Monday, September 28, 2015


 Berries on the trees

 Pumpkins picked
 fall vignette outside even though the weather says summer, right

 my favorites every year
 mini's from Benjamin utah, a little day trip we took over the weekend

 spicy aroma's all around
selling pyrex on vintage yard sale utah today and tuesday
among other vintage items  on fbook.

We are invited to sell at the Holiday Acorn antique vintage show Nov 7 and 8th
weber county fair grounds...whoo hoo, see you then!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall vintage shopping

See you Friday noon-6 or Saturday 9-5
We have a brass bed/cast iron, pink crystal chandalier glass and brass, log chair old, and lots of fall decor!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Table ONE saturday...think of it as a PROP SALE

 Outside...tables in catagories of all ONE price (check ideas in last post with more to come) shopping will be much easier and organized than the yard sale last week.

The driveway and every table has been wiped clean and started over with lower pricing and different catagories.

 think props INSIDE for your decorating...doesn't your imagination make you wonder what is under this food dome?  (rat. mouse. spider.eyeballs?)

 Candleabra, scrolly, rustic, makes a big haunted house statement!

 Rickey's studio Inn Hotel it's getting scary!

 kitchen utinsels from the past...there will be a table of nice conditioned PYREX for $5.00 each piece!

 Broaches, jewelry , the majority 5.00

 screams flickering cobweb covered lighting, right?

Linen and pom pom garlands layered...the
more the scarier. ONE table of linens piled high are $1.00 each

Black and white garlands...words are always a fright for halloween night.

 old Kodak film brittle can be used as garland
20 rolls of piano music, all different titles

use word paper banners...or old piano music...use for window shades, table runners
patina off white paper will be a hit

 funeral baskets you can't go wrong

 and a photo of a headstone and flowers just plain creeps me

 all older homes had framed botanicals, this is such a pretty one, ties in with the seasons coloring really well.
add some sparkle and lace paper doilies and gold lettering with words to scare
 Mercury glass bead garlands and candlesticks

 old books for decorating

big crinline skirts for costumes!

vintage matters

Sunday, September 13, 2015

# ONE coming this Saturday's shopette!

One day event coming this saturday (September 19th) will be all about the #one. It's my number to play with this let's begin:

One table: free stuff, loaded
One table: $1.00 each will be loaded up
One table: $5.00 table good deals including PYREX
One table: linens all one price
One table: glassware one price
One table: vintage fleamarket goods priced individually
One room: shopette will be restocked, it also has some halloween and christmas. all vintage, vintage style and some new primitives.

one mirror
one chair
one frame
one wheelbarrow
one chalkboard
one globe

and ONE DOLLAR off you entire purchase
(couldn't resist)

You got the idea!

This will be on a scale of 1/4 of the big yard sale last week.
That way neither one of us will be overwhelmed! agree!

Mr.Roses will bottle his tomato's this week and I will sort for the ONE DAY SALE for this saturday...thinking 9-5

and now I need to sleep off last weeks event, 2 weddings and recover from my trip (the hard fall on the cement I took, may need a good massage).

join us on facebook:  brenda klomp
I'm on instagram under just a bed of roses, but I rarely post.

2037 s. 2700 w.
west haven, utah

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Shopette is now closed . we may do some pop ups next few months

Thanks to all who stopped by for the vintage market and yard sale thursday and friday. We were happy to see you, the weather was perfect and much went to new homes!

The one problem we had was apparently west haven doesnt like signage all our nice wooden handmade advertising signs dissappeared. Instead of stealing them, I wished they had asked US to remove them, meanies.

We've decided to take Saturday off and instead do some pop ups off and on in the next few months.

Check right here for when they will be...

you can also friend me on fb: brenda klomp
where I tell of other shops and events that are opened and just have a fun time on a daily basis.

 sometimes I sell on vintage yard sale utah on fb. You need to ask to join by going to that site and then they add you on.

Welcome to all who are new here too

vintage matters
carl and brenda klomp

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

3 new SNEEK PEEK blog posts inside SHOPETTE for this weeks event!

 burlap and linen runners   2' x 6'  are just in!

The yard sale in the driveway is big bigger biggest...really big! prices are the most lowest ever!
We have visa square cause we know after you've put kids in school and had labor day activities cash is hard to come by...but the weather is perfect and we need to get this done!
see you Thursday friday...we could sell till 6:00 the weather is perfect.