Thursday, December 29, 2011

INTRODUCING... Just a Bed of Roses MARKET & New DAYS!

she found herself ... at Just a Bed of Roses Market:
beginning Jan. 5th 6th & 7th

Thursday. Friday. and Saturday.
findings for her home. gifts. patina extraordinaire. 
EXPECT... to love our monthly market themes!
we think it will be fun for you and for us!


Open Thursday. Friday. and Saturday.
11-5:30 Winter Hours

begins Jan 5-7  2012

mOre ViNtAgE.
mOre CrEaTiViTy.
JuSt mOre.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In the corner

Pretty Patina Transformations

Christmas take-down

It's coming down...Christmas decor, come take it to your house...that's less for us to inventory...thank you!

shop is opened Wed/Thurs/Fri...11-4

Probably closed Saturday, unless "display Joni" comes in.

Then...our new year MARKET begins the following Thursday Friday and Saturday!

Check back to see what the months theme is soon!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I see you on his list...long story or not

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don't Forget About Last Minute Gifts for Christmas & Holiday Hours!

Do you have last minute gifts to pick up
for friends, loved ones, or maybe a sister? 

It's not too late to head to Just a Bed of Roses
and find a special gift for Christmas! 
We have everything from necklaces, scarves,
vintage antiquities, nail polish, and more!

Christmas DECOR is NOW 40% off 
and consignment is 25% off. 

Shop hours:

Saturday, December 24th: 11-3

The shop will be closed on Christmas day and Monday.

The shop will be open again on 

Tuesday-Friday: 11-4  
with Christmas and some clearance items 40% off!

The shop will be closed New Years Eve day 

and January 1st, 2012 - New Years.

The shop will re-open

that following Thursday, January 5th.

Visit a vintage dreamland full of sparkly and
enchanting elements in your own backyard.
We have gift cards available that come attached 
to a key chain so they won't be lost or forgotten!

We'd like to wish you a very Happy Holiday
and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Authentic and Creative living
Somerset Life
just arrived

Hot Dogs...hottie pillow
heat in the microwave
aroma therapy too

The ever so popular owl
snuggle hottie

Maybe you have a loved one
needing a hottie?

Christmas Decor
on sale

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mother Nature...Christmas for men

Did you know it snows close to Christmas because it's mother natures way to tell MEN Dec. 25th will soon be here.

We are filled with last minute gifts, scarves wrapped, fresh  mint chocolates, cherry-a-lets, boxes ready to go and our Christmas decor still 25% off (except consignment) through the weekend.

smells so good!

tiny stockings
One shopper was dressing her tiny dogs feet in 4 of these
for a Christmas photo.

Snow globes that light up and change colors
in two sizes

Charm its
about 50 different charms:
confetti cake, tresure chest, chocolate bar, love to dance, pink daisy, princess crown, flowers locket, glitter butterfly, grandma's girl, friends, cupcakes, stallion, sister, rainbow,rock guitar, rainbow peace sign, globe earth, ice cream cone, banana split, sneakers, touch phone, fish bowl, monkey, donut, whale, candy ring, gymnastics, kitten magic want, mommys girl, hot cocoa, owl, mouse, p & J sandwich, peacock, smores, milk and cookies puppy, gumball machine
and more!

charming variety of bracelets for your charms

Come see whats "ready to go"
and thank MOTHER NATURE we have some snow!
WE could do without the COLD right?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


After this post I promise not to talk about New York, but I
could not show and tell you about this place and leave out the ever present trash piles
stacked ever so neatly
I have been sheltered here in Utah.
No one told me that as I would walk the amazing streets of
New York there would be half the wide sidewalks lined and piled up in front of each business.
Where were the garbage cans I asked?
How can this be...really?
You mean there are at least 25,000 restaurants down here and this is how they handle the trash?
 this is America, we have high trash standards.
Luckily the weather was chilly
would if it was July...stinky?
I was told that this created jobs.
But what about bugs/rodents?
What if it snows and it freezes together?
for where I live
I mean I can get in my own car and go anywhere I want... easily.
Cabs...I have never been so scared in my life.
A cab ride in New York...your life in their hands,
they don't always want to take you where you want to be
they'll just drop you off.
You heard it right
and ask you pay them
they pretend they don't know your language
and even act like they know where they are going.

Boxes stacked from shop merchandise
Heaven forbid!
(thankful I can burn mine at home.)
I heard 13 ups drivers supply the empire state building
each day. I actually felt bad for the ups drivers they
work twice as hard as ours.
It's not easy living in New York.
Your groceries need to be delivered and you WALK to a
market almost daily.
No walmarts (not a bad idea, yeah New York)
and no gas stations on every corner
rare to see a gas station.
Subway experience of a lifetime.
Not as scary as imagined
and some people have their jobs entertaining you there.
We all must eat.

Here are the two twin trade towers that are being rebuilt
and will be finished in 2 years.
They are the ones that have the antenna's sticking on top,
which are cranes.
They light up at night and will be taller than the former.
We were staying only 3 blocks from them.
This was taken from the statue tour boat
showing the new york skyline.

That placed us close to Fire Station 1
the first responders to 911
again a compact city
 a little one way street to pull those big trucks onto.
New York has a high noise level
always a siren.

I'll end with Time Square, now that's
wildly overstimulating but good
We attended Billy Elliott on Broadway which was

Jersey boys, LOVED THE MUSIC...Frankie Valli-
the 4 Seasons put me back to Jr. High age with
Sherry, Big Girls don't cry, Can't take my eyes off you,
Dawn, My eyes adored you etc.
A must see for you boomers.

Okay I'm done now with my trash talk
I do want to thank my daughter and her husband for
inviting us along with their family.
Wouldn't tackle New York without helpers
that means probably would never have gotten there

Be glad I didn't trash talk the airlines:
I will a little bit though...can't help myself!

GOING: 2 hour wait AFTER boarding for broken windshield.

COMING HOME: after boarding had to get off ,something to do with fuel, what was suppose to be 1/2 hour turned into
7 hours at the airport with 4 children under 13.

Now...Back to business!
Our Christmas decor is now 25% off
come get first pick

A Nostalgic Christmas sale...25% begins today!

If you need to fill in places at home, decorate your office or need favors and gifts, our Christmas decor is 25% off  beginning today and lasts this week, excluding consignment, come early for best selection!

Our floor size trees are 1/2 off, only a few white ones, one gold and one green left.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Animal Carnival WINDOWS at Bergdorf Goodmans

Paper windows displays and more
 at Bergdorf Goodmans
New York City

Pictures are worth a thousand
words in this case
study carefully
all natural colors are paper art.
Windows are tall, narrow and
not too deep, but filled with

Inspiring and unbelievable

Bottom entrance to Trump Towers
tucked inbetween tall buildings.

Friday, December 2, 2011

and a GREAT BIG CANDY today

in rolling carts

We have them at the shop too

 delivered these goodies
 to the Co-op Chicks General Store
in Layton, Gentile/Main corner.
They will remain open until Dec. 28th
Please support them as they have decided to
go out of business on this date after a
wonderful 3 years.
I for one will miss them alot.
They are having sales/markdowns I've heard.

We will have a 10% off all Christmas
merchandise Saturday
with $100.00 purchase
a giant candy cane!
this sale is for blog & facebook
followers or anyone who pops
in the door today
(no emails sent out for this sale)

Won't be hard with all the
exciting Christmas we have this year.
We appreciate your support beings
we had to take two disaster days off
due to the wind.

Will blog the windows of
the famous
Bergdorf Goodmans store
on sunday
don't miss.

Closed Today/Friday

We will remain closed today due to the extreme weather conditions and destruction from yesterdays wind to Davis county. We know the town needs to begin its clean up and power restorations.

For those reading from out of state or in other utah counties...we have had 88 to 102 mph winds for a sustained amount of time. Many MANY 100 yr. old pines and trees uprooted, snapped and destroyed homes, cars, power lines. We were on the NBC national news and declared a state of emergency. Travel difficult, communter trains stranded, semi's overturned, power outages and schools closed and it's COLD.

Good luck to our good friends who suffered so much damage to their properties and try to stay warm as we know your without heat. Hugs to all of you.

As far as I know the shop is suprisingly intact.
It's a very old old building with thin windows.

Our home in Weber county did fine, was very happy when the winds stopped at 10:30 last night.

See you Saturday...let's get back to the Christmas season once again.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

American girl...

If you have girls, then you must have heard of
a must to have luncheon in New York.
The room is filled with chatty women, mothers
grandmothers, friends, girls and their dolls.

Sipping frozen hot chocolate before lunch arrived.
Men Waiters wore hot pink aprons...oh -PULEEESE!

Healthy appetizers followed by main course, cupcakes etc.
Then a shopping spree on all 3 floors of dolls
and their cutest accessories
thank goodness for UPS
as the girls have birthdays coming up.

Being silly with carrot appetizer!

You can always create your own tea party
or luncheon if you can't make it to
American girl- new york

There were shopping markets at
Madison square gardens, Grand Central station.
Girls daddy treated them to bunny hats/mittens.

Farmers markets were busy the day before Thanksgiving
selling pies, flowers, all kinds of meats as there
are so many cultures in New York.
Quite fascinating

A convention center had a dog/cat show
we ran through the isles petting petting petting.
They say our dogs are much like their owners.
This owner/dog were quite content!

Grandchildren loved poking their heads in this dome
where you could see LIVE ROACHES living inside.

Ripeys Believe it or not was entertaining and somewhat
gruesome, perfect for boys.
You could put your face in a jar
kind of Halloweenish.

cool place though... saw really strange things.

We also rode the huge ferris wheel inside the biggest
Toys are Us store.
Never did eat a famous new york hot dog.
But we had plenty of pizza.
A luxurious India food restaurant, thought we were
kings and queens the way we were waited on.
 a german restaurant close die for.

Macys day parade attracts approx. 3,000 people
It's a once in a lifetime must see and do.
All we could see were the balloons
as the sidewalks are stacked about 25-50 people deep.
Macys parade has only been cancelled one time in 1944
it was the war and rubber was not available.
They use to let the balloons go up into the air
after the parades way back in the day.

we rode in a beautiful white carriage with a white horse
our guide told us alot of details about famous events/movie spots here.

New Yorker NEED this place...
a soft place to feast your eyes upon

Oh what fun...
Shellies husband treated us to charming
Horse carriage rides awaiting us to be taken
on tour of the famous
and very beautiful 
Central park.
I had no idea how large it was.
And it was brrrrr cold with no rain
and clear blue skies.
A beautiful delicious Thanksgiving dinner
awaited our family, then Carl was taxied
off as he had Black Friday to be home for.
And then the camera battery died and
guess what I brought the wrong charger
with none to be found in New york.