Monday, August 29, 2011


Burlap banners
with Halloween sayings
will be in the shop

Just in case
your "making plans"
to haunt your mansion soon.

One of my favorite products
of the season will be displayed.
You don't want to be the last to
find out what it is.
little Hint:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Put together an Antique Bedroom

Start with bed.
Like this cast iron chippy look.
This has pale aqua/baby blue tones.

Add Treddle sewing machine
bottomed table
Antique oak top I refinished
with a bronze sparkle glazing.
An old birdcage to fill with
Vintage handstitched
feather ticking pillow
can be quaint.

Make a table at foot of the bed
with old milk cans and window.
The window would be fun anywhere
wouldn't it!

New bronze sparkle glazing
on these rustic
milk cans
look fantastic.
Would be classic as a
table lamp stand.
I'd throw an antique mirror/window
on top of it
then load it up.

OLDEST cabinet I have ever acquired
Chippy white paint

Check out the slat board
layered into its mirrored door!

Add unique style mirrors/frames etc.

Antique wicker hampers
handy for clothes
and storage.

Accessorize with vintage
folded paper books

Here is a heated food warmer
used as a jewlery holder.
Be unique
be creative peeps!

Mary and her little lamb
can join your antique room

We now have peacock feathers
in natural and bleached
for bunching in your
old wedding baskets
or tickle your fancy

stay tuned for part 2
and call if you need pricing
and purchasing!
Some of this will go into the shop
for Monday.


Sweet Lavender Dixie

This Brown box
came as a suprise to ME.
Everyday I get many brown boxes
but they are for you.

 I knew there would be lavender inside
Dixie owned  lavender House.
I was right.
Ahhh the scent of sweet lavender.

Totally expecting something soft
and hand stitched.

A friend who knows me well.

Hand written
choice saying 
with tiny dried florals framed.

I put it in a special place as an
important reminder:
Keep Hope
Think every year at my birthday
I will change my   
 "word of the year."

Dixie you just started me a
new Tradition.

Thank you dear friend.
Love you.

Friday, August 26, 2011


               Antique fall colored glass bowl...filled with owl bracelets.

                         Three new colors in 
                big scrumptious Rose headbands

What's fun shopping here is one of a kind antique accessories
for your home & gifts.
Here a pincushion
handmade& aged all by itself.

Fall jewelry, scarves and decor
ALL NEW arrivals

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Proud as a Peacock

Happily featuring artists:
Cher Cutshaw
Osman Andrei
Bobby Dai- Strawberries

post cards and notecards
available now

More artists work available
for our gypsy halloween season

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time to think...

Rustic rose marbled end tables
painted a hammered rustic brown
vintage 1950's

Pretty legs

Metal  rustice Shoe chandaleir
sale on it
reg. 295.00
sale: 225.00

Now you have time to think
being the children are in school
Come in and think away!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nostalgic... Back to School bliss

The bells ring Monday
(do they still ring a bell?)
Scheduled families.

Purchased these 4 Sally Dick and Jane
school teacher posters for the shop
20.00 each
photos on each side

This is how I learned reading and arithmetic


Which one doesn't belong

Our children are so much more advanced

My grandchildren were learning Spanish at the same time
they learned English.

Small vintage oak desk
now on sale for 75.00
a cutie!

Noted this in the drive-up window in Farmington gas mart
I rarely go there.
Does this strike you odd
or is this the recession norm now days?

speaking of recession norm...have you seen the snickers candy bar
it's like 1/2 the size

At first I thought...that's bad for business
But then again if it forces you inside
chances are you buy more?

Before you start your" After the summer cleaning"  moms
take advantage of some quiet time
with Bliss Victoria
It won't let you down.
In fact Gina of Peacock Park is featured in an outdoor tent setting

Thursday, August 18, 2011

rustic arch sale

When you buy two or more or our scrolly rusty garden arches we will discount by 10% = $15.00 off each piece.

These are light weight/flexible for easy hanging, creative to use inside as well as out and attractive/unique.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mizz Peacock

Fancy Mizz Peacock
hanging out at Just a bed of Roses

Peacock scarves, earring, feathers, neclaces
and postcard photos coming in nearly everyday.
And all things in Peacock colors

I'd say we're all having a little bit too much fun here!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Bang of a week

Here is my oldest grandson Conner
He spent the week with us
now he's back home and we miss him.
We love his sense of humor
He's so handsome and very polite to us.
A good smart child
He started out with the flu
so he was pampered.
We hauled him off to yard sales... 2 times but not 3.
Just not his thing.
He went grasshopper hunting with grandpa
to feed them to the chickens next door.
yucky boy stuff.
HIS thing is the computer.
He loves games.
Missed HIS COMPUTER alot.
And his cats.
Plus his annoying sisters.
 missed his family.

17 Miracles
A Mormon Pioneer story of the Willie Handcart company was playing
in the movie theaters
Conner is a good partner for grandma and movie watching.
He said grandma I only counted 16 miracles.

The Big Bang Theory is a tv series
My sister, mother of 4 boys and knows what boys like, said we must watch.
Where have I  been?
We began with season 1  (75 episodes)
Had to watch season 2! (like 100 episodes)

Laughed our heads off with each episode.
Mr. Roses laughed out loud too!

Began season 3 last day
now addicted, love these guys
Leonard, Sheldon Penny etc.
Can't wait for season 4 on dvd which is due out Sept. 12

Big Bang Marathon for sure

These may help you get through the last weeks of summer.
Are you doing okay?

I am not one to sit.
Haven't sat this much since before opening the shop 5 years ago.
Kept hands busy bundling tons of wrinkly ribbon while viewing
it's in the shop now in many new colors.

Last Day we went to the new movie called "The help" rated pg 13
Didn't know what to expect, was told it was excellent.
One of my favorite movies.
Historical subject, entertaining and funny.
Set in the 1950's 1960's
You may love the decor...aqua cabinets, pinks, fancy mansions, properness, hairdo's
and women wearing lots and lots of dresses and pearls.
Conner being 13, I am sure he saw the movie in a different way than I.
And myself being raised in this era.
 Being a child...pretty sure I didn't know of these issues.
Learned some things.
Audience clapped at the end.
Conner struck up interesting conversation afterwards.
We've come a long ways
Thank goodness.

Let me know if you become a Big Bang watcher!
Can't believe school begins in a week?