Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sentimental memories... those we still love

This week:
My parents visiting the home dad grew up in only in a remodeled condition
and is now in forclosure. His parents have long passed on . Somehow it would
be much happier to see it in days of old.
5 kids in the 2 little bedrooms.
It had the most narrow steep stairway and tiniest kitchen.
We look now
and think how did we all get together and have our feasts and
grandchildren galore, seriously my aunts all had 7-10 children each!
We had a small family of 5!
There was always someone pregnant or nursing a newborn from what I recall.
But we did and we never thought nothing of it being to small.
Aren't we spoiled!

PEONIES at my grandmothers old home...still growing after she has long been gone.
I think dad dug us all a few starts, yeah dad!

At our home dad grew us many PEONIES and we waited as they would
barely bloom in time for the Memorial day weekends.
Then picked the iris, lilacs and a rose or two and headed to grandmas.
The big white snowballs bushes were usually so full of blooms the trees
would heavily drip with them.
Grandma grew Lucious flower gardens and loved it.
Oh the Rose bushes!!!
As we played our very active childhood games
we would have to be very careful
not to break grandmas flowers.
Now I look back, what did she have to repair
after we left?
And oh the tree climbing!

My sister took our parents to the Payson Cemetery.
Here is my 83 year old father standing behind his parents headstone.
Compared to the graveyards we saw today visiting Carls parents gravesites which
was decorated with so many beautiful splashes of colors, this Payson cemetary
is very dull this week.
Thinking they poured new cement around each headstone.
We also visited the Ogden cemetary today, oh what an ancient beauty, it is full of  tall
charming headstones time worn from the 1800's and the
old trees and flowering bushes all in bloom.

Grandma had a gold fish lilly pond right here in the backyard... this broke my heart to see
it all covered in.
Now it is only a memory.
Good grief...whats that ugly wall!
When I was in 5th grade the newspaper came out
and took my picture sitting next to it. As grandkids when we all gathered for a sunday feast this was the place to find us laying on the grass hoping to see a gold fish or frog hiding under the lillypads.

Thank goodness seeing the Root cellar...grandma would fill that thing with
her bottled apricots, peaches, grape juice, pears and plums making a moist
delicious plum cake with walnuts from their tree now gone.
She must have bottled fruit everyday till every last apricot was gone.
My sister took alot of pictures of the inside of the tiny home that raised 4 boys and 1 spoiled cute
dimpled girl who came last. Again...remodeled and had to do my OWN visualizing of how it
USE to be. Seeing the irrigation ditch which they flooded the lawns was fun. 
The sidewalk where we played jump the sidewalk out front  forever while the parents
cleaned the dishes and rocked in the front porch swing.
I remember lots of lawn chairs for us all. 
Isn't it fun to remember playing with your cousins?
Some of mine were too soon taken back to heaven in their adulthood.
Miss them. Remember them.

My dad bought his grandpas farm when I was in elementary school, he
still owns it. He watered and cared for it the hard way for many years. We would have to go down at
night and wait in the car while he watered it and I remember the mosquitos would
bite us. This is in Payson and we lived 1 and 1/2 hours away.

Here is my aunt Janes organ, she inherited from her grandparents. Jane is in her 80's
and has alzheimers. I stayed at this home many weekends and this organ has
never left this corner in the living room for the 57 years that I know of.
This is my mothers sister. All 5 of them still living.
I'm sure they are happy to just be visiting their parents graves this week.

Hope your enjoying your Memorial Week-end.
It's the best time to be sentimental and talk about those we have shared our lives
and brought us so much joy..
Remember them and thank them.
They know and still care about us.

Wouldnt it be nice to just have one half hour with each of them!
Oh what they could tell us.
We'd probably beg them to take us back with them!

Hee hee...This picture is from your daughter, I had to sneak in and put in my memories of my Great Grandma Shepherd who I have fond memories of too ;)

Here I am on the porch with my brothers after we spent the night and awoke to a tree covered in suckers from the sucker fairy! Wow, did we think that was sooooo neat! Always a treat at her house, getting to take baths in her big deep tub that I couldn't see out of, searching for snails in her flower gardens and bringing them home with us, and  boy did we love her fish pond.
What a great lady and I am lucky I got to know her a little while she was alive.
Sorry! I just couldn't resist! ;)

How did you even track that down?
Bryce the  poor thing has the worst hair buzz...couldn't get those clippers to work right
and he didnt want it all shaved off bald.
the worse, the funniest.
Looks like the rats kind of chewed it different lengths!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


                                       I swear I heard the shop singing "I feel Pretty...Oh so Pretty"

I'd be singing too if I looked this pretty!
And yes, that's a chocolate brown ROSE PILLOW!

Pearl  adorned pillows and runners
in creams, pinks and reds
Just pretty

Runners and tablecloths
36x 36
16 x 72
Have a wedding this summer...
okay, can you just imagine!!!

If you need quantities
hurry in so we can get them ordered
for your special occasions.

I think YOUR HOME would be happy to sing.

Lets hurry and visit Delicious Dales on the bloglist
it looks like a recipe for LIME FREEZE
who wouldn't want a Lime freeze this weekend?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maybe life really is just that...a bed of roses

How I wish I could remember the Hilarious
sayings on the backs of Jayna's neclaces
Altered art cluster neclaces by Jayna
provides entertainment inside our doors
You'll want to read them all...allow extra time!

                                                                                   We're like eating a Big Carnival takes
                                                                                    alot of licks to see all we have to offer

It's time to tweet yourself!
See you soon.

Just heard the shop could be on tv...soon!
okay, May we have a panic attack now!
Just when I bought myself 2 books to read for the week-end

Monday, May 24, 2010

Relaxing THINGS TO DO...this week

Treat yourself to a pearly pillow

take some time for yourself to unwind

Come grab yourself some minty or light lavendar bubbling bath salts

Have a romantic thought or two
or gift a friend, maybe a wedding couple.

come get a pretty purse

Sunday, May 23, 2010

BAG IT...getting ready for the Memorial week-end !

Oh the places you can go in style this coming Memorial Week-end.
Whether you need a brown shimmery beach bag for pool or beach.
only 14.00

Or you want to try our brand new HANGING MAKE UP BAGS
in wild and funky colors...

arent' they wild and fun, see I told you.

Having 4 big pockets to load up bigtime you can vacation for days!

Or tote our pretty aqua and brown butterfly folding purses, see how convenient
this small folded bags opens into a big about
tucking several of them in your suitcase for lightweight travel and variety.
just 16.95

Hobo bag in delightful flowers and olive trim, to grab, load up quickly and go
hiking, shopping, to the movies, also a travelers delight.

Our mini brown zebras and butterflies totes
will work for just about anything.
little ole  $10.00
You'll agree the prices fit your style too, surely more than
one will be needed for your holiday get-away.
come in soon, quantities are limited for this week.
There are some stunnings handmade JUST BE bags in
at the moment they wont be hanging around long.

Here Miss young Sophey Henderson is wishing us a week with a big huge warm
sun spreading its rays as we plant the flowers and enjoy the bees
ladybugs and butterflies.

You can see what her sweet heart feels cant you? 

Thank you Sophey, and may we put your picture in the shop window
we would be happy to share it with our customers.
Notice she left out the rain...that's because we simply have had enough
but someone needs to tell our Mother Nature, as I write this blog
it's raining cats and dogs...again!
Sale of 20.00 each on any of our OLDER stock of zebra/giraffe bags.

Sweet & fun Wedding...kicks off the beginning of Summer

Vintage buggy greets wedding guests of
Melanie & Logan
(compliments of D. Murray)

My niece Melanie and Her new man Logan
Tied their knot
The whole wedding day...certainly SWEET and FUN!

The shiney red Get-away
(compliments again of D. Murray)

Sweet treats
entertainment for kids...adults too!

Right from the Bowcut candy co.


Weddings...where families get together and catch up.
Here basking in a sun we have not
seen nearly enough.
(where nervous grandma keeps counting the grandchildren)

Our children were patrolling the parking lot I guess.
Or having a little tailgate party?
Children and grandchildren must say bye bye
and oldest son showing off his wifes new vehicle to us.

Melanie wading a stream in her gown
this is SO HER!
And so was their wedding.
Congratulations to a very happy couple! 
Happy Honeymoon too!

( When the real professional pictures are available I will guide you to them)

And  this is what all of us do in the summertime...right?
will post new merchandise soon
to help with your summer plans.

Monday Memorial Day we are closed.