently about the fruit stand just heading into willard...and if your a redneck...there is always smith and edwards, they have everything dont they?  make a day up

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Isn't it nice to get some long waited for rain!

                                                                 25% OFF ALL THIS WEEK!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Peachy excursion

Located on your way to willard
Everything at Pettingill fruit was amazingly fresh and good
It will be on the East side of the road
they carry their own name label jams

Two trailers of LARGE just turning ripe peaches pulled in
how can you not bring home a half bushell?

We heard they had the best milkshakes...
Farrs ice cream and fresh fruits can't be beat
creamy SUMMERTIME good!
(recommend the  blackberry)

Up the road (north) on West side of road in Willard
is The Amish store
It's a beautiful large shop filled with fine foods.
It's like bulk broken down into small packages.
You almost want to make gift baskets because everything
is so neat and could co-ordinate well.
A walk-in cooler has unique cheeses
(you may sample them)

Had I remembered they make really good sandwiches
we would have done shakes on the way home.
well...another reason to go back...for lunch.

So...if you come up to West Haven for our Big yard sale
next have reason to travel 10 miles up north.
Surely there's something at Smith and Edwards you need!

still watching weather...for yard sale
won't know until possible Sunday/Monday

Antique wallpaper. old furniture. and a yard sale coming

Fleattitude Cathie sold me some sweet antique wallpaper
out of her suitcase. I didn't have a clue as to what I would do with it, but while cleaning my workspace it came to me to us it in a display as it matches my room. Isn't it precious! I also took an antique wooden frame and framed a piece, it's beautiful all on it's own. Don't you love how vintage colors are always so popular even now.

We are preparing for a yard sale at our permitting for next week...possibly a ONE DAY ALL DAY sale, POSSIBLY Thurdsay. (POSSIBLY, just means I hate comittment!) We have plenty of stuff to make it worth your while to travel to...and the prices will be just right.

This red chair came from an old estate, it's going to be sold as is, just in case you are decorating for Halloween soon and need something dusty and weathered. It's a heavy piece. I was always going to repurpose don't let me think on it too long or I could change my mind.

Two antique oak rockers that are nice and solid...the leather on them also need a make-over...we don't have room to keep we will be excited when they go to a new owner.

There will be tons of little odds and ends...all vintage.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Would you love to be a Shopkeeper?

If you would love to be shopkeeper to one of the most unique vintage shops in is an opportunity. Just a bed of roses is in Farmington on the Historic sycamore district 15 E. state. It was established 7 years ago.

We have carried all things antique. vintage. vintage inspired handmades. jewelry. holiday decor & gifts and have displayed in inspiring vignettes.

We have an outstanding customer base from all over Utah and travelers from other states always come back or seek us out.

If you are interested here is how it works: make a written offer by Aug. 26th 2013  the shop will be ready depending on the offer accepted. Meaning if you want to do the 4th quarter...the busiest of the year, then you could take over Oct. 31 or you may want it sooner.

The offer needs to start at $15,000 which includes awning, visa machine, email list, trade show knowledge and commercial companies that work and dont work for the shop.  The merchandise inside will be negotiable in a seperate price if needed.

The shop is affordable to maintain...625.00 a month, utilities average 75.00 per month. yard care is included in rent. approx. 600 sq. ft with a wheelchair accessable restroom and a storage room. Charming over 100 year old building with an old brick wall inside, wood floors and plaster walls, with a center island covered in galvanized.

Personally, I have loved the size, the merchandise can be ever changing keeping it exciting for the customers to return more frequently.

If you have any questions: brenda 801-628-0890

The shop has even more potential than I have given it, meaning it could easily branch out into other types of merchandise or services. There is a great need in the Farmington area for antique/vintage, & it has worked well.

The shop is opened for viewing Mondays. Thursdays. Friday & Saturdays.  11-5:30

would love to hear from you


Come in and enjoy savings...

This Thursday. friday. saturday... we have 25% off most (but not all) merchandise in order to make room for our fall shipments on their way...COME HELP US OUT... we have the best selection of vintage in the shop right now!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Statement piece Chalkboard. fall. green door. ballet slippers. pink high chair...vintage patina

Rent our new Chalkboard, chippy white patina style, with wide and thick's most impressive!

It's still business as usual...even though the shop is for sale.

Plenty of new vintage arriving each day and touches of fall.

This week: open MONDAY. THURS. FRI. SAT. 11-5:30

SALE OF THE WEEK: 25% off an item of your choice, come each day and take advantage of this nice discount.

p.s. the chalkboard area for writing is 2'x3'

If your interested in placing an offer on buying the shop the details are on a previous post. The deadline for offers is Aug. 26th. 2013 

To clear things up...we are again "business as usual" until the shop sells. I'm not a slacker...only once in awhile!

I appreciate all who came in this week to offer their love and support, hugs and best wishes. This is difficult for me, I love to hear your stories, love to see what you find to buy, love to hear your adventures and even your misadventures at times.
So many things I will miss...but until then we will enjoy what time is left even more.

Vintage matters...brenda