Sunday, November 28, 2010


Celebrating COBWEB CHRISTMAS at Just a Bed of Roses this week...

Big Green Spider is the drawing for this week's Christmas event
30.00 value

Twisted spiders is a patented handmade beaded spider made right here in Utah. They are made in 5 sizes with so many spectacular variations it's hard to narrow your choice to one.

When you buy 1-3 receive 10% off.  4 or more receive 20% off -- THIS WEEK ONLY.
We will carry them ALL YEAR.  prices range from 15.00-30.00 in several sizes. Each has a loop on the end for hanging or clipping even to a neclace.

For our shop we get to chose an exclusive design...just how will we decide? Crystals, Pearls, polka dots, swirly butts...just too much fun!

There is still time to SPECIAL ORDER specific colors/sizes so hurry in while we have a good selection.
(discounts not available to special orders.)

What's a spider got to do with Christmas?

Twin spiders

For boys AND girls

Spiders are UNIQUE UNEXPECTED GIFTS for the Gardner, an avid Halloween decorator or witch, and I gave my childrens family a big spider for their tree with this book for their Christmas Eve present:

 The book COBWEB CHRISTMAS IS OUR FAVORITE ONE...go to for your copy. It tells the story of this little lady in the woods and she invites all the animals to Christmas dinner except the spiders. On Christmas Eve the spiders go into the room and spin the most beautiful webs that look like tinsel on the Tree and that is how tinsel came about...and the spiders were invited back every year. Love the illustrations in this book.A German legend and Tradition of putting a spider on the Christmas tree each year.

Last weeks winner for the 2 burlap wool holly bags will be announced Monday evening. 

With this current snow storm...decision to open the shop or not Monday will be decided Monday 10:00 a.m.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Get your $$$ out from under the mattress...

It's the week-end for making your front door Merry
(this is from a 1965 McCalls magazine)

Plus Finding or thinking of gifts for "YOUR man"

Searching for gifts that create happy faces on Christmas morning

Buying Practical and necessary things for those we love

Speaking of PRACTICAL!
Did you see the u-tube about being in the doghouse?

Thanksgiving week-end...find some entertainment,
try new food and do some leg work.

 TIME to Get your money out from under the mattress!
For Black Friday

FRIDAY & SATURDAY  EVENT is 20% off one Christmas item...Christmas decor/gift items
are coming in daily now. Put your name in for door prize this week which is two burlap bags with
handmade wool holly by Kelly.  Friday hours: noon-4 or 5  Saturday 10-till it starts to snow 5:00 approx.

Always Appreciate your support!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THANKSGIVING written 1927

 There is no normal man who is entirely satisfied. If we are going to wait until all of our desires are gratified in order to be thankful, the time will never arrive.
Happiness is a relative term.

You are happy because you are better off than some people and unhappy because you are not so well off as others.

It is to our credit that so many people live happy and cheerful lives, although those about them have more of this world's goods than they. The poor man gets along very well in his little cottage notwithstanding the fact that the millionaire across the road lives in a palace.

The right sort of man is not made comfortable especially be seeing other people uncomfortable.

Happiness is largely the product of our imagination. If we spend our time imagining how much better off we might be we shall be miserable.

It is easy to turn the imagination the other way and think how much worse it might be for us.

This produces in us a feeling of well being.

A healthy man ought to be glad simply to be alive. All things should be of interest to him.

Robert Louis Stevenson said that he was never bored in his life. Everybody he met taught him something. Everyone was his superior in some respects and he could learn from him.

He was the same who wrote that "this world is so full of a number of things, I am sure we should all be as happy as kings."

One thing that should be remembered is that our capacity for happiness is directly in proportion to our capacity for suffering. When we cannot suffer acutely we can hardly be happy acutely. The happiness that comes from indifference or coldness or from lack of imagination is hardly to be desired.

We may look over the sty sometimes and envy the pigs who have nothing to think of but to stuff themselves with swill, but the human soul is so capacious that it cannot be happy with mere material comfort.
The problem of culture is to remove man's satisfactions over from his material satisfactions over from his material enjoyment to his spiritual. The more a man lives among the spiritualities and gets his enjoyment from them the more of a man he becomes.
written 1927

Realize your blessings no matter what is going right or wrong...from all of us at Just a bed of Roses

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Fairies are showing up at Just a Bed of Roses this week
Here are samples

Santa Fairy on Big JiNgLe Bell

Gypsy Jester Fairy adorns Urn floral

Christmas Tree Fairy sits ontop of antique books.
An antique calendar tells us what day
we... LIKE MAGICAL FAIRIES prepare for Dec. 25 th

Snowboy hanging on antique crystal lamp

Woodsy PiNeCoNe Fairy wall arch wearing
"Lot's of things Merry and Everything bright" ribbon

Sparkly floral Arch with Big Hair Wild woods fairy

Glitzy Santa Fairy in sparkling urn floral

WISH UPON A STAR Fairy sitting on a charming
antique bottle adorned with a big gypsy ring.
My very favorite!
( I create most times just using whatever is standing on the nearest table, this
lucky bottle ended up being a unique seat.)

And Kelly Fairy has been working in her wonderland
creating holly berry for our burlap bags.
(is that okay to call you a fairy Kelly?)

Which will be OUR GIVE-AWAY for this weeks drawing
  the set of  TWO for ONE lucky person!

 Make Magic...a SPECIAL GIFT to me from a favorite magical person  Joni, the real magician.
  we were at
 Dear Lizzies'
FABULOUS Christmas Wonderland

Check the blog for updates on the shops hours this week.
As of now we are planning what is on our sidebar
for Thanksgiving week hours and storm watching.
Saturday we will be serving Wassail.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Santa-Palooza & Fairies

White Christmas birdhouse among other goodies have been dropped off to the
General Store in Layton.
is their Holiday event Saturday the 20th starting at 10:00
Santa will be there for pictures
Downtown Layton first holiday event.
Gotta love those co-op chicks

Special Orders for special customers coming together festively.
We need to get you pictures of some spectacular ones
Joni has just finished up.

Pretty Snow fairy girl with a vintage flair

Sneak PEEK:
A minimum of 20 fairies will adorn the shop in many creative ways
(as I will be the one adorning over the holiday)
You won't want to miss if you LOVE FAIRIES
(these are all retired)
Oh to Fairy love!

NO IT'S NOT TO LATE to be good...
It could be too late if you don't hurry and get your Thanksgiving order in
for bags of our specialty gourmet caramel corn.
We do have SOME at the shop
but could run out.
If you know what you need for Thanksgiving and Christmas...
Please let us know soon

With this winter storm coming in Saturday night the daytime would be a super time
to come out shopping for what you need for Thanksgiving.
There is a chance our shop could have its hours
adjusted next monday & tuesday
check blog for shop hours updates.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


                            Our place is crawling with the most be-jeweled spiders you've ever seen
                              as it's nearly impossible to pick out a them all.

We're going to have an EVENT of the Christmas Spiders
first week of December
But until's first come first serve!
Now they come in neclaces!

Right now our event is 10% off an item of your choice each
day this week that you come by
and don't forget to enter the drawing, prize listed below.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

VIGNETTE...any charming intimate scene

Door Prize THIS WEEK...just for coming in put your name in
for winning this handmade HOLIDAY paper pedestal, wrapped in tea dyed ribbon roses ribbon
with a wendy addison glitter bird nested in snowy greens, whole piece adorned
with NEST  ornament in fabulous German glass glitter!

Our SALE this week:
10% off ANY ONE ITEM in the shop with each visit.
plus we have selected various items for 1/2 off.

With a 20.00 or more purchase you receive
a paper bundle of flowers of YOUR choice.

Last weeks winners at the bottom of this post.

2 pink love birds hold the key to your heart

GLAM crystal silver and mercuries tree
in vintage crystal lamp base

Traditional old fashioned colored tree with some vintage
and chippy ornaments.

Enjoying our little vintage Parade of Trees?
There are more in the shop!
Christmas decor, handmades & gifts coming in every day now.

Love the BASIC ingredients used in this early 1900's
Standard Housekeeping book

sugar. molasses. salt. cream. flour. soda. baking powder.

Our thoughts turn to the kitchen don't they?
I get a new dishwasher (not meaning a new husband) this week
yeah to Thanksgiving dinner!

So do we drink water with our meal or not?

In the Nick of time we can help you prepare your holiday
cause I know many of you are getting it up
even as I speak.
(As I clean for Thanksgiving dinner little VIGNETTES seem
to be appearing inviting Christmas to our home)


Michelle Coleman polka dotted and lime green shiney cupcake

Louise Odysseus...Package of our new  Wassail, oh so cheery & comforting
CONGRATULATIONS and come on in!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Whatever YOUR STYLE...

We can help you fill in those little spaces that need something
a bit WILD!

Pink shabby lighted houses for a spot that needs
a warm SPARKLE
and GLOW

Whimsically serve vintage SNOWBALLS
always a fun suprise tucked around!

German glass glittered birds and antique glass frogs
dress up a dull area.
Do we ever tire of a NICE BIRD?

Fresh Caramel chocolate dipped pretzels in
Hobnail milk glass
will grab your guest's to taste their deliciousness anytime!

Traditional antique Blue's in Antique Candy tins,
stoneware bowls, cobalt blue dishes and fun antique bottles
makes you FEEL of Christmas' past!

Create memories
for Your Christmas this year by tucking
new & old things around in unexpected places!

And SHAKE things up a bit!
We did
You CAN!