Monday, March 30, 2009

As for MONDAY March 30th... will open NOON-5:00 TODAY

Will wait for the freeways to melt this morning, so the shop will open a little bit later today, NOON-5:00 Hope that will work for you!

Tuesday Lisa will be open the shop and ready to put out NEW PURSES and FRESH BATCHES OF CARMEL CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS in EASTER DESIGNS and a new selection of Jayna's jewelry a few pieces pictured...the middle picture announces that the STORK IS COMING...give it to Grandma as a memorable way to say your having a new grandbaby. Nurse neclace that says she has a great bedside manner... be patient Ladies on old fashioned bicycles, not sure what the back says.
See you soon!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

HUMAN ART...understanding your own personal design

What will YOU do if the door falls off?

If you were at an establishment and the front door fell off, your first response to the situation would illustrate your tendencies, or your primary design. There are 4 catagories of dominant designs: WHITENED, SATURATED, BLACKENED and GRAYED:

The SATURATED people would stand up and announce, "The door fell off!" and would begin to delegate responsibilities to other people.

The WHITENED people would stand up and say excitedly, "Wow, The door fell off!" They would call their friends, laughing, and say, "you should have seen the door fall off. Get down here and bring a pizza. I'm not kidding, the door just up and fell right off."

The GRAYED people would say to themselves (not outloud). "The door fell off and it's near closing time. It will be difficult to get in touch with someone to come fix it, and it's supposed to rain. I wonder what caused it to fall off, anyway."

The BLACKENED people would just get up and put the door back on.

GRAYED peoples thinking is a continuous processing activity. Grayed people have a flair for details--they are excellent to have on planning committees. They leave no stone unturned, which can lead them to worry, sometimes about things that do not happen.
Important values of a GRAYED design: Thoroughness, Sanitation, Emotional availability, Romance, Experience, Accountability, Fiscal responsibility, Consistancy. Also can be: Indecisive, Inefficient, emotionally draining, slow moving/thinking.

Jimmy Stewart is a good description of a grayed person. They LOVE: light coming through the forest, filtered and strained. Moss hung trees by the quiet ponds, abalone shell, heather and the full-blown rose, gentle winding stream. We have the book Human Art...understanding your own personal design available at the shop, has a nice box for gift giving. It is written by Brook and Rod Thornley and the art work by Donna Kearney is spectacular. This book is so valuable to me, I use it in decorating or just helping someone pick out a piece of jewelry. I can usually figure their design out pretty quickly by using the guides in this book, I see what a person is wearing or the shapes in their face and body features.
Yesterday a new shopper came in and she was definitly blackened, our small or cluttery jewelry would just not do, she needed bold chain with something stunning and big on it, in darker gold tones. Her clothes and her body and what she was drawn to was an instant elimination of what she wouldnt like.

We will talk about Blackened next originates when you dump black into the color wheel...think of the grand canyon or Arnold Swarzenegger, Niagara Falls. You will love this book.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Feels Like Spring today...

Easter decorating...Let's celebrate spring today as the weather is beautiful... and we know there is ANOTHER snow storm Sunday!
P.S. a new shipment of BIG bunnies came in Friday, come get yours before they are gone.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Lizzie's featured in the new ROMANTIC HOMES

Have you been to Dear Lizzie's in Alpine/Highland utah? It's the most wonderful shabby shop I have ever been to. I had the Priviledge a few weeks ago to meet her and Rose her beautiful daughter in our Just a Bed of Roses shop, what a delight!
The article and pictures of her store...well, you must come in and see for yourself.
She tells how the shop arrived at its name, shows her bistro and yummy cupcakes which I have heard from customers who have sampled them that they are scrumptious. There is so much more...I invite you to take some time and go visit Dear Lizzies.

P.S. I would write some more, but i am running late getting to the shop this morning all ready!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Antique Blog & Sunday Antique Education

I don't know if you ever read the comments on our blogs, there is one person in particular who is a "far away friend" of mine and anyone who loves antiques is an automatic friend of mine anyway, near or far. It is Susan And to top it off her name says Dutch, another bond.
Anyway...Susan shoots me an email ever so often and reminds me that she is near the ocean, that gets to me every time! Take a peek at her blogs weekly, they are written professionally as she is an English professor too.I have learned so much about antiques this past year, it helps to add value to our collections and understand the past and present times. You will see a picture of her shop dusted with snow and you'll start dreaming of coming across a little shop like hers and spending hours viewing her antique collections and more than likely you'll find something piece of the past calling your name. Find out where she is located on the East coast and feel free to comment on her blogs.
Today's subject is: have you lost your marbles?

Charming...Just like Queen Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette indulged herself in fabulous pieces of jewelry and you can to. Had she known about Jayna's altered art jewelry, she certainly would have been one of our customers that are addicted to Jayna's work.
I present to you with the greatest pleasure her newest pieces just arriving at Just A Bed of Roses.

Jayna was antiquing in California a week ago and found this wonderful tea stained dress form...she found it the first part of their vacation and this form followed them everywhere they went! Can you just picture this! I know its something I would have to do about you? I would just have a big smile on my face and hoped I could find you can never have enough dress forms!

The Queen has spoken...sorry, I never call myself Queen, couldn't resist. And there are only 6 Marie Antoinette books left...hurry in if you want one now, hopefully I can re-order.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hippity Hoppity...WE have PETER COTTONTAIL

If you would like some of our big EASTER bunnies...then you can email me Sat.and Sunday so I can get the order placed Monday before noon for a Wed.shipment.
The large bunnies are: 98.95 each or 190.00 for the set.(second picture) I would say they are around 3' The med. bunnies(first picture) possibly 2' are 56.95 each or 99.95 for the set.
We only have these 2 sets left in the shop for viewing...I am in love with them, they are better than anticipated. Don't you think so too!
Next year I will order earlier and get some "matching" bunnies to go along with these...You know how bunny families LOVE TO GROW!
I'm sure glad Easter isn't this week-end...aren't you? After having 70 degree weather this snow is not going to be so welcome.
This week I will be telling you about 3 new restaurants I have been to too may need some "time out" with friends & family.

Here is the email address for placing the special order: If you email me through this blog it seems to not get to me. Or you can make a comment if that is easier. You may also call: 801-628-0890

Marie Antoinette...Queen of France-inspired mixed-media art book is in NOW!

Why is it that after all of these years we are still talking about and are attracted to Marie Antoinette? Is it her flourishing dresses, her diamond encrusted crowns, her frivolous lifestyle, or her story of broken love? Lavish food, clothing and other luxuries served up in heaping portions were for this Queen of France.
Marie is a historical icon whose decadent and beautiful way of life has insired generations of artist.
This book is an EXPERIENCE...within these pages you encounter collages, jewelry, assemblages, cards and so much more from an art community that understands the importance of allowing oneself to occasionally splurge, indulge and make grand gestures to ignite our visual senses.
The altered art jewelry in this book is spectacular, may be more inspiring to help you create something for yourself. I have brought many VINTAGE pieces into the shop in which you can create your own altered art pieces as unique as yourself.
Today I look forward to receiving some old history books to read on Marie, I will share some of the stories or parts that I find amusing with you over the next few weeks or So.
I will also be sharing my daughters FIRST recent experience to Paris, France, I have had the pictures for some times, she just needs to help me fill in the wording as I have not yet had this experience of a lifetime. Guaranteed it's on my bucket list of things to do! Hope it's on yours too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Springtime finds us shopping...

Springtime finds us out SHOPPING,soaking in the WARM sunshine, having LUNCH with friends. Our purple pansies are planted and charming up the outside (yes, I know it's going to snow!) Just couldn't help myself! HOPPY SPRING...come see our new adorable bunny families, our white ruffly purses, oh the new zebras/giraffes are in trimmed in lime green, pink, red and brown, match up a wallet to go with. jayna has also gotten us ready with her fun altered art jewelry collections. As always...there's more vintage jewelry, lots more. See you soon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fleur De Leis...

Did I spell that right?

Fleur De Leis rhinestone jewelry neclaces have arrived in all their beautiful glory.I particularly love the bronze one...but then again a crown made fleur de neat is that!
I really didn't know how passionate "some" were about Fleur de leis until this cute young customer took off her shoe, raised her pants and showed me the most beautiful quite large tattoo wrapping around her ankle into her foot...yes it was a Fleur de leis!
We are now re-stocked in the 2nd issue of Where women create. It's wonderful. We won't be able to get these again. The next issue is going to feature Marie Osmond...just in case you were wondering.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Branding our shop...with BUSINESS IN THE BAG

Being a big believer in branding our shop I use Carol with Business in the Bag

Her work is the proof...Customers love a package wrapped & then labeled with the round stickies which is our shop logo and website design. And any type of awesome advertising is what a shop owner loves!

I am getting really tired of the usual size business cards, used them for years and years and we are trying these little dome shaped cards, sticking one in a gift package, tying one onto a special handmade item, putting ribbon through the top for a book mark, and its a neat size for the customer to just slip into their wallet when they want to know your phone # or hours & address and lets not forget passing along to a friend.

Shop owners I recommend Carol highly, super fast, professional and reasonably priced. Talk to her about bulk pricing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just for COMING IN...

Just for COMING IN...between now and April 10, you may enter for our drawing of these 3 exciting Spring arrangements. One is a garden hose spring/summer floral for hanging, a Pretty pink ROSES bundle tied with vintage laces & paperie tag and a Vintage TEA CUP with chocolate eggs. So 3 seperate drawings. We also want to keep adding to our email/mailing list, if you chose to please add it with your name when you enter for the drawing.
You give so much to us...we LOVE to give back to YOU!


We are opened all this week, yeah we didn't get Northern Utahs 2' of snow!

You must see our stunning vintage jewelry that's newly arrived...we are going to put temptation in front of you and put it on sale at 10% off. Don't you LOVE temptation, I know I do! Lots of rhinestones in earring bracelets and neclaces and fun springy.
If you are into sterling silver we have at least 30 rings etc.

Have your seen our 6 rows of sale drawers...they have been re-stocked and will be 75% off this week.
Get yourself out of the house...come in an enjoy some moment of vintage inspiration.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


This 10-11 place setting OLD ROSE CHINA Japan Pattern estate china will be arriving on Tuesday of this week... It came from estate from South Dakota, turn of the century. They are immaculate, no scratches. They will be sold in little groups, like the tea cup and saucer, each a set for 10.00 there are 12 sets, group of 4 salad plates, big platter & sugar and creamer set all sold individually. Dinner plates sold one piece at a time. does that give you a better idea? With Easter around the corner...time to think about Easter Brunch, Dinner, Family gatherings.
Also this BEAUTIFUL estate handmade huge round white. Will have it in shop too among some new vintage style florals to adorn your home for the season of spring...did you turn your clocks forward...spring forward one hour!
Snow day WILL BE CLOSED ON MONDAY, debating about Tuesday, weather permitting.

Friday, March 6, 2009

THINK PINK...SALE Friday & Saturday

Get a discount for anything PINK or with PINK ON IT this Friday & Saturday...How fun! Spring is in the air at Maybe Life really is...JUST A BED OF ROSES!

More issues of Where Women Create are being shipped...will announce when they arrive, pretty sure next week.
You can email me at if you need us to hold a copy for you. The Marie Antoinettes magazine is ordered can have us hold one for you also.
For those wanting and waiting for zebra and giraffe purses...they are on their way!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Better than imagined...Jayna's really altered art neclaces!

When Jaynas neclaces came in yesterday they were even better than I imagined...I dont know how she even parted with this group.
don't forget to dig through your pictures and have her do an heirloom for you with your own memories preserved in her art neclaces.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jayna's Jewelry...spectacular pieces... handmade... New & Creative

Jayna is bringing in THESE pieces on more that I will post for tuesday! Arent they spectacular...or beyond! do I see Old optical lense? Key chains and charm bracelets? Jayna...Your'e tempting us beyone control! Now I cant wait for her to show up today.
If this isn't enough for you...there are 100's of pieces vintage jewelry arriving this morning...earring, neclaces, pins,gold,retro and sterling silver rings...should I keep going? Lets not forget the new stuff that's here and those waiting for giraffe purses, those should arrive mon. or tuesday. 2 new styles. OH, I almost forgot the BLING HATS will here too... Especially those who have been waiting for the black ones. Its probably time for wearing the WHITES that are coming too.
On the vintage jewelry, we will take 10 percent off your purchase when buying 3 pieces or more on Monday and Tuesday.Remember we don't price high to start with!

P.S...the new ROMANTIC HOMES issue arrived...LOVE the front cover, its done in birdegg blue, with cranberry beautiful. I'm watching the Today show right now...hey don't they know how to handle the snow there in the east?