Saturday, June 27, 2009

Words cannot describe...this tour

I only have a few minutes to say a big hello...Words cannot describe the emotions, inspiration & beauty of being on this Mormon Tabernacle Choir tour...I would try to explain but there are alot of men on the computers around me and I don't see them with a box of kleenex! We are on the 6th concert today in Oklahoma, I have a huge admiration for this choir, they work hard and they don't just sing, they use every ounce of everything they have to give the audience the "fill up" that is needed to their spirit.
Just had ribs and icecream for breakfast/lunch in a cool place called Bricktown, kind of like Gateway only bigger and a calming river goes through it. Felt just a little out of place in my skirt walking through it all with a HUGE Harley Davidson Rally going on! Just laughed about it though, OKAY I CAN handle this! It's 105 degrees.
Appreciate your business this summer, it has become summer there now hasn't it?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The thing that makes us different only makes us most interesting

Our new CAT & BIRD cards designed by Paula Best arrived yesterday...what a coincidence as on the way to work I was in a deep conversation (with myself of course) about how we all are given talents and aren't we always reminded to find and develop our own? It really hit me how important to FIND OUR OWN and SHARE with others.

Our creator was really intelligent to not give us EVERY TALENT that we would so desire when you think about it. How would we even begin to have time if we possessed every talent here on earth? We would only be frustrated as there is only 24 hours in the day!

I'm always saying "in the next life I want the talent to sing, dance, be an artist,cook etc.
I don't know, maybe we can have those THEN, but for NOW it definitly can not be.

Thats what I love about each person I meet, they have their own unique talent with combinations of others mixed in making them more interesting.don't you find that each person brings their own kind of Joy to you?

Some are born to be great organizers, teachers, compassionate caregivers,seamstress,artists,quilters, dancers, musicians,decorators,nature lovers,cooks, dr. & nurses,computer genius',writers/authors,big business or spiritual leaders,gardeners...and much much more.

Paula Best hit it right on didnt she "that what makes us different only makes us more interesting.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Emotions manifesting in BIG tears poured out when I walked into the Historic Tabernacle to watch the Music and the Spoken Word Sunday. Looking at my husband sobbing I said "I don't think I can do this", he just smiled. 10 months ago we signed up to go on the Midwest Tour with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir,today was Orientation & turn in our major suitcase. My crumpled tissues are proof, and I have packed more than enough for the 13 day tour...???

The Historic Tabernacle newly restored is a must see when visiting Utah. The choir will sing In the Conference building this summer as it has air conditioning and holds the summer crowds. The childrens choir from Texas were guest singers and they shook hands with the Prophet afterward.80% of the visitors have never been there before and they came from all over the world.

I love this beautiful building, my great great grandfather George Reynolds was Secretary to Brigham Young and the two prophets after him, so I always think of him sitting there and his family in the congregation. The gardens at Temple square are magnificent,soothing to take a garden tour. Loyd Newell writes the talk given each week. Everyone works volunteer, its so amazing they share their talents for so many years. The joy they must receive. If I am not wrong, the theme of this tour is JOY.

Our trip itinerary was 28 typed pages! Havent comprehended it yet. I'm still overwhelmed by the fact of traveling with this magnificent choir, symphony and getting my clothes and shop ready to leave. (shop will remain opened).

The highlight was to have the Prophet, Pres.Monson speak to us, and of all the things he said or could of said there were some things that spoke out to me: He told of being in the Navy and a sailor knew he held the Priesthood and had asked for a blessing, which he gave. He told us that we needed to ask for a Priesthood blessing on this trip if we find we are in need of it. He also suggested a journal to write our feelings for our posterity. Time will tell of why he said the things he was inspired to say.
The spirit was so strong in this building I could hardly speak, Lonnie said if I thought this was strong just wait for the experiences on this trip as I hadn't seen anything yet...oh dear, must grab my vintage hankies now!

Isn't that interesting that I shopped for reading material the other day and the ONLY thing I could find was this pink journal "trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." It too spoke my name. We were told by a dr. to not shake hands frequently...try to bump elbows! Wash our hands like 15 times a day with this flu going around.

Our choir member friend is Lonnie Winterton, and we are so thankful to be his guest and to be with him,this tender musically talented man who shares his love of being a music missionary with the world all at his own time and expense. He adores it.

A few statistics...3 airplanes, 11 buses, 569 people, 2 motels, plus loads that went ahead of us(like concert outfits for 7 concerts for the choir), drs. nurses, bus drivers, rest stops, all planned to a science. Nearly everything volunteer. Oh, and no pants for women, none. I sure did have to nice!

Must go to work now...not traveling quite yet. I have decided to blog about this trip when I get home. I will have plenty of time to write and boo hoo, oh please don't let me boo hoo ALL of the time! I do look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

She makes us laugh...

Jayna makes us laugh with her neclaces and then she makes us say "THAT'S MINE!" we hear it all the time.
I'll be blogging in the morning, I had a special experience today and wanted to share it, it's just emotionally has wiped me out today and I need to get my thoughts together. It was a beautiful day though.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

APPLAUSE...for Jayna

Here is her new altered art designs and they sure are funny, when you need a good laugh come in and read her neclaces! You may now take a bow Jayna!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plenty of rain in the BEEHIVE yard sales

Due to all the rain here in the BEEHIVE STATE, we will not be participating in the Weber county community yard sale this Saturday. Re-Creations in Roy will not be holding their Big yard sale either, but may have it before the end of the month.

Next week possibly Wednesday we will be passing out a flier of consignment shops mainly in the Ogden area, but including Bountiful and Farmington.

We have our bling hats on sale this week, with a new shipment of color choices, 10% off. They will keep your hair dry but were really for protecting us from the sun where ever that may be?
Lots of vintage doilies coming in today.

Not blogging this morning...

It's a rainy rainy day...would love to invite you to enjoy the blogs I have listed on the side...Jenny Doh is in love with Jo Trader products, may have to look into that as she stays so healthy and trim.
Curious sofa deb, asking for brick and mortar shop supporters and her new shop pictures are refreshing.
Idyll hours...well, she is quite the story teller and has made her new blog most attractive, putting me to shame.
Cupids charm...she drives around town and works wearing her antique tiara's and you must see the elderly womans picture!
All things in the West... they are off to cousins camp today...don't get wet!
Stacys shabby shop, we could be sisters.
All things that sparkle...see what shes up to everyday
Monarch post is having alot of family memories lately, mimisues been porch hopping.
Jenni B. will tell you about getting excited for a Nov. Christmas shop hop, yes, we are participating in it, yes!
The graphics fairy...this blog uses her graphics quite often, like this pink sweetie? Plus my antique shop friends always have the neatest merchandise & stories to tell.

...I must go now, getting my nails and toe nails done this morning along with clothes shopping with Mr. Bed of Roses...give me a drink (meaning my harmless diet dr. pepper!) He does not like to shop and I do not like to shop with him either.I tell him...don't look at the price!

We loaded up Re-creations yesterday, now I need to go back and put some things on sale for the yard sale starting tomorrow and price what we brought in. A few things were: a small hutch, a white painted small small buffet, cutest painted red antique childs desk with dovetailed drawers, aqua high chair, aqua frames and mirror, an old wooden painted black 1920's 3 piece standing screen ,very plain. Old old ornate bed foot board.

We got alot ready for the big yard sale for this saturday at the weber fairgrounds,watching the weather for right now though. Will announce friday evening if we are going to show up or not.

I hope to blog this evening...I do have some new projects finished that are fun.
P.s. did I say I wasn't blogging this morning?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summertime Sweets

Mini chocolatechip cookies packaged for summertime gift giving or afternoon sugar lows!
The pretzels arrived and are fresh and gooey, they too are a refreshing summer delight!
Bloggings done for the day, now off to my fun garage to get furniture refinished, and more piles to go through for the BIG YARD SALE SATURDAY!

Goodie Goodie Gumballs...

It's you feel like a bubble gum bubble blowing contest?
Look out for those red hot mama's though!
Packaged sweetly for a present.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pirate ship Stained Glass & Community Yard Sale

Have you decorated a sons room with a pirate theme? This neat stained glass window would be perfect to add to it. It's not new, frame seems to be older and its in great condition.(I don't have the measurements). This week you can find it at Re-Creations on 1900 W and 5500 South in Roy.(in my rented space).

They are having a big sidewalk sale this Thurs-Saturday 11:00-8:00 p.m.

Speaking of sales...this coming Saturday we will be out the the Weber county fairgrounds COMMUNITY YARD SALE with our loot we have been piling in boxes to sell all year out there. So far it looks like the one day without rain this week. I will post address later this week. We should be there 7:00 setting up, give us a minute, there is lots! Tables will be marked $1.00 $2.00 $3.00 and $5.00 with a few furniture pieces selling cheaply.
Lots of odds and ends from the shop, stuff for creative projects, and projects I am just not wanting to finish. Its a trash to treasure for sure sale.

Hope to see you there.

We will be filling in empty spaces at re-creations this week also.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What to do...

Does your husband collect "his" kind of things when you are both out yard sale shopping? Mine always has and most times I just can't let HIS things sit there in a box in the garage. A few years back I planted his antique rusty wrenches among the flowers that sit on HIS antique scale that sits inbetween our garage doors. Tucked in is a little wooden shoe, and I'm sure he smiles everytime he sees his 8 antique rusty wrenches in all sizes standing among the pretty flowers. I know he likes it because he keeps it watered!
So what does your husband haul home that you use creatively?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shabby chic dresser, vintage greeting cards & 50's sheet music

The shabby chic vintage dresser in all her grand daintiness arrived in the shop today, the empty vintage crystal bowls are awaiting the packages of summer chocolate chip cookies and chocolate caramel dipped pretzels that are soon to arrive. This dresser is painted off white, no antiquing done to it, but it could be stained.

Today I put on sale our vintage 1949 salesman samples greeting cards (unused) right from the salesmans books. They are only 2.00 each now, no envelopes.Unique to gift to someone or You know how pretty vintage papers are "the" thing as of lately. We have a nice big bowl or two of them.

Also some fantastic sheet musics came walking in, some really sweet titles and pictures great for decorating. I can just hear my mother now singing many of them. From the 40's and 50's era. and decent condition.

Need a blogging nudge?

Whether you are flying on an airplane, relaxing at the beach, cabin, recovering from health problems or even relaxing on your pretty porch, Artful Blogging and Life need to be with you. They make a special "get well soon" present and just plain fun gift to buy for yourself.
The photography in these books are better than any magazine on the market, they are beyone spectacular every one of them.
If you are holding back a little from blogging yourself, the artists in Artful blogging have plenty of advice that will give you just the little nudge & encouragement you may need to get a blog of your own started...Hey, you can always hit the delete button!
We still have copies left of the last issue of where woment create, featuring marie Osmonds work studio and other I adore to pieces.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mother Nature...can fool us in a big hurry

I took these pictures at 8:30 p.m. huge massive heavy dark clouds were rolling in and yet not a tiny breeze in the air.

I've always wanted roses & ivy to climb my porch entree and there they were in all their splendor... finally, so I grabbed my camera thinking "what will they look like when this storm is over"?

I walked around the yard taking pictures of the other rose bushes just ready to pop their beautiful heads out. Along with the new box garden and tomatoe patch Mr. bed of roses is weeding or WHATEVER he does out there all the time in all that dirt. I have to remind myself sometimes that his dad was a row crop farmer, so this is who he is genetically... But did he HAVE to plant 70 tomatoe plants?

Now is less than 10 mins and it's so windy you cannot stand up (well I take that back, Mr. bed of roses is still hanging onto his hoe his clothes barely clinging onto him...hope something doesnt fly through the air and bonk him in the head!)

You can see him with the second love of his life (me being the first, hmmm, well its either me or the tomatoe & fruit trees? NEVER quite sure this time of year.)

Today I have realized that my dad is just not well at all, he is very very tired and weak and my heart has been so heavy trying to wrap my mind that maybe this time he will not get better so I came home from the shop and just slept. So I was thrilled to wake up in time to grab these photo's mother nature is so generous with her beauty that we can enjoy her in our times of need.

I hope you enjoy them too, and if you need cheering up for some reason or other, remember how good mother nature is to us.
I see lightning...just so I don't see the BAD WITCH IN KANSAS or OZ... this wind is wild I need to hang on...!

Tall Boy Antique dresser...

The tall boy antique dresser by the front door is for sale Mon. & Tues. for 275.00 reg. 395.00
If it does not sell those two days it will be taken out for painting on Wednesday and taken to Re-Creations in Roy the following week. This is a neat piece, drawers work and have jewelry dividers in some. Some of the veneer at the bottom is chippy.

We also brought in Saturday an antique heavy oak dresser, kind of like an old wash stand. It has been painted cherry red, antiqued and then shows the color underneath the red as aqua. Nice fun antique piece and just needs a few finishing adornments added to it today.You'll adore it Especially if you are loving the aqua/red combinations.

We have a dainty dresser vanity with a cute oval mirror coming to take its place by the front door, if the weather co-operates Tuesday it will be painted shabby white and it will arrive at shop sometime Wednesday.

Sometimes our customers dont remember that our furniture is for sale...could it be that I bury it in merchandise??? Yup, I think your right.