Sunday, December 6, 2009

OUR ANTIQUE CHRISTMAS...decor, traditions & transformations for CHRISTMAS MONDAY

Norman Rockwell KNOWS how a shopkeeper feels on Dec. 24th. This was a picture I had made into the tile look and had a chippy antique gold frame cut to go around it.
Also little set of Dutch shoes, very Christmasy in celebration of a Klompin' Christmas, husbands heritage.

Our favorite antique oak bed transformed into a bench we are enjoying now.

Another wonderfully handquilted applique quilt we enjoy hanging over a door, so festive!

Isn't this fabric luxurious! Marie an accomplished seamstress made cushions and pillows for this antique bed bench, the trim and pillow backings are a leathery fabric. Now all I need is new carpet to match...hmmmm...Christmas is coming. Well, Mrs. Shopkeeper is too busy for that project right now.

Bad weather today...I'm almost sure the shop will BE CLOSED TODAY.

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