Thursday, November 27, 2014

Patina & White Season...

It's a beautiful season...and since mr. roses and I have worked retail so many years we want to take a little break from the christmas retail season this year.

please enjoy these photo's, get lost your own way...
(all pinned from pinterest)

I don't know how long I can hold out...I feel like we're trying to do that movie/book "skipping Christmas"...and we all know the ending to that story!

Find Joni on etsy: vintage 1955  is her id.

Friday, November 14, 2014

as promised PRE- sale photo's

Of course this isnt all of it...joni has outdone herself like I have never seen before.
The whole show is beyond vendors and your regulars...8-4 grand ballroom
utah state fairgrounds sat. nov. 15th.

And you'll love our pricing.
furniture is also for sale..vintage matters

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paper and Patina selling this Saturday Nov. 15th

 Paper and Patina...our booth name at Fleattitude this coming Saturday Nov. 15th at the
State fair grounds grand ballroom opens at 8:00 for best pickin! closes at 4. We are located
on the EAST wall, we have a triple space. Come to us first we have lots of vintage Christmas and
everyday stuff. Joni has been doing her vintage and vintage handmades.

I will try to get some photos posted ...we are doing a two day set up so we are looking good and
are organized and ready for you to shop.

Thank you for your support the past two weekends at just a bed of roses shopette!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Vintage & Christmas shopette THIS coming friday & saturday...lets do it again!

This Friday and Saturday Nov. 7 & 8th  beginning noon-5:00 the shopette will be opened for selling
vintage and vintage Christmas. I have added alot more thats marked for the fleattitude, but this is an early sale. This will be the last time of the Christmas season the shopette will be opened.

Fleattitude you can like them on fbook: fleattitude vintage market to stay up on the details.

Paper and Patina is our market name that joni and I use...we will have a triple space on the big East wall.

See you this weekend...and at Fleattitude.

fbook friend me: brenda justabedofroses  is my id name.

I will post more current photo's this week.