Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shop Taking a Break

The shop is taking a break and 
will be open again on July 8th.

We hope you have a safe 
and happy 4th of July.

When we open again on July 8th 
we will have Patina style props 
for renting for special occasions.
We're very excited about this 
and hope you are too.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

longing for the mountains...

sitting here reminded how to stop and relax... patio waterfall at Taggerts grill in Taggert
*just past Morgan
for atmosphere, cleanliness etc. I give it an A.

summer flowers...eye candy
tucked in the lush mountain greenery.

Mr. and Mrs. Peacock lazily strut around
their territory...they are quite the friendly pair.

I'd been told about Taggart's grill for years
from you the customer.
I just didn't take "time out" to go.
I give it another A...on the food,
it's just all so good and priced just right.

For sure I'll go back for the beer batter fries...
(this is halibut in a soft pita bread)
my goodness, where have I been?
I don't think there is anything you could order
that you wouldn't love.
One dessert (okay, we tried the carrot cake) it's
big enough for 4.
you'll thank me for this recommendation
and I thank many of you for reminding me
of Taggerts.

Then onto Sundance...cause I really miss our cabin
(parents sold it last fall).
There's a vintage flair at the general store
and deli.

Before sundance how can you not shop the
outlets in Park city???

Our strong drinks of brewed root beer!

a river does run through it...
well, it was a babbling creek, which we loved
listening to it babble down the mountain
all night long.

This is one of the two restaurants
just so you get the general feel of Sundance.
Of course there is a ski tram.
Customer service is excellent.
If you check the rates, the weekdays seem
to be the least expensive and less busy.
(june is an "off season month too).

It was so peaceful and quiet.
Just what we were longing for.
And your only 20 mins. from Provo
if you like shopping etc.
I love to try new things...
now feel free to share what you have
been doing...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photo shoots...with our fresh patina whites

white chippy victorian wicker. fresh white painted frames, galvanized. lacy.

rusty metal tubs, tattered heirlooms. blue ice cream bucket memories.

wedding baskets. hydrangea's

wedding day

pin-up boards. handmade tags.

clear vintage glass. cherubs. lamps. silverplate.

Statement piece wedding basket. postage stamp quilt.
aqua jars. victorian pictures. patina ice cream chairs.
some for selling
come rent some for a photo shoot!
Friday. saturday.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Grab a vintage cooler

Come grab our vintage cooler
for a prop rental if you must
(Mr. PROPrietor sure wanted to keep this)

And a crisp fresh green colored roses vintage tablecloth...
get the picture!

and do some hangin' out this summer
we have some fun props
and things for owning.

open today Monday 11-5:30

Our sons family moved out this past weekend after being here 10 months,
they saved a nice amount to get themselves into a lovely home
just right for them.
(thank goodness they are in the same town 10 mins. away)

Doggy Kia was the last to go...
we will miss them.....and just maybe the doggy too.

It's really quiet.
Not sure we love that.
I'd much rather see the cutest 2 year olds smiley face
and listen to him learn how to talk,
and watch him learn new things and even throw tantrums and scream.
(yes screaming is cute when it's not your own child)

Plus listening to a 10 year olds...
bounce .bounce .bounce the basketball
hour upon hour
and rolling my eyes at that fake wrestling he loves so much,
looking at his face in a video game and watching favorite tv shows together
going to movies and burger bar...
than peace and quiet every day.

But that's how life is...
and we become empty nesters ONCE AGAIN.
With 40 years of marriage sneaking up on us.

I loved my beautiful, most pleasant, patient daughter in law
who cleaned up the kitchen and more after us,
and enjoyed learning who she is,
I learned alot from her,
she is a gift to our family.

We will not miss our sons:
lots of cheese, ice cream, cokes, chips, bags of candy,
pizza's,  hot dogs & get it, cause I can go on and on!
Heaven help him...
cause I can't!

Now there's a good chance we can get back to some weight loss!
the temptation is gone, right???

fathers day 2013

a day with my father 2013
85 yrs old
there is a house and yard full of their 5 children with their children
and their children...
and that's what he wanted for Fathers day...
a chicken barbeque.

still making his rock pictures
sitting at a rock machine hour upon hour when it's too hot to be outside,
never wasting a minute
life's to precious to him
and creates each rock to make a design.
now that's "rock love" and patience.

Enjoy the dog days of summer, your family 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June romance

Props in the shop
for renting

Kissing and courting

fresh dried peonies
elegant colors

Pearls and neclaces

vintage candlelight for 2

vintage crochet garlands

antique birdcages

Lots of new bundled white and cream laces

and a present I discovered in an antique shop
on a buying trip, for my daughter.

More to adore
coming soon
see you Monday

June the month of many weddings.
Can hardly realize our 40th anniversary is this week

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Here a prop. There a prop.

Prop #1
can you tell what it is?
It WAS the cutest wheelbarrow ever made picket fence style.
Mr. Prop-rietor wanted to make it sturdy for your renting of it,
and has now placed a ton of screws so it will hold up for some time.

Prop #2
Roses Iron chair
This chair doesn't stand alone, it has 3 sisters
and a huge round glass roses table to match.
You can rent one... or the whole family.

Prop # 3
Large wooden birdcage
Prop out your wedding displays etc. with lots of vintage white.
With a  nice display inside, people placing money envelopes into,
sure to make an exciting look.

It's not just Any birdcage...
we do VINTAGE prop rentals
it has brass door knobs for it's feet.

Props # 4
vintage white sewing machine drawers
open and closed
openings in the top for florals etc,
make for some pretty display pieces.

Prop #5
Antique etched mirror in the making
center will be a pin board.
For once I showed a "before" photo!

Prop #6
French chippy paint window
working to bring it in too.

There's  more in the shop lined up on the counter runway.

So why you're thinking of what to do with some of these Prop pieces...
we will be thinking of the Prop-er way to rent them out to you!

Coming soon...
Vintage props with Patina at Just a bed of roses
(that's not the name yet, just so you get the right idea).

We will be opened this week
Thursday and Friday
with it being Fathers day this sunday
we will be closed this SATURDAY
unless otherwise stated here on the blog.
( my son just closed on his new home today so I better be
around to help out)

Have a great Fathers day week-end

Monday, June 10, 2013

succulents in patina bread pans

my succulents are planted now
I "found" a smaller version of connected bread pans.
We carry the larger ones
that you'll enjoy planting for your garden.

We're open today, Monday
I know it's going to be a record 100 today
It will be cool inside
come rejuvinate

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vintage with Patina props

u.s. mail box

When was the last time you have seen a mailbox
with a metal pocket inside?
You would place your money for the postman
to leave you stamps!
This mailbox is not for sale
it is a PROP for renting
at Just a bed of roses

More PROPS for renting
coming to the shop very soon...

Obviously the shop is beginning a transformation.

Pay attention if your a photographer
planning a wedding or a special event
that requires Vintage with Patina Props

School locker Prop
are you in Patina love?
I am!
Our prop rentals
will be loaded with Patina
to fit your special occasion needs.

My blooming lavendar plant is so delightful.
Emma M. told me today that lavendar is the most
fragrant when its starts to bud.

How are your Garden vignettes?