Friday, January 30, 2009

"Think Pink'...for Humanitarian

I LOVE YOU TRUELY February is here! The new monthly newsletter explains about our shops comittment to share ourselves doing Humanitarian work and serving those less fortunate than ourselves. It's a perfect month to begin, don't you think?
Our new "think pink rhinestone pin is in and ALL of the $10.00 price will go to the xolove mayan village/orphanage project, every penny will be spent buying food, clothing and activities.
We will have more items...this is the first.
We have fabulous gifts, jewelry, decor coming in... hopefully it all arrives before Valentines day. And don't forget the loads of vintage jewelry that just arrived with more to come in the near future.
Today and Saturday ALL purses and wallets are 20% off... check out our 1/2 off sale drawers and new valentines cards at half come in and enjoy a visit and some savings.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inspiring work spaces of Extraordinary women...preview

Victoria MacKenzie-Child with her wild rainbow hair shows and describes her adventure of buying a 102 yr old ferry boat to LIVE on...wouldnt you love to know how this came to be and could we just "move in"?
Rebecca Purcell...tells her thoughts on attraction: from a retail perspective, aesthetics that evoke status, envy, power, tradition and lust are prime ingrdients for sales. But there is another side to retail attraction thats gaining ground she calls it: Modernostalgia, its a delightfully eclectic combination of genres and styles that relies on patina, layering, whimsy and nostalgia as its prime attractors. It depends less on insecurity and more on the fascination of charm, preciousness, embellishment, complexity and at time mysticism. Her pictures and thoughts certainly live up to this Modernostalgia. Love her!
Sandra Evertsen has fabulous ideas and pictures using vintage aprons etc for her workspace, she is always inspiring and creative.
Some Utah artists in this book... One that is a writer and one a food artist:
Megan Leonardi has been writing since before she knew how to read. Writing is right up there with breathing and sleeping. she writes anywhere,it unburdens her sould, her mind and heart and to share with the world who she is, her story will delight you.
Romina Rasmussen brought her own brand of pastry to Salt Lake city when she opened Les Madeleines in 2003, everything is made in house from scratch. She tells of baking since very young. She is business minded, a hard worker, takes time for creativity and has high expectations of her staff, surely she inspires them to keep the business as to what she aspires. Lovely pictures of Les Madeleines, 216 E. 500 S. She also has a website where you can find when she teaches her classes, sounds very ambitious, must be delightful.

I could go on and on about this book Jo Packam has pulled together in A+ fashion, I love her beginning the book "at my kitchen table" where she talks about our days, juggling priorities and limitations on our time and energy. Her solutions are admirable and really quite easy. There is so much I cannot wrap my mind around it all, so I will spend the next 3 months just enjoying its rich vibrant colored pictures, learning and being inspired with each word until #3 comes out!
I know you will love it too...
P.S...the hundreds of vintage jewelry pieces are tagged and waiting for someone to take home to be lovingly enjoyed, admired, turned into something creative or gifted.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's here...#2 Where women create & goosebump vintage jewelry!

My very favorite book...women who create: inspiring work spaces of extraordinary women arrived today and there was not a minute to read it at the after American Idol and after I tag 100's of pieces of vintage jewelry joyously purchased today I will try to keep my eyes open then to view this intriguing publication. The pictures gave me goosebumps...I am not kidding. So can you imagine what the stories are going to be like? I will report in the morning.

And the vintage jewelry...gave me the warm fuzzies when I had the opportunity to purchase these time worn pieces for our customers...I always love to see who buys what! They should be in shop Wednesday.


What a neat day it was favorite book arrived, acquired vintage jewelry just in time for Valentines Day, AND our homemade chocolate caramel dipped pretzels & granny smith apples came in the shop all dressed up for Valentines to share with all your loved ones.
There are order forms if you would like some made up fresh for your special day.
Wednesday we will have bags of caramel corn and single pretzels to warm your heart. We also received some Easter collectables...sorry to spring that on you right now, but on a snowy freezing day doesnt that make your thoughts turn brighter?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Find out what JAYNA LOVES in our weekly feature of Utah Business women and what they LOVE

Hi, I'm Jayna Rice and I have been asked to be the 4th "Women in Utah Business" and the things they love...featured on JUST A BED OF ROSES blog...Jayna does the soldered art neclaces in the shop...her new design is the houses...check the doghouse...ever been in one of those??? We sometimes have Men who come into the shop and they certainly are trying to get out of the "doghouse", these would work!

I LOVE TO CREATE! I love the process of creating. I believe you can be creative in almost everything you do in life. To me, creativity is just looking at or doing something in a different way.
I've been involved in small business' off and on for over 30 years. From selling cardboard santas to earn enough for Christmas presents when first married to teaching and selling tole painted items in stores and boutiques when THAT was the BIG thing. I have always loved creating things in miniature.

A couple years ago I came upon some silver soldered pendants. It became a passion of mine to figure out how to create them. I studied and researched and bought my first soldering gun, some expensive silver solder and glass. I am completely self-taught and have never taken a class. I couldn't have given away my first pieces! But I've kept them as inspiration and a reminder that things can get better. I don't know which I love the most: creating the little scenes digitally or the actual soldering. But people seem to love them as much as I do. I have to admit it's been fun to be a fly on the wall in the shop and watch people rummage through my necklaces, which hang on old vintage cloth dress forms in the shop.
I hear their comments and laughter and how this piece or that piece reminds them of someone they love.It is very rewarding to me.

I love my studio, where I am surrounded with the things I love: from the antique four drawer file cabinet, the old post office cubby holder, or the hanging "bare" lamp shade. It is in this room where I get immersed in creating and forget everything but this.(Thanks Jayna for showing your "work space with us".
I love antiques. I love the feel of old things that have been worn down with time. I love to re-purpose old things and give them a new use. I love my new mittens recently created from old sweaters I felted. I love my collections of old wire flower frogs, old buttons, Watt pottery and quilts.
I love being home, which, because I work full-time, is even more precious. I love having an evening when I do not have any responsibilities and I can create. People wonder why someone who works full-time would also have a small business. It's because we have to fulfill this need inside of us to just create!

I love to exercise. No, really. I don't love getting up at 4:45 each weekday and going to the gym, but I love the feeling I get after I'm finished. I love that 2 years ago, at the ago at the age of 55, I completed my first half-marathon. I love that I have an exercise buddy. I love that I am healthy and that I have been cancer free for 24 years!
I love my family and I love my five darling grandchildren who bring smiles and love with every visit.
I love my Savior, who sustains me.
I love my friends, who are a support and a constant in my life.
I love that I have a full-time job that I love...well, most of the time. I love being immersed in technology and helping teachers troubleshoot their websites so that they can have a successful experience. I love the creative side of technology.

I have always loved photography but it has become a passion of mine in recent years. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie, which I still have! I love my Nikon SLR and wonder how I ever took pictures with anything else. I love going on photo shoots with my photography buddy.

There's a story to tell after every adventure, like the recent one of the gigantic moose on the trail during our hike. Nothing like almost sacrificing your life to get a good picture! Oh, and I love taking macros of flowers.
I love art! I have dabbled in oils, watercolors and acrylics. Someday I want to pursue watercolors again.
I love using my computer to be creative. And I love Photoshop! I love to take my laptop and put my feet up somewhere, open up Photoshop, choose an old photo, some ephemera and create something from scratch. I actually sleep better on those days!
I love discovering an old photo and sharing it with my daughter, Wendy, who also creates amazing soldered art.
I love old quilts and I love my quilt group, Little By Little...where we share our talents and creativity each month.
A year and a half ago I heard there was a wonderful little shop around the corner from where I work. I walked in and there was BRENDA! We go waaay back to when we were "young" 1976,(each with a few small babies) and in a group called "Utah Young Homemakers" It was a fun surprise and reunion after all these years. A few weeks later I asked her if she would be interested in selling some of my soldered necklaces. It's been a fun and successful ride. She's a dear friend and very supportive. We seem to laugh at every visit! Entering her shop feels like I'm home, as we seem to love the same "old" things! Seriously!

A note from Brenda...its a joy to have Jayna come through the door with her neclaces and charms, oh we do laugh and ohhhh and ahhhhh at each one of them. Jayna has talent oozing from her and is very modest about it. In fact we get after her for not wearing her OWN jewlery...and she has quite a LARGE FOLLOWING of customers who adore her work, many have had special orders done with family members and their own sayings creating quite an heirloom. You can see her sense of humor and her love for life as she expresses it through her creative work. This exercise thing you talk about...I am so impressed!!! Thanks Jayna for being a part of the shop... the customers cannot live without YOU. You are a Joy and make us happy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monday we will be Closed

Closed for sure on Monday...just not a snow driver.

See you the rest of the week though. Will be going through some of the estate glass boxes I accumulated this year that are hanging out in my workroom.

Will bring them in Tuesday!

Friday, January 23, 2009


I have been showing you in the blog some of our new STYLISH Shaundra handbags that are exclusive to our shop. Would love you to stop in, try one on to see how glamorous you look carrying one of these beauties...You will feel like a movie star in Sundance! Did you know that only 50 of each style is designed so we are only allowed one of each.(that would mean only one made per state!).

Because we want you to be some of the very FIRST in Utah to OWN these we are having a "PURSE PARTY" & SALE on them this Friday & Saturday. Shaundra purses will be 15 percent discount. Along with them we have our fabulous clutches/wallets which will make you feel a bit on the WILD SIDE being they are zebra, giraffe, snake prints. We will discount these at 20 percent off. Our metallics handbags reg. 55.00 are 30.00
You'll want to feel HIP with our PEACE handbags, the wrinkly shiny ones JUST ARRIVED & won't last long. Any handbag or tote other than Shaundras will be 10 percent off. Lots of new & old jewelry to chose from...always!

Two other things you'll enjoy...we have some NEW VALENTINES cards...I know you will love them and the receiver will LOVE YOU. They are 1/2 price and Right now an area has been set up that is 1/2 priced is the big antique drawers in second room. The FIRST FOUR ROWS are filled with mark downs, nothing like saving a few dollars, is there? There are old tins, crochet thread, milk glass, linens, cards, lotions & more will be added through the next few months. Check them often.

Be sure to put your name in for the drawings to be held at the end of the month...and it's just for coming in, no purchase necessary.

I love the rain...its so refreshing, so Happy rainy day to you ...and don't forget your umbrella!

Shop hours this Friday and Saturday are: 10:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Make YOUR LIFE more Beautiful...

Make your life more beautiful...and we can help!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On this day...of historic celebration

It's nice to remember that all things are possible...even your own hopes and dreams of the future. Enjoy this day in which ever way you chose and know we live in the greatest country...GOD BLESS AMERICA and I love our freedom! It takes a courageous man to be president of the United States, especially in these uncertain times. I believe everyone feels hope and we can come together in a way we have never done before.

The shop will be opened most of the day, I will listen to the innauguration on the radio and do some deep cleaning. Hopefully there will be some customers mixed in!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Todays Holiday...we will be OPEN

Will you be out Playing today? Come see will be opened 11:00-4:00

Working on getting the new things arranged in shop and getting a bit of inventory lady insists! I'm also marking down many things that have been hanging around the shop a bit too long...should be some bargains too! A few new florals are in to fill in those dull areas around your home left from Christmas.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

All things in the West...Annie's Loves

Meet Annie West from Syracuse Utah...
I love my Savior.
My membership in the LDS Church.
Loooooong Baths.
SHOES...High heels...I get this from my mom but not the high part!
"I love U's " from my children
Anything vintage
My camera!
Making thing out of "crap"
Working in my yard.
Thrift shopping.
I love my parents DEARLY, they taught me hard work and they know how to fix ANYTHING!

I am a wife, mother, a picture taker, a queen AND a slave---all in the same day!
I am married to my best friend...he supports me in ALL my hobbies.
Coming from a VERY crafty sweet parents who owns Lavender House, has
helped my sisters and I develop talents in many areas.
Among the things I have made are jewelry, bags, shabby-ed up furniture, sewn aprons, pillows and MUCH more.
My husband is always the one to push me along, never tires when I say WHAT CAN I MAKE OR RE-ARRANGE NEXT? I couldn't ask for a better 'Shmoopie." I luv him!
We have 4 children, Abbie 12, Autumn 11, Jackson 5, and our caboose "Charlee Ann" 9 months. They are my supporters...well, models whatever you want to call it.

I have always loved PHOTOGRAPHY. I got my first cheap "point and shoot" camera 4 years ago. I took pictures of EVERYTHING...leaves, grass, my kids, my house, snow...even the ugly dog down the street. I couldn't get enough. I did "photo shoots" of my kids all the time and I thought I was soooo GOOD! If anyone got hold of those I would now die!
2 years later I upgraded to a nicer camera...Still took many pictures and would never put it down. I came to realize this was becoming a passion of mine. I would search hours online looking at at pictures..babies, newborns, kids. It always put a lump in my throat. I would always think to myself "How do they do that?" I luved it so much. Never in MY wildest dreams would I think I would become one day!
10 months ago my LOVE arrived in the mail. A new CAMERA...That's what I wanted for my birthday/anniversary/valentines/Christmas and any other holidays this year.
I told my husband I wanted a "click click click click" camera...meaning it shoots really! I remember pulling it out of the box and thinking "holy CRAP" how am I going to learn all many buttons, lenses, filters and accesories. I was oblivious to anything. I knew nothing. Photoshop was also the SAME story.

Let the LEARNING begin...

I have met SO MANY friends through photography. MANY. Who led me in the right direction. I luv them! I've cried many many tears, lots of jump for joys,many smiles and frustration along with many struggles and some sleepless nights.
My family...supported me...loved me...had faith in me...told me to move forward. Many friends did the same. SO I DID! I started shooting for clients August of 08.

I can't believe it. I am where I DREAMED I would be many years ago. Never EVER thought it could be. I luv this talent I have discovered inside of me and I plan to move forward. I am extreeeemly excited to see where 09 takes me.
As my sister would say..."life is Yummy".

Thanks to my family, husband, children, friends and clients...I luv them!
It's great to give families the most wonderful gift...MEMORIES!

Now On a personal note from can SEE and FEEL Annies passion for living, when you view her blog you'll enjoy her vibrant personality, her love of seeking out a "most unique" place for a photo or just capturing an everyday moment all in her own unique way. That's what I love about her...that she is doing it "her way, her style, and that makes for a successful business. Annie you may think you have arrived...but I can't wait to see what you have accomplished say in 20 years(hopefully I will be around to see!) from now...or when your 90 of course by then I WILL be gone, thank heavens! Congratulations!

Annie and I were fortunate to display a home in a Northern Utah Parade of Homes and it was a pleasure to work with her and her family from Lavender House.
I invite you enjoy meeting her and her family The Wests at: and visit her work often. You will see how she handles raising her family, her joys and frustrations are almost to will laugh and you will cry. Thanks for sharing what you luv, I adore and admire you and I know you will now have more new friends to share your passions with.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

PEACE BEAUTY & LOVE for you & Home

If you need to fill YOU OR YOUR HOME with more PEACE BEAUTY & know where to come!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Now you will see why its a "must do" on your list...visit Lavender House for your Valentines...hmmmm and Just a Bed of Roses too!
I was suprised with a big box of STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE GIFTS last night when the mailman came knocking on the door...have your ever seen a heart pillow so unique, it just has bits and pieces of vintage everythings, Oh I love them all so much, such a work of art Dix. Your are going to sell out if you have them in your shop.
Anyone new reading this post, just scroll down a few posts and you will find where Lavender House is on 90th S. Redwood Road.
We received lots of Valentines gifts also...I will be posting soon.
Thanks one hundred million times!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Handmade Roses Valentine vintage inspired boxes & florals are arriving each day now...and here is ONE of our do you want to see the rest? Come in and see and buy yourself or someone special a valentine.
P.S. I received a box today full of the most beautiful handmade hearts...can't wait until tomorrow evening when I can share them with you in picture and share who they are from, what a pleasant suprise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Walkers Lavender House...what Dixie loves...

Our Second blogging on Women in Utah business and the things they love...
The 4 pictures represent the before and after pictures (very brief versions of what REALLY happened...isn't it amazing?
Welcome...I'm Dixie and here are the things I LOVE MOST:
My husband Dave ALWAYS by my side.
I love being HOME , scented CANDLES...the fragrance and sense of calm they provide.
Love BIRDNESTS... sitting at the computer watching the birds in the morning with the majestic mountains surrounding our home.
I love WARM HOMEMADE chocolate chip cookies and ice cold milk... JUST HEAVEN! In the winter we have to eat SNOW ICE CREAM, a favorite treat as a child (still is) that my gramma Mary used to make for us.(be sure when you go in the shop to ask about "snow ice cream"...I did and boy was I suprised (and not telling you please ask when you go in)! I love to cozy up with new and old BOOKS.
Love love LOVE my FAMILY, 5 daughters who are beautiful, kind strong women. Four strong and gently son-inlaws.

Being a grandmother to 18 ANGELS...does it get any better than hearing their laughter, getting big hugs and looking up to those taller than you?
My MEMBERSHIP in the LDS church, the hope and blessings of its teachings in my life.
Love AMERICA, its beauty,strength and its goodness.
I love to collect THOUGHTS and quotes, and I have lots of them.
Shoes I LOVE SHOES! But also love to go barefoot and you'll usually find me wearing denim and having painted toenails, that's a tradition at our family...seriously!

I love vintage/ antique linens and my Phaff is one of my BEST FRIENDS. Adore & collect chippy furniture, especially WHITE...and packaging,love to NESTLE things into other make the packaging part of the gift.

Dix and Dave Walker are owners of Lavender House gift shoppe 9118 Redwood Rd, West Jordan, Utah. Originally located for 4 years on Brigham city's historical main street in an antique 106 yr. old building which they bought and restored, was no small endeavor, that's for sure.

We then set out to find a new home for Lavender house in the south end of Salt Lake valley. Feeling really blessed, we found a charming 1930's home to rent in a great location. It was the homestead of a well-known and loved Schmidt family. We have had many family members as well as friends stop by during the renovation and after we opened to see what we were doing and letting us know they were grateful we "saved" the Homestead from being torn down and for the wonderful new restoration of the home and its grounds.
Most dreams take alot of many ways.
Our ANGEL family, along with many SWEET FRIENDS have given many hours of support in the way of physical endeavors, which we are so grateful for, but more importantly, their on going love, prayers and encouragement are priceless to us. Talk about earthly angels! We could never possibly repay all the kindsness and generosity shown to us from so many. We could have never taken this LHouse journey without you. Thank You Thank You Thank You!
Kim, our lovely and talented daughter #2 lives by our shoppe and is the manager.
Dix and Dave work 2 days a week at the actual shoppe and the rest of & for sale.
It is HARD work to be a SHOPOWNER...dont let anyone kid ya...with the exception of raising a family, this is the hardest work we've done. On the other hand it is so rewarding on many levels. We have been blessed and have witnessed miracles along this Lavender house journey.
Please visit our to see the building and how wonderful the inside is done and the vintage inspired gifts and home decor we offer.
You will see our shop hours and we hope to see you soon and often. Thank you for reading about our new and exciting shop ...and hearing about the things I love,
Dix Walker
On a personal note from Brenda...hey let me know if they check your TOENAILS when you visit to see if they are PAINTED! And I want my friends and customers to know that Dixie is a dear friend and let me consign in her shop for 4 years before I opened up Just a Bed of Roses. Dixie is a very humble behind the scenes person and this was not an easy task to talk about herself, of course when its things you LOVE, it becomes much easier. Thanks a million Dix and good luck with your new shop! Customers please mention that Just a bed of roses sent you in! Thanks!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Valentines candy & sweet baby hands

This sweet baby hand of 9 month old Charlee just melted my I was taking a peek at I found it and stole this permission asked because I wanted to suprise their grandmother Dixie whom we are featuring this Sunday who owns Lavendar House in south Jordan. Will also feature Annie, Dixies daughter & mother of that little hand whom has a love affair with her camera and anyone in its way...She is getting very very good! Charlee has been a "cry baby" since day one, so when there are special moments in her life her mother is there to capture them with her camera. I love the pictures of her crying, it is what it is and that's just life isn't it? She just captured her first 4 steps if you take a peek at her blog.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank you Thank You Thank You...sniff sniff!

Jill who was our first blog on Women in business and THINGS WE LOVE this week...www.indian did the most amazing story about Just a Bed of Roses on her News and Events section. When you read it you will understand how interesting and generous she is and when I mentioned her and her families sense of humor (including Julie V.) you will see it in its true beauty.

And Jill would you PLEASE PLEASE be my publicist???

I loved how she describes charming and you will learn so much. I will never look at the Courthouse the same each day now that I know Ted Bundy escaped from it...and I did know my idol Beach Boys played at Lagoon. What I don't know is the early history of the building I am in...better put that on my "to do" list this year.
The calendar book I'm reading on the Secret says to say THANK YOU ALL THE TIME...consider yourself THANKED ...all the time!

Oh...and guess who just popped into the shop yesterday...our little famous Jeni B cupcake girl (who taught Martha Stewart!), shes been in Utah for a month and it was so great to visit with her. We will get some of her cupcakes and new designs in for the spring okay and when she comes back to utah hopefully in August we will have a little party with her...sounds fun?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Valentines issue of ROMANTIC HOMES came in...and here is a sneak preview of what is inside...and I did not have time to hardly open the pages, going to right now.
Here is what I came home too...homemade soup enough for the month! At make mine pink we are supporting each other with trying to be more I asked Mr. Bed of Roses for some of his homemade vegetable beef soup...he forgets there are no kids at home?
Please come pick up your copy of Romantic Homes tomorrow we still have some Christmas on sale and shop is getting a little more we got some CROWN pearl rhinestone neclace earring sets today that are beyone spectacular, lots of crowns and bling in 3 colors. And the PEACE purses in brown and blacks. And your going to die when you see the purses coming next have got to come check these beauties out and treat yourself for Valentines EARLY!!!
We should be open the rest of this week.