Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 I was asked to create something Christmas on 4 old ceiling tins...4 different ways

This one is mercury glass colored stems, vintage gold & greens hankie, vintage and new
ornaments, with ourNEW exquisite colored ribbons.

 Holly and bright...who doesnt love red at Christmas, holly leaves glittery with red berries,
tuck in a vintage white hankies, and added vintage ornaments. Puts a smile on your face!

 Christmas is for children...warmly bundled little girl is among hollyleaves &  berries, angel vine twigs, pine and our vintage style tinsel with mercury beads garland.

Traditional Christmas is for everyone!  

 Let heaven and Nature sing....Christmas memory book with ornaments, naturalistic Christmas greens and a beautifully handmade vintage hankie tucked in with the lovely ribbons. Fits in with your home decor easily.

All finished sue H. if your can come pick these up today at my home!
801-628-0890  thanks for letting me be a part of your Christmas this year!

 Joni's created up Gifts and lots of altered art from her workspace...several neclaces here and
packaged in "joni" vintage. papery. and kept safe in cello.

 This one... I JUST HAD TO BUY for me...a keyhole is behind the owl cab. 
crystal. pearl. metal...LOVE IT!

 Don't wait too long...they speak to customers...and are a perfect friend gift at 22.00

 You never know what joni will bundle up in paper and cello and tie with strings.

 soon to become someone's "favorite things...paper dolls!

a box filled with envelopes and an initial...easy and fun to send to a friend
this holiday season.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Re-claimed, repurposed, making old new again kinda thing going on

 Chalkboards...distressed wooden frames...rustic-a!

 Re-claimed...or making something old new again:
and old wooden money drawer becomes a box for stuff!

 This is the neat antique hardware we chose to put on the front: BIG glass knob and a door plate that's very unusual.

 Digging in my storage drawers in my workroom I discovered
this pile of old leather belts...and i went "ah ha!"  on  pinterest they have been using them as vintage santa belts like on pillows etc...very creative...they will be in the shop Thursday.

Gingerbread boy on old cookie sheet trimmed with pine and holly...we'll only have several this year. These gingerbreads will be the future antiques as they hold up forever.

Open EVERYDAY...EXCEPT SUNDAYS now till Christmas, except the Thanksgiving and the day before.  10-6

note: if the WINDS are super bad Thursday, we just MAY close at 5:00 so be warned and hunker down.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

bundling Christmas is art

Once upon a time...Compositions notebooks were common...this one, dated 1927 has pages written in cursive with an ink pen, pages describing a mansion, hired help, in alot of detail. More than sweet. Vintage books available and flying out the door.

Joni has done her "bundling" of Christmas in old game boxes, a work of art. Hurry, they are going quicker than she can keep up.

It will take some time to enjoy her work and pick the ones that will make your holiday decorating and gift giving just right and unique.

Joni loves to wrap her creations in nice cello, making them a "ready to go" gift. Will put a smile on anyone's who's the receiver!

Mercury wreaths, ornaments, and garlands speak loudly antique...they are antiques for the future.

we have alot of aqua Christmas going on this year.

Antique high boy, antique oak hall tree, tall back bench, marble top lamp stand, childs rocker, white painted buffet.

Lets not forget...a standing galvanized chicken feeder to die for...just arrived. From pretty to rustic we have it covered for the season. 

open everyday this week, except sunday 10-6

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Discovering over the week-end... in PINK

 Holiday shopping at Fleattitude... early Saturday

 and no...I am not selling this crisp pretty vintage slip I discovered first! It will hang in my workspace to be enjoyed every day. Somethings just make you happy to look at.

My new Pink 1950's jacket, so warm and cozy...discovered at
Treasures antique mall...I love little shopping spree's!
( and yes you may covet, especially the little rhinestones). I just may have to wear it to work Monday...I'd really like to sleep in it!

a merry christmas that lights in red...and slowly goes off and it! (fleattitude...will be open again in April) We may be selling at it.

We had alot of fun with everyone on their shopping spree @ just a bed of roses over the weekend. We loved what you picked out...You too discovered "first" before someone else! 

No need to stop now...we are opened everyday except sunday thru christmas!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Today's the day!

Inviting you to come experience the Christmas season @ Just a bed of hours: 10-6  everyday except Sundays thru Christmas!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Traditional FARMHOUSE holidays

popcorn and cranberry garlands

Set of rooster dish towels like new, but very 1950's

   Set of corning pyrex bowls, never used from the 50's or 60's
Farmyard tablecloth, hardly used.
 JEAN planter...1950's gal!

       Pair of boys/mens roller skates, nice condition

      Wooden pair of dutch shoes in black, floral with vintage hankie, Christmas ribbon.

     Cooking over the stove...farmhouse gal

      Brilliant rooster towel
   Farmhouse floral and glassware from the 50's

    Box of mini bottle brush christmas precious!
  New ribbon!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

100's of hankies. hankys. handkerchiefs. whatever

 While we still iron away at the 100's of hankies...newly acquired from a collector,
let me show you this one...a souvenier of France, in celebration of WW1 ending. Isn't it beautiful!

 If you'll click on you will find that susan, an English Professor in New Jersey and also an antique/vintage shop owner did some fun research on the history of hankies. hanky's. handkerchief's...whatever!

Apparently they had their beginnings in the year had them. So check Susan's blog for some interesting facts, also found on our bloglist.

Then... the kleenex marketing basically said "move over hankies, your full of germs" era began in the 50's.  So let me ask...what are your memories of
hankies. handerchief's. hankys?

I'll tell you mine on another day...we have furniture to refinish for the opening of Once upon a time Christmas Nov. 15th and a shed we are picking from.
(alot of that shed stuff will be for spring selling).
Wishing it was WARM or even hot.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

found on the porch

I hope all of you have a friend like I do...found this fall package on my porch.
Look what's in side...isn't she wonderful to take the time to brighten my day with little things. 
I just discovered a hankie with a W monogram...think I will just have to send it to her.
thank you friend dixie!